Got this through email:\n\n<<<\n^^Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6)^^\n \nDon’t be anxious! Paul said there is nothing that should cause a child of God to worry. He was well aware of things that cause anxiety. H is nation was occupied by a foreign army and ruled by corrupt leaders. He was writing from prison, where he was being held as a result of false accusations. He was separated from those he loved; his motives had been questioned; and he had been misrepresented. Some were trying to undermine all that he had accomplished in starting churches. He suffered physically and faced imminent execution (2 Cor. 11:23-29). Yet Paul said there would never b e a crisis so troubling that God could not bring peace in the midst of it!\n \nGod will not necessarily take your problems away, but He will carry the load for you. He wants you to experience His peace, which is beyond human comprehension. You will never fully understand how God could give you peace in some of the situations you face, but you do not have to understand it in order to experience it. This peace is not just for those who “handle stress well”; it is for everyone! You may know that God wants you to experience peace but wonder how this is possible, given what you are presently facing. Yet, Scripture says to be anxious for nothing. God’s Word clearly indicates that there is nothing you can face that is too difficult, too troubling, or too fearful for God. No matter what your circumstances are, turn your anxiety over to God and let His perfect peace guard you heart.\n \n^^(From Experiencing God ~Day-By-Day by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby)^^\n<<<\n----\nReading that, a thought crossed my mind:\n\nIf this is the case, then why are many religious people ''anxious'' about such films as ''Da Vinci Code'', the film being shoot about Jesus & his apostles being gay, same-sex marriages?\n\nYet, they seem to be so ''quiet'' about the Solar I oil spill, about the ~Israel-Hisbollah conflict, about the nuclear capabilities of neighboring countries.\n\nJust a thought...\n\n----\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
!Philippine Daily Inquirer Editorial - 22 August 2006\nThis was the [[editorial|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/editorial/view_article.php?article_id=16500]] of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 22 August 2006, published on page A10.\n<<<\nA COLUMN written last week by Inquirer columnist Isagani Cruz on homosexuals stirred a tempest among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups not only in this country but also in other parts of the world. Scores of e-mail letters and telephone calls were received at the Inquirer the day after the publication of the column and they have not stopped coming.\n\nCruz's column placed homosexuals in a negative light and it is only understandable that the members of the group should protest violently against it. But we believe that the controversy may yet result in something good for the homosexual community, in that it may focus attention on and lead to the alleviation of their plight.\n\nThe Conservative Right and the Religious Right have traditionally viewed homosexuals as immoral, perverse, sinful, queer and causing harm to themselves, to others and to society as a whole. But do homosexuals choose to be so? Are homosexuals born or bred?\n\nScientific studies the past 20-30 years do not support the claim that homosexuality is genetic. The studies covered such areas as the hypothalamus, genes, finger length, inner ear differences, eye-blinking and neuro-hormonal differentiation. The studies that purportedly provide "proof" that homosexuals are "born that way" are inconclusive at best and, as one scientist has said, "largely correlational in nature."\n\nProbably the best way to describe the situation is this paraphrase from Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, author of "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth": Some people may be predisposed because of genetic, prenatal hormonal influences or other physical or brain differences to have personalities that make them vulnerable to environmental factors that can elicit homosexual desires.\n\nBut whether born or bred, the fact is that homosexuals are gaining acceptance in many parts of the world, including the United States and the Philippines. A national survey of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders made by the Kaiser Family Foundation in the US in 2000 found that a large majority believes that there is more acceptance today compared to a few years ago. Significant numbers, however, reported that they experienced prejudice and discrimination, including verbal abuse and physical violence, based on sexual orientation. A companion survey found generally high levels of acceptance of ~LGBTs in many professional roles.\n\nWe do not know if similar surveys have been done in the Philippines, but there seems to have been a change in the general public attitude toward homosexuals in the past 50 years. As a matter of fact, many homosexual professionals are held in high esteem in various sectors of society today.\n\nAnd yet the discrimination continues. The rich, the prominent and the influential may not be victims of discrimination, but the poor and the underprivileged are. Discrimination against homosexuals may be a cause of, and may accentuate, poverty. A study made in Sweden in 2005 showed that homosexuals all over the world are to a large extent subjected to violence, insecurity, isolation and exclusion from decision-making functions.\n\nThe study said that LGBT people suffer from repression in the form of cultural injustice (being rendered "invisible," being maligned, harassed, violated and disparaged in everyday life) and legal injustice (being denied rights and equal protection under the law). As a consequence, they also suffer economic injustice, such as being denied employment or being summarily dismissed from work and being denied family-based social welfare benefits.\n\nThe discrimination and the violation of human rights that LGBT people suffer often diminishes their self-esteem and makes them feel helpless, powerless and unable to do anything to improve their situation.\n\nLouise Arbour, UN high commissioner for human rights, in a recent speech, said, "Neither the existence of national laws nor the prevalence of custom can ever justify the abuse, attacks, torture and indeed killings that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons are subjected to because of who they are or are perceived to be."\n\nLike women, who have suffered discrimination for ages, homosexuals are also human beings like the rest of us. Those who would discriminate against LGBT people and treat them less kindly should perhaps be reminded of the first sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."\n<<<\nThese are the columns that triggered this editorial:\n#The Attack of Isagani Cruz\n##[["Don We Now Our Gay Apparel"]]\n#Manuel L. Quezon III's Reaction\n##[["The Grand Inquisitor"]]\n#Isagani Cruz's Rebuttal\n##[["Neither Here Nor There"]]\n#Reply from Manuel L. Quezon III\n##[["Oblivious in Cloud Cuckoo-land"]]\nI am glad that the [[Philippine Daily Inquirer|http://www.inq7.net/index_network.htm]] has deemed fit to come out with this [[editorial|[[Editorial]]. It shows that this newspaper organization recognizes the right of all types of people to be afforded equal respect. While it is true that each one has a right to express their opinion, this expression should not defame nor degrade whoever is its target, something that Isagani Cruz appeared to do in his [[Don We Now Our Gay Apparel|"Don We Now Our Gay Apparel"]] column. To think he's already in his twilight years.\n\nHmmm.... I pity the homosexuals whose cases were heard by him!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!The Column That Started It All\nPublished on [[page A10|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/columns/view_article.php?article_id=14837]] of the 12 August 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.\n<<<\nBy Isagani Cruz\n\nHOMOSEXUALS before were mocked and derided, but now they are regarded with new-found respect and, in many cases, even treated as celebrities. Only recently, the more impressionable among our people wildly welcomed a group of entertainers whose main proud advertisement was that they were “queer.” It seems that the present society has developed a new sense of values that have rejected our religious people’s traditional ideas of propriety and morality on the pretext of being “modern” and “broad-minded.”\n\nThe observations I will here make against homosexuals in general do not include the members of their group who have conducted themselves decorously, with proper regard not only for their own persons but also for the gay population in general. A number of our local couturiers, to take but one example, are less than manly but they have behaved in a reserved and discreet manner unlike the vulgar members of the gay community who have degraded and scandalized it. I offer abject apologies to those blameless people I may unintentionally include in my not inclusive criticisms. They have my admiration and respect.\n\nThe change in the popular attitude toward homosexuals is not particular to the Philippines. It has become an international trend even in the so-called sophisticated regions with more liberal concepts than in our comparatively conservative society. Gay marriages have been legally recognized in a number of European countries and in some parts of the United States. Queer people -- that’s the sarcastic term for them -- have come out of the closet where before they carefully concealed their condition. The permissive belief now is that homosexuals belong to a separate third sex with equal rights as male and female persons instead of just an illicit in-between gender that is neither here nor there.\n\nWhen I was studying in the Legarda Elementary School in Manila during the last 1930s, the big student population had only one, just one, homosexual. His name was Jose but we all called him Josefa. He was a quiet and friendly boy whom everybody liked to josh but not offensively. In the whole district of Sampaloc where I lived, there was only one homosexual who roamed the streets peddling “kalamay” and “puto” and other treats for snacks. He provided diversion to his genial customers and did not mind their familiar amiable teasing. I think he actually enjoyed being a “binabae” [effeminate].\n\nThe change came, I think, when an association of homos dirtied the beautiful tradition of the Santa Cruz de Mayo by parading their kind as the “sagalas” instead of the comely young maidens who should have been chosen to grace the procession. Instead of being outraged by the blasphemy, the watchers were amused and, I suppose, indirectly encouraged the fairies to project themselves. It must have been then that they realized that they were what they were, whether they liked it or not, and that the time for hiding their condition was over.\n\nNow homosexuals are everywhere, coming at first in timorous and eventually alarming and audacious number. Beauty salons now are served mostly by gay attendants including effeminate bearded hairdressers to whom male barbers have lost many of their macho customers. Local shows have their share of “siyoke” [gay men], including actors like the one rejected by a beautiful wife in favor of a more masculine if less handsome partner. And, of course, there are lady-like directors who are probably the reason why every movie and TV drama must have the off-color “bading” [gay] or two to cheapen the proceedings.\n\nAnd the schools are now fertile ground for the gay invasion. Walking along the University belt one day, I passed by a group of boys chattering among themselves, with one of them exclaiming seriously, “Aalis na ako. Magpapasuso pa ako!” [“I’m leaving. I still have to breastfeed!”] That pansy would have been mauled in the school where my five sons (all machos) studied during the ’70s when all the students were certifiably masculine. Now many of its pupils are gay, and I don’t mean happy. I suppose they have been influenced by such shows as //Brokeback Mountain//, our own //Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros// (both of which won awards), //Queer Eye for the Straight Guy//, and that talk program of Ellen Degeneres, an admitted lesbian.\n\nIs our population getting to be predominantly pansy? Must we allow homosexuality to march unobstructed until we are converted into a nation of sexless persons without the virility of males and the grace of females but only an insipid mix of these diluted virtues? Let us be warned against the gay population, which is per se a compromise between the strong and the weak and therefore only somewhat and not the absolute of either of the two qualities. Be alert lest the Philippine flag be made of delicate lace and adorned with embroidered frills.\n<<<\nCareful, Mr. Cruz... You are inciting people to go gay-bashing!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!A Final Word, Hopefully\nI received this email from one of the egroups I am a member of:\n<<<\nDate: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 14:51:38 -0000\nSubject: ISAGANI'S OBSTINACY\nBy [[John L. Silva|http://johnsilva.blogspot.com/]]\n\nDespite the subdued tone in Isagani Cruz's Sunday column ([["The Right To Criticize"]], PDI Sept 3, 2006), he is still his recalcitrant self spraying his bile of anti-gay and anti-women descriptions when he thinks he can get away with it.\n\nHe's in a snit over his employer, the Inquirer, publishing a pro-gay editorial and eight letters to the editors attacking him in bald contrast to the one letter for him. He should have asked the Letters Editor first for he would have been told there actually was only ONE letter of support as opposed to the hundreds that were critical of his mean spirited attack on the gay community.\n\nHe grouses about being the victim of name-calling. "Old fart," "asshole" and others he cynically describe as "typical endearments". (They're not.) My, my. Isagani conveniently forgets that he started the name calling in his first column with vituperative words that civilized people no longer use out of respect for gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders. So, if we, the aggrieved party should sling shit back at him (he won't admit receiving thoughtful criticisms as well) he needn't get too uppity.\n\nDid you read that comment about how he takes accusations in good grace and that he does not "…scream and faint like a woman spurned?" Aside from being a sexist swipe at women isn't that comment so out of context? So Victorian? Women these days dump uncooperative boyfriends, find mates who'd treat them fairly, and take virile and abusive men to court. Fainting women, Isagani, went the way of smelling salts.\n\nSometimes you just have to wait patiently to see a snake bite its own tail. Isagani cites American Senator Joseph ~McCarthy's anti-communist witch-hunt in the early 1950's. ~McCarthy, along with his sidekick, the right wing lawyer Roy Cohn, dragged many people before congressional investigations and accused them of being communists.\n\nIsagani forgot to add that ~McCarthy and Cohn went after homosexuals as well, hauling them into congressional investigations, accusing them of being a "lavender menace", "a pervert peril", and a "homosexual underground" abetting a "communist conspiracy". As a result, many homosexuals saw their careers ruined, were fired from their jobs, went underground or shunned.\n\nCompare these to Isagani's recent homophobic statements of gays : "association of homos", "gay invasion", people being "…converted into a nation of sexless persons". There is no mistaking the similarity of mindset.\n\n~McCarthy and Cohn's rabid anti-gay witch-hunt has been attributed to their having been closeted homosexuals. And closeted tormented homosexuals have a record of being extra vicious with their own, more open kind.\n\nOf course, this is where ~McCarthy and Cohn part company with Isagani. ~McCarthy after being exposed as queer married his secretary. Cohn would continue his closeted ways. While straight-as-an-arrow Cruz begat, in his own words, "five sons (all machos)" all having grown up at a time when "students were certifiably masculine". How terribly reassuring.\n\nThe ~McCarthy anti-communist and anti-gay witch-hunts so offended the American public's sense of fair play that the Senate censured him and he died in 1957 an alcoholic and despised man. In reaction, American gays began to organize and in ten years time would come out and start the gay liberation movement. The media began to review and revise the reporting, treatment and description of the gay community. Today, anyone attempting to write a column about the "pervert peril" or, in the Isagani style, an "association of homos" would be ridiculed and his story never see print.\n\nWith the advent of the civil rights and the women's movement, a new cultural norm developed that Americans adhere to no matter their personal sympathies. In the media, discriminatory and offensive articles are no longer acceptable not for "fear of a vindictive minority" as Isagani wrongly contends. Rather, decent Americans find such writings counter productive to the greater good of a fair-minded and all-inclusive society.\n\nThis bout with Isagani Cruz actually bodes well for Filipino gays. We were challenged and we fought back. The wave of indignant letters the Inquirer received, the calls for a boycott, the visit of a gay contingent with the Inquirer publisher, the television coverage and other militant actions indicate that gays have come out in full force and will no longer tolerate hate-mongering. It feels like 1957 all over again when Americans decided to be rid of ~McCarthy and his inquisition. Isagani Cruz should take a leaf from that page in history or else be ignominiously noted in some future historical footnote as the last columnist to insult Filipino women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders.\n\nGiven Isagani's obstinate outbursts, we ask the Inquirer to stand by its own code of ethics which clearly state that their writers not "ridicule, cast aspersions or degrade persons by reason of" among others, "sex and sexual preference". Isagani is piqued that his own newspaper has not sided with him. But he still persists in provocatively insulting women and gays in language that violates that code. Your next editorial on this matter needs to be less pabulum and more principled, a disavowal of hate-mongering journalism. Failing to do that lowers your paper's standards and you will become the object of opprobrium from media colleagues here and abroad.\n<<<\nWell said, John!\n\nI am just wondering what Isagani Cruz's intentions are by doing what he has done. Looks to me like he's trying to incite his //macho// readers to go out and bash all the gays they see on the streets. What has he got against homosexuals?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!Isagani Cruz's Rebuttal\nPublished on [[page A10|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/columns/view_article.php?article_id=16247]] of the 20 August 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.\n<<<\nBy Isagani Cruz\n\nIF I had known that Manuel Quezon III was gay, I would have desisted from writing that column last week on homosexuals out of respect for a fellow columnist. But now that he has retorted angrily and called me a bigot among other names, I have no choice but to reply.\n\nI started that column with the caution that it was not intended as an attack against homosexuals in general and did not include “those who have behaved in a reserved and discreet manner unlike the vulgar members of the gay community who have degraded and scandalized it. I offer abject apologies to those blameless people I may unintentionally include in my not inclusive criticisms. They have my admiration and respect.”\n\nAs Mr. Quezon himself does not consider himself among the exceptions, he would be what we lawyers call a “proper party,” or one who is directly injured. In fact, he appears to be severely wounded by my remarks and is hemorrhaging profusely. He, therefore, has a right to react to my “insults” in the waspish manner he saw fit.\n\nHe calls me a hate-monger for deriding the vulgar practices of his kind and says I have no right to say what is tasteless and intolerable. Who has—he? Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said that freedom of speech includes not only the right to express the thought that agrees with us but also the thought that we abhor. Voltaire was grandiloquent: “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”\n\nCriticism is normal in the free society and is available to everyone right or wrong. The ideas that may be expressed under this freedom are not confined only to those that are sympathetic or acceptable, for that would make the freedom more shadow than substance. To be really meaningful, it should permit the articulation of even the unorthodox view, though it is hostile to or scorned by others. One of the purposes of this freedom, in fact, is to invite dispute.\n\nIf I do not appreciate the paintings of Picasso, any one who disagrees with me may say so and explain his reasons. But he cannot attack me personally for criticizing his idol. Mr. Quezon compares me to the tyrants in the police states where unacceptable identity or thought is systematically exterminated. In the free society, ideas are countered with ideas, not pejorative names. For criticizing his kind, Mr. Quezon likens me to the Nazis and the Reds and brands me a hate-monger.\n\nHate is not per se objectionable as Mr. Quezon may imply. Jesus Christ hated sinners and angrily drove the merchants and money changers from the holy temple they were desecrating. Was he a hate-monger for doing so? When Winston Churchill called on his countrymen to resist the enemy with all their blood, sweat, toil and tears, was he a hate-monger in the despicable sense of the phrase? That is what Mr. Quezon would call me for criticizing his kind.\n\nI am a hate-monger against grafters, murderers, rapists and other criminals, but I only dislike the coarse homosexuals he defends, as is his right. Also disagreeable to me are straight persons who wear loud clothes, flunkies, hypocrites, humbugs and other unpleasant figures, male and female, in our imperfect society. I have the right to criticize them even as they have the right to reply in the common exercise of our freedom of expression.\n\nIt all depends on what and whom you hate. If I criticize homosexuals who disgrace their sex with their tasteless practices and appearance, any one among them can rise in defense and say why they should not be called obnoxious. But not in an obnoxious manner.\n\nMr. Quezon faults me for disagreeing with some practices of his kind that I find intolerable and insists that they have the fundamental right “to those we choose to love, to have relationships with and with whom we aspire to share a life marked by a measure of domestic bliss and emotional contentment.”\n\nWho’s interfering with your romances? As long as you are not violating the law, you are free with your liaisons, and I for one do not pry into your amorous affairs. Nor do I want to.\n\nThe important thing is that you have no right to demand that I agree with your pleasures or to forbid me from criticizing your “emotional contentment” if they offend the public interest. You cannot claim a preferred treatment because you are what you are even as you say you should be treated like the rest of the people despite what you are.\n\nFinally, rejecting my reservation that my criticisms are only for the distasteful among you, you piously declare: “I will not embrace him, not for that, much less shake his hand or offer him the opportunity for civilized disagreement.” That opportunity is not yours to give, Mr. Quezon, and as for not embracing me—thank God.\n<<<\nWhoever said that you should agree with the pleasures that homosexuals have, Mr. Cruz?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!Manuel Quezon's Closing Statement\nPublished on [[page A15|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/columns/view_article.php?article_id=16340]] of the 21 August 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.\n<<<\nBy Manuel L. Quezon III\n\nJUSTICE ISAGANI CRUZ SAYS IF HE HAD known what he now knows, he would not have written what he wrote, “out of respect for a fellow columnist.” Justice Cruz’s belated expression of consideration is an unrepentant insistence that his is only an expression of discontent.\n\nHis declaration went beyond a defense of sensibilities, and was a case of the law of unintended consequences in action. What the venerable Justice Cruz intended as a defense of good taste and morals has sparked a furious debate on whether he was tasteless and imprudent in what he asserted and in the words he chose, and on how his critics — including myself — have responded.\n\nJustice Cruz quotes Oliver Wendell Holmes and Voltaire, who were great men. But like all people, great or ordinary, they were flawed. Justice Holmes was a magnificent thinker in every respect save one: his belief in, and defense from the bench, of eugenics. Eugenics was a pseudoscience that sought the improvement of populations by what could only be called selective breeding, including the forced sterilization of individuals with genetic defects.\n\nIn 1927, Justice Holmes penned the American Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Buck vs. Bell. Carrie Buck had been committed to the Virginia State Colony for epileptics and the feebleminded. The superintendent wanted the teenage Buck sterilized (she had the mental age of a 9-year-old, he said), because Buck had a child out of wedlock (it later turned out she was raped by the nephew of her adoptive mother, who then committed her ward to the State of Virginia).\n\nOnly one justice dissented with Justice Holmes’ decision on the case. The most famous passage of the decision includes, “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes …. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”\n\nAs for Voltaire, his colossal standing in the Age of Enlightenment cannot obscure his anti-Semitism. In his “Dictionnaire Philosophique,” he said the Jews were “the most abominable people in the world,” and that they were “an ignorant and barbarous people, who have long united the most sordid avarice with the most detestable superstition, and the most invincible hatred for every people by whom they are tolerated and enriched ... still, we ought not to burn them.’’ How kind.\n\nIn their day, Holmes might have been seen as the personification of rational and modern thinking relative to public health; and Voltaire was admired for his brilliant mind and eloquence in defense of reason and liberty. Today, we know better than to equate vaccinations with forced sterilizations or to condone anti-Semitism.\n\nAs for Christian principles, I think it neither desirable nor reasonable to demand that people renounce their interpretation of their faith, in order to accommodate my contrary opinion. That would be to demand apostasy, an unconscionable thing. But it is highly reasonable, I believe—and even imperative—to insist that in a secular society, a community’s faith shouldn’t result in making the harassment, even the persecution, of others, justifiable.\n\nBut our differences are far more fundamental. He says he only dislikes “coarse homosexuals,” and says we can agree to disagree as we might about, say, Picasso. He says he’s only expressing his views and that it is an exaggeration—and obnoxious—to object.\n\nJustice Cruz can take pride in the “macho,” which is his culture, though he ignores the harsh reality that macho men tend to find the solution for what they dislike in the use of their fists, or baseball bats, or guns: for what is machismo without violence? It thrives on the kind of enforcement of society’s norms he wistfully says would have been experienced decades ago by the kind of homosexuals he loathes.\n\nAnd the past, present and potential targets of such corrective measures, those who he says represent a clear and present danger to God and country, are supposed to meekly accept his endorsement of such methods? He says there’s a threat; he points to past solutions with nostalgia; what is the solution he proposes—or which might be proposed upon his inspiration?\n\nHence my strong objection to Justice Cruz’s insisting on a distinction between acceptable and unacceptable gays. There is the danger that in less discerning hands—including those wielding closed fists, those who are eager to strike a blow for normality on the faces of those who flout convention—the distinction he attempts cannot be maintained. And that even if it were, it would only ensure temporary safety for some, not all; when in their heart of hearts, all gay people are fundamentally the same because of their sexuality. And that is why his distinction is unacceptable: it divides, so that he may rule. That leaves no room for toleration or cohabitation, much less mutual respect.\n\nWe may celebrate and even honor people like Holmes, Voltaire, Churchill (who defended freedom in Europe but also fiercely opposed independence for India) or Justice Cruz, but there comes a point for all of us where our own prejudices get the better of us; and it is up to those who are potentially placed in harm’s way to object, as vigorously as possible, to prevent the law of unintended consequences from kicking in. Because taste is not an abstraction; its legitimate defense all too often legitimizes physical and mental suffering of the kind Justice Cruz will never have to experience or possibly comprehend.\n\nFurther affiant sayeth naught.\n<<<\nThis article is a much better discourse than Mr. Cruz's emotional rebuttal. Now, who's the better writer?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!A Reader's Reaction\nOne of the [[letters to the editor|http://opinion.inq7.net/inq7viewpoints/letters/view_article.php?article_id=16427]] that was published in reply to Mr. Cruz's [[Don We Now Our Gay Apparel column|"Don We Now Our Gay Apparel"]].\n<<<\nWe would like to manifest our objection to the views espoused by retired Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz in his column “Don we now our gay apparel” which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, last August 12, 2006 (Saturday).\n\nHe seemed convinced that people are not created equal, and that some are entitled to rights while others are not.\n\nThe Constitution, which he has upheld time and again in his brilliant ponencias in the Supreme Court, is founded on the very ideals of equality that he has now disregarded with his statements.\n\nWe are perceived to be different, but it does not mean we have no rights. We are also sure that Justice Cruz is familiar with the struggles of our forefathers (and foremothers) in the early beginnings of a Republic that is composed of small, brown, uneducated people who wanted to govern themselves after years of colonization. They were seen not fit for freedom because they were of the wrong color. Our heroes won our freedom for all of us at a price… but surely not so that Filipinos could one day, blatantly discriminate against their fellow Filipinos.\n\nHomosexuals have been around for so long, and like other marginalized groups, they have been subjected to persecution. On the issue at hand, it worries us that a legal luminary of his caliber would condone mauling of gays. Yes, gays are mauled. We certainly hope that the irresponsible statements of Justice Cruz, a person of credibility and unquestioned brilliance, would not be taken as a license for macho men to use violent means to keep homosexuals in check. We are everywhere, and for a long time, we have been quiet and invisible. However, staying closeted and afraid is no longer an option when our fear makes us vulnerable to violence, to extortion, and even the callousness of others.\n\nLastly, his statement correlating the virility of males and the grace of females to strength and weakness shows a misplaced regard for women especially at a time when women constitute probably the strongest workers here and abroad. Our country's faltering economy is sustained by the sweat and sacrifice of women as factory workers, informal workers, and Overseas Filipino Workers. At our time of dire need, while there is grace in being female, there is no weakness. And yes, there is strength without the virility of maleness.\n\nJustice Isagani Cruz is more privileged than us in some ways, but in the end he is a co-equal human being to whom we, as homosexuals, are willing to extend the basic courtesy and respect that he has failed to extend to us.\n\nIt is not too late; we hope we can have persons like Justice Isagani Cruz beside us as we continue to strive for equality for all.\n\n^^(Rainbow Rights Project (R-Rights), Inc. is a group of lawyers and legal advocates which provides the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community with a legal resource center and academic think tank dedicated to sexual orientation law and public policy.)^^\n<<<\nWith that kind of attitude, I doubt if Mr. Cruz would be of any value to the LGBT community.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
I haven’t written anything in my blog for over three weeks now. I can’t point my finger on any real cause. It’d be too easy to blame the Philippine election fever. Or the intense summer heat that engulfed the country for the past months. Even my one or two-day travels to Manila over the past weeks. But that would miss the point, so I won’t. Let’s just say that I just didn’t have it in me to update my blog.\n\nUntil today.\n\nYou see, there’s this guy. [Groan…. I can hear some of you.] Or, shall I say, a boy who has become a guy now. He is 21 and I first got acquainted with him when he was 12. [My God, it’s been that long ago – nine years! My, my, time does fly too fast.] How did that happen? Hmm, it was through this contraption that every Filipino now considers a vital part of him/her. Yes, the cellphone.\n\nWe became text pals, thanks to the frantic promotions of the GSM networks that somehow made a lot of Filipinos addicted to the cellphone, spending hours and money to talk with someone they haven’t met and who may have been reinventing themselves over the network.\n\nHe was a fun text pal, despite his using his dad’s, or his sister’s, cellphone to text me. We used to chat through GSM well past his bedtime, giggling like two boys. [Can you imagine me giggling, at my age nine years ago? I can't too; the thought sends shivers through my body.]\n\nSomehow, the texting turned to phone calls. I just felt I needed to hear his voice, to hear his replies real-time. It was costly, as I had to call long-distance to talk with him for 15 minutes, half an hour, even an hour on rare occasions. It was all worth it (I think), as I enjoyed every second conversing with it. Gee, he liked Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes then! [My God, it just occurred to me that he is Harry Potter’s age, real-time! Wow, talk about transference.]\n\nAnd then along comes the denouement. He was to finish high school and was going to college in a city near his hometown, still far from where I was. At that time, he still didn’t have his own cellphone, so we thought we’d get in touch through email. Never happened though. He wasn’t much of an email writer; neither am I. And I guess we had much better things to do than read and write email.\n\nSimply put, we lost touch.\n\nUntil today.\n\nI don’t know what happened, but I suddenly had the urge to explore one of the many networking sites ([[Friendster|http://www.friendster.com/edgej]], [[MySpace|http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=2686493]], etc.). I’ve had an account there for as long as I could remember, but I’ve never really made use of it. But suddenly, I just felt like updating it. Now I am in a daze recalling what I did until I chanced across the profile of a guy who, while not using his real name, sounded just like my high school boy nine years ago. [Mind you, we never became boy friends way back then. It’s not in my character to get an under-aged boy for a boyfriend, even if it were only in name. I couldn’t ever imagine how it is to have a 12- or 13- or 14-, or 15- or even a 16-year-old boyfriend, for that matter.]\n\nAs I read his page further, particularly in the comments section, where your real-life friends usually shatter your self-reinvention, my suspicion was confirmed. He was my text pal nine years ago!\n\nThe photos he posted of himself showed the resemblance to the picture he gave me when he was still in high school. More importantly, the name his real-life friends called him by in their comments on his profile was the name I knew him by.\n\nMy heart must have skipped a dozen beats when I clicked that all-too-tempting “private message” link. Just a simple //Hello-This-is-me-Still-remember-me// message When that was over and done with, my nerves relaxed, ready to face the consequence.\n\nThen, the good news arrived. He sent a reply: //Yep-I-remember-you-How-are-you//. Simple. Carefree. Neutral. And, like the Filipinos that we are, we ended getting each other’s mobile numbers. A flurry of text messages took place after that.\n\nOne big question he asked me: //Do you have a boyfriend now?// To which I simply answered: //I’m a free spirit now.// [I was tempted to throw the same question back to him, but I dreaded one of his two possible answers; so I refrained from doing that. At my age, I still can’t take that? Hmm, I’m beginning to act like a schoolgirl. And I’m not even senile yet!]\n\nWhat has come over me? A guy I haven’t met, and I’m having this mushy feeling for him. A guy I’m not sure the sexual orientation of, and I’m entertaining a physical longing for him. His description of himself must really be true: He is a dickhead, and I'd be glad if he were my dickhead.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
!Manuel Quezon III's Response\nPublished on [[page A15|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/columns/view_article.php?article_id=15080]] of the 14 August 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.\n<<<\nBy Manuel L. Quezon III\n\nKURT VONNEGUT ONCE OBSERVED, “FOR SOME reason, the most vocal Christians among us never mention the Beatitudes. But, often with tears in their eyes, they demand that the Ten Commandments be posted in public buildings. And of course that’s Moses, not Jesus. I haven’t heard one of them demand that the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, be posted anywhere.” Vonnegut was pointing out the basic immorality of society’s self-proclaimed moral custodians. Hate the sin but love the sinner? But that opens to a possible debate on what is sin.\n\nHow much easier, more certain and eminently satisfying to decree, “Kill them all. God will know His own.” The result is the perversion of the finer instincts of religion into a false trinity—faith, hope and bigotry, setting aside charity which represents an inconvenient truth: Christ was friend to prostitutes and tax collectors, and He debated even with the devil. Must Christianity end with Christ?\n\nRetired Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz says that his vigorous and vicious condemnation of gays, lesbians and transgendered people is not supposed to incite hatred and intolerance—or to be precise, that he is not invoking a blanket condemnation of all gay people. He only objects to some, not all. For example, he has nothing but the most generous and respectful thoughts for those who conform to what he finds tasteful and tolerable behavior. And what is tasteful and tolerable as far as his wounded sensibilities are concerned? A minority meekly and absolutely surrendering to the tyranny of the majority, a sub-culture reduced to the subhuman, in which the individual is instructed to live out, every day, a total repudiation of the self. Cruz demands the elimination of a diverse and rich culture—one that is as much a mirror of society’s larger complexities as it is an alternative to some of the worst instincts and features of the broader culture for which he has stepped forward as spokesman—because the minority displeases and disgusts him.\n\nHe would have me, and everyone else like me be a slave, a fugitive, a hypocrite and, most of all, a coward. And I find that disgusting. I find it neither reasonable nor acceptable. I do not even find it understandable. Cruz does not understand us, does not want to, would be unwilling to. Yet he says he hates only some, not all, of us, and expects “some of us” to embrace and thank him?\n\nFor what? That he reserves his scorn only for hairdressers and fashion designers? That he respects me, the writer, but heaps abuse on someone else because that someone uses slang I don’t use, speaks louder than I do, wears what I don’t wear—and those superficial differences are the things that guarantee me (and those who behave otherwise) Cruz’s respect?\n\nI will not embrace him, not for that, much less shake his hand or offer him the opportunity for civilized disagreement. For he is blind to the civilization to which I belong, and to the fundamental identity I share with those he despises. Whether we have a little learning or not, whether we speak in the same manner or not, regardless of what we wear and what mannerisms we choose to exhibit, we are the same, for in the fundamental things—those we choose to love, to have relationships with and with whom we aspire to share a life marked by a measure of domestic bliss and emotional contentment—there is no difference. To permit Cruz to make such distinctions is to grant him and all those like him an intolerable—because it is fundamentally unjust—power to define myself and those like me.\n\nWhen he casts the law as an instrument for prosecution, persecution and discrimination, he must be fought. That he discredits polite behavior by portraying civilized discourse as a fancy disguise for his uncritical obedience and intolerant enforcement of uniformity; that he defames religion by turning it into an ideology of hate; that he makes a mockery of filial piety by insisting that tyrannical instincts should be cultivated among the elderly and enforced upon their direction—these should inspire not pity for his moral dementia; these must provoke anger. And condemnation.\n\nTo be different is to be held in suspicion. The nonconformist is a subversive. Subversion and rebellion make societies become more generous, more diverse, more compassionate—and an individual more free. For the inability—or unwillingness—to see rebellion as a virtue and not a flaw is what provokes the uncomprehending hostility that makes the anxious herd stifle dissent and stamp out anything different. But humanity is not a herd, and being human demands a vigilance against the kind of provocations that start stampedes.\n\nI will respect anyone’s convictions, but only to the extent you will respect mine. Goodwill inspires the same; tolerance results in cooperation. But I will not be told whom to love, whom to be friends with, what culture to represent, what mannerisms and interests to adopt and, much less, discard. I will not modify my behavior or limit my pleasures merely to please Cruz or bigots like him. The respect gays, lesbians and transgendered people experience is a brittle kind, but hard-won. Far more has to be won, in terms of actual legislation or in every sphere of our lives where discrimination virtually takes place every day.\n\nThe behavior Cruz finds so obnoxious is the price he and everyone else must pay for the pink triangles of the German concentration camps, the labor camps and prison cells of Soviet Russia and Communist China and Cuba, the merciless beatings and taunts endured by so many over so long a time. It is his punishment for representing a society whose instincts remain fundamentally murderous toward anyone different. If he weren’t such a hate-monger, he might realize it’s no punishment at all, and that society is all the better for the increased prominence of gays.\n<<<\nI take my hat off to you, Mr. Quezon. Thank you!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
!Isagani Cruz's Not Through Yet\nPublished on [[page A10|http://opinion.inq7.net/inquireropinion/columns/view_article.php?article_id=18695]] of the 3 September 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.\n<<<\nBy Isagani Cruz\n\nTHE right to criticize is inherent in every person and is recognized as included in the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. It is as powerful as the right to agree, perhaps more so because it keeps democracy alive and not a mere conformist regime of automatic assenters.\n\nWhen Sen. Joseph ~McCarthy began his communist witch-hunt that ruined many reputations in the United States during the ’50s, the US Senate reacted sharply, albeit rather belatedly, and formally censured him. His constituents in Wisconsin followed suit in their disgust and consigned him to a well-deserved disgrace.\n\nThe Watergate scandal would never have been exposed were it not for the courage of two reporters from the Washington Post who dared criticize the then majority Republican Party and their sitting President of the United States. If the press had simply kept docilely quiet, Nixon would have remained in office to commit further misdeeds.\n\nSusan B. Anthony complained against the treatment of women as second-class citizens and joined the campaign for their right to vote. She was convicted of voting illegally, fined $100 she refused to pay, and persisted in her right to criticize her detractors. In the end, women suffrage was granted by the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution.\n\nIt is not only in political matters that the right to criticize is important. It may also be exercised in civic, moral, financial and other issues affecting the public welfare.\n\nJohn Scopes was prosecuted in 1925 for teaching the theory of evolution in the Bible belt of the United States. He was derided and physically threatened for his right to question the worshipful story of Adam and Eve. Despite his brilliant defense by Clarence Darrow, he was convicted for his then unconventional beliefs that are now accepted throughout the world.\n\nSome views are generally held by the public but are not openly expressed because of fear of retaliation from their prickly subjects. Even supposedly free newspapers are intimidated and toe the line of discreet silence. Or they may even assist the angry “victims” and accommodate them with shrill publicity, to the prejudice of their well-intentioned critics.\n\nIn a healthy democracy, controversy is encouraged, not avoided. But the media, while they should not remain neutral, must not forget their responsibility of balanced reporting. They should not allow themselves to be daunted by the noisier side with its threats and vituperation. What they should understand but refuse to accept is that the other side may be the silent majority.\n\nIt is silent because it fears the wrath of the vindictive minority. The objections will be based supposedly on high principles of human rights, decency and equality before the law. But it is in reality a malignant opposition that refutes ideas with name-calling.\n\nI often dissented from my colleagues on the Supreme Court and one of them even described me as “coddling criminals.” I took his accusation in good grace because I knew it was made without malice or rancor. I did not scream and faint like a woman spurned.\n\nAs a columnist in this paper, I have written on many controversial subjects and expressed ideas not to court public agreement but to invite healthy debate. My feelings are familiar to many of my readers and, while sometimes provocative, are never evil-minded or discourteous.\n\nI have criticized the President of the Philippines and the Cabinet, the members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Commissions, the military, local officials, actors turned politicians, the entertainment industry, fashion shows, the conversion of farmlands into golf courses, and other matters relevant to the public welfare. My views have mostly been received agreeably, some resentfully but politely, others silently, but in every case respectfully.\n\nThat is why I felt challenged when I was attacked with feline ferocity for criticizing those homosexuals (and only them) who by their vulgarity were demeaning their class in general. Many of them contradicted me not with ideas but with venom. They called me an asshole, an old fart, a bigot, a hate-monger, a neo-Nazi and other typical endearments.\n\nFortunately, their more vicious letters did not see print in the Inquirer, which nonetheless published eight attacks against me compared to only one in my defense. Its editorial of Aug. 21 was also clearly in their favor.\n\nA letter from Germany, published in this paper’s website but not in the more accessible broadsheet, was from a reader who said he did not have anything against homosexuals. But he added that he could not accept the sight of persons of the same sex publicly kissing each other on the lips. That is the common sentiment of the silent majority in this country who are afraid to speak up as I did.\n<<<\nCriticize as much as you can, Mr. Cruz. But you have no right to condemn other people and incite others to bash those whose feelings and behaviors are contrary to theirs!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee related articles: <<tiddlerList tags:"Cruz versus Quezon" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
[>img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]] Sang [[Someone to Watch Over Me|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/apple%20-%20someone%20to%20watch%20over%20me.mp3]] by Linda Ronstadt. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BApple%20Chiu%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\n''Apple'''s voice really came through with a very smooth and effortless performance. Luke called her voice ''soothing''. Mamita loved Apple tonight. And Mr. C finally got what he was waiting for, as Apple sang an intimate song.\n\nTo vote, type ''APPLE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]]Sang [[Pare Ko|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/gian%20-%20pare%20ko.mp3]] by the Eraserheads. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BGian%20Magdangal%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nTonight, Mr. C gave Gian three pointers:\n# This is television, you should lessen //bigness//.\n# This is pop, you should soften up a bit.\n# This is onstage, you should lessen theatricability\nWency commented that Gian looked very comfortable but felt that the song didn't match Gian's voice. Mamita, on the other hand, felt ''OK'' with Gian's performance, saying that whatever song he sings fits him.\n\nI enjoyed his performance, and I like the way he got around the //not-for-television// word by saying "'langhiya" instead of the original cuss word in the song.\n\nTo vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_reymond.jpg]] |Reymond's //Be My Lady// was a slow piece, yet it was very effective, which prompted Hajji to say that Reymond has honed his talents. Mr. C and Mamita gave it a //very good// rating. I found Reymond's performance heartfelt and I felt that he was singing straight to me. Add to that his voice modulation, and he surely set the standard high for tonight.|\n| [[Be My Lady|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/reymond%20-%20be%20my%20lady.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''REYMOND'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]] Sang [[Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Apple%20-%20Wag%20Na%20Wag%20Mong%20Sasabihin.mp3]] by Kitchie Nadal. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BApple%20Chiu%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nWency loved the way Apple made the song her own, particularly praising her //detached coolness// at the start of her performance. However, he noticed her sharps and flats. Mr. C complained that Apple has been in overdrive for the last three weeks and he would like to hear her sing something more intimate, more personal.\n\nMamita, on the other hand, said that tonight Apple fit the theme - from her looks to the song.\n\nI would have to agree with Mamita as I noticed that there was a makeover in her appearance tonight. But I heard some sharps in her rendition and felt that she has to learn more on how to sing while her body is in constant motion.\n\nTo vote, type ''APPLE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Arms Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_arms.jpg]] Sang [[If I Believed|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/arms%20-%20if%20i%20believed.mp3]] by Patti Austin. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BArms%20Cruz%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nI liked the start of the rendition by ''Arms'' tonight. It was so believable. But towards the middle part of her performance, she lost me. I think it was because of the flats that Luke pointed out. Notwithstanding, Mamita praised Arms' improvement tonight, although Mr. C said that, while the performance wasn't her best, Arms is still good.\n\nSurprisingly, Arms didn't campaign tonight. She must have been reading the forums and the blogs.\n\nTo vote, type ''ARMS'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Jeli Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jeli.jpg]] |Mamita rated Jeli's moving and dancing on stage as //ok// while Hajji noted that Jeli seemed to start at a lower key than the original song. Mr. C considered the performance nice and breezy. I just have an issue with Jeli's //flirty// interpretation of the song. I just didn't like it. And I even noticed that her diction at the start wasn't Filipino, despite her mouthing Filipino words. While the //bossa nova// arrangement was enjoyable, I didn't feel that Jeli's performance was.|\n| [[Isang Mundo, Isang Awit|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jeli%20-%20isang%20mundo%2C%20isang%20awit.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''JELI'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]] |Hajji found it obvious that Gian sang from the heart. Mamita on the other hand, wished that Gian wouldn't be eliminated tomorrow and even quipped that, //if you are lonely now, I would give you another chance//. Mr. C admonished Gian by telling him not to look for any high point in the songs he sings because his voice is his high point. Like Mr. C, I was worried about the falsettos in Gian's performance, although that anxiety was unfounded, as he got through them alright. I would just like to mention that I found his facial expression not fit for the song he was singing. He had a teeny weeny bit of a smile while singing a pleading song, much like the expression of one country's president right after saying //I'm sorry// on national television; but I digress.|\n| [[Give Me A Chance|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/gian%20-%20give%20me%20a%20chance.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]]Sang [[Get Here (If You Can)|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/ken%20-%20get%20here.mp3]] by Oleta Adams. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKen%20Dingle%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nIf Mamita was surprised with ''Ken'''s performance tonight, so was I. While there were still a couple of flats, at least Ken didn't break his voice. Luke probably articulated the reason why I don't like Ken - his range is that of a girl.\n\nAnd Mr. C taunted the //Ken haters//. Ouch!\n\nKen should have performed this way since the first final round performances and he wouldn't have been hated by many so much.\n\nTo vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_miguel.jpg]]Sang [[Harana|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/miguel%20-%20harana.mp3]] by Parokya ni Edgar. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BMiguel%20Mendoza%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nWency asked Miguel who did the arrangement of the song, commenting that the performance would have worked if it weren't arranged that way, though quick to point out that that wasn't Miguel's fault. Mamita however bluntly said that the arrangement didn't work, //not with that song, not with Miguel.// But why should she apologize for saying that?\n\nMr. C reminded Miguel that his flats and sharps are physiological in nature, taking a dig at Miguel's age. He also showed how he felt with Miguel's stint with Philippine Idol by saying\n<<<\nKahit di ka pumasok next week, you've done good enough. Finish your high school studies.\n<<<\nApparently, Miguel was thinking of Chito Miranda's advise to sing from the diaphragm, as I noted sharps all over the place when Miguel sang.\n\nTo vote, type ''MIGUEL'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jan.jpg]]Sang [[Tuloy Pa Rin|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jan%20-tuloy%20pa%20rin.mp3]] by Neocolours. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BJan%20Kurt%20Nieto%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nJan got nothing but bad comments tonight. Mamita bluntly told him, "Jan, I don't like you tonight." Wency complained that Jan wasn't smiling often, causing Wency not to feel that Jan was enjoying what he was doing.\n\nMr. C drove home the last nail by saying that Jan's performance wasn't solid as he had his guard down tonight. Feeling that Jan would still be voted in, Mr. C advised him to continue proving that he has what it takes to be the Philippine Idol.\n\nI heard his sharps and flats and winced when he tried to put some high points in the song.\n\nTo vote, type ''JAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]] |Mamita said that Pow is getting better every week and took a swipe (again!) at Pow's sexual orientation by saying that she would fall in love with her if Pow were male. Hajji remarked that he was hearing Kuh Ledesma at the start of the performance but that, as the song progressed, he heard Pow. Mr. C commented on Pow's trouble with the high notes but rated her performance as //ok//. While I found Pow's emotionally-charged singing effective, I can't help but notice that her sexual orientation is getting to be well pronounced. Have you noticed how she was seated at the top of the stairs when she began singing? Not that it matters, but then...|\n| [[Till I Met You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/pow%20-%20till%20i%20met%20you.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''POW'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]]Sang [[For Once In My Life|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/pow%20-%20for%20once%20in%20my%20life.mp3]] by Spiral Staircase. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BPow%20Chavez%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nMamita must want ''Pow'' out of the competition. She had to repeat everything she said about Pow's performance last Saturday before saying that her performance tonight was a lot better. And she put Pow on the spot again, with the spiel on wanting to see her in something glamorous - in a beautiful gown with all the //bling-bling//.\n\nWhile both Luke and myself enjoyed Pow's performance, we could not help but notice the flats.\n\nMr. C blamed the choice of song, commenting that he felt like he was watching a noontime show in the 60s.\n\nPow, get serious please.\n\nTo vote, type ''POW'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jan.jpg]]Sang [[Kailangan Kita|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jan%20-%20kailangan%20kita.mp3]] by Ogie Alcasid. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BJan%20Nieto%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nI heard flats in ''Jan'''s performance tonight and I got the impression that he was shouting. His voice even broke towards the end.\n\nLuke heard the flats, the tune problem, and the breathing difficulties. Mr. C found the performance wanting of energy. __But Mamita was //oblivious// of those things.__\n\nTo vote, type ''JAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Jeli Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jeli.jpg]]Sang [[Paglisan|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jeli%20-%20paglisan.mp3]] by Color It Red. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BJeli%20Mateo%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nAnother set of bad comments came from the judges. Wency complained about Jeli's timing with the accompaniment. Mamita heard Jeli singing a ballad, contrary to the night's theme. Mr. C again summed it all up when he said,\n<<<\nYou suffer from the rest of the girls in your vocal ability. Every week we see how weak you are.\n<<<\nWhile listening to Jeli, I asked myself whether the song was difficult to sing. I felt her movements strained and thought she couldn't reach the high notes.\n\nTo vote, type ''JELI'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_miguel.jpg]] |Hajji cautioned Miguel on the latter's flats and advised that Miguel should control his [[vibrato|http://www.voiceteacher.com/vibrato.html]]. Mamita seconded Hajji's comment, saying that she noticed the flats and sharps in Miguel's rendition. At this point, Mr. C said what I consider as a statement on the voting results: //Di kami pinakikinggan ng voters. They'd still vote you in. Please work harder.// I agree with the three judges, though I just noticed the flats all over the place while Miguel was performing. And, I didn't like the way he looked while walking down the aisle; it was just unnatural.|\n| [[Swerte Swerte Lang|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/miguel%20-%20swerte%20swerte%20lang.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''MIGUEL'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_mau.jpg]] |Hajji praised the quality of both Mau's and Dulce's voices while Mamita mentioned that only one person can sing //Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi//, and that was Dulce. And Mamita even noted that Mau even got Dulce's kneeling during the song perfectly. Mr. C advised Mau to sing a song that will prevent her from being compared with the original singer. Hmmm, are they saying that Mau failed to make the song hers? No wonder Dulce was smiling and applauding Mau after the latter's performance. Is it me or is Mau really big? She looked //soooo big// in her gown.|\n| [[Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20ako%20ang%20nasawi%2C%20ako%20ang%20nagwagi.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_mau.jpg]] Sang [[So Slow|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20so%20slow.mp3]] by Freestyle. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BMau%20Marcelo%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nWhile both Mamita and Wency praised Mau's performance tonight, Wency pointed out that her outfit was bad. I noticed that too. In fact, I could see that she had a shirt, white jeans and boots underneath that //overcoat//, and she could have been more pleasant to look at had she shed off that //thing//. Someone should really teach Mau how to dress. She reminds me of [[Jennifer Hudson|http://www.jenniferhudson.net/main.html]] in [[American Idol: Season 3|http://www.americanidol.com/archive/season3/]], who showed bad taste in clothes during the finals.\n\nMr. C gave Mau a pointer, apparently referring to Mau's reactions on national television every time she ends up in a precarious position in the contest:\n<<<\nIsa na lang ang kulang. We want a winner. Tama na ang iyak at whining. Give a good fight every time.\n<<<\nOh, did you know that this is the second week in a row that Mau is the sixth performer?\n\nTo vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_mau.jpg]] Sang [[I Will Always Love You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20I%20Will%20Always%20Love%20You.mp3]] by Whitney Houston. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BMau%20Marcelo%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nSinger number six for the third time in a row, ''Mau'' was almost perfect tonight. When she came onstage, I gasped! She looked too big, again! And I thought she had a surprise underneath her drape. Alas! There was nothing remarkable in her dress. Why she had to hide it at the start, I wonder.\n\nLuke gave Mau a standing ovation and told everyone that he wished Mau would be a guest in his next album.\n\nMau, Mau, Mau. Get a fashion consultant!\n\nTo vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jan.jpg]] |Mamita said that tonight Jan sang //very well//. But Hajji noted that Jan got sidetracked from the meaning of the song because Jan was more focused on his singing technique. And Mr. C said that Jan was his Philippine Idol tonight! Uhmm, is Mr. C playing a game? While I liked Jan's spiel in his VTR, I heard some flats particularly in the high notes. And the arrangement was brilliant; it simply took away the solo parts of Tillie Moreno.|\n| [[Umagang Kay Ganda|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jan%20-%20umagang%20kay%20ganda.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''JAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]]Sang [[Ligaya|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Ken%20-%20Ligaya.mp3]] by the Eraserheads. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKen%20Dingle%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nI'm sure this was the performance that many Philippine Idol viewers were looking forward to tonight. And they sure were not disappointed.\n\nWency admonished Ken for making the mortal sin in singing - forgetting the lyrics.\n<<<\nIt's such a big mistake! Napakalaking ~NO-NO! I was very disappointed.\n<<<\nMamita was diplomatic, saying\n<<<\nYou had one week to learn ONE song. Dapat na-memorize mo ang ONE song na yan.\n<<<\nAt this point, my coverage of the performance night was disrupted with my cable tv provider's technical difficulties. The show was resumed in time for me to hear Mr. C saying\n<<<\n... bad to worse. Your journey with Philippine Idol should have ended sooner. You caused the ouster of Drae and Reymond.\n<<<\nNeed I say anything more? (I'm half tempted not to put the voting mechanics for Ken here, but, to be fair, I will. Just one request though. Please, @@color(red):enough is enough! Let's vote him ''OUT'' - __''don't''__ vote for him!@@)\n\nTo vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_miguel.jpg]]Sang [[Sandra|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/miguel%20-%20sandra.mp3]] by Barry Manilow. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BMiguel%20Mendoza%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nHmmm.... ''Miguel'' did a Migs Ayesa in [[Rockstar: INXS|http://origin.rockstar.msn.com/home]] when he played the piano during the opening part of his number. But the minute he stood up, he lost me.\n\nMamita and Mr. C were happy with Miguel's performance that Mr. C said he could do both high school and singing.\n\nTo vote, type ''MIGUEL'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]] |Mamita introduced the term //kulutation// when she told Apple that she wished Apple didn't sing with all those vocal wobbles. Hajji remarked that Apple had a very soulful rendition of Jaya's song, although he cautioned that it could be overkilled by vocal acrobatics. Mr. C simply told Apple that her performance last week was much better. I noticed that Apple had difficulty in sustaining some notes and I didn't like her performance.|\n| [[Sometimes You Just Know|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/apple%20-%20sometimes%20you%20just%20know.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''APPLE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Arms Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_arms.jpg]] Sang [[Makita Kang Muli|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Arms_-_Makita_Kang_Muli.mp3]] by Sugarfree. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BArms%20Cruz%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nPraises were heaped on Arms tonight. Wency said\n<<<\nAll night I've been waiting for somebody to make my hairs stand up. You did!\n<<<\nMamita went back memory lane, stating that //we knew she was going a long way//. Mr. C was more blatant with his\n<<<\nBig girl, big heart, big voice. We have to ask people to vote for you. Tonight, you and Mau are my Philippine Idols.\n<<<\nWhy is it that everytime Arms performs, Ryan Agoncillo allows her to make a campaign speech right after? But, in fairness, I like what Arms said:\n<<<\nVote wisely. Matuto na tayo!\n<<<\nTo vote, type ''ARMS'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Jeli Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jeli.jpg]]Sang [[You Don't Know Me|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jeli%20-%20you%20dont%20know%20me.mp3]] by Ray Charles. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BJeli%20Mateo%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\n''Jeli'' was in her element tonight. Mr. C found it the best performance that she has done. Luke pointed out that Jeli was a lot better than when she was rehearsing for tonight.\n\nWhile listening to Jeli, I imagined myself being in a music lounge, grooving to her song while drinking my beers. It was that relaxing.\n\nTo vote, type ''JELI'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Arms Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_arms.jpg]] |Hajji was impressed with Arms' //Anak//. And Mamita was all agog when she said, //Armarie's a joy to watch. She's a joy to listen to.// Mr. C was stunned at the arrangement, calling it //ornate//, and ended up being ambivalent about Arms' performance. I'm just wondering why Arms sings angrily. And what was that campaign speech at the end of the performance for? This isn't Pinoy Big Brother! It's ''Philippine Idol''!|\n| [[Anak|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/arms%20-%20anak.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''ARMS'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]]Sang [[Superstar|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/gian%20-%20superstar.mp3]] by Luther Vandcross. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BGian%20Magdangal%20(5th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nI really enjoyed ''Gian'''s performance tonight. The song did justice to his voice. One thing though. I didn't like how he looked like while going up the stage - he looked like an old man!\n\nThe three judges all heaped praises on Gian's performance, with Mr. C saying that it was a very classy performance, several notches above contest performances.\n\nTo vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]]Sang [[Forevermore|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/pow%20-%20forevermore.mp3]] by Side A. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BPow%20Chavez%20(4th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].)\n\nWency found Pow's performance fantastic, having noted that she came out as the most confident among all the finalists. He further opined that Pow's aura was proclaiming //tonight's my night//.\n\nMamita however admonished Pow on her flats and sharps, saying that this is the first time that Mamita has heard these flats and sharps from Pow.\n\nMr. C asked Pow to start raising the bar. After all, [[Mr. C predicted that Pow would be the first Philippine Idol|http://showbizandstyle.inq7.net/entertainment/entertainment/view_article.php?article_id=20619]]. He didn't want to be proven wrong, so he asked Pow to help him make his prediction come true.\n\nDid you notice those portions of the song where Pow sang [[a capella|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_cappella]]? It was beautiful! I just wished she continued singing that way. There was a sudden shift of key, perhaps what Mamita was referring to as the //sharps and flats//, but Pow was still in tune. (I'm getting more convinced that Mamita has a bias against Pow; noticed how emphatic Mamita was in her comment on Pow's performance tonight? To think that Mamita always cushions her comments.)\n\nTo vote, type ''POW'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT).\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
| [img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]] |Despite giving Ken a lot of credit for singing while going down the stairs, Hajji averred that he didn't find any joyfulness in Ken's rendition of a joyful and hopeful song such as //Magsimula Ka//. Mamita however commented that this is one of Ken's best performances. Then Mr. C told Ken three things: (1) that it's very difficult to top Leo Valdez; (2) that this is the second time in a row that Ken wasn't able to hit the last note; and (3) that Ken should give himself a chance to give the song to the viewers. Pretty heady stuff, Mr. C! I didn't like Ken's performance, as I found him stiff and unnatural. And he had difficulties with both low and high notes!|\n| [[Magsimula Ka|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/ken%20-%20magsimula%20ka.mp3]] |>|\n| To vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-10'' (PLDT) |>|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
At last, the final round of Philippine Idol has began! What better way to start it with an all-OPM night. Yes, the finalists were all required to sing [[original Pilipino music|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_Pilipino_Music]] hits.\n<<<\nOriginal Pilipino Music (frequently abbreviated to OPM) originally referred only to Filipino pop songs, especially those in the ballad form; such as songs popularized by major and commercial Filipino pop artists like Ryan Cayabyab, Sharon Cuneta, Martin Nievera, Rey Valera, and APO Hiking Society. In the passage of time as well as the development of many diverse musical styles in the Philippines, however, the term //OPM// now refers to any type of music produced in the Philippines or composed by Filipinos, regardless of their location during the time when they composed it. The lyrics may be in any language.\n<<<\nSo let's see how they fared.\n<<<\nI have included here mp3s that were shared by [[Idol Fanatic|http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=idolfanatic]]. To listen, \n# Click on a finalist's name. This will open a small tiddler right below the finalist's name.\n# To prevent your browser from opening another window (or tab), simply click on the arrow before the name of the song to play the mp3 file. And if you have a [[del.icio.us|http://del.icio.us/]] account, you could even tag the mp3!\n# To stop listening to the song, just click on the same button (which should have turned into a blackened square).\n# You can then close the small tiddler by clicking on the finalist's name again.\n<<<\nHere go!\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Arms Cruz" "Arms Cruz" "Click here to know more about Arms' performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Jeli Mateo" "Jeli Mateo" "Click here to know more about Jeli's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Reymond Sajor" "Reymond Sajor" "Click here to know more about Reymond's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Apple Chiu" "Apple Chiu" "Click here to know more about Apple's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Stef Lazaro" "Stef Lazaro" "Click here to know more about Stef's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Ken Dingle" "Ken Dingle" "Click here to know more about Ken's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Jan Nieto" "Jan Nieto" "Click here to know more about Jan's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Mau Marcelo" "Mau Marcelo" "Click here to know more about Mau's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Gian Magdangal" "Gian Magdangal" "Click here to know more about Gian's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Drae Ybañez" "Drae Ybañez" "Click here to know more about Drae's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Pow Chavez" "Pow Chavez" "Click here to know more about Pow's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Miguel Mendoza" "Miguel Mendoza" "Click here to know more about Miguel's performance">>\n\nOk, there you are.\n\nI can't help but notice how Ryan Agoncillo interrupts the judges when they are commenting. Can't he, for at least one minute during the show, just keep his mouth shut?\n\nAnd the judges? They had better comments this time, although Mamita still commented on things other than the performance. Why force the issue on Pow? Can't Mamita just accept Pow for who she is?\n\nI would agree with Francis M when he said that the finalists performed almost equally and that the best ones would be those who have bigger audience impact and higher stage presence.\n\nAlso, I commiserate with Mr. C for, like him, I was looking for ''extraordinary'' performances. But then, this is just the first night of the final round performances.\n\nWho would I like to see next Saturday? I have four bets - ''Mau'', ''Gian'', ''Pow'', and ''Jan''. And who do I want to leave? Either ''Arms'', ''Ken'' or ''Drae''.\n\nBut that's me. Now, it's time to vote. Remember, the finalist with the lowest number of votes after 8:30 pm on Sunday, 1 October, will go home.\n\n__HOW TO VOTE__\n\n//Mobile//: Type <contestant name> and send to 2339.\n//Landline//: Dial 1-908-5 IDOL e.g. to vote for contestant number 1, just dial 1-908-5 4365-01.\n\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
[>img[Dagoy|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/dgdagoy.gif]]Iloilo City's central business district streets have been overlaid with asphalt. The area in front of the Freedom Grandstand has been painted yellow. The judging and viewing stages have been constructed (to the chagrin and inconvenience of the commuting public for the past five days).\n\nDinagyang 2007 is finally here! Let the show begin!!!\n\nSaturday's highlight is the //Kasadyahan// contest, which, as I said [[earlier|A Reason To Party]], is a historical cultural dance competition performed in five judging areas in the central business district of Iloilo City through a carousel-type order. According to the [[Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc.|http://dinagyangfoundation.com/events/events.php?itemid=134]], the performance/dance entry must depict Filipino culture and tradition, specifically the culture of the Western Visayas region. In addition, such presentation should be distinct to a festival of a locality.\n\nThis year's //Kasadyahan// competing groups (with ~DivX clips of their performances at the Iloilo City Freedom Grandstand) are:\n# ''Tribu Pasidungog'' of [[San Miguel, Iloilo|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/sanmiguel-iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nGiving honor to San Miguel\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098358?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Saad'' of [[Leganes, Iloilo|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/leganes-iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nPromising undying devotion to San Vicente Ferrer\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098419?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Saludan'' of [[Tigbauan, Iloilo|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/tigbauan-iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nShowcasing fishing practices in Tigbauan, Iloilo\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098449?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Mandurriaonon'' of [[Mandurriao|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandurriao,_Iloilo_City]] National High School {{embeddedblockquote{\nReenacting the barter of Panay\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098096?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Tinuom'' of [[Cabatuan, Iloilo|http://www.geocities.com/cabatuan_iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nCelebrating Cabatuan's popular delicacy, [[tinuom|http://afbeercan.typepad.com/trifle_takes/2006/04/tinuom.html]].\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098274?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Kahilwayan'' of [[Sta. Barbara, Iloilo|http://www.geocities.com/santa_barbara_iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nReenacting the "Cry of Santa Barbara"\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098250?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Pahinis de Laua-an'' of [[Lauaan, Antique|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/lauaan-antique/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nShowcasing Laua-an's main product, muscovado sugar\n[[Watch the performance||http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098142?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Bayluhay'' of [[San Joaquin, Iloilo|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/sanjoaquin-iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nReenacting the barter of Panay\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098195?user_id=267934]]}}}\n# ''Tribu Tultugan'' of [[Maasin, Iloilo|http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/maasin-iloilo/]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nShowcasing the bamboo industry of Maasin, Iloilo\n[[Watch the performance|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1098311?user_id=267934]]}}}\nJust a comment on the competition: There were far too many non-competing groups in between competing groups. This stretched what could have been a less-than-four-hour activity into six hours!\n\nMany non-competing groups performed in front of the judging area that, at one point, the emcee had to request them to limit their performance times. Didn't the organizers of the Kasadyahan competition have any guidelines for non-competing groups? What's the point for having these non-competing groups in the activity, anyway?\n\nBy and large, //Kasadyahan// 2007 again showcased the culture and history of Western Visayas and, more importantly, the talents of the youngsters in the region who had to endure the morning and noon heat just to tell all and sundry how rich their culture is.\n\nWho will win? For me, it's a toss-up between ''Tribu Mandurriaonon'' and ''Tribu Kahilwayan''.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n^^NOTE: These movie clips were recorded from the live telecast of [[Cable Star (Iloilo)|http://www.geocities.com/radiotviloilo/csi.html]] over its community channel. Since these are mpeg files too large (>300MB each) for [[YouTube|http://www.youtube.com/index]], I converted them to ~DivX and uploaded them to [[Stage6|http://stage6.divx.com/]]. However, you'll need a [[DivX player|http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/]] to view these clips.^^
Even ~ABC5 is not sure of tonight's theme. Its own website has given at least two names for the theme - //Tunog Banda, Tunog Alternative// and //Pinoy Rock//. Ryan Agoncillo called it //Hits From Bands//. Well, I'll call it the ''21 October Performance Night''. That will be unmistakeable.\n\n[>img[Wency Cordero|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/wency1.jpg]] Tonight's third judge, [[as earlier mentioned|21 October Theme]], is Wency Cornejo, the former lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the Filipino rock band Afterimage in the '90s. He is best known as the singer of ''Habang May Buhay''. Wency has also won multiple categories at the [[Awit Awards|http://www.awitawards.com.ph/]] and other songwriting competitions. Asked of his expectations tonight, Wency confessed,\n<<<\nI never saw Philippine Idol yet!\n<<<\nJust shows how //far-reaching// this show is. Tsk, tsk!\n\nNow, the performances.\n\n<<slider chkSlider "01 - Gian" "Gian" "Click to read comments on Gian's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "02 - Apple" "Apple" "Click to read comments on Apple's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "03 - Miguel" "Miguel" "Click to read comments on Miguel's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "04 - Jan" "Jan" "Click to read comments on Jan's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "05 - Jeli" "Jeli" "Click to read comments on Jeli's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "06 - Mau Marcelo" "Mau" "Click to read comments on Mau's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "07 - Ken" "Ken" "Click to read comments on Ken's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "08 - Arms" "Arms" "Click to read comments on Arms' performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "09 - Pow" "Pow" "Click to read comments on Pow's performance">>\n\nFor once, the judges did not disappoint. Even Mamita has been critical. Which is a good thing. Too bad that [[Reymond|Philippine "Nursery" Idol]] had to leave the competition right after [[Drae|And Then There Were Ten]] did before Mamita came to her senses.\n\nI'm losing my admiration of Ryan Agoncillo. He's fast becoming a gossip and a rumor-monger! Talk about ''hidden desires'' between finalists! Huh! And what was that //Mamita, naka-butch ka// comment after she showed us her shoes? Gee, keep that up, Ryan A, and we'll boot you out of Philippine Idol!\n\nRyan A should also be careful with his statements about whose opinions matter. Imagine him saying, "What matters more are the voters, not the judges." While that is true, it should be said in a way that will not deter the viewers from following the judges' advice, more like how Ryan Seacrest says it in American Idol (Ryan Agoncillo later said the same words with respect to Ken):\n<<<\nIf you agree or disagree with the judges...\n<<<\nRemember, you're part of the show. Don't be part of the problem.\n\nBefore I forget, Wow Magic Sing did it again with its //Meet the Singing Idols// commercial. I thought that was [[history|Philippine "Nursery" Idol]] already. Aren't there no other notable clips from the Philippine Idol auditions that could be put into a tasteful commercial?\n\nThis week there is only one thing that is important. And that's getting ''Ken'' out of Philippine Idol. Remember what Mr. C said,\n<<<\nYour journey with Philippine Idol should have ended sooner. You caused the ouster of Drae and Reymond.\n<<<\nStrong words, but true. And all that Ken could say about the comment was\n<<<\nI deserve it.\n<<<\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
!!Was //Tunog Banda, Tunog Alternative//\nThere is a [[thread in the ABC Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=1345]] that says that the 4^^th^^ performance night of the Philippine Idol final round will feature songs by the best of Filipino rock and acoustic songs. Here is the complete list of the songs touted to have been chosen by the nine remaining finalists:\n*== Akin Ka Na Lang - Itchyworms==\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Parokya%20ni%20Edgar%20-%20Harana.mp3]]Harana - Parokya ni Edgar ''(Miguel)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Kitchie%20Nadal%20-%20Wag%20Na%20Wag%20Mong%20Sasabihin.mp3]]Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin - Kitchie Nadal ''(Apple)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Eraserheads%20-%20Ligaya.mp3]]Ligaya - Eraserheads ''(Ken)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Sugarfree%20-%20Makita%20Kang%20Muli.mp3]]Makita Kang Muli - Sugarfree ''(Arms)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Paglisan%20-%20Color%20It%20Red.mp3]]Paglisan - Color It Red ''(Jeli)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Eraserheads%20-%20Pare%20Ko.mp3]]Pare Ko - Eraserheads ''(Gian)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Freestyle%20-%20So%20Slow.mp3]]So Slow - Freestyle ''(Mau)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Neocolors%20-%20Tuloy%20Pa%20Rin.mp3]]Tuloy Pa Rin - Neocolors ''(Jan)''\n* [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Side%20A%20Band%20-%20Forevermore.mp3]]Forevermore - Side A ''(Pow)''\n==Except for ''Mau'' (who is said to have chosen //So Slow//), the finalists and the songs have not yet been matched. I'll post them once I have the information.==\n\n[[Manila Bulletin Online|http://www.mb.com.ph/issues/2006/10/18/ENTR2006101877302.html]] ==has confirmed== earlier mentioned that the theme ==which== is //Tunog Banda, Tunog Alternative//. The [[official Philippine Idol site|http://www.philippineidol.com/features/features1006_7.html]] now simply calls it //Pinoy Rock//. (Learn more about this genre from [[Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinoy_rock]].)\n\n==I wonder who the third judge will be.==\n<<<\n==We won’t be surprised if a Pinoy Rock icon would be visiting the rehearsals studios before the end of this week just like Hajji had done the previous week.\n^^[[Source|http://www.philippineidol.com/features/features1006_7.html]]^^==\n<<<\n==Any guesses?==\n\nFrom [[Pinoy Exchange|http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showpost.php?p=16896856&postcount=2837]], word is that tomorrow's third judge is [[Wency Cornejo|http://www.artistation.com/profile/wency.htm]], the former lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the Filipino rock band //Afterimage// in the '90s.\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>\n<<haloscan comments>>
This weekend, two finalists will go. But not before we get to hear the finalists sing <<slider chkSlider "Rhythm and Blues" "R&B" "Click here to know more about R&B">> songs.\n\nLet's check their performances out:\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Mau" "01 - Mau - Crazy In Love" "Click here to know more about Mau's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Ken" "02 - Ken - What's Going On" "Click here to know more about Ken's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Apple" "03 - Apple - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" "Click here to know more about Apple's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Stef" "04 - Stef - Proud Mary" "Click here to know more about Stef's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Jan" "05 - Jan - Could It Be I'm Fallin' In Love" "Click here to know more about Jan's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Reymond" "06 - Reymond - I'd Rather" "Click here to know more about Reymond's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Jeli" "07 - Jeli - Always Be My Baby" "Click here to know more about Jeli's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Gian" "08 - Gian - I Feel Good" "Click here to know more about Gian's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Miguel" "09 - Miguel - Let's Stay Together" "Click here to know more about Miguel's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Pow" "10 - Pow - You Got It Bad" "Click here to know more about Pow's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Arms" "11 - Arms - Respect" "Click here to know more about Arms' performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Drae" "12 - Drae - You're Still A Young Man" "Click here to know more about Drae's performance">>\n\nOk, there you are. This show separated the professionals from the wannabes.\n\nI'm glad Ryan Agoncillo behaved tonight. He should keep that up!\n\nFor once, I applauded Mamita's comment that she didn't like what Ryan Agoncillo did in last Sunday's [[results show|Sunday's Results Show]]! That really was totally unfair for the finalists and the viewers. I hope that doesn't happen again.\n\nThe judges' comments are beginning to be what they should be - very informative, truthful and constructive. But there were instances where Francis M regressed to the "I hope they vote you" syndrome. Lack of anything better to say, perhaps?\n\n[[Last week|1st Final Round Performances]], I rooted for four bets - Mau, Gian, Pow and Jan - and I wanted either Arms, Ken or Drae to leave the competition. After tonight's performances, my bottom three are ''Ken'', ''Jeli'' and ''Miguel''. But I'll be voting for only two - ''Pow'' and ''Apple''. Funny how my choices change week after week.\n\nThese are my choices. Now, it's time to vote. Remember, the two finalists with the lowest number of votes after 8:30 pm on Sunday, 8 October, will go home.\n\n|>| ! __HOW TO VOTE__ |\n|//Cellphone//| Type <contestant name> and send to 2339. |\n|//PLDT landline//| Dial 1-908-5 IDOL e.g. to vote for contestant number 1, just dial 1-908-5 4365-01. |\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
Last night I went to Megamall Cinema 3 to watch the last performance night there of Philippine Idol. The atmosphere was electric, with the fans of the four remaining Idol finalists all raring to show their support for their respective bets.\n\nThe performances were superb, with no one getting a flat, or sharp, or any such mishap during their performance.\n\n''Jan'' clearly was a very good performer with [[Beyond the Sea|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Beyond%20The%20Sea.mp3]] and [[The Way You Look Tonight|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20The%20Way%20You%20Look%20Tonight.mp3]].\n\n''Miguel'' showed a lot of promise, with his perfect rendition of [[True|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20True.mp3]] and [[I've Got You Under My Skin|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20Ive%20Got%20You%20Under%20My%20Skin.mp3]]. One thing I noticed though.... He looked just a teeny-weeny effeminate when he was prancing across the stage. Not that it matters; but it showed... He must have felt a little overwhelmed with all the support he was getting from the green crowd at the cinema, plus the positive feedback from Francis M and Mamita, that he couldn't help but shed those tears. No, they didn't look like crocodile tears to me. The moment was really charged. And, Mr. C, why say all those things about Miguel? Didn't you [[predict|Mr. C's Fearless Forecast]] that he would be the first Philippine Idol? Or, was that all for show?\n\n''Mau'' looked a bit funny in that all-red get-up. But what the heck. She was electric! [[My Funny Valentine|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20My%20Funny%20Valentine.mp3]] felt a little funny to me, as Mau tried her very best (and succeeded) to make it __her__ song. But [[Waray-Waray|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Waray%20Waray.mp3]] was the best! It fit her voice to a T! The standing ovation sure was well-deserved, prompting Mr. C to say that the audience already spoke its choice!\n\n''Gian'' was really cool the whole night. I was just a little bit disappointed with his [[They Can't Take That Away From Me|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20They%20Cant%20Take%20That%20Away%20From%20Me.mp3]]. Not that I don't appreciate //world-class// or //international// standards, but it was just bereft of heart. My seatmate (hello, Dadi-x!) muttered that Gian seemed to be eating his words. But the second song, [[The Very Thought of You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20The%20Very%20Thought%20Of%20You.mp3]], was simply touching.\n\nTonight, the three finalists who will perform at Araneta Coliseum next week will be announced. I wish they'd be ''Gian'', ''Mau'' and ''Jan''. My friend Boiet, who took pictures of me with these three, told me that maybe it was a premonition that I wasn't able to locate Miguel after the show to have my picture taken with him. Hmmmm.....\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>\n
[>img[Sto. Niño|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/stonino31.jpg]] In a predominantly Catholic country such as the Philippines, wooden statues depicting saints are revered. One such image is that of the [[Sto. Niño|http://www.ngkhai.com/pointcebu/culture/stonino.htm]], a playful and innocent child believed to be Jesus Christ.\n\nIt is such a powerful deity that many Philippine festivals are being celebrated in January, purportedly to honor the Sto. Niño.\n!!!!Feast of the Black Nazarene\nThe ninth of January brings the sight of thousands of barefoot men joining the annual [[procession of the Black Nazarene|http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/culture4.htm]], a more-than-200-year-old statue of a black Sto. Niño. It is said that during the Spanish colonial period, missionaries brought this icon to Manila where, during the trip, there was a fire on board and the icon, the Nazarene, caught fire. Despite its charred condition, it has been kept, saved and honored at the Saint John the Baptist Church in Quiapo, Manila, since 1787. Walking barefoot during the procession is seen as a sign of humility and touching the statue is believed by many as miraculous. The belief is so strong that this procession is dubbed as the ''//largest//'' procession in the Philippines.\n!!!!Kalibo ~Ati-Atihan Festival\nA two-week long festival in Kalibo, the capital town of Aklan, in January culminates in what is considered as the ''//wildest//'' of Philippine fiestas.\n\nThe [[Ati-Atihan Festival|http://ati-atihan.net/main/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=33]] is marked by rhythmic, insistent, intoxicating drumbeats on the streets of Kalibo, which explode with the tumult of dancing people. Celebrants paint their faces with black soot and wear bright, outlandish costumes as they dance in revelry during the last three days of this festival. Costumes, including the headdress, are made of abaca fibers, shells, feathers, bamboo, plant leaves, cogon, sugar cane flowers, beads, trinkets and an assortment of pieces of glass, metals and plastics. The dancing to the rhythm of the drums makes this festival comparable with the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.\n\nAfter the revelry, what could be better than to rush off to the island paradise of Boracay, which is less than two hours away by land transportation!\n!!!!Sinulog Festival\nAt the same time that the streets of Kalibo are exploding with dancing people, the people in Cebu City celebrate their [[Sinulog Festival|http://www.sinulog.ph/]], a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance moves two steps forward and one step backward to the sound of drums.\n\nThrough the years since 1521, the dance was a small ritual danced by a few in front of the Santo Niño. I remember when I was a child, my mother used to take me to the Santo Niño Church where the image is consecrated and ask a candle vendor to dance the Sinulog and make offerings for my health and good fortune. There were even occasions where I was carried by the candle vendor while she was dancing!\n\nSince 1981, the Sinulog Festival has become a grand parade to depict its history as the dance which links the country's pagan past and Christian present. Dancers wearing costumes all dance to the Sinulog beat. As a result, this is the country's ''//biggest//'' spectacle.\n!!!!Iloilo Dinagyang\n[<img[Viva Señor Sto. Niño|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/image005.jpg]] As if the ~Ati-Atihan and Sinulog Festivals are not enough, Iloilo City celebrates its [[Dinagyang Festival|http://www.exploreiloilo.com/dinagyang07/about-the-dinagyang-festival/]] every fourth weekend of January to commemorate the christianization of its natives and to honor the Holy Child Jesus. It has two very colorful competition-oriented parades that depict its patron saint, Sto. Niño, as the object of dramatized offerings and prayers amidst the cracking of drums and shouts of “Viva Señor Santo Niño”. The thundering of “Hala Bira” by tribe members makes the celebration a lively one.\n\nA more lavish and choreographed version of Kalibo’s ~Ati-Atihan, the festival is recognized as the country’s ''//most popular//'', consistently attracting local and foreign tourists as well as devotees of the Sto. Niño. The parades consist of the //kasadyahan//, a historical dance competition showing how the natives were christianized, and the //ati-ati// competition of tribes with soot-painted warriors in dance patterns displaying varieties of movements holding their spears, shields, or the image of the Child Jesus in synchrony with the deafening beat of the drums.\n\nSo, if you thought the longest Christmas season in the world has ended, you're in for a surprise as there are still more reasons to party in January!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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I would like to apologize to my visitors who may have wanted to hear the mp3s of their favorite Philippine Idol finalists. My initial posting mixed up the links to the mp3 files.\n\nThese have now been corrected.\n\nGo to [[1st Final Round Performances|1st Final Round Performances]] to listen to the mp3s.\n
[>img[Ryan Agoncillo, Mr. C, Mamita and Francis M|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/philippineidolsearch.jpg]]After unceremoniously dismissing six semifinalists out of the running, the search for the first [[Philippine Idol|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]] moved on to the wildcard round.\n\nThe ten contenders for the last four final slots were announced through a video aired during the //I Love Philippine Idol// show last Monday, 11^^th^^ September. We then saw the other contestants say goodbye to\n*Erika Jill ''EJ'' Bautista\n*Abigail ''GAIL'' Blanco\n*Rina Lei ''YNAH'' Pangan\n*''ROBERT'' Bernadas\n*''FREDDIE'' Cabael\n*''CHRISTIAN'' Masaga\nTonight, the ten contenders for the last four final slots competed.\n\n+++^30em^[Click to read my notes on the wildcard round performances.]<<moveablePanel>>Notes on the Wildcard Round Performances\n----\n| [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_stephanie-sm.jpg]] |>| To vote, type ''STEF'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT) |\n|~|>| Total Eclipse of the Heart |\n|>|>|Francis M: I just didn't like the parts where you were holding your head. It was too emotional for me.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Now I've seen Stef as I've seen her before in Australia. I like your choice of song. And if you make it to the finals, can you lose a little weight please.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: You raised the level of the competition right away.|\n|>|>|I say: A shaky start, with a lot of flats and missed notes.|\n|Stephanie ''STEF'' Lazaro|c\n\n| To vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT) | [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_gian-sm.jpg]] |>|\n| Lately |~|>|\n|>|>|Francis M: Gian was born to do this.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Kaya niyang gawin ang lahat - sumayaw, kumanta.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: You are the best overall male performer in this competition. You have to be in the final 12.|\n|>|>|I say: What can you expect from Gian? This looked like a very safe performance, I daresay.|\n|''GIAN'' Magdangal|c\n\n| [img[Christina Otero|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_christina-sm.jpg]] |>| To vote, type ''TING'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT) |\n|~|>| Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan |\n|>|>|Francis M: I've always rooted for Ting. I was a bit sad with the choice of song. But she became the song while she was singing it.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Lahat ng taga-Davao marunong kumanta.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: Your interpretation of the song didn't work because it was a little choppy.|\n|>|>|I say: The performance wasn't smooth-flowing. (Mr. C used the term //choppy// and I agree.)|\n|Christina ''TING'' Otero|c\n\n| To vote, type ''ONYX'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT) | [img[Onyx Culala|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_onyx-sm.jpg]] |>|\n| Wildflower |~|>|\n|>|>|Francis M: Interesting.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Attorney, nagulat ako sayo. Parang he has improved from the first time we saw him. Fantastic! Very good.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: It was a big improvement from last week. But it might be too late.|\n|>|>|I say: This was a much better performance than the one he gave during the boys' 1^^st^^ performance night.|\n|''ONYX'' Culala|c\n\n| [img[Ira Marasigan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ira-sm.jpg]] |>| To vote, type ''IRA'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT) |\n|~|>| In My Life |\n|>|>|Francis M: Ira has the skill. You look different now.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Ira is always very classy and very talented. Ang kanta ay kulang.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: There's nothing wrong with very good education cause you have that. But when you're very well-educated and classy, you lose the warmth. I wish you were in the top 12.|\n|>|>|I say: I like her performance.|\n|''IRA'' Marasigan|c\n\n| To vote, type ''JOSEPH'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT) | [img[Joseph Astor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_joseph-sm.jpg]] |>|\n| Maria, Maria |~|>|\n|>|>|Francis M: I like his performance today. The energy was good.|\n|>|>|Mamita: Magiging kilabot ka ng mga lalaki at babae. Napaka-macho mo. You sang very well.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: Nakita namin ang sincerity at earnestness mo to perform. Keep it up!|\n|>|>|I say: I could hardly understand some of the words that he was mouthing. I also felt he had difficulty hitting a high note somewhere in the chorus. But it looked like Joseph has shed off his shyness.|\n|''JOSEPH'' Astor|c\n\n| [img[Kenneth Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_kenneth-sm.jpg]] |>| To vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT) |\n|~|>| A House Is Not A Home |\n|>|>|Francis M: I can feel some sincerity in your singing but there were some sharp notes at the end part. It was just too serious, too heavy.|\n|>|>|Mamita: He sang it from the soul and from the heart. Congratulations!|\n|>|>|Mr. C: Congratulations for keeping a good fight. It wasn't good at all.|\n|>|>|I say: What was he looking up for? I just don't like his voice.|\n|Kenneth ''KEN'' Dingle|c\n\n| To vote, type ''RAMIRR'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT) | [img[Ramirr Grepo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ramirr-sm.jpg]] |>|\n| I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing |~|>|\n|>|>|Francis M: Alam ng tao noon pa na si Ramirr ay manok ko. But I would like to see you perform a song in another genre. Last time you sang, buong-buo ang boses mo.|\n|>|>|Mamita: I know he sang this song for a beautiful girl here. Ramirr, you are still one of my favorites.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: Narinig na namin yung mataas mong nota.|\n|>|>|I say: This guy's obviously in love! And as usual, I like that last note!|\n|''RAMIRR'' Grepo|c\n\n| [img[Yasmin Medina|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_yasmin-sm.jpg]] |>| To vote, type ''SUEY'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT) |\n|~|>| Best of My Love |\n|>|>|Francis M: She was having fun. She was in her element. I would pay tickets to watch this lady. Beautiful!|\n|>|>|Mamita: Very good, Suey. I enjoyed it very much.|\n|>|>|Mr. C: You have that charm, you have that warmth. And it's very nice to watch.|\n|>|>|I say: Start pa lang, may wrong note na. Tsk, tsk.|\n|Yasmin ''SUEY'' Medina|c\n\n| To vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-10'' (PLDT) | [img[Maureen Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_maureen-sm.jpg]] |>|\n| Till My Heartaches End |~|>|\n|>|>|Francis M: Nananawagan ako sa mga executives ng Sony at BMG - bigyan na ng album to!|\n|>|>|Mamita: I have seen her become more elegant. Mau, you're perfect!|\n|>|>|Mr. C: World class!|\n|>|>|I say: This was the best performance for the night.|\n|Maureen ''MAU'' Marcelo|c\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n===\n\n\nSomeone must have told Mamita and Ryan Agoncillo to stop the flirting, cause it looked like it was kept at a minimum. That flirting has been an irritation to me for the past two weeks.\n\nI am also glad that the judges have started to verbalize the weak points in the performances of the contestants. But I really didn't get Mamita's comment on Ting's performance, because Mamita went defensive on her comment about Davao having few talents.\n \nCertain things I have noticed in the wildcard round:\n*Most of the performances were safe.\n*The boys were more emotional than the girls.\n**Onyx, Joseph, Suey and Mau shed tears in their ~VTRs.\n**Ken cried after the judges gave their comments.\nDefinitely, I'm voting for ''@@color(#cc3300):MAU@@''. For me, she gave the best performance during the wildcard show. To vote, type ''MAU'' and send to __2339__ (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-10'' (PLDT).\n\nAmong the boys, I'd go for ''GIAN'' and ''ONYX''. To vote for Gian, type ''GIAN'' and send to __2339__ (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT). For Onyx, type ''ONYX'' and send to __2339__ (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT).\n\nAnd to fill up the four slots, I'd pick ''IRA''. To vote, type ''IRA'' and send to __2339__ (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT).\n\n''Don't forget to vote after the show. Remember, voting will close at @@color(#cc3300):8:30 pm, Sunday, 17 September@@!''\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n\n\n
| !''Award'' | !''Kasadyahan'' | !''~Ati-Atihan'' |\n| //Special Awards// |>|>|\n|Best Costume | //na// | ''Aninipay'' |\n|Best Headdress | //na// | ''Molave'' |\n|Best in Discipline | //na// | ''~Atub-Atub'' |\n|Best in Street Dancing | ''Tinuom'' | ''Paghidaet'' |\n| //Minor Awards// |>|>|\n|Best in Costume | ''Mandurriaonon'' | ''Ilonganon'' |\n|Best in Music | ''Kahilwayan'' | ''Paghidaet'' |\n|Best in Choreography | ''Kahilwayan'' | ''Paghidaet'' |\n|Best Choreographer | ''Kahilwayan'' | ''Paghidaet'' |\n|Best in Performance | ''Kahilwayan'' | ''Ilonganon'' |\n| //Major Awards// |>|>|\n|4th Runner-up | ''Saad'' | ''~Atub-Atub'' |\n|3rd Runner-up | ''Mandurriaonon'' | ''Silak'' |\n|2nd Runner-up | ''Tultugan'' | ''Ang Taga Jaro'' |\n|1st Runner-up | ''Tinuom'' | ''Paghidaet'' |\n|Champion | ''Kahilwayan'' | ''Ilonganon'' |\nHmmm.... I wasn't that far off.\n\nRight there during the awarding ceremony, the [[Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc.|http://dinagyangfoundation.com/]] was handed an invitation to the Aliwan Dance Festival on 26-28 April 2007 at the CCP Complex, where a grand prize of one million pesos will be up for grabs.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
Well, this is it! The two finalists with the lowest text and landline votes will leave the competition tonight.\n\n| [img[Top 12|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/12Finalists.jpg]] |\n\nDid you vote? I did, several times. And I'll tell you a secret. I didn't just vote for two (as I said [[last night|2nd Final Round Performances]]), but for four finalists! I thought that ''Gian'' and ''Mau'' deserved some votes from me too. After all, Gian has consistently performed well over the past weeks. And Mau has been excellent too, except that last night I just wasn't impressed by her performance. I hope that helped, and that people were voting for talent rather than for any other consideration.\n\nAs the judges said, they are looking for these qualities in the Philippine Idol - versatility, originality, confidence, sex appeal and, as Mr. C explained, "Someone who can stand there and everybody will be in awe." I hope we all look for the same things too.\n\nRyan Agoncillo then proceeded to announce the bottom four, starting with ''Gian'' and ''Stef''. At this time, ''Jan'', ''Reymond'', ''Jeli'' and ''Arms'' were all declared safe.\n\n| [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]] | [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_stef.jpg]] |\n\nAfter a tense moment, ''Gian'' was asked to return to the couch. [[Stef|Stef]] was in the bottom two.\n\n''Ken'', ''Apple'', ''Mau'' and ''Miguel'' were then declared safe, leaving ''Drae'' and ''Pow'' among the bottom four.\n\n| [img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_drae.jpg]] | [img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]] |\n\nI was shivering with tension until Ryan Agoncillo announced that [[Drae|Drae]] was to leave the competition and ''Pow'' was safe.\n\nWhew! I voted for both ''Gian'' and ''Pow'' these last two weekends. And Francis M and Mr. C have praised both finalists in the past two performance shows. They're safe but they're in the bottom four.\n\nI put ''Drae'' in the bottom bracket [[last week|1st Final Round Performances]]. He did better [[this week|2nd Final Round Performances]] but that wasn't enough to save him from elimination.\n\nYet, those who received bad reviews from the judges were safe.\n\nHmmm..... Is the Filipino underdog mentality at work here again?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
Section 29 (1), Article VI, of the [[1987 Constitution of the Philippines|http://www.chanrobles.com/philsupremelaw2.html]] prescribes that\n<<<\nNo money shall be paid out of the Treasury except in pursuance of an appropriation made by law.\n<<<\n[>img[Philippines|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/Philippinemap.jpg]]It's now the start of another fiscal year for the Philippines. Yet, there is no general appropriations law that has been enacted to cover the expenses of the Philippine Government. This means that Government cannot use the money in the Treasury to pay the salaries of its employees, to cover its operating expenses, and to undertake projects. In short, Government stops operating in the absence of a general appropriations law.\n\nFortunately, Section 25 (7), Article VI, of the same Constitution states that\n<<<\nIf, by the end of any fiscal year, the Congress shall have failed to pass the general appropriations bill for the ensuing fiscal year, the general appropriations law for the preceding fiscal year shall be deemed re-enacted and shall remain in force and effect until the general appropriations bill is passed by the Congress.\n<<<\nVery convenient. But is this provision applicable for 2007?\n\nRemember, there was no general appropriations law in 2006, the //preceding// fiscal year. So, what general appropriations law is there to be reenacted in 2007? NONE.\n\nNo less than Senator Ralph Recto [[earlier said|http://services.inquirer.net/print/print.php?article_id=6992]]:\n<<<\nAssuming you have a reenacted budget for 2006, then the budget for 2007 will be the one reenacted in 2006, which was the P907.56-billion 2005 budget.\n<<<\nI think the Constitutional provision is very clear on the definition of a //reenacted// budget: it is the general appropriations law in the preceding fiscal year. There was ''no'' general appropriations law in 2006. And 2006 precedes 2007; not 2005! One doesn't have to be a lawyer to see that!\n\nYet, the Government is apparently continuing with its business. Government employees troop back to their offices tomorrow, 2 January 2007. The [[Department of Budget and Management|http://www.dbm.gov.ph/]] is poised to release funds for the January 2007 operation of Government. I think Government really should stop operating until there is a general appropriations law for 2007. This way, our lawmakers will see the folly of their ways.\n\nIt's worth noting that the Constitutional provision for a reenacted budget was not in the [[1935 Philippine Constitution|http://www.chanrobles.com/1935constitutionofthephilippines.htm]]. It became part of the supreme law of the land in the [[1973 Constitution|http://www.chanrobles.com/1973constitutionofthephilippines.htm]], where it is in Section 16 (6), Article VIII:\n<<<\nIf, by the end of the fiscal year, the National Assembly shall have failed to pass the general appropriations bill for the ensuing fiscal year, the general appropriations law for the preceding fiscal year shall be deemed re-enacted and shall remain in force and effect until the general appropriations bill is passed by the National Assembly.\n<<<\nIronically, the Philippines hasn't had any reenacted budget during the time that the [[1935 Constitution|http://www.chanrobles.com/1935constitutionofthephilippines.htm]] (which did not have any provision for a reenacted budget) and the [[1973 Constitution|http://www.chanrobles.com/1973constitutionofthephilippines.htm]] were in effect. It has only been recently operating on reenacted budgets. In 2001, 2004 and 2006, there were no general appropriations laws. In other years, Government expenses for the first quarter were usually based on reenacted budgets.\n\nAre we abusing the concept of a //reenacted budget//? Is the Philippine Government violating the Philippine Constitution?\n\nOh well, why am I not surprised?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
|! APPLE CHIU, 22 (Cavite, interior designer) |>|\n| [img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]] | To vote, type ''APPLE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Apple%20-%20Natural%20Woman.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Aretha Franklin's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Aretha%20Franklin%20-%20A%20Natural%20Woman%20%28You%20Make%20Me%20Feel%20Like%29%20%28The%20Big%20Chill%20Soundtrack%29.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: I had goosebumps! You made me feel like a fan!|\n|>|//Mamita//: This is the first time that I really appreciate your singing. Bagay na bagay sa iyo itong kantang ito.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: You are a serious contender for the title.|\n|>|//I say//: Her performance was really good!|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! APPLE CHIU, 22 (Cavite, interior designer) |>|\n| [img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_cherry-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''APPLE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Ngayon|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Apple%20Chiu%20-%20Ngayon.mp3]] (Basil Valdez) |\n|>|//Francis M//: Yung boses mo pwedeng ibenta, buong-buo. Ang pag-awit mo ay walang flaw. Lahat ng kalalakihan, pati mga lolo, mahuhumaling sayo.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Sa umpisa pa lang, akala ko'y you will not make it to the twelve. I'm very very happy that you're a part of the finals.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Si Apple ay isa sa pinakabuo at malalim na boses. Maganda ang boses mo.|\n|>|//I say//: Wasn't that a very bad note at the first part of her song? But despite that, I feel she was able to connect to the audience.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
Background: #ddff88\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #bbee66\nPrimaryLight: #aa0033\nPrimaryMid: #440000\nPrimaryDark: #000\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #99cc00\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #440000\nTertiaryPale: #bbee66\nTertiaryLight: #EEC591\nTertiaryMid: #440044\nTertiaryDark: #000\nError: #ff0\n
|! ARMS CRUZ, 27 (Zamboanga, musician) |>|\n| [img[Arms Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_arms.jpg]] | To vote, type ''ARMS'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-11'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Respect|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Arms%20-%20Respect.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Aretha Franklin's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Aretha%20Franklin%20-%20Respect.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: Armarie has the vocal armory always. Good job!|\n|>|//Mamita//: Seems like you're losing weight. Bagay na bagay sa yo tong kanta. I like it!|\n|>|//Mr. C//: I like singers who give more than a 100% and you did that tonight. None of the singers here tonight sang the way you did.|\n|>|//I say//: Very good effort. Good thing there was no elimination [[last Sunday|Sunday's Results Show]].|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! ARMS CRUZ, 27 (Zamboanga, musician) |>|\n| [img[Arms Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_armarie-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''ARMS'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Arms%20Cruz%20-%20Araw%20Araw%20Gabi%20Gabi.mp3]] (composed by Willy Cruz and sang by Didith Reyes) |\n|>|//Francis M//: I think napaka-professional ang pag-awit niya. Napakalinis. The choice of the song is too 'old school'.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I think Armarie can sing anything. But I think you could have chosen a better song.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Arms, we're looking for the 2006 Philippine Idol. The style you're doing is a bit old.|\n|>|//I say//: Her voice is powerful, but somehow I wasn't moved by her performance. I just got a little distracted with the way she kept on looking at her feet while moving, first, down the stairs, and then later, down the steps leading to the middle of the stage. |\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
<<refreshDisplay>>\nBackground: #dd8;\nForeground: #f00\nPrimaryPale: #8cf\nPrimaryLight: #369\nPrimaryMid: #036\nPrimaryDark: #012\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #841\nTertiaryPale: #eee\nTertiaryLight: #ccc\nTertiaryMid: #999\nTertiaryDark: #666\nError: #f88\n
There's this email that's making the rounds of inboxes of Ilonggos lately. I don't know if this is a new one or something that has long been circulating in cyberspace.\n\nJust the same, I find it hilarious (not to mention, accurate) that I feel I must share it with you.\n<<<\nYou know you're a true blue Ilonggo if...\n* Your one peso is //pisos//.\n* You take a bath using a //tabo// which you call //Caltex//.\n* Your bathroom has at least one //lugod// (some have one for every family member).\n* Your //nanay// used to make you drink Mirinda or Royal Tru Orange when you had a fever, which is supposed to make you feel better.\n* //Sinamak// is a staple in your dining table (the best Ilonggo invention if you ask me; was even banned from airplanes long before 911).\n* Your //toyo// is //patis// and your //patis// is //toyo//.\n* You use atsuete for your //adobo// and //pinamalhan// (pinaksiw).\n* Your daily meal will likely include //laswa//, //kbl// (kadyos, baboy, langka), //ginat-an nga tambo// with //tugabang// and okra, //ginat-an nga munggo//, //linutik//, //apan-apan//, etc.\n* November 1^^st^^ means eating //ibus//, //suman//, //suman-latik//, //kalamay-hati//, //bayi-bayi//, //valenciana// or other native delicacies with glutinous rice and coconut milk.\n* You call those you love //palangga//, //pangga//, //langga// or //ga//.\n* You call your siblings or cousins //Inday//, //Nonoy// or //Toto//... (the househelp may call you the same).\n* You call those who are older than you //Manang// or //Manong//.\n* You catch the attention of sales attendants by calling them //Day// or //To//.\n* Your childhood games include //tumba patis//, //taksi//, //panagu-ay//, //balay-balay//, ins, //tin-tin baka//, //sikyu//, etc.\n* You used to be (or still are) scared to go out at night lest you meet the //aswang//, //tik-tik//, //tayhu//, //kapre//, //kama-kama//, //morto//, etc.\n* You used to listen (or still listen) to //Sin-o Ang May Sala//, //Lain Siya Sa Iban//, and //Toyang Ermitanya//.\n* Your grandparents read Yuhum magazine (I actually read Hiligaynon!)\n* You call a person, thing, place and event //kwan// when you forget it (//si kwan, ang kwan, sa kwan//).\n* You used to sleep in an //aboy-aboy// made of //patadyong// when you were a baby (probably applies only to us below the poverty line).\n* You understand that the "Particulars Keep Out" sign means outsiders keep out (believe me, this sign may look and sound English but only us Ilonggos use it).\n* You use words such as //ahay// (expression of pity, grief, empathy), //yuga// (expression of disbelief, surprise), //ambot ah// (to say you don't know, expression of impatience).\n* You often start your sentence with //ti//.\n* You say goodbye by saying //halong//.\n<<<\nTe, Ilonggo ka guid man?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
/***\n|''Name:''|AlternateBackupPlugin|\n|''Version:''|1.0.1 (3-Mar-2006)|\n|''Source:''||\n|''Author:''|KyleHale|\n|''Type:''|Plugin|\n!Description\nHijacks core backupPath function, replacing the datetime naming system\nwith a rotating set of backups, whose number is limited by the user.\n\n!Issues/Todos\n* Possible to insert an option into the AdvancedOptions Tiddler? That'd\nmake editing the number of backups that much easier.\n\n!Revision History\n* 1.0.1 (3-Mar-2006)\n** Wrote code, totally stole [[Simon|SimonBaird]]'s documentation\nsystem\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.options.txtBackupFolder = "twBackups";\n\nif (!config.options.txtMaxBackups) config.options.txtMaxBackups="10";\nif (!config.options.txtCurrentBackup)\nconfig.options.txtCurrentBackup="1";\n\ngetBackupPath = function(localPath)\n{\n var backSlash = true;\n var dirPathPos = localPath.lastIndexOf("\s\s");\n if(dirPathPos == -1)\n {\n dirPathPos = localPath.lastIndexOf("/");\n backSlash = false;\n }\n var backupFolder = config.options.txtBackupFolder;\n if(!backupFolder || backupFolder == "")\n backupFolder = ".";\n var backupPath = localPath.substr(0,dirPathPos) + (backSlash ? "\s\s" :\n"/") + backupFolder + localPath.substr(dirPathPos);\n backupNum = config.options["txtCurrentBackup"];\n backupNum++;\n if (backupNum>config.options["txtMaxBackups"]) {\n backupNum=1;\n }\n backupPath = backupPath.substr(0,backupPath.lastIndexOf(".")) + "." +\nbackupNum + ".html";\n config.options["txtCurrentBackup"]=backupNum;\n saveOptionCookie("txtCurrentBackup");\n return backupPath;\n}\n\n//}}}
[>img[Jasmin & Bea|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/PBB-2/Snapshot5.jpg]][[Maria Beatriz Saw|http://bb2.pinoybigbrother.com/tabid/550/xmmid/387/profile/3664/name/Beatriz/xmview/2/Default.aspx]] from Muntinlupa was saved from eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother house tonight. Instead, [[Ma. Jasmin Engracia|http://bb2.pinoybigbrother.com/tabid/550/xmmid/387/profile/3672/name/Jasmin/xmview/2/Default.aspx]] from Davao City was evicted.\n\nBut, as luck would have it, ''Bea'' answered the seventh and last call from Big Brother!\n\nRemember that a large red phone was brought inside the Big Brother house last Saturday after the nomination show and would remain there for the whole week. It would ring seven times randomly during the duration of its stay inside the house, and will not stop unless a housemate answers it. Each call will have a good or a bad consequence for the recipient of the call. Here's a rundown of what happened:\n* 1st call: ''Zeke'' had to stay under the sun and not take a bath for two days.\n* 2nd call: ''Mickey'' got a haircut, a facial and a bonus foot massage (from Nel, who was instructed by Big Brother to use his feet to massage Mickey!)\n* 3rd call: ''Bodie'' was granted his wish for "lots of pizza".\n* 4th call: ''Dionne'' got a 60-second shopping spree worth PHP 5,000 for which she was only able to spend PHP 2,844.50 for lack of time.\n* 5th call: ''Nel'' struck dirt when he became a pet dog for a day.\n* 6th call: ''Wendy'' got the power to change a nominee in Sunday's nominations.\n* 7th call: ''Bea'' receives an automatic nomination (right after being saved from eviction!)\n<html><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/IuUgQIaAhnU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/IuUgQIaAhnU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></html>\nTsk, tsk. Tough luck, girl.\n\nSomeone in the [[Pinoy Big Brother forum|http://forums.abs-cbn.com/thread/2187701.aspx]] suggested that Bea could still be saved by Wendy come Sunday night, though if Wendy is nominated herself, Wendy would, by all probabilities, save herself. I guess Bea'll just have to live through another nerve-wracking eviction week (and her supporters have to keep voting for her to survive).\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n^^Video shared by [[kaizz|http://www.youtube.com/user/kaizz]].^^
Before this post at the [[ABC 5 Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=614]] gets lost as the days pass by, I am putting it here for posterity. While this is hilarious (a satire, if my memory serves me right), it just shows how [[Philippine Idol|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]] fans view the contest now, after the three results nights: two for the semifinals, one for the wildcard round.\n<<<\n//Originally posted by [[nixx|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/member.php?action=viewpro&member=nixx]]//\n\nSa sobrang taas ng "unbelievability" factor ng results ng wildcard winners kanina, puwede na nilang i-feature yung P.I. sa "Ripley's Believe It or Not."\n\nNow I know. P.I. is not about popularity, it's all about the moolah. If you're financially-endowed, well and good (paging //Jelli// and //Miguel//, please step forward). Kung hindi naman, if you have strong religious supporters, puwede na rin (calling //Drae// and //Apple//, to the stage please). If you don't have both, but have the backing of an entire province at your disposal, in ka pa rin (hi //Armarie//).\n\nNow, there are weird cases (presenting exhibit 1: //Steph//; presenting exhibit 2: //Ken//; and presenting exhibit 3: //Reymond//). These are paranormal, unexplainable cases. How they got in? Only heaven knows.\n\nNgayon pa lang malinaw na how the Top 12 competition will play out.\n\nThe talented and truly deserving will get the early boots (paging ''Mau'' and ''Paw'', please exit). We love them both, but they don't have the financial backing unlike some of the contestants.\n\nThen the judges' favorites will bid goodbye (adieu ''Gian'', ''Drae'').\n\nThe paranormal cases will follow suit (please step forward: ''Steph'', ''Reymond'', and ''Ken''). They won't be so lucky this time.\n\nThose with the moolah and huge financial backing will remain. Say hello to your Top 5:\n\n5. ''Jan''\n4. ''Jelli''\n3. ''Apple''\n2. ''Miguel''\n1. ''Armarie''\n\n''Armarie'' has the upper hand. Besides the moolah, she has Zamboanga to back her up.\n<<<\n\nHa ha ha! Very perceptive indeed. I may not totally agree with this but I'll keep it here, and will check it from time to time to see if any of these come to pass. You should too, you know. To //[[nixx|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/member.php?action=viewpro&member=nixx]]//, I just hope you're not a fortune-teller.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n\n
/***\n|Name|BetterTimelineMacro|\n|Created by|SaqImtiaz|\n|Location|http://lewcid.googlepages.com/lewcid.html#BetterTimelineMacro|\n|Version|0.5 beta|\n|Requires|~TW2.x|\n!!!Description:\nA replacement for the core timeline macro that offers more features:\n*list tiddlers with only specfic tag\n*exclude tiddlers with a particular tag\n*limit entries to any number of days, for example one week\n*specify a start date for the timeline, only tiddlers after that date will be listed.\n\n!!!Installation:\nCopy the contents of this tiddler to your TW, tag with systemConfig, save and reload your TW.\nEdit the ViewTemplate to add the fullscreen command to the toolbar.\n\n!!!Syntax:\n{{{<<timeline better:true>>}}}\n''the param better:true enables the advanced features, without it you will get the old timeline behaviour.''\n\nadditonal params:\n(use only the ones you want)\n{{{<<timeline better:true onlyTag:Tag1 excludeTag:Tag2 sortBy:modified/created firstDay:YYYYMMDD maxDays:7 maxEntries:30>>}}}\n\n''explanation of syntax:''\nonlyTag: only tiddlers with this tag will be listed. Default is to list all tiddlers.\nexcludeTag: tiddlers with this tag will not be listed.\nsortBy: sort tiddlers by date modified or date created. Possible values are modified or created.\nfirstDay: useful for starting timeline from a specific date. Example: 20060701 for 1st of July, 2006\nmaxDays: limits timeline to include only tiddlers from the specified number of days. If you use a value of 7 for example, only tiddlers from the last 7 days will be listed.\nmaxEntries: limit the total number of entries in the timeline.\n\n\n!!!History:\n*28-07-06: ver 0.5 beta, first release\n\n!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\n// Return the tiddlers as a sorted array\nTiddlyWiki.prototype.getTiddlers = function(field,excludeTag,includeTag)\n{\n var results = [];\n this.forEachTiddler(function(title,tiddler)\n {\n if(excludeTag == undefined || tiddler.tags.find(excludeTag) == null)\n if(includeTag == undefined || tiddler.tags.find(includeTag)!=null)\n results.push(tiddler);\n });\n if(field)\n results.sort(function (a,b) {if(a[field] == b[field]) return(0); else return (a[field] < b[field]) ? -1 : +1; });\n return results;\n}\n\n\n\n//this function by Udo\nfunction getParam(params, name, defaultValue)\n{\n if (!params)\n return defaultValue;\n var p = params[0][name];\n return p ? p[0] : defaultValue;\n}\n\nwindow.old_timeline_handler= config.macros.timeline.handler;\nconfig.macros.timeline.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n var args = paramString.parseParams("list",null,true);\n var betterMode = getParam(args, "better", "false");\n if (betterMode == 'true')\n {\n var sortBy = getParam(args,"sortBy","modified");\n var excludeTag = getParam(args,"excludeTag",undefined);\n var includeTag = getParam(args,"onlyTag",undefined);\n var tiddlers = store.getTiddlers(sortBy,excludeTag,includeTag);\n var firstDayParam = getParam(args,"firstDay",undefined);\n var firstDay = (firstDayParam!=undefined)? firstDayParam: "00010101";\n var lastDay = "";\n var field= sortBy;\n var maxDaysParam = getParam(args,"maxDays",undefined);\n var maxDays = (maxDaysParam!=undefined)? maxDaysParam*24*60*60*1000: (new Date()).getTime() ;\n var maxEntries = getParam(args,"maxEntries",undefined);\n var last = (maxEntries!=undefined) ? tiddlers.length-Math.min(tiddlers.length,parseInt(maxEntries)) : 0;\n for(var t=tiddlers.length-1; t>=last; t--)\n {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[t];\n var theDay = tiddler[field].convertToLocalYYYYMMDDHHMM().substr(0,8);\n if ((theDay>=firstDay)&& (tiddler[field].getTime()> (new Date()).getTime() - maxDays))\n {\n if(theDay != lastDay)\n {\n var theDateList = document.createElement("ul");\n place.appendChild(theDateList);\n createTiddlyElement(theDateList,"li",null,"listTitle",tiddler[field].formatString(this.dateFormat));\n lastDay = theDay;\n }\n var theDateListItem = createTiddlyElement(theDateList,"li",null,"listLink",null);\n theDateListItem.appendChild(createTiddlyLink(place,tiddler.title,true));\n }\n }\n }\n\n else\n {\n window.old_timeline_handler.apply(this,arguments);\n }\n}\n//}}}
Background: #fff\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #69c\nPrimaryLight: #36a\nPrimaryMid: #025\nPrimaryDark: #012\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #520\nTertiaryPale: #eee\nTertiaryLight: #ccc\nTertiaryMid: #999\nTertiaryDark: #666\nError: #f88
Background: #ffee55\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #ffbb33\nPrimaryLight: #88bbff\nPrimaryMid: #0066cc\nPrimaryDark: #000\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #ff9933\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #cc3300\nTertiaryPale: #ffbb33\nTertiaryLight: #EEC591\nTertiaryMid: #440044\nTertiaryDark: #000\nError: #ff0\n
Background: #bbbbff\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #99aacc\nPrimaryLight: #006699\nPrimaryMid: #002244\nPrimaryDark: #000\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #002244\nTertiaryPale: #99aacc\nTertiaryLight: #aaaaff\nTertiaryMid: #000\nTertiaryDark: #8B7355\nError: #f88\n
/***\n|Name|BreadcrumbsPlugin|\n|Source|http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=150646|\n|Version|1.5.1TT|\n|Author|Alan Hecht (with 2.0 update from 'jack' and revisions by Bram Chen)|\n|License|[[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]|\n|~CoreVersion|2.1|\n|Type|plugin|\n|Requires||\n|Overrides|window.onClickTiddlerLink|\n|Description|show a list of tiddlers viewed during this session. Also defines "back" (previousTiddler) toolbar button and macro|\n\n!Revision History:\n__TiddlyTools variant:__\n1.5.1.0 2007.02.06 - added "previousTiddler" macro (for use in sidebar)\n1.5.0.0 2007.02.05 - added "previousTiddler" toolbar command (aka, "back")\n1.4.0.1 2006.08.04 - change spaces to tabs\n1.4.0.0 2006.08.04 - modified from 1.4.0 distro:\n<<<\nin refreshCrumbs(), set {{{display:none/block}}} instead of {{{visibility:hidden/visible}}}\nin restartHome(), check for valid crumbArea before setting style\ngeneral code cleanup/reformat using tabs to indent\n<<<\n|''Version''|''Date''|''Note''|\n|1.4.0|Aug 02, 2006|Fixed bug, the redefined onClickTiddlerLink_orig_breadCrumbs works incorrectly on IE|\n|1.3.0|Jul 20, 2006|Runs compatibly with TW 2.1.0 (rev #403+)|\n|1.2.0|Feb 07, 2006|change global array breadCrumbs to config.breadCrumbs by Eric's suggestion|\n|1.1.0|Feb 04, 2006|JSLint checked|\n|1.0.0|Feb 01, 2006|TW2 ready and code Cleaned-up|\n\n!Code section:\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.breadCrumbs = {major: 1, minor: 5, revision: 1, date: new Date("Feb 06, 2007")};\nconfig.breadCrumbs = [];\n\nwindow.onClickTiddlerLink_orig_breadCrumbs = window.onClickTiddlerLink;\nwindow.onClickTiddlerLink = function(e){\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n window.onClickTiddlerLink_orig_breadCrumbs(e);\n addCrumb(e);\n return false;\n}\n\nfunction addCrumb(e){\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var thisCrumb = "[[" + resolveTarget(e).getAttribute("tiddlyLink") + "]]";\n var ind = config.breadCrumbs.find(thisCrumb);\n if(ind === null)\n config.breadCrumbs.push(thisCrumb);\n else\n config.breadCrumbs.length = ind++;\n refreshCrumbs();\n return false;\n}\n\nfunction refreshCrumbs(){\n var crumbArea = document.getElementById("breadCrumbs");\n if (!crumbArea) {\n var crumbArea = document.createElement("div");\n crumbArea.id = "breadCrumbs";\n crumbArea.style.display= "none"; // ELS changed from: crumbArea.style.visibility= "hidden";\n var targetArea = document.getElementById("tiddlerDisplay");\n targetArea.parentNode.insertBefore(crumbArea,targetArea);\n }\n crumbArea.style.display = "block"; // ELS changed from: crumbArea.style.visibility = "visible";\n removeChildren(crumbArea);\n createTiddlyButton(crumbArea,"Home",null,restartHome);\n wikify(" | " + config.breadCrumbs.join(' > '),crumbArea) // ELS: changed || to |\n}\n\nfunction restartHome(){\n story.closeAllTiddlers();\n restart();\n config.breadCrumbs = [];\n var crumbArea = document.getElementById("breadCrumbs");\n if (crumbArea) // ELS: added check to make sure crumbArea exists\n crumbArea.style.display = "none"; // ELS changed from: crumbArea.style.visibility = "hidden";\n}\n\nconfig.commands.previousTiddler = {\n text: 'back',\n tooltip: 'view the previous tiddler',\n hideReadOnly: false,\n dateFormat: 'DDD, MMM DDth YYYY hh:0mm:0ss',\n handler: function(event,src,title) {\n var here=story.findContainingTiddler(src); if (!here) return;\n if (config.breadCrumbs.length) {\n var crumb=config.breadCrumbs[config.breadCrumbs.length-1].replace(/\s[\s[/,'').replace(/\s]\s]/,'');\n story.displayTiddler(here,crumb);\n config.breadCrumbs.length--;\n refreshCrumbs();\n }\n return false;\n }\n};\n\nconfig.macros.previousTiddler= {\n text: 'back',\n tooltip: 'view the previous tiddler',\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n createTiddlyButton(place,this.text,this.tooltip,function() {\n if (config.breadCrumbs.length) {\n var crumb=config.breadCrumbs[config.breadCrumbs.length-1].replace(/\s[\s[/,'').replace(/\s]\s]/,'');\n story.displayTiddler(place,crumb);\n config.breadCrumbs.length--;\n refreshCrumbs();\n }\n });\n }\n}\n//}}}
Background: #FFFFFF\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #FF8C69\nPrimaryLight: #FF8C69\nPrimaryMid: #8B4C39\nPrimaryDark: #410\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #841\nTertiaryPale: #FFD39B\nTertiaryLight: #EEC591\nTertiaryMid: #CDAA7D\nTertiaryDark: #8B7355\nError: #f88\n
/***\n|''Name:''|CalendarPlugin|\n|''Source:''|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#CalendarPlugin|\n|''Author:''|SteveRumsby|\n|''License:''|unknown|\n|''~CoreVersion:''|2.0.10|\n\n// // updated by Jeremy Sheeley to add cacheing for reminders\n// // see http://www.geocities.com/allredfaq/reminderMacros.html\n// // ''Changes by ELS 2006.08.23:''\n// // added handling for weeknumbers (code supplied by Martin Budden. see "wn**" comment marks)\n// // ''Changes by ELS 2005.10.30:''\n// // config.macros.calendar.handler()\n// // ^^use "tbody" element for IE compatibility^^\n// // ^^IE returns 2005 for current year, FF returns 105... fix year adjustment accordingly^^\n// // createCalendarDays()\n// // ^^use showDate() function (if defined) to render autostyled date with linked popup^^\n// // calendar stylesheet definition\n// // ^^use .calendar class-specific selectors, add text centering and margin settings^^\n\n\n!!!!!Configuration:\n<<option chkDisplayWeekNumbers>> Display week numbers //(note: Monday will be used as the start of the week)//\n|''First day of week:''|<<option txtCalFirstDay>>|(Monday = 0, Sunday = 6)|\n|''First day of weekend:''|<<option txtCalStartOfWeekend>>|(Monday = 0, Sunday = 6)|\n\n!!!!!Syntax:\n|{{{<<calendar>>}}}|Produce a full-year calendar for the current year|\n|{{{<<calendar year>>}}}|Produce a full-year calendar for the given year|\n|{{{<<calendar year month>>}}}|Produce a one-month calendar for the given month and year|\n|{{{<<calendar thismonth>>}}}|Produce a one-month calendar for the current month|\n|{{{<<calendar lastmonth>>}}}|Produce a one-month calendar for last month|\n|{{{<<calendar nextmonth>>}}}|Produce a one-month calendar for next month|\n\n***/\n// //Modify this section to change the text displayed for the month and day names, to a different language for example. You can also change the format of the tiddler names linked to from each date, and the colours used.\n\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.calendar = {};\n\nconfig.macros.calendar.monthnames = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"];\nconfig.macros.calendar.daynames = ["M", "T", "W", "T", "F", "S", "S"];\n\nconfig.macros.calendar.weekendbg = "#c0c0c0";\nconfig.macros.calendar.monthbg = "#e0e0e0";\nconfig.macros.calendar.holidaybg = "#ffc0c0";\n\n//}}}\n// //''Code section:''\n// (you should not need to alter anything below here)//\n//{{{\nif(config.options.txtCalFirstDay == undefined)\n config.options.txtCalFirstDay = 0;\nif(config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend == undefined)\n config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend = 5;\nif(config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers == undefined)//wn**\n config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers = false;\nif(config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers)\n config.options.txtCalFirstDay = 0;\n\nconfig.macros.calendar.tiddlerformat = "0DD/0MM/YYYY"; // This used to be changeable - for now, it isn't// <<smiley :-(>> \n\nversion.extensions.calendar = { major: 0, minor: 6, revision: 0, date: new Date(2006, 1, 22)};\nconfig.macros.calendar.monthdays = [ 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31];\n\nconfig.macros.calendar.holidays = [ ]; // Not sure this is required anymore - use reminders instead\n//}}}\n\n// //Is the given date a holiday?\n//{{{\nfunction calendarIsHoliday(date)\n{\n var longHoliday = date.formatString("0DD/0MM/YYYY");\n var shortHoliday = date.formatString("0DD/0MM");\n\n for(var i = 0; i < config.macros.calendar.holidays.length; i++) {\n if(config.macros.calendar.holidays[i] == longHoliday || config.macros.calendar.holidays[i] == shortHoliday) {\n return true;\n }\n }\n return false;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// //The main entry point - the macro handler.\n// //Decide what sort of calendar we are creating (month or year, and which month or year)\n// // Create the main calendar container and pass that to sub-ordinate functions to create the structure.\n// ELS 2005.10.30: added creation and use of "tbody" for IE compatibility and fixup for year >1900//\n// ELS 2005.10.30: fix year calculation for IE's getYear() function (which returns '2005' instead of '105')//\n// ELS 2006.05.29: add journalDateFmt handling//\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.calendar.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var calendar = createTiddlyElement(place, "table", null, "calendar", null);\n var tbody = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tbody", null, null, null);\n var today = new Date();\n var year = today.getYear();\n if (year<1900) year+=1900;\n \n // get format for journal link by reading from SideBarOptions (ELS 5/29/06 - based on suggestion by Martin Budden)\n var text = store.getTiddlerText("SideBarOptions");\n this.journalDateFmt = "DD-MMM-YYYY";\n var re = new RegExp("<<(?:newJournal)([^>]*)>>","mg"); var fm = re.exec(text);\n if (fm && fm[1]!=null) { var pa=fm[1].readMacroParams(); if (pa[0]) this.journalDateFmt = pa[0]; }\n\n if (params[0] == "thismonth")\n {\n cacheReminders(new Date(year, today.getMonth(), 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(tbody, year, today.getMonth());\n } \n else if (params[0] == "lastmonth") {\n var month = today.getMonth()-1; if (month==-1) { month=11; year--; }\n cacheReminders(new Date(year, month, 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(tbody, year, month);\n }\n else if (params[0] == "nextmonth") {\n var month = today.getMonth()+1; if (month>11) { month=0; year++; }\n cacheReminders(new Date(year, month, 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(tbody, year, month);\n }\n else {\n if (params[0]) year = params[0];\n if(params[1])\n {\n cacheReminders(new Date(year, params[1]-1, 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(tbody, year, params[1]-1);\n }\n else\n {\n cacheReminders(new Date(year, 0, 1, 0, 0), 366);\n createCalendarYear(tbody, year);\n }\n }\n window.reminderCacheForCalendar = null;\n}\n//}}}\n//{{{\n//This global variable is used to store reminders that have been cached\n//while the calendar is being rendered. It will be renulled after the calendar is fully rendered.\nwindow.reminderCacheForCalendar = null;\n//}}}\n//{{{\nfunction cacheReminders(date, leadtime)\n{\n if (window.findTiddlersWithReminders == null)\n return;\n window.reminderCacheForCalendar = {};\n var leadtimeHash = [];\n leadtimeHash [0] = 0;\n leadtimeHash [1] = leadtime;\n var t = findTiddlersWithReminders(date, leadtimeHash, null, 1);\n for(var i = 0; i < t.length; i++) {\n //just tag it in the cache, so that when we're drawing days, we can bold this one.\n window.reminderCacheForCalendar[t[i]["matchedDate"]] = "reminder:" + t[i]["params"]["title"]; \n }\n}\n//}}}\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarOneMonth(calendar, year, mon)\n{\n var row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarMonthHeader(calendar, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon] + " " + year, true, year, mon);\n row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarDayHeader(row, 1);\n createCalendarDayRowsSingle(calendar, year, mon);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarMonth(calendar, year, mon)\n{\n var row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarMonthHeader(calendar, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon] + " " + year, false, year, mon);\n row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarDayHeader(row, 1);\n createCalendarDayRowsSingle(calendar, year, mon);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarYear(calendar, year)\n{\n var row;\n row = createTiddlyElement(calendar, "tr", null, null, null);\n var back = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n var backHandler = function() {\n removeChildren(calendar);\n createCalendarYear(calendar, year-1);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(back, "<", "Previous year", backHandler);\n back.align = "center";\n\n var yearHeader = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, "calendarYear", year);\n yearHeader.align = "center";\n //yearHeader.setAttribute("colSpan", 19);\n yearHeader.setAttribute("colSpan",config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers?22:19);//wn**\n\n var fwd = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n var fwdHandler = function() {\n removeChildren(calendar);\n createCalendarYear(calendar, year+1);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(fwd, ">", "Next year", fwdHandler);\n fwd.align = "center";\n\n createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 0);\n createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 3);\n createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 6);\n createCalendarMonthRow(calendar, year, 9);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarMonthRow(cal, year, mon)\n{\n var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon], false, year, mon);\n createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon+1], false, year, mon);\n createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, config.macros.calendar.monthnames[mon+2], false, year, mon);\n row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarDayHeader(row, 3);\n createCalendarDayRows(cal, year, mon);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarMonthHeader(cal, row, name, nav, year, mon)\n{\n var month;\n if(nav) {\n var back = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n back.align = "center";\n back.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg;\n\n/*\n back.setAttribute("colSpan", 2);\n\n var backYearHandler = function() {\n var newyear = year-1;\n removeChildren(cal);\n cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, mon , 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, mon);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(back, "<<", "Previous year", backYearHandler);\n*/\n var backMonHandler = function() {\n var newyear = year;\n var newmon = mon-1;\n if(newmon == -1) { newmon = 11; newyear = newyear-1;}\n removeChildren(cal);\n cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, newmon , 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, newmon);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(back, "<", "Previous month", backMonHandler);\n\n\n month = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, "calendarMonthname", name)\n// month.setAttribute("colSpan", 3);\n// month.setAttribute("colSpan", 5);\n month.setAttribute("colSpan", config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers?6:5);//wn**\n\n var fwd = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n fwd.align = "center";\n fwd.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg; \n\n// fwd.setAttribute("colSpan", 2);\n var fwdMonHandler = function() {\n var newyear = year;\n var newmon = mon+1;\n if(newmon == 12) { newmon = 0; newyear = newyear+1;}\n removeChildren(cal);\n cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, newmon , 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, newmon);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(fwd, ">", "Next month", fwdMonHandler);\n/*\n var fwdYear = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n var fwdYearHandler = function() {\n var newyear = year+1;\n removeChildren(cal);\n cacheReminders(new Date(newyear, mon , 1, 0, 0), 31);\n createCalendarOneMonth(cal, newyear, mon);\n };\n createTiddlyButton(fwd, ">>", "Next year", fwdYearHandler);\n*/\n } else {\n month = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, "calendarMonthname", name)\n //month.setAttribute("colSpan", 7);\n month.setAttribute("colSpan",config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers?8:7);//wn**\n }\n month.align = "center";\n month.style.background = config.macros.calendar.monthbg;\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarDayHeader(row, num)\n{\n var cell;\n for(var i = 0; i < num; i++) {\n if (config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers) createTiddlyElement(row, "td");//wn**\n for(var j = 0; j < 7; j++) {\n var d = j + (config.options.txtCalFirstDay - 0);\n if(d > 6) d = d - 7;\n cell = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, config.macros.calendar.daynames[d]);\n if(d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0) || d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0+1))\n cell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.weekendbg;\n }\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarDays(row, col, first, max, year, mon)\n{\n var i;\n if (config.options.chkDisplayWeekNumbers){\n if (first<=max) {\n var ww = new Date(year,mon,first);\n createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, "w"+ww.getWeek());//wn**\n }\n else createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);//wn**\n }\n for(i = 0; i < col; i++) {\n createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n }\n var day = first;\n for(i = col; i < 7; i++) {\n var d = i + (config.options.txtCalFirstDay - 0);\n if(d > 6) d = d - 7;\n var daycell = createTiddlyElement(row, "td", null, null, null);\n var isaWeekend = ((d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0) || d == (config.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend-0+1))? true:false);\n\n if(day > 0 && day <= max) {\n var celldate = new Date(year, mon, day);\n // ELS 2005.10.30: use <<date>> macro's showDate() function to create popup\n if (window.showDate) {\n showDate(daycell,celldate,"popup","DD",config.macros.calendar.journalDateFmt,true, isaWeekend); // ELS 5/29/06 - use journalDateFmt \n } else {\n if(isaWeekend) daycell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.weekendbg;\n var title = celldate.formatString(config.macros.calendar.tiddlerformat);\n if(calendarIsHoliday(celldate)) {\n daycell.style.background = config.macros.calendar.holidaybg;\n }\n if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders == null) {\n var link = createTiddlyLink(daycell, title, false);\n link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(day));\n } else {\n var button = createTiddlyButton(daycell, day, title, onClickCalendarDate);\n }\n }\n }\n day++;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n// //We've clicked on a day in a calendar - create a suitable pop-up of options.\n// //The pop-up should contain:\n// // * a link to create a new entry for that date\n// // * a link to create a new reminder for that date\n// // * an <hr>\n// // * the list of reminders for that date\n//{{{\nfunction onClickCalendarDate(e)\n{\n var button = this;\n var date = button.getAttribute("title");\n var dat = new Date(date.substr(6,4), date.substr(3,2)-1, date.substr(0, 2));\n\n date = dat.formatString(config.macros.calendar.tiddlerformat);\n var popup = createTiddlerPopup(this);\n popup.appendChild(document.createTextNode(date));\n var newReminder = function() {\n var t = store.getTiddlers(date);\n displayTiddler(null, date, 2, null, null, false, false);\n if(t) {\n document.getElementById("editorBody" + date).value += "\sn<<reminder day:" + dat.getDate() +\n " month:" + (dat.getMonth()+1) +\n " year:" + (dat.getYear()+1900) + " title: >>";\n } else {\n document.getElementById("editorBody" + date).value = "<<reminder day:" + dat.getDate() +\n " month:" + (dat.getMonth()+1) +\n " year:" + (dat.getYear()+1900) + " title: >>";\n }\n };\n var link = createTiddlyButton(popup, "New reminder", null, newReminder); \n popup.appendChild(document.createElement("hr"));\n\n var t = findTiddlersWithReminders(dat, [0,14], null, 1);\n for(var i = 0; i < t.length; i++) {\n link = createTiddlyLink(popup, t[i].tiddler, false);\n link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(t[i].tiddler));\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction calendarMaxDays(year, mon)\n{\n var max = config.macros.calendar.monthdays[mon];\n if(mon == 1 && (year % 4) == 0 && ((year % 100) != 0 || (year % 400) == 0)) {\n max++;\n }\n return max;\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarDayRows(cal, year, mon)\n{\n var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n\n var first1 = (new Date(year, mon, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);\n if(first1 < 0) first1 = first1 + 7;\n var day1 = -first1 + 1;\n var first2 = (new Date(year, mon+1, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);\n if(first2 < 0) first2 = first2 + 7;\n var day2 = -first2 + 1;\n var first3 = (new Date(year, mon+2, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);\n if(first3 < 0) first3 = first3 + 7;\n var day3 = -first3 + 1;\n\n var max1 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon);\n var max2 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon+1);\n var max3 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon+2);\n\n while(day1 <= max1 || day2 <= max2 || day3 <= max3) {\n row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarDays(row, 0, day1, max1, year, mon); day1 += 7;\n createCalendarDays(row, 0, day2, max2, year, mon+1); day2 += 7;\n createCalendarDays(row, 0, day3, max3, year, mon+2); day3 += 7;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction createCalendarDayRowsSingle(cal, year, mon)\n{\n var row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n\n var first1 = (new Date(year, mon, 1)).getDay() -1 - (config.options.txtCalFirstDay-0);\n if(first1 < 0) first1 = first1+ 7;\n var day1 = -first1 + 1;\n var max1 = calendarMaxDays(year, mon);\n\n while(day1 <= max1) {\n row = createTiddlyElement(cal, "tr", null, null, null);\n createCalendarDays(row, 0, day1, max1, year, mon); day1 += 7;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n// //ELS 2005.10.30: added styles\n//{{{\nsetStylesheet(".calendar, .calendar table, .calendar th, .calendar tr, .calendar td { text-align:center; } .calendar, .calendar a { margin:0px !important; padding:0px !important; }", "calendarStyles");\n//}}}\n
// // override cookie settings for CalendarPlugin:\n//{{{\nconfig.options.txtCalFirstDay=6;\nconfig.options.txtCalStartOfWeekend=5;\n//}}}
Background: #ddcc99\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #998855\nPrimaryLight: #664411\nPrimaryMid: #221111\nPrimaryDark: #410\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #841\nTertiaryPale: #998855\nTertiaryLight: #EEC591\nTertiaryMid: #841\nTertiaryDark: #8B7355\nError: #f88\n
I found this really cool site - [[MyHeritage|http://www.myheritage.com/]] - founded by a team of people with a passion for genealogy and a strong grasp of Internet technology. Their vision is //to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends.//\n\nThrough their website, people can start researching what made them the way they are, and then share their experiences with family members and friends.\n\nIt offers these services:\n# [[Family Pages|http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/family-pages.php]] - personalized web sites designed to help families stay in touch, celebrate birthdays, share photos, and explore and preserve their family history. Right now though, creation of a family page is //by invitation//.\n# [[Family Tree Builder|http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/family-tree-builder.php]] - a free genealogy software for Windows, which allows one to put together and organize a family tree. It's an 11.5MB download and is still on beta. A documentation for new users is provided as a separate PDF file.\n# [[MyHeritage Research|http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/myheritage-research-overview.php]] - a search engine covering 414 genealogy databases worldwide that allows you to use up to 10 spelling variants for a name. You can even save your search results on their site if you are member. That way, you can keep coming back to your search results whenever you want.\n# [[Face Recognition|http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/face-recognition.php]] - an advanced technology that allows you to find another person's photograph in their database that matches your photograph.\nPerhaps, the most fun thing to do right now is ''face recognition''. All you need to do is upload images of yourself and your family, preferably those with large, front-facing and straight faces. Then, the site runs a face recognition test that compares your images to those images already in its database. I take it that this would be a great way to find one's relatives, due to the genetic-based facial similarities that exist between relatives. You can even use this to form connections between people whom you never even knew were related.\n\nWhile people are still beginning to upload their pictures to the system, you can compare your picture with that of the world's top celebrities and post a collage of the results on your website.\n\nSo, I tried my own picture. And here are the results:\n<html><embed src="http://www.myheritagefiles.com/acollage/G/7_1/lur403_3038780d448354zo9ej403" width="202" height="454" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"></embed></html>\nWhy don't you try it out?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
Background: #fff\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #69c\nPrimaryLight: #36a\nPrimaryMid: #025\nPrimaryDark: #012\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #db4\nSecondaryDark: #520\nTertiaryPale: #eee\nTertiaryLight: #ccc\nTertiaryMid: #999\nTertiaryDark: #666\nError: #f88
If you have any comments on any of my thoughts, rants and raves, feel free to leave them here:\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n<html><a href="http://www.haloscan.com/"><img width="88" height="31" src="http://www.haloscan.com/halolink.gif" border="0" alt="Weblog Commenting and Trackback by HaloScan.com" /></a></html>\n\n\n
!Congratulations, ''Mau Marcelo'', the first Philippine Idol!\n[img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_mao.jpg]]\n[[Sweet Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20Marcelo%20-%20Sweet%20Love.mp3]]\n[[Till My Heartaches End|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20Marcelo%20-%20Til%20My%20Heartaches%20End.mp3]]\n[[Minsan Lang|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20Marcelo%20-%20Minsan%20Lang.mp3]]\n[[Crazy in Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Crazy%20in%20Love.mp3]]\n[[Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20ako%20ang%20nasawi%2C%20ako%20ang%20nagwagi.mp3]]\n[[So Slow|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20so%20slow.mp3]]\n[[I Will Always Love You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20I%20Will%20Always%20Love%20You.mp3]]\n[[Shy Guy|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20shy%20guy.mp3]]\n[[Mahal Naman Kita|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Mahal%20Naman%20Kita.mp3]]\n[[Diamonds Are Forever|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Diamonds%20Are%20Forever.mp3]]\n[[And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20And%20I%27m%20Telling%20You%20I%27m%20Not%20Going.mp3]]\n[[My Funny Valentine|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20My%20Funny%20Valentine.mp3]]\n[[Waray-Waray|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Waray%20Waray.mp3]]\n[[Love Takes Time|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Love%20Takes%20Time.mp3]]\n[[Balut|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Balut.mp3]]\n[[On My Own|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20On%20My%20Own.mp3]]\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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'Twas ''dance'' night! More correctly, it was //Philippine Idol Club Night//! The seven remaining finalists sang dance music, with the judges looking for someone who can make people dance.\n\nGuest judge tonight said she's not a singer and she'd leave the voice judging to the professionals (meaning Mamita and Mr.C). She, however, would be looking for someone whose overall performance shows confidence, someone who can feel the song, own it, and reach out to everybody. She is a former cheerleader and currently one of the resident judges in ~ABC5's [[Shall We Dance|http://www.abc.com.ph/index.php?page/TV]] show - <<slider chkSlider "Regine Tolentino" "Regine Tolentino." "Click to know more about Regine Tolentino">>\n# [>img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jan.jpg]]''Jan Nieto'' - Ricky Martin's [[Livin' La Vida Loca|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/jan%20-%20living%20la%20vida%20loca.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nAccording to Regine, Jan's performance was very powerful and sexy. Mamita praised Jan, getting to the point that she asked Jan to dance with her on stage! Mr. C, meanwhile, simply said, ''~Nakaka-LOCA!''.\n\nI felt that Jan exhibited some awkwardness in his movements. But probably because the song is simply an energetic song, this thing may have been purposely (and understandably) overlooked. By and large, it was a good performance.\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]]''Pow Chavez'' - Cheryl Lynn's [[Got To Be Real|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/pow%20-%20got%20to%20be%20real.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRegine commented that Pow had everyone partying with her during her performance. Mamita, as usual, went for Pow's get-up, saying that the "skirt" (referring to Pow's overshirt) was getting longer. But Mamita enjoyed Pow's performance. Mr. C advised Pow to start reinventing herself, considering that he has seen nothing new in Pow's performance.\n\nI liked Pow's looks tonight. At least, she's serious in making her appearance a bit better. While I'm with her in showing off her individuality, I think it is really high time that she seriously considered taking up Mamita's challenge. With Mr. C's suggestion, I think we would yet be able to see some change in Pow's appearance. I don't expect her to wear a skirt, but something close to that will do. So, how about it, Pow?\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_miguel.jpg]]''Miguel Mendoza'' - The Pasadenas' [[Make It With You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/miguel%20-%20make%20it%20with%20you.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRegine pointed out that Miguel was awkward in his movement and that, in at least two instances, he had some non-masculine moves. (I didn't notice that; did you?) Mamita said that Miguel would have been better off singing a ballad instead. (My God, you ask him to sing a dance music, for crying out loud, and you tell him he shouldn't do that!) Mr. C summed it all up by saying that Miguel's song choice didn't do much for him.\n\nThere were a number of flats in Miguel's performance, I must say. And what was that get-up? A tuxedo (or raincoat?) on top of jeans? I may not be a fashion guru, but it just didn't look right.\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]]''Ken Dingle'' - Stevie Wonder's [[Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/ken%20-%20signed%20sealed%20delivered.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRegine wanted to see a little bit more dancing from Ken. But, more importantly, she got distracted with Ken's get-up. I was too. It made him look... so gay. (Was he trying to do a Terence Stamp in [[The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109045/]]? If he was, then he should have sang //Go West// or //I Love the Nightlife//.) Mamita however was happy with Ken's performance tonight and Mr. C commented that Ken seems to have gathered tremendous confidence. (About bloody time!)\n\nI thought Ken was good in dancing. So why didn't he go all out with his dancing tonight? One other thing, at least he didn't sound feminine tonight. Good one, Ken!\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_mau.jpg]] ''Mau Marcelo'' - Diana King's [[Shy Guy|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/mau%20-%20shy%20guy.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRyan Agoncillo said that Mau is the Philippine Idol finalist whose fashion sense is always questioned. Ha ha ha! Good one, Ryan A! I hope Mau's "fashion designer" heard that one and would take that to heart.\n\nRegine borrowed Mr. C's earlier comment to Pow and gave it to Mau - for Mau to reinvent herself. This meant that Mau should //look like a diva//, which is what Mau is. To top it all, she said that Mau lacked confidence. Keep that in mind, Mau.\n\nMamita brought Regine's comment a little further, by saying that Mau should exert some serious efforts to trim her body down, especially since the song she sang was more appropriate for //somebody sexy, slim and tall//. And Mr. C advised Mau that if she wanted to become the Philippine Idol, she should take dancing or movement seriously. Think about that, Mau.\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]]''Gian Magdangal'' - Robbie Williams' [[Rock DJ|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/gian%20-%20rock%20dj.mp3]]. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRegine said that Gian's //cool// and //sleek//, and went on to say that Gian's performance was the best tonight. Mamita however expected him to dance more. Mr. C said that Gian's performance was the counterpoint to everybody else's performance tonight, much as Gian tried to be //as cool and as small as possible// tonight.\n\nI liked the sexy moves that Gian made tonight. (Mmmm....) But I was dismayed because he didn't know how to take his jacket off! A little more practice perhaps, Gian? And when Mr. C said, //I don't know how the televiewers saw your performance//, I felt Mr. C was referring to me, for I found Gian's performance lacking in energy. But then again, that was a ''Robbie Williams'' song! And Robbie, a very sexy singer, is Gian's favorite singer. He said so himself.\n\n}}}\n# [>img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]]''Apple Chiu'' - Christina Aguilera's [[Lady Marmalade|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/apple%20-%20lady%20marmalade.mp3]]. (Watch the [[video|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BApple%20Chiu%20(6th%20Finals)%5D%5D]].) {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nRegine was distracted with Apple's constant pulling up of her pants and so she kept watching the sexy back-up dancers instead. Mamita liked Apple's performance, but she advised her to allow her pants to fall if they wanted to. Good one, Mamita! Mr. C said that it was a strong performance, but he wanted Apple to surprise them next week.\n\nI just didn't know how that veil came into the picture. Did I miss anything here?\n}}}\nAt the end of the show, it appears that the judges' top performances tonight were those of ''Jan'', ''Gian'', and ''Apple'', although Mr. C wasn't bombed out by any of the performances. For me, I enjoyed all the performances, except that of ''Miguel'''s. But then again, that's just me.\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
/***\n''Date Plugin for TiddlyWiki version 2.x''\n^^author: Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios\nsource: http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#DatePlugin\nlicense: [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]^^\n^^last update: <<date tiddler "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY hh:0mm:0ss">>^^\n\nThere are quite a few calendar generators, reminders, to-do lists, 'dated tiddlers' journals, blog-makers and GTD-like schedule managers that have been built around TW. While they all have different purposes, and vary in format, interaction, and style, in one way or another each of these plugins displays and/or uses date-based information to make finding, accessing and managing relevant tiddlers easier. This plugin provides a general approach to embedding dates and date-based links/menus within tiddler content.\n\nThis plugin display formatted dates, for the specified year, month, day using number values or mathematical expressions such as (Y+1) or (D+30). Optionally, you can create a link from the formatted output to a 'dated tiddler' for quick blogging or create a popup menu that includes the dated tiddler link plus links to changes made on that date as well as links to any pending reminders for the coming 31 days (if the RemindersPlugin is installed). This plugin also provides a public API for easily incorporating formatted date output (with or without the links/popups) into other plugins, such as calendar generators, etc.\n!!!!!Usage\n<<<\nWhen installed, this plugin defines a macro: {{{<<date [mode] [date] [format] [linkformat]>>}}}. All of the macro parameters are optional and, in it's simplest form, {{{<<date>>}}}, it is equivalent to the ~TiddlyWiki core macro, {{{<<today>>}}}.\n\nHowever, where {{{<<today>>}}} simply inserts the current date/time in a predefined format (or custom format, using {{{<<today [format]>>}}}), the {{{<<date>>}}} macro's parameters take it much further than that:\n* [mode] is either ''display'', ''link'' or ''popup''. If omitted, it defaults to ''display''. This param let's you select between simply displaying a formatted date, or creating a link to a specific 'date titled' tiddler or a popup menu containing a dated tiddler link, plus links to changes and reminders.\n* [date] lets you enter ANY date (not just today) as ''year, month, and day values or simple mathematical expressions'' using pre-defined variables, Y, M, and D for the current year, month and day, repectively. You can display the modification date of the current tiddler by using the keyword: ''tiddler'' in place of the year, month and day parameters. Use ''tiddler://name-of-tiddler//'' to display the modification date of a specific tiddler. You can also use keywords ''today'' or ''filedate'' to refer to these //dynamically changing// date/time values. \n* [format] and [linkformat] uses standard ~TiddlyWiki date formatting syntax. The default is "YYYY.0MM.0DD"\n>^^''DDD'' - day of week in full (eg, "Monday"), ''DD'' - day of month, ''0DD'' - adds leading zero^^\n>^^''MMM'' - month in full (eg, "July"), ''MM'' - month number, ''0MM'' - adds leading zero^^\n>^^''YYYY'' - full year, ''YY'' - two digit year, ''hh'' - hours, ''mm'' - minutes, ''ss'' - seconds^^\n>^^//note: use of hh, mm or ss format codes is only supported with ''tiddler'', ''today'' or ''filedate'' values//^^\n* [linkformat] - specify an alternative date format so that the title of a 'dated tiddler' link can have a format that differs from the date's displayed format\n\nIn addition to the macro syntax, DatePlugin also provides a public javascript API so that other plugins that work with dates (such as calendar generators, etc.) can quickly incorporate date formatted links or popups into their output:\n\n''{{{showDate(place, date, mode, format, linkformat, autostyle, weekend)}}}'' \n\nNote that in addition to the parameters provided by the macro interface, the javascript API also supports two optional true/false parameters:\n* [autostyle] - when true, the font/background styles of formatted dates are automatically adjusted to show the date's status: 'today' is boxed, 'changes' are bold, 'reminders' are underlined, while weekends and holidays (as well as changes and reminders) can each have a different background color to make them more visibly distinct from each other.\n* [weekend] - true indicates a weekend, false indicates a weekday. When this parameter is omitted, the plugin uses internal defaults to automatically determine when a given date falls on a weekend.\n<<<\n!!!!!Examples\n<<<\nThe current date: <<date>>\nThe current time: <<date today "0hh:0mm:0ss">>\nToday's blog: <<date link today "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>\nRecent blogs/changes/reminders: <<date popup Y M D-1 "yesterday">> <<date popup today "today">> <<date popup Y M D+1 "tomorrow">>\nThe first day of next month will be a <<date Y M+1 1 "DDD">>\nThis tiddler (DatePlugin) was last updated on: <<date tiddler "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>\nThe SiteUrl was last updated on: <<date tiddler:SiteUrl "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY">>\nThis document was last saved on <<date filedate "DDD, MMM DDth, YYYY at 0hh:0mm:0ss">>\n<<date 2006 07 24 "MMM DDth, YYYY">> will be a <<date 2006 07 24 "DDD">>\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''DatePlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.05.09 [2.2.1]'' added "todaybg" handling to set background color of current date. Also, honor excludeLists tag when getting lists of tiddlers. Based on suggestions by Mark Hulme.\n''2006.05.05 [2.2.0]'' added "linkedbg" handling to set background color when a 'dated tiddler' exists. Based on a suggestion by Mark Hulme.\n''2006.03.08 [2.1.2]'' add 'override leadtime' flag param in call to findTiddlersWithReminders(), and add "Enter a title" default text to new reminder handler. Thanks to Jeremy Sheeley for these additional tweaks.\n''2006.03.06 [2.1.0]'' hasReminders() nows uses window.reminderCacheForCalendar[] when present. If calendar cache is not present, indexReminders() now uses findTiddlersWithReminders() with a 90-day look ahead to check for reminders. Also, switched default background colors for autostyled dates: reminders are now greenish ("c0ffee") and holidays are now reddish ("ffaace").\n''2006.02.14 [2.0.5]'' when readOnly is set (by TW core), omit "new reminders..." popup menu item and, if a "dated tiddler" does not already exist, display the date as simple text instead of a link.\n''2006.02.05 [2.0.4]'' added var to variables that were unintentionally global. Avoids FireFox crash bug when referencing global variables\n''2006.01.18 [2.0.3]'' In 1.2.x the tiddler editor's text area control was given an element ID=("tiddlerBody"+title), so that it was easy to locate this field and programmatically modify its content. With the addition of configuration templates in 2.x, the textarea no longer has an ID assigned. To find this control we now look through all the child nodes of the tiddler editor to locate a "textarea" control where attribute("edit") equals "text", and then append the new reminder to the contents of that control.\n''2006.01.11 [2.0.2]'' correct 'weekend' override detection logic in showDate()\n''2006.01.10 [2.0.1]'' allow custom-defined weekend days (default defined in config.macros.date.weekend[] array)\nadded flag param to showDate() API to override internal weekend[] array\n''2005.12.27 [2.0.0]'' Update for TW2.0\nAdded parameter handling for 'linkformat'\n''2005.12.21 [1.2.2]'' FF's date.getYear() function returns 105 (for the current year, 2005). When calculating a date value from Y M and D expressions, the plugin adds 1900 to the returned year value get the current year number. But IE's date.getYear() already returns 2005. As a result, plugin calculated date values on IE were incorrect (e.g., 3905 instead of 2005). Adding +1900 is now conditional so the values will be correct on both browsers.\n''2005.11.07 [1.2.1]'' added support for "tiddler" dynamic date parameter\n''2005.11.06 [1.2.0]'' added support for "tiddler:title" dynamic date parameter\n''2005.11.03 [1.1.2]'' when a reminder doesn't have a specified title parameter, use the title of the tiddler that contains the reminder as "fallback" text in the popup menu. Based on a suggestion from BenjaminKudria.\n''2005.11.03 [1.1.1]'' Temporarily bypass hasReminders() logic to avoid excessive overhead from generating the indexReminders() cache. While reminders can still appear in the popup menu, they just won't be indicated by auto-styling the date number that is displayed. This single change saves approx. 60% overhead (5 second delay reduced to under 2 seconds).\n''2005.11.01 [1.1.0]'' corrected logic in hasModifieds() and hasReminders() so caching of indexed modifieds and reminders is done just once, as intended. This should hopefully speed up calendar generators and other plugins that render multiple dates...\n''2005.10.31 [1.0.1]'' documentation and code cleanup\n''2005.10.31 [1.0.0]'' initial public release\n''2005.10.30 [0.9.0]'' pre-release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]].\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.date = {major: 2, minor: 2, revision: 1, date: new Date(2006,5,9)};\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.date = {\n format: "YYYY.0MM.0DD", // default date display format\n linkformat: "YYYY.0MM.0DD", // 'dated tiddler' link format\n linkedbg: "#babb1e", // "babble"\n todaybg: "#ffab1e", // "fable"\n weekendbg: "#c0c0c0", // "cocoa"\n holidaybg: "#ffaace", // "face"\n modifiedsbg: "#bbeeff", // "beef"\n remindersbg: "#c0ffee", // "coffee"\n holidays: [ "01/01", "06/12", "12/09", "12/25" ], // NewYearsDay, IndependenceDay(RP), Edgar's Birthday (hooray!), ChristmasDay\n weekend: [ 1,0,0,0,0,0,1 ] // [ day index values: sun=0, mon=1, tue=2, wed=3, thu=4, fri=5, sat=6 ]\n};\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.date.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n // do we want to see a link, a popup, or just a formatted date?\n var mode="display";\n if (params[0]=="display") { mode=params[0]; params.shift(); }\n if (params[0]=="popup") { mode=params[0]; params.shift(); }\n if (params[0]=="link") { mode=params[0]; params.shift(); }\n // get the date\n var now = new Date();\n var date = now;\n if (!params[0] || params[0]=="today")\n { params.shift(); }\n else if (params[0]=="filedate")\n { date=new Date(document.lastModified); params.shift(); }\n else if (params[0]=="tiddler")\n { date=store.getTiddler(story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7)).modified; params.shift(); }\n else if (params[0].substr(0,8)=="tiddler:")\n { var t; if ((t=store.getTiddler(params[0].substr(8)))) date=t.modified; params.shift(); }\n else {\n var y = eval(params.shift().replace(/Y/ig,(now.getYear()<1900)?now.getYear()+1900:now.getYear()));\n var m = eval(params.shift().replace(/M/ig,now.getMonth()+1));\n var d = eval(params.shift().replace(/D/ig,now.getDate()+0));\n date = new Date(y,m-1,d);\n }\n // date format with optional custom override\n var format=this.format; if (params[0]) format=params.shift();\n var linkformat=this.linkformat; if (params[0]) linkformat=params.shift();\n showDate(place,date,mode,format,linkformat);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nwindow.showDate=showDate;\nfunction showDate(place,date,mode,format,linkformat,autostyle,weekend)\n{\n if (!mode) mode="display";\n if (!format) format=config.macros.date.format;\n if (!linkformat) linkformat=config.macros.date.linkformat;\n if (!autostyle) autostyle=false;\n\n // format the date output\n var title = date.formatString(format);\n var linkto = date.formatString(linkformat);\n\n // just show the formatted output\n if (mode=="display") { place.appendChild(document.createTextNode(title)); return; }\n\n // link to a 'dated tiddler'\n var link = createTiddlyLink(place, linkto, false);\n link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(title));\n link.title = linkto;\n link.date = date;\n link.format = format;\n link.linkformat = linkformat;\n\n // if using a popup menu, replace click handler for dated tiddler link\n // with handler for popup and make link text non-italic (i.e., an 'existing link' look)\n if (mode=="popup") {\n link.onclick = onClickDatePopup;\n link.style.fontStyle="normal";\n }\n\n // format the popup link to show what kind of info it contains (for use with calendar generators)\n if (!autostyle) return;\n if (hasModifieds(date))\n { link.style.fontStyle="normal"; link.style.fontWeight="bold"; }\n if (hasReminders(date))\n { link.style.textDecoration="underline"; }\n if(isToday(date))\n { link.style.border="1px solid black"; }\n\n if( (weekend!=undefined?weekend:isWeekend(date)) && (config.macros.date.weekendbg!="") )\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.weekendbg; }\n if(isHoliday(date)&&(config.macros.date.holidaybg!=""))\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.holidaybg; }\n if (hasModifieds(date)&&(config.macros.date.modifiedsbg!=""))\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.modifiedsbg; }\n if (store.tiddlerExists(linkto)&&(config.macros.date.linkedbg!=""))\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.linkedbg; }\n if (hasReminders(date)&&(config.macros.date.remindersbg!=""))\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.remindersbg; }\n if(isToday(date)&&(config.macros.date.todaybg!=""))\n { place.style.background = config.macros.date.todaybg; }\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction isToday(date) // returns true if date is today\n { var now=new Date(); return ((now-date>=0) && (now-date<86400000)); }\n\nfunction isWeekend(date) // returns true if date is a weekend\n { return (config.macros.date.weekend[date.getDay()]); }\n\nfunction isHoliday(date) // returns true if date is a holiday\n{\n var longHoliday = date.formatString("0MM/0DD/YYYY");\n var shortHoliday = date.formatString("0MM/0DD");\n for(var i = 0; i < config.macros.date.holidays.length; i++) {\n var holiday=config.macros.date.holidays[i];\n if (holiday==longHoliday||holiday==shortHoliday) return true;\n }\n return false;\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\n// Event handler for clicking on a day popup\nfunction onClickDatePopup(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var theTarget = resolveTarget(e);\n var popup = createTiddlerPopup(this);\n if(popup) {\n // always show dated tiddler link (or just date, if readOnly) at the top...\n if (!readOnly || store.tiddlerExists(this.date.formatString(this.linkformat)))\n createTiddlyLink(popup,this.date.formatString(this.linkformat),true);\n else\n createTiddlyText(popup,this.date.formatString(this.linkformat));\n addModifiedsToPopup(popup,this.date,this.format);\n addRemindersToPopup(popup,this.date,this.linkformat);\n }\n scrollToTiddlerPopup(popup,false);\n e.cancelBubble = true;\n if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();\n return(false);\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction indexModifieds() // build list of tiddlers, hash indexed by modification date\n{\n var modifieds= { };\n var tiddlers = store.getTiddlers("title","excludeLists");\n for (var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++) {\n var date = tiddlers[t].modified.formatString("YYYY0MM0DD")\n if (!modifieds[date])\n modifieds[date]=new Array();\n modifieds[date].push(tiddlers[t].title);\n }\n return modifieds;\n}\nfunction hasModifieds(date) // returns true if date has modified tiddlers\n{\n if (!config.macros.date.modifieds) config.macros.date.modifieds = indexModifieds();\n return (config.macros.date.modifieds[date.formatString("YYYY0MM0DD")]!=undefined);\n}\n\nfunction addModifiedsToPopup(popup,when,format)\n{\n if (!config.macros.date.modifieds) config.macros.date.modifieds = indexModifieds();\n var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);\n var mods = config.macros.date.modifieds[when.formatString("YYYY0MM0DD")];\n if (mods) {\n mods.sort();\n var e=createTiddlyElement(popup,"div",null,null,"changes:");\n for(var t=0; t<mods.length; t++) {\n var link=createTiddlyLink(popup,mods[t],false);\n link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(indent+mods[t]));\n createTiddlyElement(popup,"br",null,null,null);\n }\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction indexReminders(date,leadtime) // build list of tiddlers with reminders, hash indexed by reminder date\n{\n var reminders = { };\n if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders!=undefined) { // reminder plugin is installed\n // DEBUG var starttime=new Date();\n var t = findTiddlersWithReminders(date, [0,leadtime], null, null, 1);\n for(var i=0; i<t.length; i++) reminders[t[i].matchedDate]=true;\n // DEBUG var out="Found "+t.length+" reminders in "+((new Date())-starttime+1)+"ms\sn";\n // DEBUG out+="startdate: "+date.toLocaleDateString()+"\sn"+"leadtime: "+leadtime+" days\sn\sn";\n // DEBUG for(var i=0; i<t.length; i++) { out+=t[i].matchedDate.toLocaleDateString()+" "+t[i].params.title+"\sn"; }\n // DEBUG alert(out);\n }\n return reminders;\n}\n\nfunction hasReminders(date) // returns true if date has reminders\n{\n if (window.reminderCacheForCalendar)\n return window.reminderCacheForCalendar[date]; // use calendar cache\n if (!config.macros.date.reminders)\n config.macros.date.reminders = indexReminders(date,90); // create a 90-day leadtime reminder cache\n return (config.macros.date.reminders[date]);\n}\n\nfunction addRemindersToPopup(popup,when,format)\n{\n if(window.findTiddlersWithReminders==undefined) return; // reminder plugin not installed\n\n var indent = String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);\n var reminders=findTiddlersWithReminders(when, [0,31],null,null,1);\n var e=createTiddlyElement(popup,"div",null,null,"reminders:"+(!reminders.length?" none":""));\n for(var t=0; t<reminders.length; t++) {\n link = createTiddlyLink(popup,reminders[t].tiddler,false);\n var diff=reminders[t].diff;\n diff=(diff<1)?"Today":((diff==1)?"Tomorrow":diff+" days");\n var txt=(reminders[t].params["title"])?reminders[t].params["title"]:reminders[t].tiddler;\n link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(indent+diff+" - "+txt));\n createTiddlyElement(popup,"br",null,null,null);\n }\n if (readOnly) return; // omit "new reminder..." link\n var link = createTiddlyLink(popup,indent+"new reminder...",true); createTiddlyElement(popup,"br");\n var title = when.formatString(format);\n link.title="add a reminder to '"+title+"'";\n link.onclick = function() {\n // show tiddler editor\n story.displayTiddler(null, title, 2, null, null, false, false);\n // find body 'textarea'\n var c =document.getElementById("tiddler" + title).getElementsByTagName("*");\n for (var i=0; i<c.length; i++) if ((c[i].tagName.toLowerCase()=="textarea") && (c[i].getAttribute("edit")=="text")) break;\n // append reminder macro to tiddler content\n if (i<c.length) {\n if (store.tiddlerExists(title)) c[i].value+="\sn"; else c[i].value="";\n c[i].value += "<<reminder";\n c[i].value += " day:"+when.getDate();\n c[i].value += " month:"+(when.getMonth()+1);\n c[i].value += " year:"+when.getFullYear();\n c[i].value += ' title:"Enter a title" >>';\n }\n };\n}\n//}}}\n
// // date plugin calendar colors\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.date.holidays=[ "01/01", "06/12", "12/09", "12/25" ]; // NewYearsDay, IndependenceDay(RP), Edgar's Birthday (hooray!), ChristmasDay\nconfig.macros.date.weekend=[ 1,0,0,0,0,0,1 ]; // day index values: sun=0, mon=1, tue=2, wed=3, thu=4, fri=5, sat=6\nconfig.macros.date.format="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // default date display format\nconfig.macros.date.linkformat="YYYY.0MM.0DD"; // 'dated tiddler' link format\nconfig.macros.date.weekendbg="#c0c0c0";\nconfig.macros.date.holidaybg="#ffaace";\nconfig.macros.date.modifiedsbg="#bbeeff";\nconfig.macros.date.linkedbg="#babb1e";\nconfig.macros.date.remindersbg="#c0ffee";\n//}}}\n
[[How Much of the Philippines Have You Visited?]] [["Schoolgirl" Crush]]
/***\n|''Name:''|DeliciousPlayTaggerPlugin|\n|''Source:''|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#DeliciousPlayTaggerPlugin|\n|''Author:''|Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios|\n|''License:''|[[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]|\n|''~CoreVersion:''|2.0.10|\n\nThis plugin defines an object class "Delicious.Mp3", which adds methods for applying the del.icio.us "play tagger" to any mp3 URLs embedded in tiddler content. \n\n!!!!!Usage\n\nSimply place {{{<<deliciousPlayTagger>>}}} into the tiddler content ''following any links to mp3 URLs'', and they will be 'del.icio.us'ly tagged to be played with the flash player.\n\n!!!!!Example\nMy favorite [[Friday Night Music|http://www.FridayNightMusic.com]] "Free Jazz" improv compositions:\nhttp://www.elsdesign.com/fnm/audio/030502-5.mp3 ("In The Shadows")\nhttp://www.elsdesign.com/fnm/audio/001103-4.mp3 ("The Sky's The Limit")\nhttp://www.elsdesign.com/fnm/audio/020830-6.mp3 ("Good Morning, Elijah")\n\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''DeliciousPlayTaggerPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n^^documentation and javascript for this plugin^^\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.02.21 [1.0.0]''\ninitial release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]]\nadapted from original source code located at: http://del.icio.us/js/playtagger\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.deliciousPlayTagger= {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2006,2,21)};\n\nconfig.macros.deliciousPlayTagger = { };\nconfig.macros.deliciousPlayTagger.handler = function(place,macroName,params) { Delicious.Mp3.go(place); }\n\nif(typeof(Delicious) == 'undefined') Delicious = {}\nDelicious.Mp3 = {\n playimg: null,\n player: null,\n go: function(place) { // ELS 2006.02.21: added 'place' param\n if (!place) var place=document;\n var all = place.getElementsByTagName('a')\n for (var i = 0, o; o = all[i]; i++) {\n if(o.href.match(/\s.mp3$/i)) {\n var img = document.createElement('img')\n img.src = 'http://del.icio.us/static/img/mp3/play.gif'; img.title = 'listen'\n img.height = img.width = 12\n img.style.marginRight = '0.5em'\n img.style.cursor = 'pointer'\n img.onclick = Delicious.Mp3.makeToggle(img, o.href)\n o.parentNode.insertBefore(img, o)\n }}},\n toggle: function(img, url) {\n if (Delicious.Mp3.playimg == img) Delicious.Mp3.destroy()\n else {\n if (Delicious.Mp3.playimg) Delicious.Mp3.destroy()\n var a = img.nextSibling, c=''\n if (document.defaultView && document.defaultView.getComputedStyle) c = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(a,null).getPropertyValue('color')\n else if (a.currentStyle) c = a.currentStyle['color']\n c = c.replace(/^rgb|[ ()]/g, '')\n var hex = c.match(/^#?([a-f0-9]{6})$/), hexSm = c.match(/^#?([a-f0-9]{3})$/), rgb = c.match(/^([0-9]+),([0-9]+),([0-9]+)$/)\n if (rgb) { var c16 = "0123456789abcdef", c=''; for(var i=1,d;d=rgb[i];i++) { var j=d%16; c=c+c16.charAt((d-j)/16)+c16.charAt(j) } }\n else if (hex) c = hex[1]\n else if (hexSm) c = hexSm[1].charAt(0) + hexSm[1].charAt(0) + hexSm[1].charAt(1) + hexSm[1].charAt(1) + hexSm[1].charAt(2) + hexSm[1].charAt(2)\n else c = "000000"\n img.src = 'http://del.icio.us/static/img/mp3/stop.gif'; Delicious.Mp3.playimg = img;\n Delicious.Mp3.player = document.createElement('span')\n Delicious.Mp3.player.innerHTML = '<object style="vertical-align:bottom;margin-right:0.2em" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"' +\n 'codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,0,0"' +\n 'width="100" height="14" id="player" align="middle">' +\n '<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />' +\n '<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />' +\n '<param name="flashVars" value="theLink='+url+'&amp;fontColor='+c+'" />' +\n '<param name="movie" value="http://del.icio.us/static/swf/playtagger.swf" /><param name="quality" value="high" />' +\n '<embed style="vertical-align:bottom;margin-right:0.2em" src="http://del.icio.us/static/swf/playtagger.swf" flashVars="theLink='+url+'&amp;fontColor='+c+'"'+\n 'quality="high" wmode="transparent" width="100" height="14" name="player"' +\n 'align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"' +\n ' pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" /></object>'\n img.parentNode.insertBefore(Delicious.Mp3.player, img.nextSibling)\n }},\n destroy: function() {\n Delicious.Mp3.playimg.src = 'http://del.icio.us/static/img/mp3/play.gif'; Delicious.Mp3.playimg = null\n Delicious.Mp3.player.removeChild(Delicious.Mp3.player.firstChild); Delicious.Mp3.player.parentNode.removeChild(Delicious.Mp3.player); Delicious.Mp3.player = null\n },\n makeToggle: function(img, url) { return function(){ Delicious.Mp3.toggle(img, url) }}\n}\n\n//}}}
I am totally satisfied with my [[Firefox|http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates&id=185889&t=83]] browser. But I came across [[SimAquarium Widget|http://widgets.opera.com/widget/5040]], one of many widgets for the [[Opera|http://www.opera.com/]] browser. Reading the comments of its users, I was intrigued. So, I downloaded the free [[Opera|http://www.opera.com/]] browser and immediately installed the [[SimAquarium Widget|http://widgets.opera.com/widget/5040]].\n\n''~SimAquarium'' is an aquarium simulation game - you buy and sell fish, aquarium sceneries (plants, rocks etc), lighting and other things for your aquarium!\n\nYou start out with $100 and earn a dollar for every minute that the game is running. You'll have to buy at least two fish of the same kind (there are 28 different species with different characteristics) in order to breed them and be able to sell them. Of course, you'll have to feed your fish, clean the water of your aquarium, and add more fixtures (such as background, scenery, lights and filter), depending on the amount of money that you already have.\n\nWhile [[the site|http://widgets.opera.com/widget/5040]] says, //The game doesn't need a lot of attention - you can run this game in the background and do something else in the same time//, this may not be true once your aquarium contains from 30-48 fishes (the maximum number of fishes ~SimAquarium can hold is 48), you may have to watch out, as the fish will start quarreling. In such a case, all you have to do is to provide a little distraction to them, which costs $5.\n\nIt is really addicting. I haven't done anything else since I started playing this game. Now, I have a large collection of fishes. But I want to get to the prize catch of all - the dolphin! Not a fish, but it's the most expensive item in the ~SimAquarium.\n\nYou can even take a picture of your ~SimAquarium; mine looks like this now:\n\n[img[My SimAquarium|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Fun/MySimAquarium.png]]\n\nOh, before I forget, you'll have to run the [[Opera|http://www.opera.com/]] browser to be able to play with your ~SimAquarium! But, who cares? I'll just minimize it to the traybar (using [[TrayIt!|http://www.teamcti.com/trayit/trayit.htm]]).\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
<<timeline better:true onlyTag:"Dinagyang" sortBy:created>>
Early this morning, [[rgmarellano|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/member.php?action=viewpro&member=rgmarellano]] opened a [[thread at the ABC Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=2257]] entitled ''The votes are IN and results have been generated! Sinong out tonight?'' Good thing the post wasn't a spoiler. Instead, it read:\n<<<\nI'll keep it for tonight's elimination but who do you think? Make the wildest guess and watch the //will-be-shocking// results night.\n<<<\nMany said it would either be ''Pow'', ''Gian'', or ''Apple'', while others (going by the word //shocking//) wildly guessed it would be ''Mau''.\n\nDuring the results show tonight, only Mr. C named names when he said that, for him, last night's weakest performance was by ''Miguel'', followed by ''Pow''.\n\nSo, Ryan Agoncillo called out the bottom three:\n# ''Apple Chiu'' {{embeddedblockquote{\n\n[>img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_apple.jpg]]Apple sang her song in the Philippine Idol music CD - [[Ngayon|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Apple%20Chiu%20-%20Ngayon.mp3]] - which she sang during the [[OPM Night|1st Final Round Performances]].\n\nIt was a soulful rendition, with hardly any stray notes. If she goes tonight, it'll be another bad voting result.\n\n}}}\n# ''Pow Chavez'' {{embeddedblockquote{\n\n[>img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]]For two consecutive weeks now, Pow has occupied the hot spot. [[Last week|Goodbye to Two]], all three judges thought she would be eliminated. This week, she's also predicted to leave the competition.\n\nPow was made to sing her contribution to the Philippine Idol music CD - [[Nakapagtataka|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20Chavez%20-%20Nakapagtataka.mp3]] - which she sang also on [[OPM Night|1st Final Round Performances]]. Remember that this was the performance where Mr. C christened Pow as the [[modern kundiman singer|Pow Chavez]] of the Philippines.\n\nIf Pow gets booted out tonight, we won't be able to see how she'll reinvent herself.\n\n}}}\n# ''Ken Dingle'' {{embeddedblockquote{\n\n[>img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]]The most maligned Idol finalist in the [[Philippine Idol forum|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=115]], Ken sang [['Di Na Natuto|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Ken%20Dingle%20-%20Di%20Na%20Natuto.mp3]], his [[OPM Night|1st Final Round Performances]] song.\n\nI cringed! The opening bar of his song was off-key! There were also pitch problems here and there. And he did a sampler of the [[neck movements|Ken Dingle]] that Mamita raved about when Ken first sang this song!\n\nI wished then and there that he would be the one whose Philippine Idol journey would end tonight, despite his strong performance [[last night|Dance, Dance, Dance]].\n}}}\n[>img[Apple Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_apple3.jpg]]Alas! That was just wishful thinking on my part. Ryan Agoncillo declared,\n<<<\nYou have been voted out, Apple Chiu.\n<<<\nAnother good performer eliminated! While the widely perceived (and openly declared) weak performers are still in the competition!\n\nSometimes, I don't know what we're looking for here. Is this [[Kakaibang Idol|Kakaibang Idol]] on a grander scale? (In fairness, the [[Kakaibang Idol results|Kakaibang Idol Weekend]] were very credible.) I think I need to wake up from this nightmare.\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! DRAE YBAÑEZ, 26 (Cainta, teacher/volunteer socio-civic worker) |>|\n| To vote, type ''DRAE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-12'' (PLDT) | [img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_drae.jpg]] |\n| [[You're Still A Young Man|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Drae%20Ybanez%20-%20Youre%20Still%20A%20Young%20Man.mp3]] |~|\n| [[Tower of Power's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Tower%20of%20Power%20-%20You%27re%20Still%20a%20Young%20Man.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: You were one with the song. I like the mood you evoked when you sang it. (With matching two-thumbs up to Drae.)|\n|>|//Mamita//: It's so nice to watch Drae perform because he's always smiling. Bigay na bigay talaga ang performance niya.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: I thought you were so funny. But that was par for the course. Do what you want. Work hard at it! Drae, see you next week.|\n|>|//I say//: Choreographed, huh? He sure made up for his lackluster performance last week.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! DRAE YBAÑEZ, 26 (Cainta, teacher/volunteer socio-civic worker) |>|\n| To vote, type ''DRAE'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-10'' (PLDT) | [img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_dre-sm.jpg]] |\n| [[Hang On|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Drae%20Ybaez%20-%20Hang%20On.mp3]] (Gary Valenciano) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: Sa ngiti pa lang ni Drae, Philippine Idol ang dating. Maganda ang pagkakaawit niya.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Drae has given a strong performance from the very beginning. But ngayong gabi, medyo nakulangan ako.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Drae, your performance before is much much better than tonight. It lacked pathos.|\n|>|//I say//: A shaky start to the song, probably because it was a little low for him? I just didn't feel anything.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
/***\n| Name:|''dropTagging''|\n| Created by:|SaqImtiaz|\n| Location:|http://lewcid.googlepages.com/lewcid.html|\n| Version:|0.1 (06-Apr-2006)|\n| Requires:|~TW2.07|\n\n!About\n*provides a drop down list of tiddlers tagged with the specified tag, a replacement for the core tagging macro.\n\n!Demonstration\n*[[Saq]]\n''I recommend using either tagAdder or monkeyTagger, with dropTags and dropTagging in the toolbar:''\nExamples:\n#: tagAdder & dropTags: TagToolbarTest1\n#: monkeyTagger & dropTags: TagToolbarTest2\n\n!Usage\n{{{<<dropTagging>>}}} for tiddlers tagged by current tiddler/tag\n{{{<<dropTagging 'Saq'>>}}} for tiddlers tagged by the tag 'Saq' <<dropTagging 'Saq'>>\n{{{<<dropTagging 'Saq' 'custom label'>>}}} for tiddlers tagged by the tag 'Saq' with a custom label. <<dropTagging 'Saq' 'custom label'>>\n\n!Installation:\n*Copy this tiddler to your TW with the systemConfig tag\n* copy the following to your ViewTemplate:\n#either {{{<div class='tagging' macro='dropTagging'></div>}}} to add next to or replace tagging macro, or\n#{{{<div class='toolbar' >\n<span style="padding-right:1.75em;" macro='dropTagging''></span>\n<span macro='toolbar -closeTiddler closeOthers +editTiddler permalink references jump'></span>\n</div>}}}(adjust padding to taste)\n\n!To Do\n*tweak popup css to optimize placement and colors.\n*''optimize code to use core onClickTag function, can cut code size by half!''\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.dropTagging={};\nconfig.macros.dropTagging.dropdownchar = (document.all?"▼":"▾"); // the fat one is the only one that works in IE\n//config.macros.dropTagging.dropdownchar = "▼"; // uncomment previous line and comment this for smaller version in FF\nconfig.macros.dropTagging.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n var arrow=': '+ config.macros.dropTagging.dropdownchar;\n if(params[0] && store.tiddlerExists(params[0]))\n tiddler = store.getTiddler(params[0]);\n\n\n\n var droptagginglabel= (params[1] && params[1] !='.')? params[1]: 'tagging'+arrow;\n var droptaggingtooltip="tiddlers tagged with '"+tiddler.title+"'";\n \n if(params[0] && store.tiddlerExists(params[0]))\n tiddler = store.getTiddler(params[0]);\n var tagged = store.getTaggedTiddlers(tiddler.title);\n\n if(tagged.length==0)\n return false; \n \n var droptagging = function(e)\n { if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var popup = Popup.create(this);\n \n\n\n for(var t=0; t<tagged.length; t++)\n createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(popup,"li"),tagged[t].title,true);\n\n Popup.show(popup,false);\n e.cancelBubble = true;\n if (e.stopPropagation)\n e.stopPropagation();\n return(false);\n };\n \nvar createdropperButton = function(place){\nvar sp = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,"taggingdropbutton");\nvar theDropDownBtn = createTiddlyButton(sp,droptagginglabel,droptaggingtooltip,droptagging);\n };\ncreatedropperButton(place);\n};\n\nsetStylesheet(\n ".toolbar .taggingdropbutton {margin-right:0em; border:0px solid #eee; padding:0px; padding-right:0px; padding-left:0px; }\sn"+\n ".taggingdropbutton a.button {padding:2px; padding-left:2px; padding-right:2px;}\sn"+\n// ".taggingdropbutton {font-size:150%;}\sn"+\n".popup .highlight{background: #fe8; color:#000;}\sn"+\n "",\n"DropTaggingStyles");\n\n//}}}
<!---\nThis is the template for tiddlers in EDIT mode. It is shadowed to begin with. No tags by default. See also ViewTemplate.\nVersion: JK 2006-04-07\n-->\n<!--{{{-->\n<div style='float: left;' class='title' macro='view title'></div>\n<div style='float: right;' class='toolbar' macro='toolbar +saveTiddler saveCloseTiddler deleteTiddler -cancelTiddler cancelCloseTiddler closeTiddler wikibar'></div>\n<div class='tagClear editor' macro='edit title'></div>\n<div class='editor-jk'>\n <span macro='tagChooser'></span>\n <span macro='edit tags'></span>\n</div>\n<div class='tagClear editor' macro='edit text'></div>\n<div class='editorFooter'>\n</div>\n<!--}}}-->
From [[Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editorials]]:\n<<<\nAn ''editorial'' is a statement or article by a news organization (generally a newspaper) that expresses an opinion rather than attempting to simply report news, as the latter should ideally be done without bias. ... Editorials are often not written by the regular reporters of the news organization, but are instead collectively authored by a group of individuals called the editorial board without bylines. If written by the Board, they represent the newspaper's official positions on issues. Often however, there exist also one or more regular opinion columnists who present their own view. Editorials are almost always printed on their own page of the newspaper, and are always labeled as //editorials// (to avoid confusion with news coverage). They are often about current events or public controversies. Generally, editorials fall into four broad types: news, policy, social, and special.\n<<<\n
<<timeline better:true onlyTag:"elections" sortBy:created>>
^^//[This has been posted in [[Edgar's Pet Peeves|http://thor.prohosting.com/~magne/drivers.html]] since 1998, when I still maintained a personal website. But since I disabled my main page - without retaining a copy of my html pages - the website has not been maintained. I'm posting this rant here much as I think my concerns then are as valid now.]//^^\n\nA common complaint these days is that the traffic situation in many Philippine cities is getting worse. Some sectors (mainly politicians and some local government officials) consider such a situation as a sign of progress. Yet, on deeper analysis (and comparing the traffic situation in cities in developed countries), any sensible person would see that the worsening traffic situation in major Philippine cities can be primarily attributed to the vehicle drivers themselves.\n\nConsider the following behaviors of Filipino drivers:\n*__Jeepney drivers stop for anyone they see standing at the side of the road.__\n There are designated loading and unloading areas for public utility jeepneys. But with the increasingly large number of jeepneys, drivers have to compete for passengers, otherwise these drivers will not be able to get enough fares to cover their rental for using the jeepney and earn some money for themselves. However, this should not be used as an excuse to stop every time they see a person standing by the road. By doing so (and doing this without pulling to the roadside), these jeepney drivers cause a traffic jam, not to mention irritating their passengers who correctly see that the person the jeepney driver stopped for is not about to board that jeepney (or any jeepney for that matter).\n\n Why can't these jeepney drivers put inside their minds the dictum that a would-be jeepney passenger will hail a jeepney when he/she sees one? If a person standing by the side of the road does not hail an oncoming jeepney, it is simply because that person is not going to board that oncoming jeepney.\n*__A lot of drivers do not dip their lights even if there are oncoming cars on the opposite lane.__\n The city roads are literally lined by streetlights (thanks to the countrywide development funds from senators and congressmen). Yet, most vehicle drivers use the high beam when they are travelling at night. While I acknowledge the need for this practice in places where the light from the streetlights is not adequate for street-lighting, I cannot see the sense of responsibility among drivers who refuse to dip their lights when there is oncoming traffic on the opposite lane.\n\n This practice, apart from being discourteous and inconsiderate, poses quite a hazard to lives. In Philippine cities where the roads are narrow two-lane affairs available for two-way traffic, a driver who may be temporarily blinded by the high beam coming from a vehicle going the opposite direction may lose control and crash into that oncoming vehicle, or sidesweep a person walking along the road shoulder.\n*__Most drivers use their horns more often than their brakes.__\n I once was on board a bus travelling to San Carlos City from Bacolod City (both on the island of Negros). Every kilometer or so, the driver would blow his horn for apparently no reason, I should say. I couldn't see any dog or child trying to cross the road (in fact, the roadsides were deserted). There wasn't any oncoming vehicle at the opposite lane. So, what the heck was the driver blowing his horn for?\n\n When asked, the driver simply said that he was telling any oncoming vehicle that there was a bus coming from the oppositie direction! This simply shows that even drivers themselves acknowledge that other drivers do not stick to their lanes, especially those travelling in the countryside.\n\n But why use the car horn? In a near-accident, blowing the car horn will not prevent the accident. But using the car brakes will. Besides, if drivers drive carefully and observe defensive driving, there would be no need to blow the car horn. Isn't this an indication that many Philippine drivers do not know their driving rules?\n*__Quite a number of drivers do not use their indicator lights.__\n The way many Philippine drivers use (or not use) their indicator lights for turning or changing lanes, I am tempted to say that these drivers do not know what the indicator lights are for.\n\n In a busy intersection, one has to keep guessing where the vehicle ahead of him/her is going. At any moment, a vehicle may turn left or right, or change lanes, thus traffic accidents are a common occurrence on Philippine roads.\n\n Even if one is using the indicator lights, other drivers do not heed these indicator lights. Rightly so, because you will even see vehicles with the left indicator light on but turning right!\n\n Sometimes I wonder whether it is still sane economic policy to maintain the Land Transportation Office...\n*__Many slow-moving vehicles use the inner lanes.__\n Anywhere you go, the traffic rules provide that slow-moving vehicles should occupy the outermost highway lane. This is to allow fast-moving vehicles to find no traffic obstruction. Yet, in the Philippines, that rule (even if existing) is virtually unobserved (both by drivers and by the traffic agencies).\n\n The worst situation is when two slow-moving vehicles occupying two adjacent highway lanes are moving side-by-side. Now, if you were driving a fast-moving vehicle, what do you do?\n*__Several drivers like to hug two lanes.__\n Probably as a result of the worsening traffic situation in major Philippine cities, compounded by the seeming disregard by many drivers of the road rules, other drivers have resorted to hugging two lanes, in an effort to be able to shift to the faster-moving lane.\n\n While the rationale for this behavior appears reasonable, it is still contrary to road courtesy. The reason why there are designated lanes is to control (and ensure) a smooth-flowing traffic. But if a vehicle starts to hug two lanes, then that is sheer greed.\n*__Driving while under the influence of alcohol is widely-practised and generally tolerated.__\n Police do not check the alcohol levels of drivers. Even with vehicular accidents caused by drunk-driving, policing of the alcohol levels of drivers has not been resorted to.\n\n I wonder how many deaths are still expected before such policy would be put in place AND strictly implemented. \n\nNow, what should be done about all these?\n\nI suggest that\n#''The Land Transportation Office should start ensuring that new drivers really know traffic rules and regulations.'' Many an applicant for a driver's license can get a license without even knowing the traffic rules and regulations. A common practise in licensing agencies is providing an applicant (for an under-the-table fee) with the answer key to the required written test, with the corresponding instruction "not to perfect the test".\n#''No driver's license should be renewed unless its holder can sufficiently show proof that he/she fully knows the traffic rules and regulations.'' With licenses valid for three years only, the Land Transportation Office should treat applicants for license renewal as new applicants. In this way, drivers will be forced to commit traffic rules and regulations to heart.\n#''Strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations should be done.'' No matter who the offending driver is (be it a politician, a government official, a movie personality, a businessman or an ordinary citizen), he/she should be given the appropriate penalty for transgressing the law. After all, accidents (and deaths) know no class.\n<<haloscan comments>>
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+++^30em^[Someone sent me this email.]<<moveablePanel>>This Explains Why I Forward Jokes\n----\n{{justifyfull {\nA man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead.\n\nHe remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them.\n\nAfter a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight.\n\nWhen he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side.\n\nWhen he was close enough, he called out, "Excuse me, where are we?"\n\n"This is Heaven, sir," the man answered.\n\n"Wow! Would you happen to have some water?" the man asked.\n\n"Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brought right up."\n\nThe man gestured, and the gate began to open.\n\n"Can my friend," gesturing toward his dog, "come in, too?" the traveler asked.\n\n"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't accept pets."\n\nThe man thought a moment and then turned back toward the road and continued the way he had been going with his dog.\n\nAfter another long walk, and at the top of another long hill, he came to a dirt road leading through a farm gate that looked as if it had never been closed. There was no fence.\n\nAs he approached the gate, he saw a man inside, leaning against a tree and reading a book.\n\n"Excuse me!" he called to the man. "Do you have any water?"\n\n"Yeah, sure, there's a pump over there, come on in."\n\n"How about my friend here?" the traveler gestured to the dog.\n\n"There should be a bowl by the pump."\n\nThey went through the gate, and sure enough, there was an old-fashioned hand pump with a bowl beside it.\n\nThe traveler filled the water bowl and took a long drink himself, then he gave some to the dog.\n\nWhen they were full, he and the dog walked back toward the man who was standing by the tree.\n\n"What do you call this place?" the traveler asked.\n\n"This is Heaven," he answered.\n\n"Well, that's confusing," the traveler said. "The man down the road said that was Heaven, too."\n\n"Oh, you mean the place with the gold street and pearly gates? Nope. That's hell."\n\n"Doesn't it make you mad for them to use your name like that?"\n\n"No, we're just happy that they screen out the folks who would leave their best friends behind."\n\nSoooo...\n\nSometimes, we wonder why friends keep forwarding jokes to us without writing a word.\n\nMaybe this will explain.\n\nWhen you are very busy, but still want to keep in touch, guess what you do? You forward jokes.\n\nWhen you have nothing to say, but still want to keep contact, you forward jokes.\n\nWhen you have something to say, but don't know what, and don't know how, you forward jokes.\n\nAlso to let you know that you are still remembered, you are still important, you are still loved, you are still cared for, guess what you get?\n\nA forwarded joke.\n\nSo, next time if you get a joke, don't think that you've been sent just another forwarded joke, but that you've been thought of today and your friend on the other end of your computer wanted to send you a smile.\n\nYou are all welcome @ my water bowl anytime.\n}}}\n===\n\n\n+++^30em^[Here's another one.]<<moveablePanel>>People Come Into Your Life For A Reason\n----\n{{justifyfull {\nI am sending this to you to see how many actually read their email. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes:\n\n[<img[Girlfriends|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/email01.jpg]]People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do \nsomething to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.\n\n[>img[Girlfriends|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/email02.jpg]]Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season!\n\n[<img[Girlfriends|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/email03.jpg]]LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.\n\n[>img[Boyfriends|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/email04.jpg]]Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.\n\nSend this to every friend that you have online, including the person who sent it to you.\n\n[<img[Lovers|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/email05.jpg]]0 replies: You may need to work on your "people skills"\n2 replies: You are nice but probably need to be more outgoing\n4 replies: You have picked your friends well\n6 replies: You are downright popular\n8 or more replies: You are totally awesome (and that's probably why you're on MY list).\n\nI wonder what mine will be.\n\n}}}\n===\n\n\n+++^30em^[And here's a third one.]<<moveablePanel>>Drinking Cold Water After Meals\n----\n{{justifyfull {\nDrinking cold water after meal = ''cancer''!\n\nFor those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.\n\nOnce this "sludge" reacted with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.\n\nVery soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.\n\n''HEART ATTACK PROCEDURE (THIS IS NOT A JOKE!)''\n\nWomen should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.\n\nYou may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack.\n\nNausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.\n\n60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.\n\nPain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep.\n\nLet's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive...\n\nA cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life. Read this... It could save your life!!\n\nLet's say it's 6.15 pm and you're driving home . Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home. Unfortunately you don't know if you'll be able to make it that far. You have been trained in CPR, but the guy that taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.\n\n''HOW TO SURVIVE A HEART ATTACK WHEN ALONE''\n\nSince many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness. However, these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough, deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest. A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm. In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital. Tell as many other people as possible about this. It could save their lives!\n\nPLEASE BE A "TRUE" FRIEND AND SEND THIS ARTICLE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS YOU CARE ABOUT.\n\n}}}\n===\n\n\nThe messages in the three forwarded emails are touching, inspirational, and thought-provoking. Yet, something in the second and third emails made me think twice before passing them on.\n\nFor they are [[chain emails|http://www.answers.com/chain%20e-mail]], emails that encourage recipients to forward them on to someone else, the Internet versions of the chain letter.\n\nPeople forward chain emails if these are inspirational (such as the first example) or amusing (like the second one). But the third one? Its message goes against a common activity that people do. That by itself should be reason enough to doubt the veracity of the claim. For indeed, it is [[unsubstantiated|http://www.hoax-slayer.com/cold-water-cancer.html]].\n\nBut once that email is forwarded and people who receive it know that you are a //reliable// source of information, they will believe it. Then you would have contributed to the perpetuation of common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items.\n\nSo, next time you are thinking of clicking the ''forward'' button while reading an [[email forward|http://www.allinfoaboutpenpalling.com/emailforwards.html]], think again.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\n^^I check the messages in forwarded emails against the data in the following sites before I believe them (and forward them to my email pals): \n*[[Urban Legends Reference Pages|http://www.snopes.com/snopes.asp]]\n*[[Hoax Slayer|http://www.hoax-slayer.com/current-issue.html]]\n*[[The Skeptic's Dictionary|http://skepdic.com/]]\nYou should too, before you forward them to me.^^\n----\n
|! GIAN MAGDANGAL, 24 (Parañaque, marketing officer/performer) |>|\n| To vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT) | [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_gian.jpg]] |\n| [[I Feel Good|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20I%20Feel%20Good.mp3]] |~|\n| [[James Brown's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/James%20Brown%20-%20I%20Feel%20Good.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: It's a joy to watch Gian perform. You weren't trying to be James Brown; you were just Gian.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Si Gian pag kumakanta, parang nadadala ka. He involves everything when he performs.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: That really was a bad song choice. I think this is your worst performance. I found it very theatrical. Find a song na lalabas ang boses mo.|\n|>|//I say//: Another fast track from Gian; he's beginning to be typecast. Methinks he was trying to impress Mamita that he's the next Gary V. Perfect showmanship!|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! GIAN MAGDANGAL, 24 (Parañaque, marketing officer/performer) |>|\n| To vote, type ''GIAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT) | [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_gian-sm.jpg]] |\n| [[Himala|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20Magdangal%20-%20Himala.mp3]] (Rivermaya) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: I always enjoy watching Gian's performances. He always makes the stage his playground. He is the //comeback// kid.|\n|>|//Mamita//: He knows where to put himself on the stage. I can see Gian take the place of Gary Valenciano.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Tonight, for me, you are the Philippine Idol.|\n|>|//I say//: Another //Footloose// performance? Well done, and very dramatic. I really enjoyed watching Gian perform.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[img[Giveaway of the Day|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/giveaway.gif][http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/]]\n\nThere's this site that gives licensed software for free! Each day, one licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise is made available for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) absolutely free. That means - not a trial, not a limited version - but a registered and legal version of the software is free for the site's visitors.\n\nThe software product is presented in its full functionality, without any limitations except the following:\n# No free technical support.\n# No free upgrades to future versions.\n# Strictly non-commercial usage.\nThe download link is put up at 4 pm GMT+8 time, together with the review of the software product and the information about other products from the software publisher presenting the giveaway title.\n\nAfter downloading the installer, you'll have to install the software and then run the activation program, all within the the giveaway offer period.\n\nWhat's more, there is also a daily licensed commercial game giveaway!\n\n[img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/gamegiveaway.gif]]\n\nOne more thing: There are no adwares nor spywares in these giveaways. Cool, huh?\n!!!Today's Giveaways\n<html><a href="http://www.giveawayoftheday.com"><img src="http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ticker/ticker2.png" alt="Giveaway of the Day" style="border: none" /></a></html>\n<html><a href="http://game.giveawayoftheday.com"><img src="http://game.giveawayoftheday.com/ticker/ticker2.png" alt="Game Giveaway of the Day" style="border: none" /></a></html>\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
[img[Melinda Doolittle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Shows/Melinda.jpg]]\n\nShe's a background singer and a good one at that! Yet, she doesn't think so. You can see that from ''Melinda Doolittle'''s facial expression after she sings a well-applauded song in [[American Idol|http://www.americanidol.com/]]. You can see that she can't believe the raves she gets from judges Randy, Paula and Simon. But she's really good!\n\nTonight, she sang ''As Long As He Needs Me'' and it was another moving performance, strengthening [[my contention|The Next American Idol: Melinda Doolittle or LaKisha Jones?]] that she deserves to be in the season finale. That, despite the show's theme (songs of the 60s) which she claims is out of her comfort zone and despite her saying "as long as //she// needs me" at the start of the song.\n\n<html><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/c5TlkjYHFug"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/c5TlkjYHFug" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></html>\n\nAnd the judges gave her nothing but praises! Watch her facial expressions in this video:\n\n<html><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/FQnZqxjQIdk"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/FQnZqxjQIdk" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></html>\n\nThe other Top 11 contestants sang these songs during the ''British Invasion'' show of American Idol:\n* Haley Scarnato - ''Tell Him''\n* Chris Richardson - ''Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying''\n* Stephanie Edwards - ''You Don't Have To Say You Love Me''\n* Blake Lewis - ''Time of the Season''\n* ~LaKisha Jones - ''Diamonds Are Forever''\n* Phil Stacey - ''Tobacco Road''\n* Jordin Sparks - ''I Who Have Nothing''\n* Sanjaya Malakar - ''You Really Got Me''\n* Gina Glocksen - ''Paint It Black''\n* Chris Sligh - ''She's Not There''\nI think of the 11, in danger of landing in the bottom three are ''Stephanie Edwards'', ''Phil Stacey'' and ''Gina Glocksen''.\n\nAnd ''Melinda Doolittle'' will sing another song next week! Definitely!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
The votes for the [[Pinoy Band|21 October Performance Night]] and [[Theme Song|Song of My Life Night]] performance nights were added and two finalists had to say goodbye tonight.\n\n[>img[Jeli|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_jeli3.jpg]]In the first group - composed of ''Miguel'', ''Pow'', ''Gian'', ''Jeli'' and ''Jan'' - the two girls were brought to the hotspot, the boys having been declared //safe//. Asked by Ryan Agoncillo as to who they predict will be booted out, the judges unanimously pointed to Pow, largely because of what they call the __''unpredictability''__ of the voters. Having gotten his answer, Ryan Agoncillo then declared:\n<<<\nYou are safe, ''Pow''!\n<<<\nSo, with ''Jeli Mateo'' out of Philippine Idol, I can say that Philippine Idol is not a beauty contest after all. Right, Mau?\n\nIn the second group - composed of ''Ken'', ''Apple'', ''Mau'' and ''Arms'' - Ken and Mau were declared safe with Apple and Arms going on to the hotspot. Then Ryan Agoncillo put the judges on the spot.\n<<<\nGive one reason why either of them should stay, and one reason why either of them should go.\n<<<\n[<img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_arms3.jpg]]Both [[Luke Mejares|Luke Mejares]] and Mamita couldn't, wouldn't, didn't choose. Mr. C summed it all up when he said that both finalists were very strong performers, though it is this strength (if untempered) that is the reason for them to go.\n\nIn the end, it was ''Arms'' who had to say goodbye. Could it be because she didn't give a campaign speech [[last night|02 - Arms]]?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
''Stephanie Edwards'' is the second American Idol finalist to leave the competition.\n\n<html><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/UlE53z0oK3E"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/UlE53z0oK3E" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></html>\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
The gradient macro allows you to use gradients in your TiddlyWikis without resorting to the use of images. You can pick any number of colors and also select whether the gradient will move vertically or horizontally.\n\n!Code\nThe generic usage looks like:\n{{{\n<<gradient vert/horiz colors>>text>>\n}}}\n\nTwo examples:\n{{{\n<<gradient vert #ffff00 #0000ff #000000 #00ffff>>color:white;text-align:center;four colors vertically>>\n<<gradient horiz #0000ff #000000 #00ffff>>color:white;text-align:center;three colors horizontally>>\n}}}\n\n!Execution\n<<gradient vert #ffff00 #0000ff #000000 #00ffff>>color:white;text-align:center;four colors vertically>>\n<<gradient horiz #0000ff #000000 #00ffff>>color:white;text-align:center;three colors horizontally>>
Background: #cfc\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #9f0\nPrimaryLight: #3f6\nPrimaryMid: #0c0\nPrimaryDark: #3c3\nSecondaryPale: #396\nSecondaryLight: #093\nSecondaryMid: #0f6\nSecondaryDark: #6c3\nTertiaryPale: #090\nTertiaryLight: #063\nTertiaryMid: #9c3\nTertiaryDark: #060\nError: #ff0\n
Background: #000\nForeground: #fff\nPrimaryPale: #f99\nPrimaryLight: #4f4\nPrimaryMid: #99f\nPrimaryDark: #fdd\nSecondaryPale: #ccf\nSecondaryLight: #f3f\nSecondaryMid: #29f\nSecondaryDark: #841\nTertiaryPale: #ff0\nTertiaryLight: #066\nTertiaryMid: #f0f\nTertiaryDark: #444\nError: #f88\n
[img[2007 Dinagyang|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/TempIMG00006.jpg]]\nTake 48 dancing warriors, all in black body paint. Dress them up with colorful costumes, skimpy bikinis and headgears. Arm them with spears and shields. Add 30 drummers, also in black body paint. Multiply this group by 20. What do you get?\n\nCarnival fever! That's the 2007 Dinagyang ~Ati-Ati Competition, the highlight of the ''best tourism event'' in the Philippines!\n\nThe 20 competing tribes for this year's competition are:\n# [[Tribu Silak|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1100320?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Ilonganon|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1099937]]\n# [[Tribu San Pedro|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1100236?user_id=267934]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nOhh.... Those gyrations... What was that? A striptease?}}}\n# [[Tribu Himala|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099969?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Pari-anon|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1100373?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Hamili|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1099918]]\n# [[Tribu Pana-ad|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1100291?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Paghidaet|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1100189?user_id=267934]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nDang! What did Cable Star eject that blanked the screen?!?}}}\n# [[Tribu Molave|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1100094]]\n# [[Tribu Familia Sagrada|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099826?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Angola|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099653?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Halimau|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1099869]]\n# [[Tribu Bantu|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1099985]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nDid you see the //darling of the crowd//? Shows that weight doesn't matter, huh?}}}\n# [[Tribu Atub-Atub|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099555?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Kalubihan|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1100050]]\n# [[Tribu Aninipay|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099470?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu “Ang Taga Jaro”|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099109?user_id=267934]] {{embeddedblockquote{\nThe sight of those boys in very skimpy loin covering must have gotten to the cameraman that he had to focus on someone's butt!!}}}\n# [[Tribu Dagyaw-Ta|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099791?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Baryohanon|http://stage6.divx.com/content/show/1099747?user_id=267934]]\n# [[Tribu Pag-asa|http://stage6.divx.com/members/267934/videos/1100133]]\nI'm really grateful that [[Cable Star (Iloilo)|http://www.geocities.com/radiotviloilo/csi.html]] has this live coverage of the annual festivities in Iloilo City. Yet, I was dismayed that no less than its vice-president was overzealous in giving national politicians precious airtime in-between the competing tribes' performances, thus causing us viewers to miss the entrance of at least three tribes and hearing the voices of these politicians over the performances of at least two tribes.\n\nTo think that the day before, the same person interviewed the chair of the [[Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc.|http://dinagyangfoundation.com/]] who said that they have refused to invite national politicians to the festivities particularly this year, an election year.\n\nThe only time I tune in full-time to Cable Star's community channel is during the Dinagyang Festival, as doubtless many other subscribers. The only time we could forget about this damn political business in the Philippines, what do we get but nonsensical motherhood statements from these politicians who have brought us nothing but woes! Worse, everyone knows that Senator Manuel Villar, Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri (he was already interviewed yesterday, for heaven's sake!) and Secretary Michael Defensor are all gunning for Senate seats in May! Are their thoughts more important today than the performances?\n\nThat concern out of my chest, I'm glad that the level of energy of the competing tribes has skyrocketed upwards. I'm particularly putting my money on ''Tribu Paghidaet'' though I think ''Tribu ~Atub-Atub'' will give it a run for its money. The last five performing tribes at the Freedom Grandstand, especially ''Tribu Ang Taga Jaro'', also put in superb performances that I'm glad I'm not one of the jurors in this year's festivities (though I have sat as a judge in three Dinagyang Festivals in the past).\n\nAnd what's this about the judges encoding their own scores after the competition? I hope the judges would encode the scores they wrote down during the competition and not change some of the figures while encoding these. For everyone knows that people's memories are always not very photographic.\n\nAnyway, the winners of both the [[Kasadyahan|2007 Dinagyang Kasadyahan Notes]] and the //~Ati-Ati// competitions will be announced at six this evening. Cable Star will be covering it live again and I'll be watching its community channel for that. I hope I don't see the shadows of any national politician on tv tonight.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n^^NOTE: The original mpeg clips recorded from the live telecast of [[Cable Star (Iloilo)|http://www.geocities.com/radiotviloilo/csi.html]] over its community channel are too large (>200MB each) for [[YouTube|http://www.youtube.com/index]]. So, I converted them to ~DivX files and uploaded them to [[Stage6|http://stage6.divx.com/]]. However, you'll need a [[DivX player|http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/]] to view these clips.^^
/***\n|Name|HaloscanMacro|\n|Created by|JimSpeth|\n|Location|http://end.com/~speth/HaloscanMacro.html|\n|Version|1.1.0|\n|Requires|~TW2.x|\n\n!Description\nComment and trackback support for TiddlyWiki (via Haloscan).\n\n!History\n* 16-Feb-06, version 1.1.0, drastic changes, now uses settings from haloscan account config\n* 31-Jan-06, version 1.0.1, fixed display of counts for default tiddlers\n* 30-Jan-06, version 1.0, initial release\n\n!Examples\n|!Source|!Output|h\n|{{{<<haloscan comments>>}}}|<<haloscan comments>>|\n|{{{<<haloscan trackbacks>>}}}|<<haloscan trackbacks>>|\n\n!Installation\nRegister for a [[Haloscan|http://www.haloscan.com]] account. It's free and painless.\nInstall the HaloscanMacro in a new tiddler with a tag of systemConfig (save and reload to activate).\nIn the macro configuration code (below), change //YourName// to your Haloscan account name.\nUse the macro somewhere in a tiddler (see ViewTemplate for an example).\n\n!Settings\nYou can adjust various options for your account in the member configuration area of Haloscan's web site. The macro will use these settings when formatting the links.\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\n\n/* change "YourName" to your Haloscan account name */\nconfig.macros.haloscan = {account: "iam1ru12", baseURL: "http://www.haloscan.com/load/"};\n\nvar haloscanLoaded = 0;\nconfig.macros.haloscan.load = function ()\n{\n if (haloscanLoaded == 1)\n return;\n \n account = config.macros.haloscan.account;\n if (!account || (account == "YourName"))\n account = store.getTiddlerText("SiteTitle");\n \n var el = document.createElement('script');\n el.language = 'JavaScript'; \n el.type = 'text/javascript'; \n el.src = config.macros.haloscan.baseURL + account;\n document.documentElement.childNodes[0].appendChild(el);\n \n haloscanLoaded = 1;\n}\nconfig.macros.haloscan.load();\n\n/* this totally clobbers document.write, i hope that's ok */\nvar safeWrite = function(s)\n{\n document.written = s;\n return s;\n};\ndocument.write = safeWrite;\n\nconfig.macros.haloscan.refreshDefaultTiddlers = function ()\n{\n var start = store.getTiddlerText("DefaultTiddlers");\n if (start)\n {\n var titles = start.readBracketedList();\n for (var t=titles.length-1; t>=0; t--)\n story.refreshTiddler(titles[t], DEFAULT_VIEW_TEMPLATE, 1);\n }\n}\n\nvar haloscanRefreshed = 0;\nconfig.macros.haloscan.handler = function (place, macroName, params, wikifier, paramString, tiddler)\n{\n if (typeof HaloScan == 'undefined')\n {\n if (haloscanRefreshed == 0)\n {\n setTimeout("config.macros.haloscan.refreshDefaultTiddlers()", 1);\n haloscanRefreshed = 1;\n }\n return;\n }\n \n var id = story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7);\n var hs_search = new RegExp('\s\sW','gi');\n id = id.replace(hs_search,"_");\n \n account = config.macros.haloscan.account;\n if (!account || (account == "YourName"))\n account = store.getTiddlerText("SiteTitle");\n \n var haloscanError = function (msg)\n {\n createTiddlyError(place, config.messages.macroError.format(["HaloscanMacro"]), config.messages.macroErrorDetails.format(["HaloscanMacro", msg]));\n }\n \n if (params.length == 1)\n {\n if (params[0] == "comments")\n {\n postCount(id);\n commentsLabel = document.written;\n commentsPrompt = "Comments on this tiddler";\n var commentsHandler = function(e) { HaloScan(id); return false; };\n var commentsButton = createTiddlyButton(place, commentsLabel, commentsPrompt, commentsHandler);\n }\n else if (params[0] == "trackbacks")\n {\n postCountTB(id);\n trackbacksLabel = document.written;\n trackbacksPrompt = "Trackbacks for this tiddler";\n var trackbacksHandler = function(e) { HaloScanTB(id); return false; };\n var trackbackButton = createTiddlyButton(place, trackbacksLabel, trackbacksPrompt, trackbacksHandler);\n }\n else\n haloscanError("unknown parameter: " + params[0]);\n }\n else if (params.length == 0)\n haloscanError("missing parameter");\n else\n haloscanError("bad parameter count");\n}\n\n//}}}\n
| [img[Welcome, 2007!|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/147641j75rmh6go1.gif]] |\n| ''<<QOTD [[Holiday Quotations]]>>'' |\n|borderless|k\n\n^^Glitter courtesy of [[Blinkyou Glittermaker|http://www.blinkyou.com]].^^
| ''If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.'' |>|\n| | - Attributed to Claudia Ghandi|\n| ''Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.'' |>|\n| | - Henry Van Dyke|\n| ''I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.'' |>|\n| | - Author Unknown|\n| [img[Happy Valentine's Day|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bigheartvalentinesday.gif]] |>|\n|borderless|k\n\n^^Glitter courtesy of [[Blinkyou Glittermaker|http://www.blinkyou.com]].^^
While walking down the street one day a Philippine senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.\n\n"Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."\n\n"No problem, just let me in," says the man.\n\n"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."\n\n"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the senator.\n\n"I'm sorry, but we have our rules."\n\nAnd with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.\n\nEveryone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and champagne.\n\nAlso present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises...\n\nThe elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him, "Now it's time to visit heaven."\n\nSo, 24 hours pass with the senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.\n\n"Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."\n\nThe senator reflects for a minute, then he answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell."\n\nSo St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above.\n\nThe devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulders. "I don't understand," stammers the senator. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"\n\nThe devil smiles at him says, "Yesterday we were campaigning ...... Today, you voted."\n\nFilipinos: ''THINK'' BEFORE YOU VOTE!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
/***\n| Name:|HideWhenPlugin|\n| Description:|Allows conditional inclusion/exclusion in templates|\n| Version:|1.0.2|\n| Date:|19-Sep-2006|\n| Source:|http://mptw.tiddlyspot.com/#HideWhenMacro|\n| Author:|Simon Baird <simon.baird@gmail.com>|\nFor use in ViewTemplate and EditTemplate. Eg\n{{{<div macro="showWhen tiddler.tags.contains('Task')">[[TaskToolbar]]</div>}}}\n{{{<div macro="showWhen tiddler.modifier == 'BartSimpson'"><img src="bart.gif"/></div>}}}\n***/\n//{{{\nmerge(config.macros,{\n hideWhen: { handler: function (place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n if (eval(paramString)) {\n removeChildren(place);\n place.parentNode.removeChild(place);\n }\n }},\n showWhen: { handler: function (place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n config.macros.hideWhen.handler(place,macroName,params,wikifier,'!('+paramString+')',tiddler);\n }}\n});\n//}}}\n
Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to.\n - Bill Vaughn\n----\nAn optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.\n - Bill Vaughan\n----\nMany people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nA New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nBe always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.\n - Benjamin Franklin\n----\nNo one ever regarded the First of January with indifference. It is that from which all date their time, and count upon what is left. It is the nativity of our common Adam.\n - Charles Lamb\n----\nNew Year's Day is every man's birthday.\n - Charles Lamb\n----\nThe merry year is born\nLike the bright berry from the naked thorn.\n - Hartley Coleridge\n----\nYear's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.\n - Hal Borland\n----\nNever tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty.\n - John Selden\n----\nNew Year's eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things that the passage of another twelve months may be noted; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights.\n - Hamilton Wright Mabie\n----\nThe Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!\n - Edward Payson Powell\n----\nCheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.\n - Oprah Winfrey\n----\nRing out the old, ring in the new,\nRing, happy bells, across the snow:\nThe year is going, let him go;\nRing out the false, ring in the true.\n - Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1850\n----\nThe proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk. This drunkenness culminates on New Year's Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the person you're married to.\n - P.J. O'Rourke\n----\nEvery man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past.\n - Henry Ward Beecher\n----\nNew Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.\n - Mark Twain\n----\nThe new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.\n - George William Curtis\n----\nFor last year's words belong to last year's language\nAnd next year's words await another voice.\nAnd to make an end is to make a beginning.\n - T.S. Eliot, //Little Giddin//\n----\nWe will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.\n - Edith Lovejoy Pierce\n----\nYesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever.\n - Mark Twain\n----\nPeople are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nAnd ye, who have met with Adversity's blast,\nAnd been bow'd to the earth by its fury;\nTo whom the Twelve Months, that have recently pass'd\nWere as harsh as a prejudiced jury -\nStill, fill to the Future! and join in our chime,\nThe regrets of remembrance to cozen,\nAnd having obtained a New Trial of Time,\nShout in hopes of a kindlier dozen.\n - Thomas Hood\n----\nDrop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.\n - Brooks Atkinson\n----\nEach age has deemed the new-born year\nThe fittest time for festal cheer.\n - Walter Scott\n----\nGood resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.\n - Oscar Wilde\n----\nGlory to God in highest heaven,\nWho unto man His Son hath given;\nWhile angels sing with tender mirth,\nA glad new year to all the earth.\n - Martin Luther\n----\nA new oath holds pretty well; but... when it is become old, and frayed out, and damaged by a dozen annual retryings of its remains, it ceases to be serviceable; any little strain will snap it.\n - Mark Twain, //speech in New York City//, 31 March 1885\n----\nBut can one still make resolutions when one is over forty? I live according to twenty-year-old habits.\n - Andre Gide\n----\nI do think New Year's resolutions can't technically be expected to begin on New Year's Day, don't you? Since, because it's an extension of New Year's Eve, smokers are already on a smoking roll and cannot be expected to stop abruptly on the stroke of midnight with so much nicotine in the system. Also dieting on New Year's Day isn't a good idea as you can't eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. I think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on January the second.\n - Helen Fielding, //Bridget Jones's Diary//\n----\nNew Year's Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot. Unless, of course, those tests come back positive.\n - Jay Leno\n----\nWe meet today\nTo thank Thee for the era done,\nAnd Thee for the opening one.\n - John Greenleaf Whittier\n----\nOne resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.\n - John Burroughs\n----\nOf all sound of all bells... most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year.\n - Charles Lamb\n----\nA happy New Year! Grant that I\nMay bring no tear to any eye\nWhen this New Year in time shall end\nLet it be said I've played the friend,\nHave lived and loved and labored here,\nAnd made of it a happy year.\n - Edgar Guest\n----\nIt wouldn't be New Year's if I didn't have regrets.\n - William Thomas\n----\nWe spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.\n - Ellen Goodman\n----\nMay all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.\n - Joey Adams\n----\nHe who breaks a resolution is a weakling;\nHe who makes one is a fool.\n - F.M. Knowles\n----\nThe object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.\n - G.K. Chesterton\n----\nI think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's.\n - Henry Moore\n----\nTime has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.\n - Thomas Mann\n----\nI made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.\n - Anaïs Nin\n----\nNew Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions.\n - Mark Twain\n----\nEvery man regards his own life as the New Year's Eve of time.\n - Jean Paul Richter\n----\nThe only way to spend New Year's Eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel. Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears.\n - W.H. Auden
!!!!Simple reminders that fire on the same month/day of every year.\n*<<reminder month:1 day:1 title:"New Year's Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:2 day:14 title:"Valentine's Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:4 day:9 title:"Araw ng Kagitingan" >>\n*<<reminder month:5 day:1 title:"Labor Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:6 day:12 title:"Independence Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:8 day:21 title:"Ninoy Aquino Day">>\n*<<reminder month:10 day:24 title:"Eid’l Fitr" >>\n*<<reminder month:11 day:1 title:"All Saints' Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:11 day:28 title:"Bonifacio Day" >>\n*<<reminder month:12 day:25 title:"Christmas Day" >>\n\n!!!!Offset reminders\nThese are all holidays that are specified as the Nth DAYOFWEEK in Month.\n*Mother's Day is the second Sunday of May (note that offsetdayofweek is a negative number, meaning match backwards)\n**<<reminder month:5 day:8 offsetdayofweek:0 title:"Mother's Day">>\n*Father's Day is the third Sunday of June\n**<<reminder month:6 day:15 offsetdayofweek:0 title:"Father's Day">>\n*National Heroes' Day is the last Sunday of August\n**<<reminder month:8 day:22 offsetdayofweek:0 title:"Father's Day">>\n\n
/***\n|Name|HoverMenuPlugin|\n|Created by|SaqImtiaz|\n|Location|http://lewcid.googlepages.com/lewcid.html#HoverMenuPlugin|\n|Version|1.11|\n|Requires|~TW2.x|\n!Description:\nProvides a hovering menu on the edge of the screen for commonly used commands, that scrolls with the page.\n\n!Demo:\nObserve the hovering menu on the right edge of the screen.\n\n!Installation:\nCopy the contents of this tiddler to your TW, tag with systemConfig, save and reload your TW.\nTo customize your HoverMenu, edit the HoverMenu shadow tiddler.\n\nTo customize whether the menu sticks to the right or left edge of the screen, and its start position, edit the HoverMenu configuration settings part of the code below. It's well documented, so don't be scared!\n\nThe menu has an id of hoverMenu, in case you want to style the buttons in it using css.\n\n!Notes:\nSince the default HoverMenu contains buttons for toggling the side bar and jumping to the top of the screen and to open tiddlers, the ToggleSideBarMacro, JumpMacro and the JumpToTopMacro are included in this tiddler, so you dont need to install them separately. Having them installed separately as well could lead to complications.\n\nIf you dont intend to use these three macros at all, feel free to remove those sections of code in this tiddler.\n\n!To Do:\n* rework code to allow multiple hovering menus in different positions, horizontal etc.\n* incorporate code for keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the buttons in the hovermenu\n\n!History:\n*03-08-06, ver 1.1.2: compatibility fix with SelectThemePlugin\n*03-08-06, ver 1.11: fixed error with button tooltips\n*27-07-06, ver 1.1 : added JumpMacro to hoverMenu\n*23-07-06\n\n!Code\n***/\n\n/***\nstart HoverMenu plugin code\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.hoverMenu={};\n//}}}\n\n/***\nHoverMenu configuration settings\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.hoverMenu.settings={\n align: 'right', //align menu to right or left side of screen, possible values are 'right' and 'left' \n x: 1, // horizontal distance of menu from side of screen, increase to your liking.\n y: 158 //vertical distance of menu from top of screen at start, increase or decrease to your liking\n };\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\n//continue HoverMenu plugin code\nconfig.hoverMenu.handler=function()\n{ \n if (!document.getElementById("hoverMenu"))\n {\n var theMenu = createTiddlyElement(document.getElementById("contentWrapper"), "div","hoverMenu");\n theMenu.setAttribute("refresh","content");\n theMenu.setAttribute("tiddler","HoverMenu");\n var menuContent = store.getTiddlerText("HoverMenu");\n wikify(menuContent,theMenu);\n }\n\n var Xloc = this.settings.x;\n Yloc =this.settings.y;\n var ns = (navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape") != -1);\n function SetMenu(id)\n {\n var GetElements=document.getElementById?document.getElementById(id):document.all?document.all[id]:document.layers[id];\n if(document.layers)GetElements.style=GetElements;\n GetElements.sP=function(x,y){this.style[config.hoverMenu.settings.align]=x +"px";this.style.top=y +"px";};\n GetElements.x = Xloc;\n GetElements.y = findScrollY();\n GetElements.y += Yloc;\n return GetElements;\n }\n window.LoCate_XY=function()\n {\n var pY = findScrollY();\n ftlObj.y += (pY + Yloc - ftlObj.y)/15;\n ftlObj.sP(ftlObj.x, ftlObj.y);\n setTimeout("LoCate_XY()", 10);\n }\n ftlObj = SetMenu("hoverMenu");\n LoCate_XY();\n};\n\nwindow.old_lewcid_hovermenu_restart = restart;\nrestart = function()\n{\n window.old_lewcid_hovermenu_restart();\n config.hoverMenu.handler();\n};\n\nsetStylesheet(\n"#hoverMenu .imgLink, #hoverMenu .imgLink:hover {border:none; padding:0px; float:right; margin-bottom:2px; margin-top:0px;}\sn"+\n"#hoverMenu .button, #hoverMenu .tiddlyLink {border:none; font-weight:bold; background:#18f; color:#FFF; padding:0 5px; float:right; margin-bottom:4px;}\sn"+\n"#hoverMenu .button:hover, #hoverMenu .tiddlyLink:hover {font-weight:bold; border:none; color:#fff; background:#000; padding:0 5px; float:right; margin-bottom:4px;}\sn"+\n"#hoverMenu .button {width:100%; text-align:center}"+\n"#hoverMenu { position:absolute; width:7px;}\sn"+\n"\sn","hoverMenuStyles");\n\n\nconfig.macros.renameButton={};\nconfig.macros.renameButton.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n\n if (place.lastChild.tagName!="BR")\n {\n place.lastChild.firstChild.data = params[0];\n if (params[1]) {place.lastChild.title = params[1];}\n }\n};\n\nconfig.shadowTiddlers["HoverMenu"]="<<top>>\sn<<toggleSideBar>><<renameButton '>' >>\sn<<jump j '' top>>\sn<<saveChanges>><<renameButton s 'Save TiddlyWiki'>>\sn<<newTiddler>><<renameButton n>>\sn";\n//}}}\n//end HoverMenu plugin code\n\n//Start ToggleSideBarMacro code\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.toggleSideBar={};\n\nconfig.macros.toggleSideBar.settings={\n styleHide : "#sidebar { display: none;}\sn"+"#contentWrapper #displayArea { margin-right: 1em;}\sn"+"",\n styleShow : " ",\n arrow1: "«",\n arrow2: "»"\n};\n\nconfig.macros.toggleSideBar.handler=function (place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n var tooltip= params[1]||'toggle sidebar';\n var mode = (params[2] && params[2]=="hide")? "hide":"show";\n var arrow = (mode == "hide")? this.settings.arrow1:this.settings.arrow2;\n var label= (params[0]&&params[0]!='.')?params[0]+" "+arrow:arrow;\n var theBtn = createTiddlyButton(place,label,tooltip,this.onToggleSideBar,"button HideSideBarButton");\n if (mode == "hide")\n { \n (document.getElementById("sidebar")).setAttribute("toggle","hide");\n setStylesheet(this.settings.styleHide,"ToggleSideBarStyles");\n }\n};\n\nconfig.macros.toggleSideBar.onToggleSideBar = function(){\n var sidebar = document.getElementById("sidebar");\n var settings = config.macros.toggleSideBar.settings;\n if (sidebar.getAttribute("toggle")=='hide')\n {\n setStylesheet(settings.styleShow,"ToggleSideBarStyles");\n sidebar.setAttribute("toggle","show");\n this.firstChild.data= (this.firstChild.data).replace(settings.arrow1,settings.arrow2);\n }\n else\n { \n setStylesheet(settings.styleHide,"ToggleSideBarStyles");\n sidebar.setAttribute("toggle","hide");\n this.firstChild.data= (this.firstChild.data).replace(settings.arrow2,settings.arrow1);\n }\n\n return false;\n}\n\nsetStylesheet(".HideSideBarButton .button {font-weight:bold; padding: 0 5px;}\sn","ToggleSideBarButtonStyles");\n//}}}\n//end ToggleSideBarMacro code\n\n//start JumpToTopMacro code\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.top={};\nconfig.macros.top.handler=function(place,macroName)\n{\n createTiddlyButton(place,"^","jump to top",this.onclick);\n}\nconfig.macros.top.onclick=function()\n{\n window.scrollTo(0,0);\n};\n\nconfig.commands.top =\n{\n text:" ^ ",\n tooltip:"jump to top"\n};\n\nconfig.commands.top.handler = function(event,src,title)\n{\n window.scrollTo(0,0);\n}\n//}}}\n//end JumpToStartMacro code\n\n//start JumpMacro code\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.jump= {};\nconfig.macros.jump.handler = function (place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n var label = (params[0] && params[0]!=".")? params[0]: 'jump';\n var tooltip = (params[1] && params[1]!=".")? params[1]: 'jump to an open tiddler';\n var top = (params[2] && params[2]=='top') ? true: false; \n\n var btn =createTiddlyButton(place,label,tooltip,this.onclick);\n if (top==true)\n btn.setAttribute("top","true")\n}\n\nconfig.macros.jump.onclick = function(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var theTarget = resolveTarget(e);\n var top = theTarget.getAttribute("top");\n var popup = Popup.create(this);\n if(popup)\n {\n if(top=="true")\n {createTiddlyButton(createTiddlyElement(popup,"li"),'Top ↑','Top of TW',config.macros.jump.top);\n createTiddlyElement(popup,"hr");}\n \n story.forEachTiddler(function(title,element) {\n createTiddlyLink(createTiddlyElement(popup,"li"),title,true);\n });\n }\n Popup.show(popup,false);\n e.cancelBubble = true;\n if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();\n return false;\n}\n\nconfig.macros.jump.top = function()\n{\n window.scrollTo(0,0);\n}\n//}}}\n//end JumpMacro code\n\n//utility functions\n//{{{\nPopup.show = function(unused,slowly)\n{\n var curr = Popup.stack[Popup.stack.length-1];\n var rootLeft = findPosX(curr.root);\n var rootTop = findPosY(curr.root);\n var rootHeight = curr.root.offsetHeight;\n var popupLeft = rootLeft;\n var popupTop = rootTop + rootHeight;\n var popupWidth = curr.popup.offsetWidth;\n var winWidth = findWindowWidth();\n if (isChild(curr.root,'hoverMenu'))\n var x = config.hoverMenu.settings.x;\n else\n var x = 0;\n if(popupLeft + popupWidth+x > winWidth)\n popupLeft = winWidth - popupWidth -x;\n if (isChild(curr.root,'hoverMenu'))\n {curr.popup.style.right = x + "px";}\n else\n curr.popup.style.left = popupLeft + "px";\n curr.popup.style.top = popupTop + "px";\n curr.popup.style.display = "block";\n addClass(curr.root,"highlight");\n if(config.options.chkAnimate)\n anim.startAnimating(new Scroller(curr.popup,slowly));\n else\n window.scrollTo(0,ensureVisible(curr.popup));\n}\n\nwindow.isChild = function(e,parentId) {\n while (e != null) {\n var parent = document.getElementById(parentId);\n if (parent == e) return true;\n e = e.parentNode;\n }\n return false;\n};\n//}}}\n\n\n
We were lovers. Then we downgraded to friends.\n\nAll the while, I thought he would be a [[friend|http://www.webster.com/]],\n<<<\n#one attached to another by affection or esteem\n#one that is not hostile\n##one that is of the same nation, party, or group\n#one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)\n#a favored companion\n<<<\nHe was, for awhile. Until his sister from the US came home.\n\nHe wouldn't text. He won't go out with me. He didn't even bother to ask me what my problem was when I texted him to ask for a favor. When I sent him a text message reminding him to be careful lest he'd have bad karma, he told me not to text or call him anymore as he won't reply anyway! Worse, he said he has no obligation to answer my calls and my SMS!\n\nI was flabbergasted! I thought he was my friend! All I wanted was to ask for some information, a favor I wouldn't write in a text message lest it be misunderstood.\n\nHis reply made me want to become invisible. It deflated my ego. It made me feel unwanted, unloved, inutile.\n\nA month later, he texts to ask for forgiveness. Do I accept his apology? Is it that easy to redeem one's esteem of himself? Is it easy to recover from an insult, an affront, a rejection? Is it easy to inflate one's ego after it was so bluntly deflated?\n\nHow long should I hold out?\n\n----\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
<html>\n<p>\n<a href="http://forge.codedgraphic.com/lakbayan"><img style="border:0px;"\nsrc="http://forge.codedgraphic.com/lakbayan/map-v1.0?gbcgafcufbavaafhffaadffpabbaafcacnaabmfgacaaafaaunafwccmacmfncmkkabkakanmnocfaalaaaaaaaaaa9137" title="Lakbayan Visited Map" alt="" /></a><br /><a href="http://forge.codedgraphic.com/lakbayan"><img\nstyle="border:0px;margin-top:5px;" src="http://forge.codedgraphic.com/lakbayan/grade-b-"\ntitle="Lakbayan Grade: B-" alt=""\n/></a></p><p><strong>My Lakbayan grade is B-!</strong><p><p>How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at <a href="http://forge.codedgraphic.com/lakbayan">Lakbayan</a>!</p>\n<cite style="font-size:85%">Created by <a href="http://vaes9.codedgraphic.com">Eugene Villar</a>.</cite></html>\n\nAll you have to do is indicate for each Philippine province whether you\n* Live or have lived there\n* Go there often\n* Been there at least once\n* Passed through it\n* Never set foot on it\nThen, after you submit your responses, your grade comes up, just like mine.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
(This site works best in [[Firefox|http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates&id=185889&t=83]]. It will also work //almost as well// in Internet Explorer and Safari. It may //not// work properly in Opera. [[Firefox|http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates&id=185889&t=83]] is free, and well worth downloading if you haven't already.)\n\nThis page is composed of //tiddlers//. A ''tiddler'' is a little chunk of information about a particular topic. It can contain text, images, tables, lists, or even external links.\n\nTo open a tiddler (and know a little about me), click on [[About Me|Me, Moi and Meself]]. Note that __underlined hyperlinks__ will take you to external sites, as can be seen in the [[links tiddler|Links]].\n\nWhen you're done looking at any particular Tiddler, you can make it go away by moving the mouse over it and clicking the //"close"// link that appears. Try it on this tiddler (you can always click on //"How to Navigate"// on the left sidebar to reopen this tiddler)!\n\nYou may also wish to close all other open tiddlers (except the one you are reading) because you have either read them or are not interested in them (God forbid!). Simply move the mouse over the tiddler you want to remain open and click on the //"close others"// link that appears.\n\nHow about those moving buttons to the right of this page? Those comprise the ''hover menu''.\n*Click on the caret (@@'' ^ ''@@) and that will take you to the top of the page.\n*The greater-than sign (@@'' > ''@@) will make the sidebar to the right disappear.\n**Clicking on it again will bring the right sidebar back.\n*The jump button (@@'' j ''@@) will show you a list of open tiddlers for you to choose which one you want to read next.\nCool, huh?\n\nSo, whatcha waiting for? Explore my web notebook! And don't forget to leave me a [[message|Comments]], k?\n
/***\n|''Name:''|ImportTiddlersPlugin|\n|''Source:''|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#ImportTiddlersPlugin|\n|''Author:''|Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios|\n|''License:''|[[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]|\n|''~CoreVersion:''|2.0.10|\n\nWhen many people share and edit copies of the same TiddlyWiki document, the ability to quickly collect all these changes back into a single, updated document that can then be redistributed to the entire group is very important. It can also be very extremely helpful when moving your own tiddlers from document to document (e.g., when upgrading to the latest version of TiddlyWiki, or 'pre-loading' your favorite stylesheets into a new 'empty' TiddlyWiki document.)\n\nThis plugin lets you selectively combine tiddlers from any two TiddlyWiki documents. An interactive control panel lets you pick a document to import from, and then select which tiddlers to import, with prompting for skip, rename, merge or replace actions when importing tiddlers that match existing titles. Automatically add tags to imported tiddlers so they are easy to find later on. Generates a detailed report of import 'history' in ImportedTiddlers.\n!!!!!Interactive interface\n<<<\n{{{<<importTiddlers>>}}} or {{{<<importTiddlers core>>}}}\ninvokes the built-in importTiddlers macro (TW2.1.x+). If installed in documents using TW2.0.x or earlier, fallback is to use 'link' display (see below)\n\n{{{<<importTiddlers link>>}}}\ncreates "import tiddlers" link that when clicked to show/hide import control panel\n\n{{{<<importTiddlers inline>>}}}\ncreates import control panel directly in tiddler content\n\n<<importTiddlers inline>>\n\nPress ''[browse]'' to select a TiddlyWiki document file to import. You can also type in the path/filename or a remote document URL (starting with http://)and press ''[open]''. //Note: There may be some delay to permit the browser time to access and load the document before updating the listbox with the titles of all tiddlers that are available to be imported.//\n\nSelect one or more titles from the listbox (hold CTRL or SHIFT while clicking to add/remove the highlight from individual list items). You can press ''[select all]'' to quickly highlight all tiddler titles in the list. Use the ''[-]'', ''[+]'', or ''[=]'' links to adjust the listbox size so you can view more (or less) tiddler titles at one time. When you have chosen the tiddlers you want to import and entered any extra tags, press ''[import]'' to begin copying them to the current TiddlyWiki document.\n\n''select: all, new, changes, or differences''\n\nYou can click on ''all'', ''new'', ''changes'', or ''differences'' to automatically select a subset of tiddlers from the list. This makes it very quick and easy to find and import just the updated tiddlers you are interested in:\n>''"all"'' selects ALL tiddlers from the import source document, even if they have not been changed.\n>''"new"'' selects only tiddlers that are found in the import source document, but do not yet exist in the destination document\n>''"changes"'' selects only tiddlers that exist in both documents but that are newer in the source document\n>''"differences"'' selects all new and existing tiddlers that are different from the destination document (even if destination tiddler is newer)\n\n''Import Tagging:''\n\nTiddlers that have been imported can be automatically tagged, so they will be easier to find later on, after they have been added to your document. New tags are entered into the "add tags" input field, and then //added// to the existing tags for each tiddler as it is imported.\n\n''Skip, Rename, Merge, or Replace:''\n\nWhen importing a tiddler whose title is identical to one that already exists, the import process pauses and the tiddler title is displayed in an input field, along with four push buttons: ''[skip]'', ''[rename]'', ''[merge]'' and ''[replace]''.\n\nTo bypass importing this tiddler, press ''[skip]''. To import the tiddler with a different name (so that both the tiddlers will exist when the import is done), enter a new title in the input field and then press ''[rename]''. Press ''[merge]'' to combine the content from both tiddlers into a single tiddler. Press ''[replace]'' to overwrite the existing tiddler with the imported one, discarding the previous tiddler content.\n\n//Note: if both the title ''and'' modification date/////time match, the imported tiddler is assumed to be identical to the existing one, and will be automatically skipped (i.e., not imported) without asking.//\n\n''Import Report History''\n\nWhen tiddlers are imported, a report is generated into ImportedTiddlers, indicating when the latest import was performed, the number of tiddlers successfully imported, from what location, and by whom. It also includes a list with the title, date and author of each tiddler that was imported.\n\nWhen the import process is completed, the ImportedTiddlers report is automatically displayed for your review. If more tiddlers are subsequently imported, a new report is //added// to ImportedTiddlers, above the previous report (i.e., at the top of the tiddler), so that a reverse-chronological history of imports is maintained.\n\nIf a cumulative record is not desired, the ImportedTiddlers report may be deleted at any time. A new ImportedTiddlers report will be created the next time tiddlers are imported.\n\nNote: You can prevent the ImportedTiddlers report from being generated for any given import activity by clearing the "create a report" checkbox before beginning the import processing.\n\n<<<\n!!!!!non-interactive 'load tiddlers' macro\n<<<\nUseful for automated installation/update of plugins and other tiddler content.\n\n{{{<<loadTiddlers "label:load tiddlers from %0" http://www.tiddlytools.com/example.html confirm>>}}}\n<<loadTiddlers "label:load tiddlers from %0" http://www.tiddlytools.com/example.html confirm>>\n\nSyntax:\n{{{<<loadTiddlers label:text prompt:text filter source quiet confirm>>}}}\n\n''label:text'' and ''prompt:text''\n>defines link text and tooltip (prompt) that can be clicked to trigger the load tiddler processing. If a label is NOT provided, then no link is created and loadTiddlers() is executed whenever the containing tiddler is rendered.\n''filter'' (optional) determines which tiddlers will be automatically selected for importing. Use one of the following keywords:\n>''"all"'' retrieves ALL tiddlers from the import source document, even if they have not been changed.\n>''"new"'' retrieves only tiddlers that are found in the import source document, but do not yet exist in the destination document\n>''"changes"'' retrieves only tiddlers that exist in both documents for which the import source tiddler is newer than the existing tiddler\n>''"updates"'' retrieves both ''new'' and ''changed'' tiddlers (this is the default action when none is specified)\n>''"tiddler:~TiddlerName"'' retrieves only the specific tiddler named in the parameter.\n>''"tag:text"'' retrieves only the tiddlers tagged with the indicated text.\n''source'' (required) is the location of the imported document. It can be either a local document path/filename in whatever format your system requires, or a remote web location (starting with "http://" or "https://")\n>use the keyword ''ask'' to prompt for a source location whenever the macro is invoked\n''"quiet"'' (optional)\n>supresses all status message during the import processing (e.g., "opening local file...", "found NN tiddlers..." etc). Note that if ANY tiddlers are actualy imported, a final information message will still be displayed (along with the ImportedTiddlers report), even when 'quiet' is specified. This ensures that changes to your document cannot occur without any visible indication at all.\n''"confirm"'' (optional)\n>adds interactive confirmation. A browser message box (OK/Cancel) is displayed for each tiddler that will be imported, so that you can manually bypass any tiddlers that you do not want to import.\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\ncopy/paste the following tiddlers into your document:\n''ImportTiddlersPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n\ncreate/edit ''SideBarOptions'': (sidebar menu items) \n^^Add "< < ImportTiddlers > >" macro^^\n\n''Quick Installation Tip #1:''\nIf you are using an unmodified version of TiddlyWiki (core release version <<version>>), you can get a new, empty TiddlyWiki with the Import Tiddlers plugin pre-installed (''[[download from here|TW+ImportExport.html]]''), and then simply import all your content from your old document into this new, empty document.\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.11.14 [3.1.2]'' fix macro handler parameter declaration (double-pasted param list corrupts IE)\n''2006.11.13 [3.1.1]'' use apply() method to invoke hijacked core handler\n''2006.11.13 [3.1.0]'' hijack TW2.1 built-in importTiddlers.handler() so it can co-exist with the plugin interface 'panel'. Use macro without params (or use 'core' keyword) to display built-in core interface. Use new "link" param to embed "import tiddlers" link that shows floating panel when clicked. Renamed a few plugin utility functions so they don't collide with core internal functions. More code restructuring to come.\n''2006.10.12 [3.0.8]'' in readTiddlersFromHTML(), fallback to find end of store area by matching "/body" when POST-BODY-START is not present (backward compatibility for older documents)\n''2006.09.10 [3.0.7]'' in readTiddlersFromHTML(), find end of store area by matching "POST-BODY-START" instead of "/body" \n''2006.08.16 [3.0.6]'' Use higher-level store.saveTiddler() instead of store.addTiddler() to avoid conflicts with ZW and other adaptations that hijack low-level tiddler handling. Also, in CreateImportPanel(), no longer register notify to "refresh listbox after every tiddler change" (left over from old 'auto-filtered' list handling). Thanks to Bob McElrath for report/solution.\n''2006.07.29 [3.0.5]'' added noChangeMsg to loadTiddlers processing. if not 'quiet' mode, reports skipped tiddlers.\n''2006.04.18 [3.0.4]'' in loadTiddlers.handler, fixed parsing of "prompt:" param. Also, corrected parameters mismatch in loadTiddlers() callback function definition (order of params was wrong, resulting in filters NOT being applied)\n''2006.04.12 [3.0.3]'' moved many display messages to macro properties for easier L10N translations via 'lingo' definitions.\n''2006.04.12 [3.0.2]'' additional refactoring of 'core candidate' code. Proposed API now defines "loadRemoteFile()" for XMLHttpRequest processing with built in fallback for handling local filesystem access, and readTiddlersFromHTML() to process the resulting source HTML content.\n''2006.04.04 [3.0.1]'' in refreshImportList(), when using [by tags], tiddlers without tags are now included in a new "untagged" psuedo-tag list section\n''2006.04.04 [3.0.0]'' Separate non-interactive {{{<<importTiddlers...>>}}} macro functionality for incorporation into TW2.1 core and renamed as {{{<<loadTiddlers>>}}} macro. New parameters for loadTiddlers: ''label:text'' and ''prompt:text'' for link creation, ''ask'' for filename/URL, ''tag:text'' for filtering, "confirm" for accept/reject of individual inbound tiddlers. Also, ImportedTiddlers report generator output has been simplified and "importReplace/importPublic" tags and associated "force" param (which were rarely, if ever, used) has been dropped.\n''2006.03.30 [2.9.1]'' when extracting store area from remote URL, look for "</body>" instead of "</body>\sn</html>" so it will match even if the "\sn" is absent from the source.\n''2006.03.30 [2.9.0]'' added optional 'force' macro param. When present, autoImportTiddlers() bypasses the checks for importPublic and importReplace. Based on a request from Tom Otvos.\n''2006.03.28 [2.8.1]'' in loadImportFile(), added checks to see if 'netscape' and 'x.overrideMimeType()' are defined (IE does *not* define these values, so we bypass this code)\nAlso, when extracting store area from remote URL, explicitly look for "</body>\sn</html>" to exclude any extra content that may have been added to the end of the file by hosting environments such as GeoCities. Thanks to Tom Otvos for finding these bugs and suggesting some fixes.\n''2006.02.21 [2.8.0]'' added support for "tiddler:TiddlerName" filtering parameter in auto-import processing\n''2006.02.21 [2.7.1]'' Clean up layout problems with IE. (Use tables for alignment instead of SPANs styled with float:left and float:right)\n''2006.02.21 [2.7.0]'' Added "local file" and "web server" radio buttons for selecting dynamic import source controls in ImportPanel. Default file control is replaced with URL text input field when "web server" is selected. Default remote document URL is defined in SiteURL tiddler. Also, added option for prepending SiteProxy URL as prefix to remote URL to mask cross-domain document access (requires compatible server-side script)\n''2006.02.17 [2.6.0]'' Removed "differences only" listbox display mode, replaced with selection filter 'presets': all/new/changes/differences. Also fixed initialization handling for "add new tags" so that checkbox state is correctly tracked when panel is first displayed.\n''2006.02.16 [2.5.4]'' added checkbox options to control "import remote tags" and "keep existing tags" behavior, in addition to existing "add new tags" functionality.\n''2006.02.14 [2.5.3]'' FF1501 corrected unintended global 't' (loop index) in importReport() and autoImportTiddlers()\n''2006.02.10 [2.5.2]'' corrected unintended global variable in importReport().\n''2006.02.05 [2.5.1]'' moved globals from window.* to config.macros.importTiddlers.* to avoid FireFox crash bug when referencing globals\n''2006.01.18 [2.5.0]'' added checkbox for "create a report". Default is to create/update the ImportedTiddlers report. Clear the checkbox to skip this step.\n''2006.01.15 [2.4.1]'' added "importPublic" tag and inverted default so that auto sharing is NOT done unless tagged with importPublic\n''2006.01.15 [2.4.0]'' Added support for tagging individual tiddlers with importSkip, importReplace, and/or importPrivate to control which tiddlers can be overwritten or shared with others when using auto-import macro syntax. Defaults are to SKIP overwriting existing tiddlers with imported tiddlers, and ALLOW your tiddlers to be auto-imported by others.\n''2006.01.15 [2.3.2]'' Added "ask" parameter to confirm each tiddler before importing (for use with auto-importing)\n''2006.01.15 [2.3.1]'' Strip TW core scripts from import source content and load just the storeArea into the hidden IFRAME. Makes loading more efficient by reducing the document size and by preventing the import document from executing its TW initialization (including plugins). Seems to resolve the "Found 0 tiddlers" problem. Also, when importing local documents, use convertUTF8ToUnicode() to convert the file contents so support international characters sets.\n''2006.01.12 [2.3.0]'' Reorganized code to use callback function for loading import files to support event-driven I/O via an ASYNCHRONOUS XMLHttpRequest. Let's processing continue while waiting for remote hosts to respond to URL requests. Added non-interactive 'batch' macro mode, using parameters to specify which tiddlers to import, and from what document source. Improved error messages and diagnostics, plus an optional 'quiet' switch for batch mode to eliminate //most// feedback.\n''2006.01.11 [2.2.0]'' Added "[by tags]" to list of tiddlers, based on code submitted by BradleyMeck\n''2006.01.09 [2.1.1]'' When a URL is typed in, and then the "open" button is pressed, it generates both an onChange event for the file input and a click event for open button. This results in multiple XMLHttpRequest()'s which seem to jam things up quite a bit. I removed the onChange handling for file input field. To open a file (local or URL), you must now explicitly press the "open" button in the control panel.\n''2006.01.08 [2.1.0]'' IMPORT FROM ANYWHERE!!! re-write getImportedTiddlers() logic to either read a local file (using local I/O), OR... read a remote file, using a combination of XML and an iframe to permit cross-domain reading of DOM elements. Adapted from example code and techniques courtesy of Jonny LeRoy.\n''2006.01.06 [2.0.2]'' When refreshing list contents, fixed check for tiddlerExists() when "show differences only" is selected, so that imported tiddlers that don't exist in the current file will be recognized as differences and included in the list.\n''2006.01.04 [2.0.1]'' When "show differences only" is NOT checked, import all tiddlers that have been selected even when they have a matching title and date.\n''2005.12.27 [2.0.0]'' Update for TW2.0\nDefer initial panel creation and only register a notification function when panel first is created\n''2005.12.22 [1.3.1]'' tweak formatting in importReport() and add 'discard report' link to output\n''2005.12.03 [1.3.0]'' Dynamically create/remove importPanel as needed to ensure only one instance of interface elements exists, even if there are multiple instances of macro embedding. Also, dynamically create/recreate importFrame each time an external TW document is loaded for importation (reduces DOM overhead and ensures a 'fresh' frame for each document)\n''2005.11.29 [1.2.1]'' fixed formatting of 'detail info' in importReport()\n''2005.11.11 [1.2.0]'' added 'inline' param to embed controls in a tiddler\n''2005.11.09 [1.1.0]'' only load HTML and CSS the first time the macro handler is called. Allows for redundant placement of the macro without creating multiple instances of controls with the same ID's.\n''2005.10.25 [1.0.5]'' fixed typo in importReport() that prevented reports from being generated\n''2005.10.09 [1.0.4]'' combined documentation with plugin code instead of using separate tiddlers\n''2005.08.05 [1.0.3]'' moved CSS and HTML definitions into plugin code instead of using separate tiddlers\n''2005.07.27 [1.0.2]'' core update 1.2.29: custom overlayStyleSheet() replaced with new core setStylesheet()\n''2005.07.23 [1.0.1]'' added parameter checks and corrected addNotification() usage\n''2005.07.20 [1.0.0]'' Initial Release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]]\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n// // ''MACRO DEFINITION''\n//{{{\n// Version\nversion.extensions.importTiddlers = {major: 3, minor: 1, revision: 2, date: new Date(2006,11,14)};\n\n// IE needs explicit global scoping for functions/vars called from browser events\nwindow.onClickImportButton=onClickImportButton;\nwindow.refreshImportList=refreshImportList;\n\n// default cookie/option values\nif (!config.options.chkImportReport) config.options.chkImportReport=true;\n\n// fixups for TW2.0.x and earlier\nif (window.merge==undefined) window.merge=function(dst,src,preserveExisting)\n { for (p in src) if (!preserveExisting||dst[p]===undefined) dst[p]=src[p]; return dst; }\nif (config.macros.importTiddlers==undefined) config.macros.importTiddlers={ };\n\nmerge(config.macros.importTiddlers,{\n label: "import tiddlers",\n prompt: "Copy tiddlers from another document",\n foundMsg: "Found %0 tiddlers in %1",\n countMsg: "%0 tiddlers selected for import",\n importedMsg: "Imported %0 of %1 tiddlers from %2",\n src: "", // path/filename or URL of document to import (retrieved from SiteUrl tiddler)\n proxy: "", // URL for remote proxy script (retrieved from SiteProxy tiddler)\n useProxy: false, // use specific proxy script in front of remote URL\n inbound: null, // hash-indexed array of tiddlers from other document\n newTags: "", // text of tags added to imported tiddlers\n addTags: true, // add new tags to imported tiddlers\n listsize: 8, // # of lines to show in imported tiddler list\n importTags: true, // include tags from remote source document when importing a tiddler\n keepTags: true, // retain existing tags when replacing a tiddler\n index: 0, // current processing index in import list\n sort: "" // sort order for imported tiddler listbox\n});\n\nif (config.macros.importTiddlers.coreHandler==undefined)\n config.macros.importTiddlers.coreHandler=config.macros.importTiddlers.handler; // save built-in handler\n\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n if (!params[0] || params[0].toLowerCase()=='core') { // default to built in\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.coreHandler)\n config.macros.importTiddlers.coreHandler.apply(this,arguments);\n else \n createTiddlyButton(place,this.label,this.prompt,onClickImportMenu);\n }\n else if (params[0]=='link') // show link to floating panel\n createTiddlyButton(place,this.label,this.prompt,onClickImportMenu);\n else if (params[0]=='inline') {// show panel as INLINE tiddler content\n createImportPanel(place);\n document.getElementById("importPanel").style.position="static";\n document.getElementById("importPanel").style.display="block";\n }\n else config.macros.loadTiddlers.handler(place,macroName,params); // any other params: loadtiddlers\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''INTERFACE DEFINITION''\n// // Handle link click to create/show/hide control panel\n//{{{\nfunction onClickImportMenu(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var parent=resolveTarget(e).parentNode;\n var panel = document.getElementById("importPanel");\n if (panel==undefined || panel.parentNode!=parent)\n panel=createImportPanel(parent);\n var isOpen = panel.style.display=="block";\n if(config.options.chkAnimate)\n anim.startAnimating(new Slider(panel,!isOpen,e.shiftKey || e.altKey,"none"));\n else\n panel.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block" ;\n e.cancelBubble = true;\n if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();\n return(false);\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // Create control panel: HTML, CSS\n//{{{\nfunction createImportPanel(place) {\n var panel=document.getElementById("importPanel");\n if (panel) { panel.parentNode.removeChild(panel); }\n setStylesheet(config.macros.importTiddlers.css,"importTiddlers");\n panel=createTiddlyElement(place,"span","importPanel",null,null)\n panel.innerHTML=config.macros.importTiddlers.html;\n refreshImportList();\n var siteURL=store.getTiddlerText("SiteUrl"); if (!siteURL) siteURL="";\n document.getElementById("importSourceURL").value=siteURL;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.src=siteURL;\n var siteProxy=store.getTiddlerText("SiteProxy"); if (!siteProxy) siteProxy="SiteProxy";\n document.getElementById("importSiteProxy").value=siteProxy;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.proxy=siteProxy;\n return panel;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // CSS\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.css = '\s\n#importPanel {\s\n display: none; position:absolute; z-index:11; width:35em; right:105%; top:3em;\s\n background-color: #eee; color:#000; font-size: 8pt; line-height:110%;\s\n border:1px solid black; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-right-width: 3px;\s\n padding: 0.5em; margin:0em; -moz-border-radius:1em;\s\n}\s\n#importPanel a, #importPanel td a { color:#009; display:inline; margin:0px; padding:1px; }\s\n#importPanel table { width:100%; border:0px; padding:0px; margin:0px; font-size:8pt; line-height:110%; background:transparent; }\s\n#importPanel tr { border:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px; background:transparent; }\s\n#importPanel td { color:#000; border:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px; background:transparent; }\s\n#importPanel select { width:98%;margin:0px;font-size:8pt;line-height:110%;}\s\n#importPanel input { width:98%;padding:0px;margin:0px;font-size:8pt;line-height:110%}\s\n#importPanel .box { border:1px solid black; padding:3px; margin-bottom:5px; background:#f8f8f8; -moz-border-radius:5px;}\s\n#importPanel .topline { border-top:2px solid black; padding-top:3px; margin-bottom:5px; }\s\n#importPanel .rad { width:auto; }\s\n#importPanel .chk { width:auto; margin:1px;border:0; }\s\n#importPanel .btn { width:auto; }\s\n#importPanel .btn1 { width:98%; }\s\n#importPanel .btn2 { width:48%; }\s\n#importPanel .btn3 { width:32%; }\s\n#importPanel .btn4 { width:24%; }\s\n#importPanel .btn5 { width:19%; }\s\n#importPanel .importButton { padding: 0em; margin: 0px; font-size:8pt; }\s\n#importPanel .importListButton { padding:0em 0.25em 0em 0.25em; color: #000000; display:inline }\s\n#importCollisionPanel { display:none; margin:0.5em 0em 0em 0em; }\s\n';\n//}}}\n\n// // HTML \n//{{{\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.html = '\s\n<!-- source and report -->\s\n<table><tr><td align=left>\s\n import from\s\n <input type="radio" class="rad" name="importFrom" value="file" CHECKED\s\n onClick="document.getElementById(\s'importLocalPanel\s').style.display=this.checked?\s'block\s':\s'none\s';\s\n document.getElementById(\s'importHTTPPanel\s').style.display=!this.checked?\s'block\s':\s'none\s'"> local file\s\n <input type="radio" class="rad" name="importFrom" value="http"\s\n onClick="document.getElementById(\s'importLocalPanel\s').style.display=!this.checked?\s'block\s':\s'none\s';\s\n document.getElementById(\s'importHTTPPanel\s').style.display=this.checked?\s'block\s':\s'none\s'"> web server\s\n</td><td align=right>\s\n <input type=checkbox class="chk" id="chkImportReport" checked\s\n onClick="config.options[\s'chkImportReport\s']=this.checked;"> create a report\s\n</td></tr></table>\s\n<!-- import from local file -->\s\n<div id="importLocalPanel" style="display:block;margin-bottom:5px;margin-top:5px;padding-top:3px;border-top:1px solid #999">\s\nlocal document path/filename:<br>\s\n<input type="file" id="fileImportSource" size=57 style="width:100%"\s\n onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value"\s\n onChange="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value;">\s\n</div><!--panel-->\s\n\s\n<!-- import from http server -->\s\n<div id="importHTTPPanel" style="display:none;margin-bottom:5px;margin-top:5px;padding-top:3px;border-top:1px solid #999">\s\n<table><tr><td align=left>\s\n remote document URL:<br>\s\n</td><td align=right>\s\n <input type="checkbox" class="chk" id="importUseProxy"\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.useProxy=this.checked;\s\n document.getElementById(\s'importSiteProxy\s').style.display=this.checked?\s'block\s':\s'none\s'"> use a proxy script\s\n</td></tr></table>\s\n<input type="text" id="importSiteProxy" style="display:none;margin-bottom:1px" onfocus="this.select()" value="SiteProxy"\s\n onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.proxy=this.value"\s\n onChange="config.macros.importTiddlers.proxy=this.value;">\s\n<input type="text" id="importSourceURL" onfocus="this.select()" value="SiteUrl"\s\n onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value"\s\n onChange="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value;">\s\n</div><!--panel-->\s\n\s\n<table><tr><td align=left>\s\n select:\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectAll"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select all tiddlers">\s\n &nbsp;all&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectNew"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers not already in destination document">\s\n &nbsp;added&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectChanges"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers that have been updated in source document">\s\n &nbsp;changes&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectDifferences"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers that have been added or are different from existing tiddlers">\s\n &nbsp;differences&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importToggleFilter"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="show/hide selection filter">\s\n &nbsp;filter&nbsp;</a> \s\n</td><td align=right>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListSmaller"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="reduce list size">\s\n &nbsp;&#150;&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListLarger"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="increase list size">\s\n &nbsp;+&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListMaximize"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="maximize/restore list size">\s\n &nbsp;=&nbsp;</a>\s\n</td></tr></table>\s\n<select id="importList" size=8 multiple\s\n onchange="setTimeout(\s'refreshImportList(\s'+this.selectedIndex+\s')\s',1)">\s\n <!-- NOTE: delay refresh so list is updated AFTER onchange event is handled -->\s\n</select>\s\n<input type=checkbox class="chk" id="chkAddTags" checked\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags=this.checked;">add new tags &nbsp;\s\n<input type=checkbox class="chk" id="chkImportTags" checked\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.importTags=this.checked;">import source tags &nbsp;\s\n<input type=checkbox class="chk" id="chkKeepTags" checked\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.keepTags=this.checked;">keep existing tags<br>\s\n<input type=text id="txtNewTags" size=15 onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags=this.value" autocomplete=off>\s\n<div align=center>\s\n <input type=button id="importOpen" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="open"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importStart" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="import"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importClose" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="close"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n</div>\s\n<div id="importCollisionPanel">\s\n tiddler already exists:\s\n <input type=text id="importNewTitle" size=15 autocomplete=off">\s\n <div align=center>\s\n <input type=button id="importSkip" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="skip"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importRename" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="rename"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importMerge" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="merge"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importReplace" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="replace"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n </div>\s\n</div>\s\n';\n//}}}\n\n// // Control interactions\n//{{{\nfunction onClickImportButton(which)\n{\n // DEBUG alert(which.id);\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n if (!theList) return;\n var thePanel = document.getElementById('importPanel');\n var theCollisionPanel = document.getElementById('importCollisionPanel');\n var theNewTitle = document.getElementById('importNewTitle');\n var count=0;\n switch (which.id)\n {\n case 'fileImportSource':\n case 'importOpen': // load import source into hidden frame\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=null; // clear the imported tiddler buffer\n refreshImportList(); // reset/resize the listbox\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.src=="") break;\n // Load document into hidden iframe so we can read it's DOM and fill the list\n config.macros.importTiddlers.loadRemoteFile(config.macros.importTiddlers.src, function(src,txt) {\n var tiddlers = readTiddlersFromHTML(txt);\n var count=tiddlers?tiddlers.length:0;\n displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.foundMsg.format([count,src]));\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=tiddlers;\n window.refreshImportList(0);\n });\n break;\n case 'importSelectAll': // select all tiddler list items (i.e., not headings)\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n theList.options[t].selected=true;\n count++;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectNew': // select tiddlers not in current document\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n theList.options[t].selected=!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value);\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectChanges': // select tiddlers that are updated from existing tiddlers\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value==""||!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value)) continue;\n for (var i=0; i<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length; i++) // find matching inbound tiddler\n { var inbound=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[i]; if (inbound.title==theList.options[t].value) break; }\n theList.options[t].selected=(inbound.modified-store.getTiddler(theList.options[t].value).modified>0); // updated tiddler\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectDifferences': // select tiddlers that are new or different from existing tiddlers\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n if (!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value)) { theList.options[t].selected=true; count++; continue; }\n for (var i=0; i<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length; i++) // find matching inbound tiddler\n { var inbound=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[i]; if (inbound.title==theList.options[t].value) break; }\n theList.options[t].selected=(inbound.modified-store.getTiddler(theList.options[t].value).modified!=0); // changed tiddler\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importToggleFilter': // show/hide filter\n case 'importFilter': // apply filter\n alert("coming soon!");\n break;\n case 'importStart': // initiate the import processing\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(0);\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importClose': // unload imported tiddlers or hide the import control panel\n // if imported tiddlers not loaded, close the import control panel\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) { thePanel.style.display='none'; break; }\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=null; // clear the imported tiddler buffer\n refreshImportList(); // reset/resize the listbox\n break;\n case 'importSkip': // don't import the tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n theImported.status='skipped after asking'; // mark item as skipped\n theCollisionPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index+1); // resume with NEXT item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importRename': // change name of imported tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n theImported.status = 'renamed from '+theImported.title; // mark item as renamed\n theImported.set(theNewTitle.value,null,null,null,null); // change the tiddler title\n theItem.value = theNewTitle.value; // change the listbox item text\n theItem.text = theNewTitle.value; // change the listbox item text\n theCollisionPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with THIS item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importMerge': // join existing and imported tiddler content\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theItem.value);\n var theText = theExisting.text+'\sn----\sn^^merged from: ';\n theText +='[['+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+'#'+theItem.value+'|'+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+'#'+theItem.value+']]^^\sn';\n theText +='^^'+theImported.modified.toLocaleString()+' by '+theImported.modifier+'^^\sn'+theImported.text;\n var theDate = new Date();\n var theTags = theExisting.getTags()+' '+theImported.getTags();\n theImported.set(null,theText,null,theDate,theTags);\n theImported.status = 'merged with '+theExisting.title; // mark item as merged\n theImported.status += ' - '+theExisting.modified.formatString("MM/DD/YYYY 0hh:0mm:0ss");\n theImported.status += ' by '+theExisting.modifier;\n theCollisionPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with this item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importReplace': // substitute imported tiddler for existing tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theItem.value);\n theImported.status = 'replaces '+theExisting.title; // mark item for replace\n theImported.status += ' - '+theExisting.modified.formatString("MM/DD/YYYY 0hh:0mm:0ss");\n theImported.status += ' by '+theExisting.modifier;\n theCollisionPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with THIS item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importListSmaller': // decrease current listbox size, minimum=5\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size-=(theList.size>5)?1:0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize=theList.size;\n break;\n case 'importListLarger': // increase current listbox size, maximum=number of items in list\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size+=(theList.size<theList.options.length)?1:0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize=theList.size;\n break;\n case 'importListMaximize': // toggle listbox size between current and maximum\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size=(theList.size==theList.options.length)?config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize:theList.options.length;\n break;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // refresh listbox\n//{{{\nfunction refreshImportList(selectedIndex)\n{\n var theList = document.getElementById("importList");\n if (!theList) return;\n // if nothing to show, reset list content and size\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) \n {\n while (theList.length > 0) { theList.options[0] = null; }\n theList.options[0]=new Option('please open a document...',"",false,false);\n theList.size=config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize;\n return;\n }\n // get the sort order\n if (!selectedIndex) selectedIndex=0;\n if (selectedIndex==0) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='title'; // heading\n if (selectedIndex==1) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='title';\n if (selectedIndex==2) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='modified';\n if (selectedIndex==3) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='tags';\n if (selectedIndex>3) {\n // display selected tiddler count\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) count+=(theList.options[t].selected&&theList.options[t].value!="")?1:0;\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n return; // no refresh needed\n }\n\n // get the alphasorted list of tiddlers (optionally, filter out unchanged tiddlers)\n var tiddlers=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound;\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a['title'] == b['title']) return(0); else return (a['title'] < b['title']) ? -1 : +1; });\n // clear current list contents\n while (theList.length > 0) { theList.options[0] = null; }\n // add heading and control items to list\n var i=0;\n var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(tiddlers.length+' tiddler'+((tiddlers.length!=1)?'s are':' is')+' in the document',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="title" )?">":indent)+' [by title]',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="modified")?">":indent)+' [by date]',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="tags")?">":indent)+' [by tags]',"",false,false);\n // output the tiddler list\n switch(config.macros.importTiddlers.sort)\n {\n case "title":\n for(var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++)\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(tiddlers[t].title,tiddlers[t].title,false,false);\n break;\n case "modified":\n // sort descending for newest date first\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a['modified'] == b['modified']) return(0); else return (a['modified'] > b['modified']) ? -1 : +1; });\n var lastSection = "";\n for(var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++) {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[t];\n var theSection = tiddler.modified.toLocaleDateString();\n if (theSection != lastSection) {\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(theSection,"",false,false);\n lastSection = theSection;\n }\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(indent+indent+tiddler.title,tiddler.title,false,false);\n }\n break;\n case "tags":\n var theTitles = {}; // all tiddler titles, hash indexed by tag value\n var theTags = new Array();\n for(var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++) {\n var title=tiddlers[t].title;\n var tags=tiddlers[t].tags;\n if (!tags || !tags.length) {\n if (theTitles["untagged"]==undefined) { theTags.push("untagged"); theTitles["untagged"]=new Array(); }\n theTitles["untagged"].push(title);\n }\n else for(var s=0; s<tags.length; s++) {\n if (theTitles[tags[s]]==undefined) { theTags.push(tags[s]); theTitles[tags[s]]=new Array(); }\n theTitles[tags[s]].push(title);\n }\n }\n theTags.sort();\n for(var tagindex=0; tagindex<theTags.length; tagindex++) {\n var theTag=theTags[tagindex];\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(theTag,"",false,false);\n for(var t=0; t<theTitles[theTag].length; t++)\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(indent+indent+theTitles[theTag][t],theTitles[theTag][t],false,false);\n }\n break;\n }\n theList.selectedIndex=selectedIndex; // select current control item\n if (theList.size<config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize) theList.size=config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize;\n if (theList.size>theList.options.length) theList.size=theList.options.length;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // re-entrant processing for handling import with interactive collision prompting\n//{{{\nfunction importTiddlers(startIndex)\n{\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) return -1;\n\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n if (!theList) return;\n var t;\n // if starting new import, reset import status flags\n if (startIndex==0)\n for (var t=0;t<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;t++)\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="";\n for (var i=startIndex; i<theList.options.length; i++)\n {\n // if list item is not selected or is a heading (i.e., has no value), skip it\n if ((!theList.options[i].selected) || ((t=theList.options[i].value)==""))\n continue;\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==t) break;\n var inbound = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(inbound.title);\n // avoid redundant import for tiddlers that are listed multiple times (when 'by tags')\n if (inbound.status=="added")\n continue;\n // don't import the "ImportedTiddlers" history from the other document...\n if (inbound.title=='ImportedTiddlers')\n continue;\n // if tiddler exists and import not marked for replace or merge, stop importing\n if (theExisting && (inbound.status.substr(0,7)!="replace") && (inbound.status.substr(0,5)!="merge"))\n return i;\n // assemble tags (remote + existing + added)\n var newTags = "";\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.importTags)\n newTags+=inbound.getTags() // import remote tags\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.keepTags && theExisting)\n newTags+=" "+theExisting.getTags(); // keep existing tags\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags && config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags.trim().length)\n newTags+=" "+config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags; // add new tags\n inbound.set(null,null,null,null,newTags.trim());\n // set the status to 'added' (if not already set by the 'ask the user' UI)\n inbound.status=(inbound.status=="")?'added':inbound.status;\n // do the import!\n // OLD: store.addTiddler(in); store.setDirty(true);\n store.saveTiddler(inbound.title, inbound.title, inbound.text, inbound.modifier, inbound.modified, inbound.tags);\n store.fetchTiddler(inbound.title).created = inbound.created; // force creation date to imported value\n }\n return(-1); // signals that we really finished the entire list\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction importStopped()\n{\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n var theNewTitle = document.getElementById('importNewTitle');\n if (!theList) return;\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.index==-1)\n importReport(); // import finished... generate the report\n else\n {\n // DEBUG alert('import stopped at: '+config.macros.importTiddlers.index);\n // import collision... show the collision panel and set the title edit field\n document.getElementById('importCollisionPanel').style.display='block';\n theNewTitle.value=theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index].value;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''REPORT GENERATOR''\n//{{{\nfunction importReport(quiet)\n{\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) return;\n // DEBUG alert('importReport: start');\n\n // if import was not completed, the collision panel will still be open... close it now.\n var panel=document.getElementById('importCollisionPanel'); if (panel) panel.style.display='none';\n\n // get the alphasorted list of tiddlers\n var tiddlers = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound;\n // gather the statistics\n var count=0;\n for (var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++)\n if (tiddlers[t].status && tiddlers[t].status.trim().length && tiddlers[t].status.substr(0,7)!="skipped") count++;\n\n // generate a report\n if (count && config.options.chkImportReport) {\n // get/create the report tiddler\n var theReport = store.getTiddler('ImportedTiddlers');\n if (!theReport) { theReport= new Tiddler(); theReport.title = 'ImportedTiddlers'; theReport.text = ""; }\n // format the report content\n var now = new Date();\n var newText = "On "+now.toLocaleString()+", "+config.options.txtUserName\n newText +=" imported "+count+" tiddler"+(count==1?"":"s")+" from\sn[["+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+"|"+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+"]]:\sn";\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags && config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags.trim().length)\n newText += "imported tiddlers were tagged with: \s""+config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags+"\s"\sn";\n newText += "<<<\sn";\n for (var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++) if (tiddlers[t].status) newText += "#[["+tiddlers[t].title+"]] - "+tiddlers[t].status+"\sn";\n newText += "<<<\sn";\n// 20060918 ELS: DON'T ADD "discard" BUTTON TO REPORT\n// newText += "<html><input type=\s"button\s" href=\s"javascript:;\s" ";\n// newText += "onclick=\s"story.closeTiddler('"+theReport.title+"'); store.deleteTiddler('"+theReport.title+"');\s" ";\n// newText += "value=\s"discard report\s"></html>";\n // update the ImportedTiddlers content and show the tiddler\n theReport.text = newText+((theReport.text!="")?'\sn----\sn':"")+theReport.text;\n theReport.modifier = config.options.txtUserName;\n theReport.modified = new Date();\n // OLD: store.addTiddler(theReport);\n store.saveTiddler(theReport.title, theReport.title, theReport.text, theReport.modifier, theReport.modified, theReport.tags);\n if (!quiet) { story.displayTiddler(null,theReport.title,1,null,null,false); story.refreshTiddler(theReport.title,1,true); }\n }\n\n // reset status flags\n for (var t=0; t<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length; t++) config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="";\n\n // refresh display if tiddlers have been loaded\n if (count) { store.setDirty(true); store.notifyAll(); }\n\n // always show final message when tiddlers were actually loaded\n if (count) displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.importedMsg.format([count,tiddlers.length,config.macros.importTiddlers.src]));\n}\n//}}}\n\n/***\n!!!!! non-interactive 'load tiddlers' macro\n***/\n//{{{\n// default cookie/option values\nif (!config.options.chkImportReport) config.options.chkImportReport=true;\n\nconfig.macros.loadTiddlers = {\n label: "",\n prompt: "add/update tiddlers from '%0'",\n askMsg: "Please enter a local path/filename or a remote URL",\n openMsg: "Opening %0",\n openErrMsg: "Could not open %0 - error=%1",\n readMsg: "Read %0 bytes from %1",\n foundMsg: "Found %0 tiddlers in %1",\n nochangeMsg: "'%0' is up-to-date... skipped.",\n loadedMsg: "Loaded %0 of %1 tiddlers from %2"\n};\n\nconfig.macros.loadTiddlers.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {\n var label=(params[0] && params[0].substr(0,6)=='label:')?params.shift().substr(6):this.label;\n var prompt=(params[0] && params[0].substr(0,7)=='prompt:')?params.shift().substr(7):this.prompt;\n var filter="updates";\n if (params[0] && (params[0]=='all' || params[0]=='new' || params[0]=='changes' || params[0]=='updates'\n || params[0].substr(0,8)=='tiddler:' || params[0].substr(0,4)=='tag:'))\n filter=params.shift();\n var src=params.shift(); if (!src || !src.length) return; // filename is required\n var quiet=(params[0]=="quiet"); if (quiet) params.shift();\n var ask=(params[0]=="confirm"); if (ask) params.shift();\n var force=(params[0]=="force"); if (force) params.shift();\n if (label.trim().length) {\n // link triggers load tiddlers from another file/URL and then applies filtering rules to add/replace tiddlers in the store\n createTiddlyButton(place,label.format([src]),prompt.format([src]), function() {\n if (src=="ask") src=prompt(config.macros.loadTiddlers.askMsg);\n config.macros.importTiddlers.loadRemoteFile(src,loadTiddlers,quiet,ask,filter,force);\n })\n }\n else {\n // load tiddlers from another file/URL and then apply filtering rules to add/replace tiddlers in the store\n if (src=="ask") src=prompt(config.macros.loadTiddlers.askMsg);\n config.macros.importTiddlers.loadRemoteFile(src,loadTiddlers,quiet,ask,filter,force);\n }\n}\n\nfunction loadTiddlers(src,html,quiet,ask,filter,force)\n{\n var tiddlers = readTiddlersFromHTML(html);\n var count=tiddlers?tiddlers.length:0;\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.foundMsg.format([count,src]));\n var count=0;\n if (tiddlers) for (var t=0;t<tiddlers.length;t++) {\n var inbound = tiddlers[t];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(inbound.title);\n if (inbound.title=='ImportedTiddlers')\n continue; // skip "ImportedTiddlers" history from the other document...\n\n // apply the all/new/changes/updates filter (if any)\n if (filter && filter!="all") {\n if ((filter=="new") && theExisting) // skip existing tiddlers\n continue;\n if ((filter=="changes") && !theExisting) // skip new tiddlers\n continue;\n if ((filter.substr(0,4)=="tag:") && inbound.tags.find(filter.substr(4))==null) // must match specific tag value\n continue;\n if ((filter.substr(0,8)=="tiddler:") && inbound.title!=filter.substr(8)) // must match specific tiddler name\n continue;\n if (!force && store.tiddlerExists(inbound.title) && ((theExisting.modified.getTime()-inbound.modified.getTime())>=0))\n { if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.nochangeMsg.format([inbound.title])); continue; }\n }\n // get confirmation if required\n if (ask && !confirm((theExisting?"Update":"Add")+" tiddler '"+inbound.title+"'\snfrom "+src))\n { tiddlers[t].status="skipped - cancelled by user"; continue; }\n // DO IT!\n // OLD: store.addTiddler(in);\n store.saveTiddler(inbound.title, inbound.title, inbound.text, inbound.modifier, inbound.modified, inbound.tags);\n store.fetchTiddler(inbound.title).created = inbound.created; // force creation date to imported value\n tiddlers[t].status=theExisting?"updated":"added"\n count++;\n }\n if (count) {\n // refresh display\n store.setDirty(true);\n store.notifyAll();\n // generate a report\n if (config.options.chkImportReport) {\n // get/create the report tiddler\n var theReport = store.getTiddler('ImportedTiddlers');\n if (!theReport) { theReport= new Tiddler(); theReport.title = 'ImportedTiddlers'; theReport.text = ""; }\n // format the report content\n var now = new Date();\n var newText = "On "+now.toLocaleString()+", "+config.options.txtUserName+" loaded "+count+" tiddlers from\sn[["+src+"|"+src+"]]:\sn";\n newText += "<<<\sn";\n for (var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++) if (tiddlers[t].status) newText += "#[["+tiddlers[t].title+"]] - "+tiddlers[t].status+"\sn";\n newText += "<<<\sn";\n// 20060918 ELS: DON'T ADD "discard" BUTTON TO REPORT\n// newText += "<html><input type=\s"button\s" href=\s"javascript:;\s" ";\n// newText += "onclick=\s"story.closeTiddler('"+theReport.title+"'); store.deleteTiddler('"+theReport.title+"');\s" ";\n// newText += "value=\s"discard report\s"></html>";\n // update the ImportedTiddlers content and show the tiddler\n theReport.text = newText+((theReport.text!="")?'\sn----\sn':"")+theReport.text;\n theReport.modifier = config.options.txtUserName;\n theReport.modified = new Date();\n // OLD: store.addTiddler(theReport);\n store.saveTiddler(theReport.title, theReport.title, theReport.text, theReport.modifier, theReport.modified, theReport.tags);\n if (!quiet) { story.displayTiddler(null,theReport.title,1,null,null,false); story.refreshTiddler(theReport.title,1,true); }\n }\n }\n // always show final message when tiddlers were actually loaded\n if (!quiet||count) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.loadedMsg.format([count,tiddlers.length,src]));\n}\n\n// replaces existing core function\n\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.loadRemoteFile = function(src,callback,quiet,ask,filter,force) {\n if (src==undefined || !src.length) return null; // filename is required\n if (!quiet) clearMessage();\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.openMsg.format([src]));\n if (src.substr(0,4)!="http" && src.substr(0,4)!="file") { // if not a URL, fallback to read from local filesystem\n var txt=loadFile(src);\n if ((txt==null)||(txt==false)) // file didn't load\n { if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.openErrMsg.format([src,"(unknown)"])); }\n else {\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.readMsg.format([txt.length,src]));\n if (callback) callback(src,convertUTF8ToUnicode(txt),quiet,ask,filter,force);\n }\n }\n else {\n var x; // get an request object\n try {x = new XMLHttpRequest()} // moz\n catch(e) {\n try {x = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")} // IE 6\n catch (e) {\n try {x = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")} // IE 5\n catch (e) { return }\n }\n }\n // setup callback function to handle server response(s)\n x.onreadystatechange = function() {\n if (x.readyState == 4) {\n if (x.status==0 || x.status == 200) {\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.readMsg.format([x.responseText.length,src]));\n if (callback) callback(src,x.responseText,quiet,ask,filter,force);\n }\n else {\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.openErrMsg.format([src,x.status]));\n }\n }\n }\n // get privileges to read another document's DOM via http:// or file:// (moz-only)\n if (typeof(netscape)!="undefined") {\n try { netscape.security.PrivilegeManager.enablePrivilege("UniversalBrowserRead"); }\n catch (e) { if (!quiet) displayMessage(e.description?e.description:e.toString()); }\n }\n // send the HTTP request\n try {\n var url=src+(src.indexOf('?')<0?'?':'&')+'nocache='+Math.random();\n x.open("GET",src,true);\n if (x.overrideMimeType) x.overrideMimeType('text/html');\n x.send(null);\n }\n catch (e) {\n if (!quiet) {\n displayMessage(config.macros.loadTiddlers.openErrMsg.format([src,"(unknown)"]));\n displayMessage(e.description?e.description:e.toString());\n }\n }\n }\n}\n\nfunction readTiddlersFromHTML(html)\n{\n // extract store area from html \n var start=html.indexOf('<div id="storeArea">');\n var end=html.indexOf("<!--POST-BODY-START--"+">",start);\n if (end==-1) var end=html.indexOf("</body"+">",start); // backward-compatibility for older documents\n var sa="<html><body>"+html.substring(start,end)+"</body></html>";\n\n // load html into iframe document\n var f=document.getElementById("loaderFrame"); if (f) document.body.removeChild(f);\n f=document.createElement("iframe"); f.id="loaderFrame";\n f.style.width="0px"; f.style.height="0px"; f.style.border="0px";\n document.body.appendChild(f);\n var d=f.document;\n if (f.contentDocument) d=f.contentDocument; // For NS6\n else if (f.contentWindow) d=f.contentWindow.document; // For IE5.5 and IE6\n d.open(); d.writeln(sa); d.close();\n\n // read tiddler DIVs from storeArea DOM element \n var sa = d.getElementById("storeArea");\n if (!sa) return null;\n sa.normalize();\n var nodes = sa.childNodes;\n if (!nodes || !nodes.length) return null;\n var tiddlers = [];\n for(var t = 0; t < nodes.length; t++) {\n var title = null;\n if(nodes[t].getAttribute)\n title = nodes[t].getAttribute("tiddler");\n if(!title && nodes[t].id && (nodes[t].id.substr(0,5) == "store"))\n title = nodes[t].id.substr(5);\n if(title && title != "")\n tiddlers.push((new Tiddler()).loadFromDiv(nodes[t],title));\n }\n return tiddlers;\n}\n//}}}
/***\n''InlineJavascriptPlugin for ~TiddlyWiki version 1.2.x and 2.0''\n^^author: Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios\nsource: http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#InlineJavascriptPlugin\nlicense: [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]^^\n\nInsert Javascript executable code directly into your tiddler content. Lets you ''call directly into TW core utility routines, define new functions, calculate values, add dynamically-generated TiddlyWiki-formatted output'' into tiddler content, or perform any other programmatic actions each time the tiddler is rendered.\n!!!!!Usage\n<<<\nWhen installed, this plugin adds new wiki syntax for surrounding tiddler content with {{{<script>}}} and {{{</script>}}} markers, so that it can be treated as embedded javascript and executed each time the tiddler is rendered.\n\n''Deferred execution from an 'onClick' link''\nBy including a label="..." parameter in the initial {{{<script>}}} marker, the plugin will create a link to an 'onclick' script that will only be executed when that specific link is clicked, rather than running the script each time the tiddler is rendered.\n\n''External script source files:''\nYou can also load javascript from an external source URL, by including a src="..." parameter in the initial {{{<script>}}} marker (e.g., {{{<script src="demo.js"></script>}}}). This is particularly useful when incorporating third-party javascript libraries for use in custom extensions and plugins. The 'foreign' javascript code remains isolated in a separate file that can be easily replaced whenever an updated library file becomes available.\n\n''Display script source in tiddler output''\nBy including the keyword parameter "show", in the initial {{{<script>}}} marker, the plugin will include the script source code in the output that it displays in the tiddler.\n\n''Defining javascript functions and libraries:''\nAlthough the external javascript file is loaded while the tiddler content is being rendered, any functions it defines will not be available for use until //after// the rendering has been completed. Thus, you cannot load a library and //immediately// use it's functions within the same tiddler. However, once that tiddler has been loaded, the library functions can be freely used in any tiddler (even the one in which it was initially loaded).\n\nTo ensure that your javascript functions are always available when needed, you should load the libraries from a tiddler that will be rendered as soon as your TiddlyWiki document is opened. For example, you could put your {{{<script src="..."></script>}}} syntax into a tiddler called LoadScripts, and then add {{{<<tiddler LoadScripts>>}}} in your MainMenu tiddler.\n\nSince the MainMenu is always rendered immediately upon opening your document, the library will always be loaded before any other tiddlers that rely upon the functions it defines. Loading an external javascript library does not produce any direct output in the tiddler, so these definitions should have no impact on the appearance of your MainMenu.\n\n''Creating dynamic tiddler content''\nAn important difference between this implementation of embedded scripting and conventional embedded javascript techniques for web pages is the method used to produce output that is dynamically inserted into the document:\n* In a typical web document, you use the document.write() function to output text sequences (often containing HTML tags) that are then rendered when the entire document is first loaded into the browser window.\n* However, in a ~TiddlyWiki document, tiddlers (and other DOM elements) are created, deleted, and rendered "on-the-fly", so writing directly to the global 'document' object does not produce the results you want (i.e., replacing the embedded script within the tiddler content), and completely replaces the entire ~TiddlyWiki document in your browser window.\n* To allow these scripts to work unmodified, the plugin automatically converts all occurences of document.write() so that the output is inserted into the tiddler content instead of replacing the entire ~TiddlyWiki document.\n\nIf your script does not use document.write() to create dynamically embedded content within a tiddler, your javascript can, as an alternative, explicitly return a text value that the plugin can then pass through the wikify() rendering engine to insert into the tiddler display. For example, using {{{return "thistext"}}} will produce the same output as {{{document.write("thistext")}}}.\n\n//Note: your script code is automatically 'wrapped' inside a function, {{{_out()}}}, so that any return value you provide can be correctly handled by the plugin and inserted into the tiddler. To avoid unpredictable results (and possibly fatal execution errors), this function should never be redefined or called from ''within'' your script code.//\n\n''Accessing the ~TiddlyWiki DOM''\nThe plugin provides one pre-defined variable, 'place', that is passed in to your javascript code so that it can have direct access to the containing DOM element into which the tiddler output is currently being rendered.\n\nAccess to this DOM element allows you to create scripts that can:\n* vary their actions based upon the specific location in which they are embedded\n* access 'tiddler-relative' information (use findContainingTiddler(place))\n* perform direct DOM manipulations (when returning wikified text is not enough)\n<<<\n!!!!!Examples\n<<<\nan "alert" message box:\n><script show>\n alert('InlineJavascriptPlugin: this is a demonstration message');\n</script>\ndynamic output:\n><script show>\n return (new Date()).toString();\n</script>\nwikified dynamic output:\n><script show>\n return "link to current user: [["+config.options.txtUserName+"]]";\n</script>\ndynamic output using 'place' to get size information for current tiddler:\n><script show>\n if (!window.story) window.story=window;\n var title=story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7);\n return title+" is using "+store.getTiddlerText(title).length+" bytes";\n</script>\ncreating an 'onclick' button/link that runs a script:\n><script label="click here" show>\n if (!window.story) window.story=window;\n alert("Hello World!\snlinktext='"+place.firstChild.data+"'\sntiddler='"+story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7)+"'");\n</script>\nloading a script from a source url:\n>http://www.TiddlyTools.com/demo.js contains:\n>>{{{function demo() { alert('this output is from demo(), defined in demo.js') } }}}\n>>{{{alert('InlineJavascriptPlugin: demo.js has been loaded'); }}}\n><script src="demo.js" show>\n return "loading demo.js..."\n</script>\n><script label="click to execute demo() function" show>\n demo()\n</script>\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''InlineJavascriptPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.06.01 [1.5.1]'' when calling wikify() on script return value, pass hightlightRegExp and tiddler params so macros that rely on these values can render properly\n''2006.04.19 [1.5.0]'' added 'show' parameter to force display of javascript source code in tiddler output\n''2006.01.05 [1.4.0]'' added support 'onclick' scripts. When label="..." param is present, a button/link is created using the indicated label text, and the script is only executed when the button/link is clicked. 'place' value is set to match the clicked button/link element.\n''2005.12.13 [1.3.1]'' when catching eval error in IE, e.description contains the error text, instead of e.toString(). Fixed error reporting so IE shows the correct response text. Based on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski\n''2005.11.09 [1.3.0]'' for 'inline' scripts (i.e., not scripts loaded with src="..."), automatically replace calls to 'document.write()' with 'place.innerHTML+=' so script output is directed into tiddler content. Based on a suggestion by BradleyMeck\n''2005.11.08 [1.2.0]'' handle loading of javascript from an external URL via src="..." syntax\n''2005.11.08 [1.1.0]'' pass 'place' param into scripts to provide direct DOM access \n''2005.11.08 [1.0.0]'' initial release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]]\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.inlineJavascript= {major: 1, minor: 5, revision: 1, date: new Date(2006,6,1)};\n\nconfig.formatters.push( {\n name: "inlineJavascript",\n match: "\s\s<script",\n lookahead: "\s\s<script(?: src=\s\s\s"((?:.|\s\sn)*?)\s\s\s")?(?: label=\s\s\s"((?:.|\s\sn)*?)\s\s\s")?( show)?\s\s>((?:.|\s\sn)*?)\s\s</script\s\s>",\n\n handler: function(w) {\n var lookaheadRegExp = new RegExp(this.lookahead,"mg");\n lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;\n var lookaheadMatch = lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source)\n if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart) {\n if (lookaheadMatch[1]) { // load a script library\n // make script tag, set src, add to body to execute, then remove for cleanup\n var script = document.createElement("script"); script.src = lookaheadMatch[1];\n document.body.appendChild(script); document.body.removeChild(script);\n }\n if (lookaheadMatch[4]) { // there is script code\n if (lookaheadMatch[3]) // show inline script code in tiddler output\n wikify("{{{\sn"+lookaheadMatch[0]+"\sn}}}\sn",w.output);\n if (lookaheadMatch[2]) { // create a link to an 'onclick' script\n // add a link, define click handler, save code in link (pass 'place'), set link attributes\n var link=createTiddlyElement(w.output,"a",null,"tiddlyLinkExisting",lookaheadMatch[2]);\n link.onclick=function(){try{return(eval(this.code))}catch(e){alert(e.description?e.description:e.toString())}}\n link.code="function _out(place){"+lookaheadMatch[4]+"};_out(this);"\n link.setAttribute("href","javascript:;"); link.setAttribute("title",""); link.style.cursor="pointer";\n }\n else { // run inline script code\n var code="function _out(place){"+lookaheadMatch[4]+"};_out(w.output);"\n code=code.replace(/document.write\s(/gi,'place.innerHTML+=(');\n try { var out = eval(code); } catch(e) { out = e.description?e.description:e.toString(); }\n if (out && out.length) wikify(out,w.output,w.highlightRegExp,w.tiddler);\n }\n }\n w.nextMatch = lookaheadMatch.index + lookaheadMatch[0].length;\n }\n }\n} )\n//}}}\n
|! JAN NIETO, 24 (Antipolo City, customer marketing manager) |>|\n| To vote, type ''JAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT) | [img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jan.jpg]] |\n| [[Could It Be I'm Fallin' In Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Could%20It%20Be%20I%27m%20Fallin%27%20In%20Love.mp3]] |~|\n| [[The Spinners' version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Spinners%20-%20Could%20It%20Be%20I%27m%20Falling%20In%20Love.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: Except for that last part where your voice became hoarse, I hope you make it next week.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Pwede ka palang kumanta rin ng //soul//.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: You performed it like a //white// boy.|\n|>|//I say//: Heard some flat notes when he started dancing with a member of the audience. He really couldn't reach those high notes! And where's his //surprise//?|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! JAN NIETO, 24 (Antipolo City, customer marketing manager) |>|\n| To vote, type ''JAN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT) | [img[Jan Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jan-sm.jpg]] |\n| [[Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20Nieto%20-%20Tuwing%20Umuulan%20At%20Kapiling%20Ka.mp3]] (Basil Valdez) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: Bagay na bagay ang kinanta. Ang laki ng pinagbago mo. Nag-fearless forecast ako na ang first Philippine Idol might come from the guys, and Jan has proven me right.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Ako surprised talaga sayo, Jan. Talagang you have improved so much.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: I'm very happy that you came from behind. Meron ka pala e, bat di mo pinakita agad.|\n|>|//I say//: This guy can sing!|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
/%\n\nDerived from http://www.squarefree.com/shell/?ignoreReferrerFrom=shell1.4\n\n%/<html><div class="shell"><div id="output"></div><input type=text\n onkeydown="jsshell.inputKeydown(event)"\n id="input" class="input" wrap="off" autocomplete="off"\n title="TAB=auto-complete property names, Ctrl+Up/Down=history"\n style="width:100%;height:1.2em;margin-top:.2em;border:1px solid;color:#000;background:#fff;"><span style="float:right">height: <input type="text" name="height" value="20em" size="2" style="width:3em;padding:0;margin:0;" onchange="document.getElementById('output').style.height=this.value"> <input type="button" onclick="jsshell.go('clear()')"value="clear"></span><!--\n -->enter a javascript expression or shell function:\n ans, load(URL), scope(obj), <!--\n --><a accesskey="M" href="javascript:jsshell.go('scope(Math); mathHelp();');">Math</a>, <!--\n --><a accesskey="P" href="javascript:jsshell.go('props(ans)')">props(obj)</a>, <!--\n --><a accesskey="B" href="javascript:jsshell.go('blink(ans)')">blink(node)</a>, <!--\n --><a href="javascript:jsshell.go('wikify(ans)')">wikify(text)</a>, <!--\n --><a href="javascript:jsshell.go('print(ans)')">print(text)</a></div></html><script>\n\nvar shellstyles="";\nshellstyles+=".shell #output { height:20em;width:100%;white-space:normal;overflow:auto; }";\nshellstyles+=".shell #output { border:1px solid #999;background:#000 !important; }";\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .input { color:#fff !important; }"; // white\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .error { color:#f00 !important; }"; // red\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .normalOutput { color:#0c0 !important; }"; // green\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .print { color:#ccc !important; }"; // gray\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .tabcomplete { color:#ff0 !important; }"; // yellow\nshellstyles+=".shell #output .message { color:#0ff !important; }"; // cyan\nsetStylesheet(shellstyles,"JavascriptShellStyles");\n\nwindow.jsshell = {}; // Put our functions in the global namespace.\n\nwindow.jsshell.refocus = function()\n{\n jsshell._in.blur(); // Needed for Mozilla to scroll correctly.\n jsshell._in.focus();\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.initTarget = function()\n{\n window.print = jsshell.shellCommands.print;\n}\n\n// Unless the user is selected something, refocus the textbox.\n// (requested by caillon, brendan, asa)\nwindow.jsshell.keepFocusInTextbox = function(e) \n{\n var g = e.srcElement ? e.srcElement : e.target; // IE vs. standard\n \n while (!g.tagName)\n g = g.parentNode;\n var t = g.tagName.toUpperCase();\n if (t=="A" || t=="INPUT")\n return;\n \n if (window.getSelection) {\n // Mozilla\n if (String(window.getSelection()))\n return;\n }\n else if (document.getSelection) {\n // Opera? 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If a variable is not found in this scope, window will also be searched. New variables will still go on window.", "message");\n},\n\nmathHelp : function mathHelp()\n{\n jsshell.printWithRunin("Math constants", "E, LN2, LN10, LOG2E, LOG10E, PI, SQRT1_2, SQRT2", "propList");\n jsshell.printWithRunin("Math methods", "abs, acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceil, cos, exp, floor, log, max, min, pow, random, round, sin, sqrt, tan", "propList");\n},\n\nans : undefined\n};\n\n\nwindow.jsshell.hist = function(up)\n{\n // histList[0] = first command entered, [1] = second, etc.\n // type something, press up --> thing typed is now in "limbo"\n // (last item in histList) and should be reachable by pressing \n // down again.\n\n var L = jsshell.histList.length;\n\n if (L == 1)\n return;\n\n if (up)\n {\n if (jsshell.histPos == L-1)\n {\n // Save this entry in case the user hits the down key.\n jsshell.histList[jsshell.histPos] = jsshell._in.value;\n }\n\n if (jsshell.histPos > 0)\n {\n jsshell.histPos--;\n // Use a timeout to prevent up from moving cursor within new text\n // Set to nothing first for the same reason\n setTimeout(\n function() {\n jsshell._in.value = ''; \n jsshell._in.value = jsshell.histList[jsshell.histPos];\n var caretPos = jsshell._in.value.length;\n if (jsshell._in.setSelectionRange) \n jsshell._in.setSelectionRange(caretPos, caretPos);\n },\n 0\n );\n }\n } \n else // down\n {\n if (jsshell.histPos < L-1)\n {\n jsshell.histPos++;\n jsshell._in.value = jsshell.histList[jsshell.histPos];\n }\n else if (jsshell.histPos == L-1)\n {\n // Already on the current entry: clear but save\n if (jsshell._in.value)\n {\n jsshell.histList[jsshell.histPos] = jsshell._in.value;\n ++jsshell.histPos;\n jsshell._in.value = "";\n }\n }\n }\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.tabcomplete = function()\n{\n /*\n * Working backwards from s[from], find the spot\n * where this expression starts. It will scan\n * until it hits a mismatched ( or a space,\n * but it skips over quoted strings.\n * If stopAtDot is true, stop at a '.'\n */\n function findbeginning(s, from, stopAtDot)\n {\n /*\n * Complicated function.\n *\n * Return true if s[i] == q BUT ONLY IF\n * s[i-1] is not a backslash.\n */\n function equalButNotEscaped(s,i,q)\n {\n if(s.charAt(i) != q) // not equal go no further\n return false;\n\n if(i==0) // beginning of string\n return true;\n\n if(s.charAt(i-1) == '\s\s') // escaped?\n return false;\n\n return true;\n }\n\n var nparens = 0;\n var i;\n for(i=from; i>=0; i--)\n {\n if(s.charAt(i) == ' ')\n break;\n\n if(stopAtDot && s.charAt(i) == '.')\n break;\n \n if(s.charAt(i) == ')')\n nparens++;\n else if(s.charAt(i) == '(')\n nparens--;\n\n if(nparens < 0)\n break;\n\n // skip quoted strings\n if(s.charAt(i) == '\s'' || s.charAt(i) == '\s"')\n {\n //dump("skipping quoted chars: ");\n var quot = s.charAt(i);\n i--;\n while(i >= 0 && !equalButNotEscaped(s,i,quot)) {\n //dump(s.charAt(i));\n i--;\n }\n //dump("\sn");\n }\n }\n return i;\n }\n\n // XXX should be used more consistently (instead of using selectionStart/selectionEnd throughout code)\n // XXX doesn't work in IE, even though it contains IE-specific code\n function getcaretpos(inp)\n {\n if(inp.selectionEnd != null)\n return inp.selectionEnd;\n \n if(inp.createTextRange)\n {\n var docrange = document.selection.createRange();\n var inprange = inp.createTextRange();\n if (inprange.setEndPoint)\n {\n inprange.setEndPoint('EndToStart', docrange);\n return inprange.text.length;\n }\n }\n\n return inp.value.length; // sucks, punt\n }\n\n function setselectionto(inp,pos)\n {\n if(inp.selectionStart) {\n inp.selectionStart = inp.selectionEnd = pos;\n }\n else if(inp.createTextRange) {\n var docrange = document.selection.createRange();\n var inprange = inp.createTextRange();\n inprange.move('character',pos);\n inprange.select();\n }\n else { // err...\n /*\n inp.select();\n if(document.getSelection())\n document.getSelection() = "";\n */\n }\n }\n // get position of cursor within the input box\n var caret = getcaretpos(jsshell._in);\n\n if(caret) {\n //dump("----\sn");\n var dotpos, spacepos, complete, obj;\n //dump("caret pos: " + caret + "\sn");\n // see if there's a dot before here\n dotpos = findbeginning(jsshell._in.value, caret-1, true);\n //dump("dot pos: " + dotpos + "\sn");\n if(dotpos == -1 || jsshell._in.value.charAt(dotpos) != '.') {\n dotpos = caret;\n//dump("changed dot pos: " + dotpos + "\sn");\n }\n\n // look backwards for a non-variable-name character\n spacepos = findbeginning(jsshell._in.value, dotpos-1, false);\n //dump("space pos: " + spacepos + "\sn");\n // get the object we're trying to complete on\n if(spacepos == dotpos || spacepos+1 == dotpos || dotpos == caret)\n {\n // try completing function args\n if(jsshell._in.value.charAt(dotpos) == '(' ||\n (jsshell._in.value.charAt(spacepos) == '(' && (spacepos+1) == dotpos))\n {\n var fn,fname;\n var from = (jsshell._in.value.charAt(dotpos) == '(') ? dotpos : spacepos;\n spacepos = findbeginning(jsshell._in.value, from-1, false);\n\n fname = jsshell._in.value.substr(spacepos+1,from-(spacepos+1));\n //dump("fname: " + fname + "\sn");\n try {\n with(window)\n with(jsshell._scope)\n with(jsshell.shellCommands)\n fn = eval(fname);\n }\n catch(er) {\n //dump('fn is not a valid object\sn');\n return;\n }\n if(fn == undefined) {\n //dump('fn is undefined');\n return;\n }\n if(fn instanceof Function)\n {\n // Print function definition, including argument names, but not function body\n if(!fn.toString().match(/function .+?\s(\s) +\s{\sn +\s[native code\s]\sn\s}/))\n jsshell.println(fn.toString().match(/function .+?\s(.*?\s)/), "tabcomplete");\n }\n\n return;\n }\n else\n obj = window;\n }\n else\n {\n var objname = jsshell._in.value.substr(spacepos+1,dotpos-(spacepos+1));\n //dump("objname: |" + objname + "|\sn");\n try {\n with(jsshell._scope)\n with(window)\n obj = eval(objname);\n }\n catch(er) {\n jsshell.printError(er); \n return;\n }\n if(obj == undefined) {\n // sometimes this is tabcomplete's fault, so don't print it :(\n // e.g. completing from "print(document.getElements"\n // jsshell.println("Can't complete from null or undefined expression " + objname, "error");\n return;\n }\n }\n //dump("obj: " + obj + "\sn");\n // get the thing we're trying to complete\n if(dotpos == caret)\n {\n if(spacepos+1 == dotpos || spacepos == dotpos)\n {\n // nothing to complete\n //dump("nothing to complete\sn");\n return;\n }\n\n complete = jsshell._in.value.substr(spacepos+1,dotpos-(spacepos+1));\n }\n else {\n complete = jsshell._in.value.substr(dotpos+1,caret-(dotpos+1));\n }\n //dump("complete: " + complete + "\sn");\n // ok, now look at all the props/methods of this obj\n // and find ones starting with 'complete'\n var matches = [];\n var bestmatch = null;\n for(var a in obj)\n {\n //a = a.toString();\n //XXX: making it lowercase could help some cases,\n // but screws up my general logic.\n if(a.substr(0,complete.length) == complete) {\n matches.push(a);\n ////dump("match: " + a + "\sn");\n // if no best match, this is the best match\n if(bestmatch == null)\n {\n bestmatch = a;\n }\n else {\n // the best match is the longest common string\n function min(a,b){ return ((a<b)?a:b); }\n var i;\n for(i=0; i< min(bestmatch.length, a.length); i++)\n {\n if(bestmatch.charAt(i) != a.charAt(i))\n break;\n }\n bestmatch = bestmatch.substr(0,i);\n ////dump("bestmatch len: " + i + "\sn");\n }\n ////dump("bestmatch: " + bestmatch + "\sn");\n }\n }\n bestmatch = (bestmatch || "");\n ////dump("matches: " + matches + "\sn");\n var objAndComplete = (objname || obj) + "." + bestmatch;\n //dump("matches.length: " + matches.length + ", jsshell.tooManyMatches: " + jsshell.tooManyMatches + ", objAndComplete: " + objAndComplete + "\sn");\n if(matches.length > 1 && (jsshell.tooManyMatches == objAndComplete || matches.length <= 10)) {\n\n jsshell.printWithRunin("Matches: ", matches.join(', '), "tabcomplete");\n jsshell.tooManyMatches = null;\n }\n else if(matches.length > 10)\n {\n jsshell.println(matches.length + " matches. Press tab again to see them all", "tabcomplete");\n jsshell.tooManyMatches = objAndComplete;\n }\n else {\n jsshell.tooManyMatches = null;\n }\n if(bestmatch != "")\n {\n var sstart;\n if(dotpos == caret) {\n sstart = spacepos+1;\n }\n else {\n sstart = dotpos+1;\n }\n jsshell._in.value = jsshell._in.value.substr(0, sstart)\n + bestmatch\n + jsshell._in.value.substr(caret);\n setselectionto(jsshell._in,caret + (bestmatch.length - complete.length));\n }\n }\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.printQuestion = function(q)\n{\n jsshell.println(q, "input");\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.printAnswer = function(a)\n{\n if (a !== undefined) {\n jsshell.println(a, "normalOutput");\n jsshell.shellCommands.ans = a;\n }\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.printError = function(er)\n{ \n var lineNumberString;\n\n lastError = er; // for debugging the shell\n if (er.name)\n {\n // lineNumberString should not be "", to avoid a very wacky bug in IE 6.\n lineNumberString = (er.lineNumber != undefined) ? (" on line " + er.lineNumber + ": ") : ": ";\n jsshell.println(er.name + lineNumberString + er.message, "error"); // Because IE doesn't have error.toString.\n }\n else\n jsshell.println(er, "error"); // Because security errors in Moz /only/ have toString.\n}\n\nwindow.jsshell.go = function(s)\n{\n jsshell._in.value = jsshell.question = s ? s : jsshell._in.value;\n\n if (jsshell.question == "")\n return;\n\n jsshell.histList[jsshell.histList.length-1] = jsshell.question;\n jsshell.histList[jsshell.histList.length] = "";\n jsshell.histPos = jsshell.histList.length - 1;\n \n // Unfortunately, this has to happen *before* the JavaScript is run, so that \n // print() output will go in the right place.\n jsshell._in.value='';\n jsshell.recalculateInputHeight();\n jsshell.printQuestion(jsshell.question);\n\n if (window.closed) {\n jsshell.printError("Target window has been closed.");\n return;\n }\n \n try { ("jsshell" in window) }\n catch(er) {\n jsshell.printError("The JavaScript Shell cannot access variables in the target window. 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|! JELI MATEO, 23 (Pasig City, lounge singer) |>|\n| [img[Jeli Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_jeli.jpg]] | To vote, type ''JELI'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-07'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Always Be My Baby|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jeli%20-%20Always%20Be%20My%20Baby.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Mariah Carey's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Mariah%20Carey%20-%20Always%20Be%20My%20Baby.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: I just felt that the notes were going in too many different places.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Tonight I was not too happy with your performance. But I still hope to see you next week.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: It seemed to me that you just wanted to finish the song and put it away. You can do better than that.|\n|>|//I say//: ''B''oring, with a bold capital ''B''. The word [[perfunctory|http://www.webster.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?sourceid=Mozilla-search&va=perfunctory]] crossed my mind several times while she was performing.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! JELI MATEO, 23 (Pasig City, lounge singer) |>|\n| [img[Jeli Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jellica-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''JELI'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Iisa Pa Lamang|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jeli%20Mateo%20-%20Iisa%20Pa%20Lamang.mp3]] (Joey Albert) |\n|>|//Francis M//: I love this performance; much, much better than your last performance. Pinatunayan mong there's a voice behind that pretty face.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I felt in the beginning that parang pretty face ka lang. Now I know that you are material for Philippine Idol.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: It's very embarrassing that we have to apologize that you are beautiful. Tonight, I'm glad that you've proven na pwede ka sa top 12. You have a beautiful voice.|\n|>|//I say//: I like her expression while singing the song. But I could hear her breathing and she did have a bad note towards the end of the song.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
[>img[Yahoo! 360|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/ma_360-beta_1.gif][http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-Mv8fpN0mfpnI1scDLCF35uJusRFC?p=12]]^^Originally published in my [[Yahoo! 360 blog|http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-Mv8fpN0mfpnI1scDLCF35uJusRFC?p=12]] on 28 March 2006.^^\n\nI have come across many websites that allow you to //send to a friend// the page you are viewing. However, when you do this, what your friend receives is a link to that page, not the page itself. This is worse especially if that page is password-protected.\n\nAs a result, every time I want to send a webpage to my friends, I used to copy the entire page and paste it on the email message I am composing to them. In some cases, the images on the webpage I am sending are copied to the email messages. In other instances, these aren’t.\n\nNot until I stumbled across [[JumpKnowledge|http://jkn.com/]]. As [[Relevance Technology|http://relevance-inc.com/]] (the author of ~JumpKnowledge) says, jkn.com is ~JumpKnowledge, a collection of free services to enhance email. Use jkn to email a web page or use jkn to have an orderly discussion. jkn uses your existing email accounts for a seamless, transparent experience. Once you start using jkn, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.\n\nWith ~JumpKnowledge, you can email any web page (the entire page, mind you, without having to cut and paste), or a link (if you so desire), and even have an email discussion with somebody (the email you receive will show your entire discussion from the moment it started, thus saving you the trouble of looking for the previous email that caused the reply. It’s just like chatting with somebody - but on email!)\n\n[>img[Preview|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/amazing_webpage_emailer-1.jpg]]Not only that. In the Knowledge Center the site creates for you after registration (which is free), you have the facility of tracking when the page you sent was received and read by the people you sent the page to!\n\nAnd to make things convenient for you, you are given the option to add a button to your browser toolbar, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape. In Internet Explorer, it adds three buttons to the LINKS toolbar (email page, email link, email message). In Firefox, it adds the Amazing Webpage Emailer extension (which can be accessed through the File menu) and, should you desire, a button on your toolbar. I haven’t tried it in Netscape, as I’m not using that browser.\n\nWhen you register at the site, you are provided with an address book that allows you to add the email addresses you often send pages to. You can import the email addresses from Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and Plaxo, among others. They say they don’t save passwords when you do this. ([[Site Advisor|http://www.siteadvisor.com/]] gives the site a green mark - which means it is safe.)\n\nI’m glad I found this site. Now, I can forward pages debunking many hoaxes and urban legends that my friends are fond of forwarding to me, without having to fill the clipboard (and my [[Clipboard Diary|http://softvoile.com/clipdiary/?s=cdm]]) with copied pages!\n\nTry [[JumpKnowledge|http://jkn.com/]] today.\n\n----\n^^Firefox users can also install the [[Amazing webpage emailer extension|https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/886/]] directly without visiting the jkn site.^^\n----\n<<haloscan comments>>
It seems that the final round of Philippine Idol will not start this ''Saturday, 23 September''. Instead, ABC 5 will be airing what it dubs as ''Kakaibang Idol''.\n\nAs shown on its [[website|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]],\n<<<\nNext Saturday on Philippine Idol, the show pays tribute to those unique individuals who auditioned in Philippine Idol. The show, dubbed //Kakaibang Idol//, will showcase seven //Kakaibang Idol// as they perform their unique audition piece once again on Saturday performance night, 9pm on ABC 5!\n<<<\nGee... These are the individuals who didn't make it to the top 24. I think some even didn't make it beyond the auditions. So we make fun of them then?\n\nOn second thought, any of them might even have bigger careers than the Philippine Idol finalists. Remember [[William Hung|http://www.williamhung.net/]] (//She Bangs//) and [[Daniel Powter|http://www.danielpowter.com/]] (//Bad Day//)? They cut albums long before those who advanced in the American Idol season they were ousted from did. Hmmm, we're just being the copycats that we are, huh? On second thought, this wouldn't be happening without the blessings of Fremantle Media, would it?\n\nThe following names have been touted (see [[High Denzity|http://highdenzity.blogsome.com/2006/09/21/philippine-idols-kakaibang-idol/]] and [[ABC Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=650]]) to be the seven performers for Saturday:\n*''Jhonalene Sison'', the anime fanatic\n*''Leonard Ocampo'', he who wore his lucky trench coat\n*''Win John Dacay'', the male "Mystica", who did the split\n*''John Jericho Perey'', taught the judges a Hawaiian dance\n*''Sheryl Romulo'', the girl who sang //Koya Wag Poh//\n*''Lalaine Enriquez'', the one who sang //Babae Po Ako//\n*''Yova Alonzo'', the "bombshell" from Cebu\nFour of them made it to the second round:\n\n| [img[Jhonalene Sison|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/JHONALENESISON.jpg]] | [img[Kenneth Paul Alonzo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/KENNETHPAULALONZO.jpg]] |\n| ''Jhonalene Sison'' | ''Yova Alonzo'' |\n| //Voltes V// | //Why Does It Hurt So Bad// |\n| [img[John Jericho Perry|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/JOHNJERICHOPEREY.jpg]] | [img[Lalaine Enriquez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/LALAINEENRIQUEZ.jpg]] |\n| ''John Jericho Perey'' | ''Lalaine Enriquez'' |\n| //Broken Vow// | //Babae Po Ako// |\n\nThe other three obviously didn't get any gold pass during their auditions.\n\n| [img[Win John Dacay|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/MaleMystica.png]] | [img[Leonard Ocampo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Trench-coatLeonard.png]] | [img[Sheryl Romulo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/KoyaWagPo-1.png]] |\n| ''Win John Dacay'' | ''Leonard Ocampo'' | ''Sheryl Romulo'' |\n| //Joyful Joy// | //Sumayaw Sumunod// | //Kuya Huwag Po// |\n\nI also read that viewers will be asked to vote for the ''best'' //Kakaibang Idol//. Hmmm, no thank you. I'll just get myself entertained... Or better still, I'll get a life this weekend...\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n\n
'Twas ''//Kakaibang Idol Weekend//'' at ABC 5!\n\nDespite my initial [[apprehension|Kakaibang Idol]], I actually enjoyed the Saturday night show. It was a respite from the tension-filled performance nights of the Philippine Idol semifinal and wildcard rounds. And the judges! I thought for a while there that I was in one of the comedy bars in Quezon City. My, they could comment! Maybe Francis M and Mamita should take a cue from the three //kakaibang// judges on what to comment on and how to deliver these comments. Not the usual //I hope the viewers will vote for you// type that Mamita has brought to perfection. We need ''real'' honest-to-goodness comments, Mamita and Francis M!\n\n| [img[Arnel Ignacio|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/ArnelIgnacio.jpg]] | [img[Ethel Booba|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/EthelBooba.jpg]] | [img[Tuesday Vargas|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/TuesdayVargas.jpg]] |\n| ''Arnel Ignacio'' | ''Ethel Booba'' | ''Tuesday Vargas'' |\n\nSince this is //kakaibang// weekend, I'm also doing something different. No recaps of the shows, no comments from the judges, and no critiques from me. Instead, I'm sharing videos that I took of the performances!\n\nYes, I took videos of the performances using my [[Sony Cybershot DSC-S600|http://www.letsgodigital.org/en/news/articles/story_5746.html]]. This is an amateurish attempt on my part, but I hope you'll enjoy the videos.\n\nHere goes:\n| [img[Jhonalene Sison|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/JHONALENESISON.jpg]] | [img[John Jericco Perry|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/JOHNJERICHOPEREY.jpg]] | [img[Lalaine Enriquez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/LALAINEENRIQUEZ.jpg]] |\n| ''Jhonalene Sison'' | ''John Jericco Perey'' | ''Lalaine Enriquez'' |\n| [[Voltes V|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Jhonalene%20Sison%5D%5D]] | [[Broken Vow|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Jeck%20Perey%5D%5D]] | [[Babae Po Ako|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Lalaine%20Enriquez%5D%5D]] |\n\n| [img[Leonard Ocampo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Trench-coatLeonard.png]] | [img[Sheryll Anne Romulo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/KoyaWagPo-1.png]] | [img[Winjohn Dacay|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/MaleMystica.png]] |\n| ''Leonard Ocampo'' | ''Shane Romulo'' | ''Winjohn Dacay'' |\n| [[Sumayaw Sumunod|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Leonard%20Ocampo%5D%5D]] | [[Kuya Huwag Po|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Shane%20Romulo%5D%5D]] | [[Joyful Joyful|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Winjohn%20Dacay%5D%5D]] |\n\n| [img[Kenneth Paul Alonzo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/KENNETHPAULALONZO.jpg]] |\n| ''Yova Alonzo'' |\n| [[Why Does It Hurt So Bad|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BKakaibang%20Idol%20-%20Yova%20Alonzo%5D%5D]] |\n\nOn Sunday, 24 September 2006, the verdict was announced, but not before the 12 finalists were grilled with questions that have been floating around about them, how they got to the finals, and their personal relationships.\n\nAnd the ''//Kakaibang Idol//'' is no other than\n\n| ''The Bombshell from Cebu'' |\n|bgcolor(darkblue): [img[Yova Alonzo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Alonzo.png][http://www.philippineidol.com/features/features0906_27.html]] |\n| ''YOVA'' |\n\nMarunong din palang pumili ng mahusay na mang-aawit ang mga viewers....\n\nSo, can we get back to the [[Philippine Idol|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]] now? And Mamita and Francis M, can we expect the //''barbs''// from you starting next Saturday?\n\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n\n
|! KEN DINGLE, 23 (Baguio City, quit his job to join Philippine Idol) |>|\n| To vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-02'' (PLDT) | [img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_ken.jpg]] |\n| [[What's Goin' On?|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Ken%20-%20What%27s%20Goin%27%20On.mp3]] |~|\n| [[Marvin Gaye's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Marvin%20Gaye%20-%20What%27s%20Going%20On.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: I felt you were really into the song. It was much better today than last week.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I would have wanted to listen to you sing another song tonight. But I still like you.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: You seem to not be involved with the song. Improve on that.|\n|>|//I say//: I really cannot place Ken's vocal range. His high notes appear strenuous; his low notes are not good. What's with that apology?|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! KEN DINGLE, 23 (Baguio City, quit his job to join Philippine Idol) |>|\n| To vote, type ''KEN'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT) | [img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_kenneth-sm.jpg]] |\n| [['Di Na Natuto|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Ken%20Dingle%20-%20Di%20Na%20Natuto.mp3]] (Gary Valenciano) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: I like it that you did it in your own style, malinis ang pagkakanta mo.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I think you are a very sexy singer.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Two points. One, it was bereft of any feeling. Two, mas maraming stray notes na lumabas.|\n|>|//I say//: Ken can't ever be another Gary Valenciano! I enjoyed his neck movements though, but didn't I hear him break his voice at the last note?|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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[>img[Ballot box|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/111006.jpg]] It's that time in the Philippines.\n\nThe time when supposedly formal and respectable people dance on stages across the country, even if they have two left feet.\n\nThe time when people who want to be called "Honorable" sing out-of-tune songs just to regale the audience to stay up and listen to their monotonous voices drone on and on and on, with nary any substance at all.\n\nThe time when people who normally do not leave their air-conditioned luxury cars would walk from house to house, shaking hands with the residents, feigning interest on their needs, but conveniently forgetting what was articulated to them the minute they turned their backs to go to the next house.\n\nYes, folks! It's the election season in the Philippines!\n\nUp for grabs on the second Monday of May 2007 are\n* 12 seats in the [[Senate|http://www.senate.gov.ph/]]\n* All seats in the [[House of Representatives|http://www.congress.gov.ph/index.php]], of which 20% shall be from party-list groups\n* All elective provincial, city and municipal positions.\nWith the closing of the period for the filing of certificates of candidacy for senatorial seats last 12 February 2007, [[news items|http://www.mb.com.ph/MAIN2007021487056.html]] reveal that 80 persons are seeking election to the Senate. It really is just too bad that the list of the candidates is not published by the Commission on Elections, either in its [[official website|http://www.comelec.gov.ph/]], its [[blog|http://comelec.wordpress.com/]] or in a purportedly [[voter's education site|http://www.bagongbotante.com/]]. No wonder Filipinos haven't ever learned to be wise voters; they're never presented all their options!\n\nOh, the candidates just love that!\n\nNo wonder major political parties pick candidates whose names are easily remembered.\n\nNo wonder movie stars, sports celebrities, and anyone who manages to land his/her name in the front pages of national dailies suddenly become interested in serving the people.\n\nNo wonder popular commercial songs are transfigured to campaign ditties favoring particular candidates.\n\nNo wonder political figures sacrifice their principles and jump from one political party to another, especially if the other political party has more money, better organization, and an well-oiled machinery.\n\nNo wonder that the eventual winners do everything they can to recoup the money they spent to win an elective position that pays less than the cost to win it.\n\nSo, from now on until the 14^^th^^ of May 2007, Filipinos will be ==regaled== pestered by these candidates. Then, on Election Day, Filipinos will dutifully troop to the voting precincts to cast their votes for these candidates whose interests, sad to say, are only for the candidates' own good. Worse, their votes may not even be counted!\n\nOh, when will we ever learn?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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[<img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/lukemejares.jpg]] ''Michael Luke Mejares'' first dreamt of becoming an athlete. But when he had a leg injury in a biking accident, he realized that he loved music. Thus, he became [[South Border|http://southborder.pinnacleasia.com/]]'s second vocalist. The group scored hit after hit and went on to conquer the live concert scene here and abroad. Luke however later left South Border and established his own career as a ~Pop-R&B singer.\n\nSources:\n* [[Sony BMG Music Entertainment|http://www.sonymusic.ph/albums.asp?key=&cat=82876%2066334%202]]\n* [[South Border|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Border]]\n* [[Manila Bulletin|http://www.mb.com.ph/issues/2005/11/27/ENTR2005112750199.html]]
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|! MAU MARCELO, 26 (Lucena City, singer) |>|\n| [img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_mau.jpg]] | To vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-01'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Crazy In Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Crazy%20in%20Love.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Beyonce's version (featuring Jay-Z)|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Beyonce%20Feat.%20Jay-Z%20-%20Crazy%20In%20Love.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: You had a problem with the ''v'''s and the ''b'''s. Other than that, you were in your element.|\n|>|//Mamita//: You used the stage very well tonight.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Ang ganda ng itsura mo ngayong gabi. Pero pag sumayaw ka, dapat bigay na bigay.|\n|>|//I say//: I don't know, but I just wasn't impressed. The start of the performance appeared //tentative// to me. I felt that her voice was drowned by the accompaniment. The pace picked up only when she reached the chorus part. Another thing, she promised a dance, but it just wasn't good enough for me.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! MAU MARCELO, 26 (Lucena City, singer) |>|\n| [img[Mau Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_maureen-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''MAU'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-08'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20Marcelo%20-%20Minsan%20Lang.mp3]] (Regine Velasquez) |\n|>|//Francis M//: Bakit kung ikaw bumibirit, effortless? Vocally-equipped ka para maging Philippine Idol. Bukod sa voice and sense of humor, gusto kong makita ang variety.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Magandang-maganda ka; hindi ka pangit. Perfect ang singing mo.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Mau has the gift of claiming a song as her own. That's extraordinary.|\n|>|//I say//: I had goosebumps! Superb performance!|\n| Note: The first part of the song wasn't captured in the mp3 file. I'll post a full copy [[here|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/]] when I find one. |c\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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My birth certificate says that my name is //''Edgardo''//. But I've used //''Edgar''// my whole life through.\n\nFriends call me //''Edge''//. Relatives call me //''Nonoy''//. My daughter calls me //''Daddy''//. Acquaintances call me //''Gar''//. Students call me //''Sir''//.\n\nI am\n*A full-time government employee\n*A part-time Graduate School professor\n*A single parent\n*A non-churchgoing Catholic\n*An occasional stage actor\n*A frustrated journalist\n*Old enough\nI live in a quiet neighborhood in a medium-sized metropolis in the Philippines.\n\nFor the astrologically-inclined, I was born under the sign of Sagittarius in the year of the Dog.\n\nHold on! That's all for now. Go explore my web notebook now. You'll know more about me.\n\n
<<<\nThe ~MetroPop Festival first took place in 1977 as an annual event organized by the Metro Manila Popular Music Foundation. From 1977 to 1985 (the last year of the Foundation), the ''Metropop'' helped launch the careers of composers such as Ryan Cayabyab, Louie Ocampo, Odette Quesada, Vehnee Saturno, Alvina Sy, Gary Granada and Freddie Aguilar.\n\nRyan Cayabyab was the first grand prize winner, with his entry ''//Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika//'', which was interpreted by Hajji Alejandro. This went on to win the first place at the 1978 Seoul Song Festival.\n\nOther popular winners of the Metropop include \n* ''//Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika//''\n* ''//Anak//''\n* ''//Minsan Pa//''\n* ''//Ewan//''\n* ''//Till I Met You//''\n* ''//Be My Lady//''\n* ''//Pain//''\n* ''//You Made Me Live Again//''\n* ''//Salamat, Salamat Musika//''\n* ''//Bulag, Pipi at Bingi//''.\n^^[[Source|http://www.philmusic.com/zine/news/1999/05/051799_metropop/]]^^\n<<<
Well, on to the performance show. First off, Francis M is going to Europe for five weeks, just as [[thesceneaesthetic|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=1109]] said. So, for the five weeks that he's gone, five different persons with close ties to the weekly theme will take his place. No problem really, Francis M. Take your time in Europe. After all, we don't get much advice from you on how the finalists performed, do we?\n\n[>img[Hajji Alejandro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/images.jpg]] So tonight, since it's Metro Pop night, [[Hajji Alejandro|http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1913764/bio]] will be third judge in lieu of Francis M. Hajji was once a member of the [[Circus Band|http://www.philmusic.com/zine/news/1999/01/011299_circus/index.htm]]. He also was the interpreter of the very first winning song in the Metro Pop Music Festival, //Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika//.\n\nTonight, Philippine Idol was also graced by the [[San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra|http://www.smfpa.com/links/05_orc.htm]], which is managed by The San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts, an arts organization established by San Miguel Corporation in June 2001.\n\nNow, on to the performances.\n\n<<slider chkSlider "01 - Reymond" "Reymond" "Click to read comments on Reymond's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "02 - Jeli" "Jeli" "Click to read comments on Jeli's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "03 - Gian" "Gian" "Click to read comments on Gian's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "04 - Pow" "Pow" "Click to read comments on Pow's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "05 - Miguel" "Miguel" "Click to read comments on Miguel's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "06 - Mau" "Mau" "Click to read comments on Mau's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "07 - Jan" "Jan" "Click to read comments on Jan's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "08 - Apple" "Apple" "Click to read comments on Apple's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "09 - Arms" "Arms" "Click to read comments on Arms' performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "10 - Ken" "Ken" "Click to read comments on Ken's performance">>\n\nAfter all that has been said, I'd say I really was disappointed with Metro Pop night. The finalists didn't meet my expectations of them.\n\nBut I found something to rave about! The judges gave their comments right after each finalist's performance, ''BEFORE'' Ryan Agoncillo gets back on stage. That's a good one! Keep it up!\n\nOn the other hand, can Wow Magic Sing please change its commercial? It's really a let-down watching this commercial during a Philippine Idol performance show. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth seeing and hearing all those wannabes.\n\nOh, before I forget. Who was my best performer tonight? ''Reymond'', by a mile.\n\nAnd who do I want to get booted out?\n\nI'm not telling, lest you start voting for that finalist.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
[[Khakhiko|http://www.haloscan.com/comments/iam1ru12/And_Then_There_Were_Ten/#10767]] commented that the remaining ten Philippine Idol finalists will be singing <<slider chkSlider "Metro Pop Music Festival" "Metro Pop" "Click here to know what the Metro Pop Music Festival is">> songs this weekend.\n\nIn the ABC forums, [[Daxecarlos|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=1084]] lists the songs that the remaining ten Philippine Idol finalists will sing this Saturday, 14 October.\n* ''Apple'' - [[Sometimes You Just Know|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Jaya%20-%20Sometimes%20You%20Just%20Know.mp3]], //Danny Tan//, 1996 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Jaya)\n* ''Arms'' - [[Anak|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Freddie%20Aguilar%20-%20Anak%20%28Tagalog%20version%29..mp3]], //Freddie Aguilar//, 1977 Metro Pop Music Festival\n* ''Gian'' - [[Give Me A Chance|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Ric%20Segreto%20-%20Give%20Me%20A%20Chance.mp3]], //Odette Quesada//, 1981 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Ric Segreto)\n* ''Jan'' - [[Umagang Kay Ganda|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/TillieMorenoandRayAnFuentes-UmagangKayGanda.mp3]], //Butch Monserrat, Gryk Ortaleza, Babes Conde, Annabelle Lee//, 1978 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreters: Tillie Moreno & Ray-an Fuentes)\n* ''Jeli'' - [[Isang Mundo, Isang Awit|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Leah%20Navarro%20-%20Isang%20Mundo%2C%20Isang%20Awit.mp3]], //Nonong Pedero//, 1979 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Leah Navarro)\n* ''Ken'' - [[Magsimula Ka|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Leo%20Valdez%20-%20Magsimula%20Ka.mp3]], //Gines Tan//, 1980 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Leo Valdez)\n* ''Mau'' - [[Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Dulce%20-%20Ako%20Ang%20Nasawi%2C%20Ako%20Ang%20Nagwagi.mp3]], //George Canseco//, 1978 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Dulce)\n* ''Miguel'' - Swerte Swerte Lang, //Joel Navarro//, 1977 Metro Pop Music Festival\n* ''Pow'' - [[Till I Met You|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Kuh%20Ledesma%20-%20Till%20I%20Met%20You.mp3]], //Odette Quesada//, 1982 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Kuh Ledesma)\n* ''Reymond'' - Be My Lady, //Vehnee Saturno//, 1982 Metro Pop Music Festival (interpreter: Pedritto Montaire)\nLooks like nine of the songs were from the Metro Pop Music Festival organized by the Metro Manila Popular Music Foundation and one is from the revival by the [[GMA Foundation|http://www.igma.tv/gmafoundation/metropop.html]] of the same contest (Jaya's //Sometimes You Just Know//).\n\nI am particularly interested in how ''Jan'' handles the solo part of Tillie Moreno in //Umagang Kay Ganda//. If he can pull that off, then he's one helluva singer! \n\n''Ken'' chose a particularly difficult song to sing. It would be his redeeming performance if he can breeze through with this song.\n\n''Arms'' will be singing one of the two oldest songs among the lot. Hope this will not evoke the "we're looking for a modern Philippine Idol" comment from the judges again.\n\n//Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako Ang Nagwagi// would fit the singing style of Arms, but ''Mau'' will be singing it instead. Knowing the way Mau has successfully transformed other people's songs into her own, I am excited to hear how she would do that to this song.\n\nI do not have in my collection the songs that Miguel and Reymond will be singing, though I remember that //Swerte Swerte Lang// is a lilting song with a tinge of bossa nova. In fact, it can be found in [[Yon Na!|http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:xxex97wakrgt]] , The Company's 1991 album. Hope ''Miguel'' does that song justice. This early however I can already sense that the song will fit him. As for ''Reymond'''s song, I have Martin Nievera's //Be My Lady//, but not Pedritto Montaire's.\n\nIt will be a slower track for ''Gian'' this time, which hopefully will showcase his singing voice more. ''Pow'' will be singing what many in the forums believe is her forte. If they do these superbly, the text and phone votes might just come pouring in for them.\n\nFinally, I hope ''Jeli'' does //Isang Mundo, Isang Awit// really well. I just love that song.\n\nOh, this will bring back memories...\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
[img[Metrostar Express|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/Metrostar.gif][http://www.dotcmrt3.gov.ph/]]\nIts logo says //Biyahe Mo Sigurado// (Your Trip is Assured). But my experience as a non-resident of Metro Manila shows otherwise.\n\n'Twas a Sunday evening and I was in Cubao. I was to meet my friends at Megamall as we were going to watch the last [[live performance|A Live Performance]] show of Philippine Idol there. The easiest, most convenient, reasonably-priced and fastest way of getting to Shaw Boulevard from there for someone without his/her own car was to take [[MRT Line 3|http://www.dotcmrt3.gov.ph/]].\n\nSo, off I went to the MRT Line 3 Cubao station. The light rail vehicle was full, so I was barely able to squeeze myself into the nearest door. Thus, my short trip to Shaw Boulevard was already on its way.\n\nSantolan. Ortigas. Next stop would be Shaw Boulevard. The light rail vehicle slowed down and stopped. I looked out through the glass door but couldn't see a platform. Thinking of previous experiences with the light rail system in Metro Manila, where light rail vehicles sometimes stop (for a reason unknown to all) before getting to a station, I waited patiently.\n\nAfter a while, I heard a sound that signaled the opening (or closing?) of a door. That was then that I tried to look around me. To my aghast, the door ON THE OTHER SIDE of the vehicle was closing! Damn! I forgot that Metrostar station platforms move from one side of the vehicle to another! But what can I do? I was a non-Metro Manila resident; the vehicle was full to the brim; and the station was underground. I just had to contend with getting off at the next station (Boni Avenue) to take another vehicle going back to Shaw Boulevard.\n\nIt would have helped if the Metro Rail Transit Corporation, which operates the MRT Line 3, provided for a verbal announcement when a vehicle is nearing any of its [[13 stations|http://www.dotcmrt3.gov.ph/route%20map.htm]], with the corresponding reminder that the platform has moved to the other side. This way, passengers (particularly those who do not regularly take MRT Line 3 regularly) will be forewarned to get ready to alight from the vehicle door opposite to where they got on.\n\nAt the same time, it would help non-regular MRT Line 3 (Metrostar) passengers in knowing if they have reached their destinations, considering that some stations are located underground with nary a sign posted to identify what station it is.\n\nAfter all, the [[Light Rail Transit Authority|http://www.lrta.gov.ph/]] does that for LRT Line 1 (Metrorail) and MRT Line 2 (Megatren). So why can't the Metro Rail Transit Corporation do that for MRT Line 3 (Metrostar)? Then, and only then, can Metrostar boast that ''Biyahe Mo Sigurado''!\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
|! MIGUEL MENDOZA, 17 (Alabang, Muntinlupa, student, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School) |>|\n| To vote, type ''MIGUEL'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-09'' (PLDT) | [img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_miguel.jpg]] |\n| [[Let's Stay Together|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20Let%27s%20Stay%20Together.mp3]] |~|\n| [[Al Green's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Al%20Green%20-%20Let%27s%20Stay%20Together.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: I think the song was too low for you. It didn't showcase your true potential.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I didn't like the song for you.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Honestly, you were singing half of the song out of tune.|\n|>|//I say//: Was the song too low for him? I felt like I was listening to more than one person singing. And there were a lot of stray notes.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
I've been away for the past four days, but I haven't missed Philippine Idol. I'd rather miss a late night workshop during our corporate planning session in Antipolo than miss Philippine Idol. That's how hooked I am to the show.\n\nThe most maligned Idol finalist is finally out of contention, but not before scaring me to believe that\n* [>img[Ken Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_ken.jpg]]The [[pattern|Philippine Idol Voting Dynamics]] I uncovered that the finalist who would be praised by all the judges during the performance show would be eliminated would be observed. {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nJan and Pow were praised by all the judges during Radio Hits Night and Jan was in the bottom three! Had Jan been eliminated, I would have happily contradicted Ryan Agoncillo's pronouncement on results night that //"there's no such thing as a pattern in Philippine Idol"//.\n\n}}}\n* We would be given the pleasure of seeing DJ Mo Twister in a dress, for a week no less! {{embeddedblockquote{\n\nI wanted to kick DJ Mo Twister when he so boldly said that //"if Ken doesn't get out tomorrow, I'll wear a dress for a week"//. He really was courting disaster with that statement. But when the third bottom slot was a toss-up between Pow and Ken (with Jan already in the hotspot), I breathed a little bit easily with the hope that Ken would join Jan in the hotspot. Which he did!\n}}}\n[>img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/picnew_migg2.jpg]]On the plane this morning, I read an article in the Manila Bulletin where Mr. C was quoted as now predicting that Miguel would be the first Philippine Idol. (I searched the [[Manila Bulletin Online|http://www.mb.com.ph/archive.php?date=2006-11-15]] website but couldn't find the article that I read this morning. Should you be able to find it, please [[inform me|Comments]], will you?)\n\nThat's interesting. The guy Mr. C once told to leave Philippine Idol and [[go back to high school|03 - Miguel]] is now his top pick! Hmmmm.... Fickle Mr. C!\n\nWell, for those who want to hear the songs of the top six during Radio Hits Night, here are their songs:\n# //Livewire Idol// ''Gian'' - [[Bakit Pa Ba|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Bakit%20Pa%20Ba.mp3]]\n# //Hunky Idol// ''Jan'' -[[You Are My Song|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20You%20Are%20My%20Song.mp3]]\n# //Soul Idol// ''Mau'' - [[Mahal Naman Kita|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Mahal%20Naman%20Kita.mp3]]\n# //Heartthrob Idol// ''Miguel'' - [[Hanggang|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20Hanggang.mp3]]\n# //R&B Idol// ''Ken'' - [[Everything I Do (I Do It For You)|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Ken%20-%20Everything%20I%20Do.mp3]]\n# //Power Idol// ''Pow'' - [[Love Moves In Mysterious Ways|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20-%20Love%20Moves%20In%20Mysterious%20Ways.mp3]]\nAm now looking forward to ''Movies & Musicals Night'' and see what ''Lea Salonga'' would say about the remaining five idols. But, Francis M would be back, wouldn't he? Ryan Agoncillo didn't seem too sure about that. I hope he'd be sure about it and that there'd only be three judges this Sunday.\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! MIGUEL MENDOZA, 17 (Alabang, Muntinlupa, student, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School) |>|\n| To vote, type ''MIGUEL'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-12'' (PLDT) | [img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_miguel-sm.jpg]] |\n| [[Next In Line|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20Mendoza%20-%20Next%20In%20Line.mp3]] (After Image) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: Miguel has the heart, which makes up for his singing voice.|\n|>|//Mamita//: For a 17-year-old guy, you are professional. You seem to be a person that is very kind and very loving, which comes out in your singing.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Tonight you're not Philippine Idol. But you have to work much much harder.|\n|>|//I say//: The song fits him to a T. But, gosh, I detected flats in the very first bars of the song.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
Background: #eeddaa\nForeground: #000\nPrimaryPale: #ddcc99\nPrimaryLight: #bb8833\nPrimaryMid: #553322\nPrimaryDark: #000\nSecondaryPale: #ffc\nSecondaryLight: #fe8\nSecondaryMid: #cccccc\nSecondaryDark: #553322\nTertiaryPale: #ddcc99\nTertiaryLight: #EEC591\nTertiaryMid: #553322\nTertiaryDark: #8B7355\nError: #f88\n
/***\n|''Name:''|MoveablePanelPlugin|\n|''Source:''|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#MoveablePanelPlugin|\n|''Author:''|Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios|\n|''License:''|[[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]|\n|''~CoreVersion:''|2.0.10|\n\nAdd move, size, max/restore mouse event handling and fold/unfold, hover/scroll, and close/dock toolbar command items to any floating panel or tiddler. (see NestedSlidersPlugin for floating panel syntax/usage).\n\n!!!!!Usage\n<<<\nsyntax: {{{<<moveablePanel>>}}}\n\nexample: //using NestedSlidersPlugin 'floating panel' syntax//\n//{{{\n+++^30em^[panel]<<moveablePanel>>this is a headline for the panel\n----\n this is a moveable floating panel\n with a few lines of text\n as an example for you to try...\n //note: this line is really long so you can see what happens to word wrapping when you re-size this panel//\n===\n//}}}\nTry it: +++^30em^[panel]<<moveablePanel>>this is a headline for the panel\n----\n this is a moveable floating panel\n with a few lines of text\n as an example for you to try...\n //note: this line is really long so you can see what happens to word wrapping when you re-size this panel//\n===\n\n\nWhen the mouse is just inside the edges of the tiddler/panel, the cursor will change to a "crossed-arrows" symbol, indicating that the panel is "moveable". Grab (click-hold) the panel anywhere in the edge area and then drag the mouse to reposition the panel.\n\nTo resize the panel, hold the ''shift'' key and then grab the panel: the cursor will change to a "double-arrow" symbol. Drag a side edge of the panel to stretch horizontally or vertically, or drag a corner of the panel to stretch in both dimensions at once.\n\nDouble-clicking anywhere in the edge area of a panel will 'maximize' it to fit the current browser window.\n\nWhen the mouse is anywhere over a panel (not just near the edge), a 'toolbar menu' appears in the ''upper right corner'', with the following command items:\n*fold/unfold: ''fold'' temporarily reduces the panel height to show just one line of text. ''unfold'' restores the panel height.\n*hover/scroll: when you scroll the browser window, the moveable panels scroll with it. ''hover'' lets you keep a panel in view, while the rest of the page content moves in the window. ''scroll'' restores the default scrolling behavior for the panel. //Note: Due to browser limitations, this feature is not currently available when using Internet Explorer (v6 or lower)... sorry.//\n*close: ''close'' hides a panel from the page display. If you have moved/resized a panel, closing it restores its default position and size.\n*dock: unlike a floating panel, a moveable //tiddler// does not "float" on the page until it has actually been moved from its default position. When moving a tiddler, the ''close'' command is replaced with ''dock'', which restores the tiddler to its default //non-floating// location on the page.\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''MoveablePanelPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\nNote: for compatibility, please also install the current version of ''NestedSlidersPlugin''.\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.05.25 [1.3.3]'' in closePanel(), use p.button.onclick() so that normal processing (updating slider button tooltip, access key, etc.) is performed\n''2006.05.11 [1.3.2]'' doc update\n''2006.05.11 [1.3.1]'' re-define all functions within moveablePanel object (eliminate global window.* function definitions (and some "leaky closures" in IE)\n''2006.05.11 [1.3.0]'' converted from inline javascript to true plugin\n''2006.05.09 [1.2.3]'' in closePanel(), set focus to sliderpanel button (if any)\n''2006.05.02 [1.2.2]'' in MoveOrSizePanel(), calculate adjustments for top and left when inside nested floating panels\n''2006.04.06 [1.2.1]'' in getPanel(), allow redefinition or bypass of "moveable" tag (changed from hard-coded "tearoff")\n''2006.03.29 [1.2.0]'' in getPanel(), require "tearoff" tag to enable floating tiddlers\n''2006.03.13 [1.1.0]'' added handling for floating tiddlers and conditional menu display\n''2006.03.06 [1.0.2]'' set move or resize cursor during mousetracking\n''2006.03.05 [1.0.1]'' use "window" vs "document.body" so mousetracking in FF doesn't drop the panel when moving too quickly\n''2006.03.04 [1.0.0]'' Initial public release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]]\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.moveablePanel= {major: 1, minor: 3, revision: 3, date: new Date(2006,5,25)};\n//}}}\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.moveablePanel= { \n handler:\n function(place,macroName,params) {\n var p=this.getPanel(place); if (!p) return;\n\n // remember original panel event handlers, size, location, border\n if (!p.saved) p.saved= {\n mouseover: p.onmouseover,\n mouseout: p.onmouseout,\n dblclick: p.ondblclick,\n top: p.style.top,\n left: p.style.left,\n width: p.style.width,\n height: p.style.height,\n position: p.style.position,\n border: p.style.border\n };\n\n // create control menu items\n var menupos=p.className=="floatingPanel"?"float:right;":"position:absolute;right:2em;top:3em;";\n var menustyle=p.className!="floatingPanel"?'style="border:1px solid #666;background:#ccc;color:#000;padding:0px .5em;"':"";\n var html='<div style="font-size:7pt;display:none;'+menupos+'">&nbsp;';\n if (p.className=="floatingPanel")\n html+='<a href="javascript:;" title="reduce panel size" '+menustyle\n +' onclick="return config.macros.moveablePanel.foldPanel(this,event)">fold</a>&nbsp; ';\n if (!config.browser.isIE)\n html+='<a href="javascript:;" title="keep panel in view when scrolling"'+menustyle\n +' onclick="return config.macros.moveablePanel.hoverPanel(this,event)">hover</a>&nbsp; ';\n if (p.className=="floatingPanel")\n html+='<a href="javascript:;" title="close panel and reset to default size and position"'+menustyle\n +' onclick="return config.macros.moveablePanel.closePanel(this,event)">close</a>';\n else\n html+='<a href="javascript:;" title="reset panel to default size and position"'+menustyle\n +' onclick="return config.macros.moveablePanel.closePanel(this,event)">dock</a>';\n html+='</div>';\n p.menudiv=createTiddlyElement(place,"span");\n p.menudiv.innerHTML=html;\n\n // init mouse handling and tooltip\n p.title="drag edge to move, shift key=stretch, double-click=max/restore";\n p.onmouseover=function(event) {\n if (this.className=="floatingPanel"||this.style.position=="absolute"||this.style.position=="fixed") {\n if (this.className!="floatingPanel") this.style.border="1px dotted #999"; // border around tiddler\n this.menudiv.firstChild.style.display="inline";\n }\n if (this.saved.mouseover) return this.saved.mouseover(event);\n };\n p.onmouseout=function(event) {\n this.menudiv.firstChild.style.display="none";\n if (this.className!="floatingPanel") this.style.border=this.saved.border;\n if (this.saved.mouseout) return this.saved.mouseout(event);\n };\n p.ondblclick=function(event) {\n if (!config.macros.moveablePanel.maximizePanel(this,event)) return false; // processed\n return this.saved.dblclick?this.saved.dblclick(event):true;\n };\n p.onmousemove=function(event) { return config.macros.moveablePanel.setCursorPanel(this,event); };\n p.onmousedown=function(event) { return config.macros.moveablePanel.moveOrSizePanel(this,event); };\n },\n\n getPanel:\n function(place) {\n var p=place; while (p && p.className!='floatingPanel') p=p.parentNode; if (p) return p; // floatingPanel\n p=story.findContainingTiddler(place); if (!p || !store.getTiddler(p.getAttribute("tiddler"))) return null; // not in a tiddler\n\n // moveable **tiddlers** in IE have LOTS of problems... DISABLED FOR NOW... but floating panels still work in IE\n if (config.browser.isIE) return null;\n\n // tiddlers tagged (e.g. with "moveable") to allow movement? use null or "" to bypass tag check\n var tag="moveable"; if (!tag || !tag.trim().length) return p;\n return (store.getTiddler(p.getAttribute("tiddler")).tags.find(tag)!=null)?p:null; // tiddler is tagged for moving\n },\n\n processed:\n function(event) {\n event.cancelBubble=true; if (event.stopPropagation) event.stopPropagation(); return false;\n },\n\n getClientWidth:\n function() {\n if(document.width!=undefined) return document.width;\n if(document.documentElement && document.documentElement.clientWidth) return document.documentElement.clientWidth;\n if(document.body && document.body.clientWidth) return document.body.clientWidth;\n if(window.innerWidth!=undefined) return window.innerWidth;\n return 100; // should never get here\n },\n\n closePanel:\n function(place,event) {\n if (!event) var event=window.event;\n var p=this.getPanel(place); if (!p) return true;\n if (p.hover) this.hoverPanel(p.hoverButton,event); \n if (p.folded) this.foldPanel(p.foldButton,event); \n p.maxed=false; \n p.style.top=p.saved.top;\n p.style.left=p.saved.left;\n p.style.width=p.saved.width;\n p.style.height=p.saved.height;\n p.style.position=p.saved.position;\n if (p.button) { p.button.focus(); onClickNestedSlider({target:p.button}); } // click on slider "button" (if any) to close the panel\n return this.processed(event);\n },\n\n foldPanel:\n function(place,event) {\n if (!event) var event=window.event;\n var p=this.getPanel(place); if (!p) return true;\n if (!p.foldButton) p.foldButton=place;\n if (p.folded) {\n p.style.height=p.folded_savedheight;\n p.style.overflow=p.folded_savedoverflow;\n } else {\n p.folded_savedheight=p.style.height; p.style.height="1em"; \n p.folded_savedoverflow=p.style.overflow; p.style.overflow="hidden";\n }\n p.folded=!p.folded;\n place.innerHTML=p.folded?"unfold":"fold";\n place.title=p.folded?"restore panel size":"reduce panel size";\n return this.processed(event);\n },\n\n hoverPanel:\n function(place,event) {\n if (config.browser.isIE) { return this.processed(event); } // 'fixed' position is not handled properly by IE :-(\n if (!event) var event=window.event;\n var p=this.getPanel(place); if (!p) return true;\n if (!p.hoverButton) p.hoverButton=place;\n if (p.hover)\n p.style.position=p.hover_savedposition;\n else\n { p.hover_savedposition=p.style.position; p.style.position="fixed"; }\n p.hover=!p.hover;\n place.innerHTML=p.hover?"scroll":"hover";\n place.title=p.hover?"make panel move with page when scrolling":"keep panel in view when scrolling page";\n return this.processed(event);\n },\n\n maximizePanel:\n function(place,event) {\n if (!event) var event=window.event;\n var p=this.getPanel(place); if (!p) return true;\n var left=findPosX(p); var top=findPosY(p);\n var width=p.offsetWidth; var height=p.offsetHeight;\n var x=!config.browser.isIE?event.pageX:event.clientX;\n var y=!config.browser.isIE?event.pageY:event.clientY;\n if (x<left||x>=left+width||y<top||y>=top+height) return true; // not inside panel, let mousedown bubble through\n var edgeWidth=10; 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var top=findPosY(p);\n var width=p.offsetWidth; var height=p.offsetHeight;\n var x=!config.browser.isIE?event.pageX:event.clientX;\n var y=!config.browser.isIE?event.pageY:event.clientY;\n if (x<left||x>=left+width||y<top||y>=top+height) return true; // not inside panel, let mousedown bubble through\n var edgeWidth=10; var edgeHeight=10;\n var isTop=(y-top<edgeHeight);\n var isLeft=(x-left<edgeWidth);\n var isBottom=(top+height-y<edgeHeight);\n var isRight=(left+width-x<edgeWidth);\n if (!(isTop||isLeft||isBottom||isRight)) return true; // not near an edge... let mousedown bubble through\n \n // when resizing, change cursor to show directional (NSEW) "drag arrows"\n var sizing=event.shiftKey; // remember this for use during mousemove tracking\n if (sizing) p.style.cursor=((isTop?'n':(isBottom?'s':''))+(isLeft?'w':(isRight?'e':''))+'-resize');\n \n var adjustLeft=0; var adjustTop=0;\n var pp=p.parentNode; while (pp && pp.className!="floatingPanel") pp=pp.parentNode;\n if (pp) { adjustLeft=findPosX(pp); adjustTop=findPosY(pp); }\n \n // start tracking mousemove events\n config.macros.moveablePanel.activepanel=p;\n var target=p; // if 'capture' handling not supported, track within panel only\n if (document.body.setCapture) { document.body.setCapture(); var target=document.body; } // IE\n if (window.captureEvents) { window.captureEvents(Event.MouseMove|Event.MouseUp,true); var target=window; } // moz\n if (target.onmousemove!=undefined) target.saved_mousemove=target.onmousemove;\n target.onmousemove=function(e){\n if (!e) var e=window.event;\n var p=config.macros.moveablePanel.activepanel;\n if (!p) { this.onmousemove=this.saved_mousemove?this.saved_mousemove:null; return; }\n \n // PROBLEM: p.offsetWidth and p.offsetHeight do not seem to account for padding or borders\n // WORKAROUND: subtract padding and border (in px) when calculating new panel width and height\n // TBD: get these values from p.style... convert to px as needed.\n var paddingWidth=10.6667; var paddingHeight=10.6667;\n var borderWidth=1; var borderHeight=1;\n var adjustWidth=-(paddingWidth*2+borderWidth*2);\n var adjustHeight=-(paddingHeight*2+borderHeight*2);\n \n if (p.style.position!="absolute") { // convert relative DIV to movable absolute DIV\n p.style.position="absolute";\n p.style.left=left+"px"; p.style.top=top+"px";\n p.style.width=(width+adjustWidth)+"px"; p.style.top=(height+adjustHeight)+"px";\n }\n var newX=!config.browser.isIE?e.pageX:e.clientX;\n var newY=!config.browser.isIE?e.pageY:e.clientY;\n if (sizing) { // resize panel\n // don't let panel get smaller than edge "grab" zones\n var minWidth=edgeWidth*2-adjustWidth;\n var minHeight=edgeHeight*2-adjustHeight;\n p.maxed=false; // make sure panel is not maximized\n if (p.folded) this.foldPanel(p.foldButton,e); // make sure panel is unfolded\n if (isBottom) var newHeight=height+newY-y+1;\n if (isTop) var newHeight=height-newY+y+1;\n if (isLeft) var newWidth=width-newX+x+1;\n if (isRight) var newWidth=width+newX-x+1;\n if (isLeft||isRight) p.style.width=(newWidth>minWidth?newWidth:minWidth)+adjustWidth+"px";\n if (isLeft) p.style.left=left-adjustLeft+newX-x+1+"px";\n if (isTop||isBottom) p.style.height=(newHeight>minHeight?newHeight:minHeight)+adjustHeight+"px";\n if (isTop) p.style.top=top-adjustTop+newY-y+1+"px";\n } else { // move panel\n p.style.top=top-adjustTop+newY-y+1+"px";\n p.style.left=left-adjustLeft+newX-x+1+"px";\n }\n var status=sizing?("size: "+p.style.width+","+p.style.height):("pos: "+p.style.left+","+p.style.top);\n window.status=status.replace(/(\s.[0-9]+)|px/g,""); 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[>img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Lea.jpg]]Tonight, Francis M. came back from his five-week concert tour in Europe. But his comments were not as impressive as that of the fourth judge, [[Lea Salonga-Chien|http://www.leasalonga.com/]], a [[Tony Award|http://www.tonyawards.com/en_US/index.html]]-winning Filipina actress who achieved international recognition for her portrayal of Kim, the lead role in the musical Miss Saigon.\n\nBut if Francis M's return wasn't that grand, the five Philippine Idols were. Apart from starring in a mini-film production, these finalists sang two songs - one from a movie and another one from a musical - owing to tonight's theme, ''Movies & Musicals''.\n\n| !Idol | !Movie Song | !Musical Song |\n|Pow | [[So Far So Good|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20-%20So%20Far%20So%20Good.mp3]] ([[About Last Night|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090583/]]) | [[I'd Give My Life for You|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20-%20I%20Give%20My%20Life%20For%20You.mp3]] ([[Miss Saigon|http://www.stageagent.com/shows.php?id=770]]) |\n|Miguel | [[Growing Up|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20Growing%20Up.mp3]] ([[Bagets|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325042/]]) | [[Can You Feel the Love Tonight|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Miguel%20-%20Can%20You%20Feel%20The%20Love%20Tonight.mp3]] ([[The Lion King|http://disney.go.com/theatre/thelionking/index.html]]) |\n|Gian | [[Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Sana%20Ay%20Ikaw%20Na%20Nga.mp3]] ([[Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368539/]]) | [[Greased Lightning|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Greased%20Lightning.mp3]] ([[Grease|http://www.greasethemusical.co.uk/]]) |\n|Jan | [[Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Bakit%20Ngayon%20Ka%20Lang.mp3]] ([[Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang |http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421674/]]) | [[Corner of the Sky|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Corner%20Of%20The%20Sky.mp3]] ([[Pippin|http://www.musicalschwartz.com/pippin.htm]]) |\n|Mau | [[Diamonds Are Forever|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Diamonds%20Are%20Forever.mp3]] ([[Diamonds Are Forever|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066995/]]) | [[And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20And%20I%27m%20Telling%20You%20I%27m%20Not%20Going.mp3]] ([[Dreamgirls|http://www.broadwaymusicalhome.com/shows/dreamgirls.htm]]) |\n\n''Pow'' finally wore a dress, albeit only in the mini-film production. For her second song, she wore what looked like a modern //ao dai//, a [[Vietnamese dress|http://www.acjc.edu.sg/Spectra/VibrantCulture/Vietnam/vietnamese_traditional_custume.html]]. The first attire elicited from Lea the statement, "I don't ever wanna see you wear a dress", while the latter made Mamita comment that she'd rather see Pow back in her pants. Ha ha ha! I hope that will be the end of Mamita's fixation on Pow's attire.\n\nOn Pow's performances, Mamita rated it the most notable tonight, with Lea and Mr. C pointing out that Pow lost steam in certain parts of the songs. Francis M's comments were, as usual, motherhood statements.\n\nLea did not enjoy ''Miguel'''s performances, finding something lacking in his delivery. Mamita detected the tiredness in Miguel's voice when he sang his second song and she didn't like the nasal quality of his voice during the first song. Only Francis M liked Miguel's performances.\n\nAs for Mr. C, I really can't understand him. Last week, he [[predicted|Mr. C's Fearless Forecast]] that Miguel will be the first Philippine Idol. Tonight, he told Miguel, "you know how I felt about you", in a manner that clearly intimated he wasn't impressed with Miguel's performance. Why oh why did you ever made that prediction, Mr. C?\n\nFor ''Gian'', both Mamita and Francis C gave him praises for his performance of a slow song and a fast one. Lea enjoyed his second song, saying that the first song didn't carry as effectively as the first. In like manner, Mr. C praised the second song, after finding the first song wanting of warmth from Gian.\n\nI was bored by Gian's first performance but found him energetic in the second one.\n\n''Jan'''s singing was perfect tonight. It was his performance that wasn't. Lea complained about the mechanical movements of Jan in his first performance and attacked his poses in the second performance. Francis M had the same impression, as he felt that Jan was just going through the motions. Mr. C used the word ''awkward'' to describe Jan's movements on stage. Mamita was a little kinder to Jan, having resorted to paraphrasing Lea's comments without necessarily owning what she said.\n\nI agree with the judges. Jan was stiff on stage. The stage effects didn't help him, as his stiff poses were accentuated during his second performance by the lights behind him. Too bad that this had to get in the way of his note-perfect singing.\n\n''Mau'' was the diva tonight. Aside from improving her attire, she captured the audience with her rendition of //Diamonds Are Forever//. The second song, though, wasn't as effective, as Lea complained that it was more rumbling and that it lacked emotional investment from the singer. Mamita focused on Mau's packaging but did not miss to say that she has heard other singers sing //And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going// much better than Mau. Mr. C and Francis M gave nothing but praises to Mau.\n\nBy and large, Lea rated Mau's //Diamonds Are Forever// and Gian's //Greased Lightning// as the best performances tonight. Mamita singled out Pow for her performances, with Gian as an afterthought. Francis M wasn't so forthright while Mr. C gave his vote to the show's director.\n\nJust a comment on the Smart commercial after Mau's first performance. It showed a guy texting his mother after his boss praised him, after he broke up with his girlfriend, and after his sister came home. I didn't realize that one could now text a dead person through [[Smart|http://www.smart.com.ph/smart]].\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
Remember that I said I read an article in the Manila Bulletin where [[Mr. C predicted that Miguel will be the first Philippine Idol|Miguel Is It?]]?\n\n[>img[Mr. C's fearless forecast|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Forecast.jpg]] Well, here are snippets from that article written by Kaye Villagomez and published on page D-4 of the Manila Bulletin issue of 15 November 2006.\n<<<\nIt is highly possible that Miguel Mendoza, the charming heartthrob and youngest "Philippine Idol" finalist, will be the first big winner of the hit reality TV search, judge Ryan Cayabyab disclosed to Manila Bulletin early yesterday.\n\n"If Miguel wins, it's the first time that my prediction will be right," Mr. C intimated after the results show that overthrew Ken Dingle, and sent Miguel, Gian Magdangal, Mau Marcelo, Jan Nieto, and Pow Chavez to live to see another week of performance in the competition.\n<<<\nWhy Miguel, you might ask. Here's Mr. C's reason:\n<<<\nMiguel has a lot of following, no doubt about that. My fearless forecast is that he will be //Philippine Idol//. That will not make me sad or happy. If that's what people like, that is exactly what they will get.\n<<<\nHow about the other finalists? What does Mr. C's //crystal ball// have to say about them?\n<<<\nI think ''Jan'' will suffer the same fate as Apple's. People think that he has the resources so hindi na siya ibinoboto.\n<<<\n<<<\n''Mau'' will still have a hard time rallying voters to her side.\n<<<\n<<<\nAlthough ''Gian'' is good, young voters prefer Miguel who has a lot of charm.\n<<<\n<<<\nIf ''Pow'' continues to surprise us, she will endure another week.\n<<<\nWith this Sunday's ''Movies and Musicals'' theme, the article says that the finalists will have two rounds of performances. And Mr. C gives suggestions on the kind of game plan that the five finalists should follow:\n<<<\nSi ''Jan'', isa pang hit, makakapasok siya sa finals; si ''Pow'', a daring makeover to suit a dramatic song; si ''Gian'' a popular soulful ballad that will make him cry; for ''Mau'', a difficult piece that only she can sing; and for ''Miguel'', a fun song that can show his youth.\n<<<\nWell, this would be interesting, wouldn't it? I wonder what Mr. C is thinking about when he said that Pow needs a //daring makeover//. Something that Mamita has been harping on ever since the finals started? Hmmm, I can't wait for Sunday.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
<<timeline better:true onlyTag:"pet peeves" sortBy:created>>
Dear Fellow Filipino,\n\nGood day to all of you! Before I begin my letter... just a disclaimer, for people who know me they know that I love the Philippines very much and I am not really one who rants and complaints to high heavens about what is happening to our country and does nothing about it, in fact, I feel that at my relatively young age of 27, I have done much service to the Philippines by setting up Pathways to Higher Education which has sent more than 500 poor but deserving students to college and AHON Foundation which has already built two public elementary school libraries that have benefited more than 3,500 students. Yet, after seeing how events in our nation have transpired the past few weeks and talking with some friends, I feel the urge to share with you my own thoughts and feelings.\n\nOver the weekend, we saw the completion of two major political alliances for this coming Senate Elections that has just began here in the Philippines. Now we have two political forces with familiar faces nonetheless on opposite sides of the fences. On one end, you have Tito Sotto and Tessie Aquino-Oreta who were two major stalwarts of the opposition and the FPJ Campaign in 2004 hobnobbing with the woman (Pres. GMA) whom they claimed to have cheated FPJ in the last presidential elections. On the other side of the fence, you see Manny Villar, the former house speaker who was actually responsible for impeaching Erap now part of the United Opposition who is led by no less than... Erap himself. Now if you don't see anything wrong with this picture then you must be one of the many Filipinos who have accepted this very sad reality that there is indeed no permanent ideals that our government leaders stand up for but rather they just go where there self-interests can best be served. It is this kind of politics why I no longer wonder why good people like Ramon Magsaysay awardee Mayor Jesse Robredo of Naga City or outstanding Bulacan Governor Josie Dela Cruz will find it hard or worse, never be, elected to national positions.\n\nIt is with these in mind that I'd like to share with you what are events this coming May elections that will make me consider leaving the Philippines:\n# [>img[Garcillano|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/garcillano.jpg]] If former COMELEC Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano of Hello Garci fame wins in his bid to become Congressman of Bukidnon...seeking to replace a good man no less in incumbent Cong. Neric Acosta... We would really be the laughing stock of the whole world if we allow a man with the reputation of Garci to be one of our so called "Honorable Gentlemen".\n# [>img[Oreta|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/Oreta.jpg]] If Dancing Queen Tessie Aquino Oreta reclaims her seat at the Senate... I hope that all of us would still remember that dance that she did during the 2001 impeachment hearings after they voted to overrule the decision of then Chief Justice Davide... let us make sure that people like her never make it to the Senate again.\n# [>img[Gomez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/GOMA.jpg]] If Richard Gomez becomes a senator... what does he know about making laws? We already have the likes of Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid in the Senate and their performance or lack of it would be reason enough not to elect another actor who has no prior experience in government to the distinguished halls of the Senate.\n# [>img[Honasan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/honasan.jpg]] If Gringo Honasan wins again.... have we not learned our lesson? I cannot believe that just because someone is charismatic then we will just elect him to become one of our senators despite the fact that he has time and again caused so much instability in our country... if we want a military junta similar to that of Thailand... then lets all vote for this guy....\n# [>img[Pacquiao|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/Manny-Pacquiao.jpg]] If Manny Pacquiao becomes Congressman of General Santos City... everybody loves Manny the Boxing Champ but Manny the Lawmaker? Let's be realistic here, Manny is our Hero alright but I think it takes more than just great boxing skills and a desire to serve to be able to make appropriate laws that would help uplift the lives of the many Filipinos who live in Poverty.\n# [>img[Lapid|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/Lito.jpg]] If Lito Lapid wins for Mayor of Makati City... I don't like Jojo Binay as well but Lito Lapid as city mayor of the country's finance and business center?!?! And do you really think he is from Makati and has good plans for the city? The Arroyos asking someone like him to run just goes to show you how much love and concern this government has for our country.\n# [>img[Singson|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/chavit.jpg]] If Chavit Singson becomes a Senator, Illegal Gambling = Chavit... enough said.\nNow if all of these seven things happen during the coming elections then don't be surprised if I decide to leave this country that I love dearly. Like I said during the first part of my letter, I feel that I have done much for this country but I think it's time that Filipinos become more vigilant and critical in selecting our leaders for the sake of our future and the generations that will go beyond us. So I appeal to every Filipino who asks what can I actually do for my country... Choose and vote for the right people this coming election. Huwag na tayong magpaloko sa mga kandidatong maganda lang ang jingle o gwapo lang sa mga poster. Let us choose leaders who have a good track record for service and who are genuinely committed towards serving our country.\n\nManindigan naman tayong lahat para sa ating Kinabukasan at para sa Kapakanan ng ating Bayan!\n\nThank you very much for your time in reading this letter.\n\nSincerely,\n\nHarvey S. Keh\n\n''Hear, hear!''\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
/***\n|''Name:''|NestedSlidersPlugin|\n|''Source:''|http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#NestedSlidersPlugin|\n|''Author:''|Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios|\n|''License:''|[[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]|\n|''~CoreVersion:''|2.0.10|\n\nQuickly make any tiddler content into an expandable 'slider' panel, without needing to create a separate tiddler to contain the slider content. Optional syntax allows ''default to open'', ''custom button label/tooltip'' and ''automatic blockquote formatting.''\n\nYou can also 'nest' these sliders as deep as you like (see complex nesting example below), so that expandable 'tree-like' hierarchical displays can be created. This is most useful when converting existing in-line text content to create in-line annotations, footnotes, context-sensitive help, or other subordinate information displays.\n\nFor more details, please click on a section headline below:\n++++!!!!![Configuration]>\nDebugging messages for 'lazy sliders' deferred rendering:\n<<option chkDebugLazySliderDefer>> show debugging alert when deferring slider rendering\n<<option chkDebugLazySliderRender>> show debugging alert when deferred slider is actually rendered\n===\n++++!!!!![Usage]>\nWhen installed, this plugin adds new wiki syntax for embedding 'slider' panels directly into tiddler content. Use {{{+++}}} and {{{===}}} to delimit the slider content. Additional optional syntax elements let you specify\n*default to open\n*cookiename\n*heading level\n*floater (with optional CSS width value)\n*mouse auto rollover\n*custom class/label/tooltip/accesskey\n*automatic blockquote\n*deferred rendering\nThe complete syntax, using all options, is:\n//{{{\n++++(cookiename)!!!!!^width^*{{class{[label=key|tooltip]}}}>...\ncontent goes here\n===\n//}}}\nwhere:\n* {{{+++}}} (or {{{++++}}}) and {{{===}}}^^\nmarks the start and end of the slider definition, respectively. When the extra {{{+}}} is used, the slider will be open when initially displayed.^^\n* {{{(cookiename)}}}^^\nsaves the slider opened/closed state, and restores this state whenever the slider is re-rendered.^^\n* {{{!}}} through {{{!!!!!}}}^^\ndisplays the slider label using a formatted headline (Hn) style instead of a button/link style^^\n* {{{^width^}}} (or just {{{^}}})^^\nmakes the slider 'float' on top of other content rather than shifting that content downward. 'width' must be a valid CSS value (e.g., "30em", "180px", "50%", etc.). If omitted, the default width is "auto" (i.e., fit to content)^^\n* {{{*}}}^^\nautomatically opens/closes slider on "rollover" as well as when clicked^^\n* {{{{{class{[label=key|tooltip]}}}}}}^^\nuses custom label/tooltip/accesskey. {{{{{class{...}}}}}}, {{{=key}}} and {{{|tooltip}}} are optional. 'class' is any valid CSS class name, used to style the slider label text. 'key' must be a ''single letter only''. Default labels/tootips are: ">" (more) and "<" (less), with no default access key assignment.^^\n* {{{">"}}} //(without the quotes)//^^\nautomatically adds blockquote formatting to slider content^^\n* {{{"..."}}} //(without the quotes)//^^\ndefers rendering of closed sliders until the first time they are opened. //Note: deferred rendering may produce unexpected results in some cases. Use with care.//^^\n\n//Note: to make slider definitions easier to read and recognize when editing a tiddler, newlines immediately following the {{{+++}}} 'start slider' or preceding the {{{===}}} 'end slider' sequence are automatically supressed so that excess whitespace is eliminated from the output.//\n===\n++++!!!!![Examples]>\nsimple in-line slider: \n{{{\n+++\n content\n===\n}}}\n+++\n content\n===\n----\nuse a custom label and tooltip: \n{{{\n+++[label|tooltip]\n content\n===\n}}}\n+++[label|tooltip]\n content\n===\n----\ncontent automatically blockquoted: \n{{{\n+++>\n content\n===\n}}}\n+++>\n content\n===\n----\nall options combined //(default open, cookie, heading, sized floater, rollover, class, label/tooltip/key, blockquoted, deferred)//\n{{{\n++++(testcookie)!!!^30em^*{{big{[label=Z|click or press Alt-Z to open]}}}>...\n content\n===\n}}}\n++++(testcookie)!!!^30em^*{{big{[label=Z|click or press Alt-Z to open]}}}>...\n content\n===\n----\ncomplex nesting example:\n{{{\n+++^[get info...=I|click for information or press Alt-I]\n put some general information here, plus a floating slider with more specific info:\n +++^10em^[view details...|click for details]\n put some detail here, which could include a rollover with a +++^25em^*[glossary definition]explaining technical terms===\n ===\n===\n}}}\n+++^[get info...=I|click for information or press Alt-I]\n put some general information here, plus a floating slider with more specific info:\n +++^10em^[view details...|click for details]\n put some detail here, which could include a rollover with a +++^25em^*[glossary definition]explaining technical terms===\n ===\n===\n===\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''NestedSlidersPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.07.28 - 2.0.0'' added custom class syntax around label/tip/key syntax: {{{{{classname{[label=key|tip]}}}}}}\n''2006.07.25 - 1.9.3'' when parsing slider, save default open/closed state in button element, then in onClickNestedSlider(), if slider state matches saved default, instead of saving cookie, delete it. Significantly reduces the 'cookie overhead' when default slider states are used.\n''2006.06.29 - 1.9.2'' in onClickNestedSlider(), when setting focus to first control, skip over type="hidden"\n''2006.06.22 - 1.9.1'' added panel.defaultPanelWidth to save requested panel width, even after resizing has changed the style value\n''2006.05.11 - 1.9.0'' added optional '^width^' syntax for floating sliders and '=key' syntax for setting an access key on a slider label\n''2006.05.09 - 1.8.0'' in onClickNestedSlider(), when showing panel, set focus to first child input/textarea/select element\n''2006.04.24 - 1.7.8'' in adjustSliderPos(), if floating panel is contained inside another floating panel, subtract offset of containing panel to find correct position\n''2006.02.16 - 1.7.7'' corrected deferred rendering to account for use-case where show/hide state is tracked in a cookie\n''2006.02.15 - 1.7.6'' in adjustSliderPos(), ensure that floating panel is positioned completely within the browser window (i.e., does not go beyond the right edge of the browser window)\n''2006.02.04 - 1.7.5'' add 'var' to unintended global variable declarations to avoid FireFox crash bug when assigning to globals\n''2006.01.18 - 1.7.4'' only define adjustSliderPos() function if it has not already been provided by another plugin. This lets other plugins 'hijack' the function even when they are loaded first.\n''2006.01.16 - 1.7.3'' added adjustSliderPos(place,btn,panel,panelClass) function to permit specialized logic for placement of floating panels. While it provides improved placement for many uses of floating panels, it exhibits a relative offset positioning error when used within *nested* floating panels. Short-term workaround is to only adjust the position for 'top-level' floaters.\n''2006.01.16 - 1.7.2'' added button property to slider panel elements so that slider panel can tell which button it belongs to. Also, re-activated and corrected animation handling so that nested sliders aren't clipped by hijacking Slider.prototype.stop so that "overflow:hidden" can be reset to "overflow:visible" after animation ends\n''2006.01.14 - 1.7.1'' added optional "^" syntax for floating panels. Defines new CSS class, ".floatingPanel", as an alternative for standard in-line ".sliderPanel" styles.\n''2006.01.14 - 1.7.0'' added optional "*" syntax for rollover handling to show/hide slider without requiring a click (Based on a suggestion by tw4efl)\n''2006.01.03 - 1.6.2'' When using optional "!" heading style, instead of creating a clickable "Hn" element, create an "A" element inside the "Hn" element. (allows click-through in SlideShowPlugin, which captures nearly all click events, except for hyperlinks)\n''2005.12.15 - 1.6.1'' added optional "..." syntax to invoke deferred ('lazy') rendering for initially hidden sliders\nremoved checkbox option for 'global' application of lazy sliders\n''2005.11.25 - 1.6.0'' added optional handling for 'lazy sliders' (deferred rendering for initially hidden sliders)\n''2005.11.21 - 1.5.1'' revised regular expressions: if present, a single newline //preceding// and/or //following// a slider definition will be suppressed so start/end syntax can be place on separate lines in the tiddler 'source' for improved readability. 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I really do not understand it. Philippine Idol is not the first television show in the Philippines that called for text voting. Long before Philippine Idol, other tv networks have been calling for text votes to aid them in choosing the winners in their talent searches.\n\n[[Pinoy Big Brother|http://bb1.pinoybigbrother.com/]], [[Starstruck|http://www.starstruck.tv/]], [[Search for Star In A Million|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_for_the_Star_in_a_Million]], to name a few. And not once can I recall that there was a glitch in the voting. Only in Philippine Idol has this become an excuse.\n\nCan someone please explain that to me?\n\n^^(Posted, Tuesday, 24 October 2006 03:46:11 PM)^^\nOk, over at [[By Jove!|http://www.jovefrancisco.com/?p=414]] is an explanation from Perci Intalan (~ABC5’s Vice President for Creative and Entertainment Production) on why the elimination was suspended:\n>Here’s what he said about their decision not to eliminate anyone tonight after some celfone networks experienced technical difficulties….\n>>“Inamin nila nag down ang (one cellular company) from 12 midnight until 2 pm… pumasok naman votes after… nag lag lang kumbaga. (another celfone company) naman for some reason from 10:30 ng umaga until the start of the show. Intermittent internet connection ang reason nila.”\n>>\n>>“(a celfone company), ang problema nila nag-uupgrade daw sila, that’s the reason why… kaya di nalalabas ang reply, pero pumapasok naman daw, ang problema namin, yes we are confident pumapasok, kasi nakikita namin ang numbers nag increase eh on our side, ang problema people get discouraged on voting, kasi wala sila reply natatanggap, yun pa lang mejo nag wo-worry na kami kasi not naman that we want to…. pero of course natural lang naman na once or twice ka bumoto, pag di ka nakatanggap ng confirmation, nalalaman mo sa ibang tao na baka down yata yung network, di nga normal yung results nito, so that’s what we found out. Pero (the celfone company) gave an assurance na pumasok lahat di lang nagkaroon ng confirmation…”\n>My colleagues asked about the expected backlash of the decision. Imagine two times na nangyari. May mga nabubuo ng conspiracy theories. Na baka may ma-tatanggal na di dapat matanggal kaya hindi nagtatanggal. Perci denied the conspiracy tales.\nI must admit I experienced the same thing Saturday night after the telecast. I sent about 20 text votes to my GSM network. My text messages were sent, but I received no confirmation messages. So, I stopped texting, thinking that there would have been a lot of votes coming in so the confirmation messages were delayed, and try again in the morrow. (I remember Toni Gonzaga during the first season of [[Pinoy Big Brother|http://bb1.pinoybigbrother.com/]] advising viewers not to worry if the confirmation messages don't come because the votes go through.) True enough, in the middle of the night, the confirmation messages came in succession that I was awakened from my slumber. In short, this is a common problem when it comes to text voting.\n\nSo, why is the suspension of the disclosure of voting results happening only to Philippine Idol, where voting runs only for a day? [[Pinoy Dream Academy|http://pinoydreamacademy.ph/]] text voting runs for a whole week! And mind you, there are more votes cast there than with Philippine Idol. Yet, there have been no glitches in the disclosure of the voting results.\n\nSomehow, I still can't buy this excuse.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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[>img[Professor Gelvezon|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/gelvezon2.jpg]]In the 14 September 2006 //Sikat Ka, Iloilo// show, Joebert Peñaflorida interviewed ''Professor Ruth A. ~Lebes-Gelvezon'' of the West Visayas State University Integrated Laboratory School, one of the [[10 Outstanding Teachers for 2006|http://newsinfo.inq7.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view_article.php?article_id=18684]].\n\nSince this [[search|http://www.mbfoundation.org.ph/prog_SOT.html]] was started in 1985 by the [[Metrobank Foundation, Inc.|http://www.mbfoundation.org.ph/index.html]], Region VI (Western Visayas) mentors have figured prominently in the winners' circles.\n\nHere is a list of teachers in Region VI schools who have been chosen as //outstanding teachers// by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.:\n\n+++^30em^[Outstanding Teachers in Region VI, 1985-2006]<<moveablePanel>>Outstanding Teachers in Region VI, 1985-2006\n----\n{{justifyfull {\n*__2006__\n**''Ruth A. ~Lebes-Gelvezon'', West Visayas State University Integrated Laboratory School, Iloilo City (elementary)\n**''Evelyn M. Kimpo'', Banga Elementary School, Banga, Aklan (elementary)\n*__2005__\n**''Dr. Diana S. Aure'', UP Visayas High School, Iloilo City (secondary)\n**''Ms. Menia S. Alvidera'', President Manuel Roxas Memorial School South, Roxas City (elementary)\n| [img[Dr. Aure|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/sot_aure.jpg]] | [img[Ms. Alvidera|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/sot_alvidera.jpg]] |\n| Dr. Aure | Ms. Alvidera |\n*__2003__\n**''Dr. Sonia S. Daquila'', University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos, Bacolod City (tertiary - Political Science)\n**''Dr. Evelyn M. Sorolla'', Iloilo National High School, Iloilo City (secondary - Research)\n**''Mrs. Lilia G. Ramos'', ~SPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children, Iloilo City (elementary - Science)\n**''Mrs. Maria Luisa D. Gibraltar'', Igcocolo Elementary School, Guimbal, Iloilo (elementary - English)\n*__2002__\n**''Dr. Leoncio P. Deriada'', UP Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo (tertiary - Literature)\n**''Ms. Gloria G. Tutica'', President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School (North), Roxas City (secondary - English)\n*__2001__\n**''Dr. Ma. Nuria B. Castells'', UP Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo (tertiary - Development Communication)\n**''Ms. Shirley R. Jusayan'', Oton National High School, Oton, Iloilo (secondary - Chemistry)\n**''Ms. Carmen V. Salazar'', Bacolod City SPED Center, Bacolod City (elementary - Special Education)\n**''Mr. Johann C. Cawaling'', Kalibo Elementary School II, Kalibo, Aklan (elementary - Special Education)\n*__2000__\n**''Mrs. Ma. Rita F. Villareal'', Capiz National High School, Roxas City (secondary - Filipino)\n| [img[Dr. Castells|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/Nuria.jpg]] | [img[Mrs. Villareal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/sot_villareal.jpg]] |\n| Dr. Castells | Mrs. Villareal |\n*__1999__\n**''Dr. Alicia P. Magos'', UP Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo (tertiary - Filipino Culture and Society)\n**''Dr. Renato M. Sorolla'', Western Visayas College of Science and Technology, Iloilo City (technical-vocational - Electrical Technology)\n**''Mrs. Ruby Agnes B. Estrada'', Science Development National High School, Kalibo, Aklan (secondary - Social Science)\n**''Mrs. Mary Ann S. Lopez'', Kalibo Pilot Elementary School, Kalibo, Aklan (elementary - Physical Education)\n*__1998__\n**''Dr. Nenita S. Penuela'', New Lucena Central School, New Lucena, Iloilo (elementary - Mathematics)\n*__1997__\n**''Mrs. Helen U. Navarra'', Western Aklan Polytechnic College, Ibajay, Aklan (secondary - Agricultural Education)\n**''Dr. Josette T. Biyo'', Philippine Science High ~School-Western Visayas Campus, Iloilo City (secondary - Biology)\n**''Mrs. Corazon G. Beluso'', Kalibo Pilot Elementary School, Kalibo, Aklan (elementary - Social Studies)\n*__1996__\n**''Ms. Lourdes S. Tenerife'', Rizal Elementary School, Bacolod City (elementary - Special Education)\n*__1995__\n**''Dr. Purisima R. Remorin'', West Visayas State University, Iloilo City (tertiary - Science Education)\n**''Dr. Sonia P. Formacion'', UP Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo (tertiary - Statistics)\n**''Mr. Benito E. Verdadero'', Bacolod City National High School, Bacolod City (secondary - Communication Arts)\n**''Dr. Eveleth C. Gamboa'', President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School, Roxas City (elementary - English)\n*__1994__\n**''Dr. Ma. Cecilia L. Nava'', University of Saint La Salle, Bacolod City (tertiary - Humanities)\n*__1993__\n**''Dr. Lina N. Sedonio'', La Consolacion College, Bacolod City (tertiary - English & Guidance Counselling)\n**''Mr. Dioso A. Torre'', Science Development National High School, Kalibo, Aklan (secondary - Science)\n**''Mr. Rudito B. Saluta'', Ibajay Central School, Ibajay, Aklan (elementary - History)\n*__1992__\n**''Ms. Judith G. Verdadero'', La Consolacion College, Bacolod City (secondary - Social Studies & English)\n*__1990__\n**''Dr. Onilda B. Dasal'', UP Visayas High School, Iloilo City (secondary - English)\n**''Ms. Concepcion M. Toboso'', Ondoy Elementary School, Ibajay, Aklan (elementary - Science)\n*__1989__\n**''Dr. Lagrimas L. Briones'', West Visayas State University Laboratory High School, Iloilo City (secondary - Science)\n**''Mrs. Jessie Y. Gerardo'', Kalibo Elementary School, Kalibo, Aklan (elementary - Science & English)\n*__1987__\n**''Ms. Mora S. Teodosio'', Kalibo Elementary School, Kalibo, Aklan (elementary - English & Mathematics)\n**''Ms. Mila J. Andrade'', Linayasan Elementary School, Altavas, Aklan (elementary - English & Science)\n*__1985__\n**''Dr. Virginia M. Cu'', St. John's Institute, Bacolod City (secondary - Speech and Drama)\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n}}}\n===\n\n\nAs you can see, Region VI had 40 outstanding teachers out of the 220 that the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. has chosen in a span of 22 years. I guess this is reflected in the fact that the region has a literacy rate higher than the national figure. As of [[2004|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_Philippines#Education]], the regional literacy rate is 93.02%, while that of the Philippines is 92.28%.\n\nI am happy for these mentors. The award they have received is little compensation if compared to the impact they have made on their students. I just wish that their teaching methods, dedication, and love for teaching become contagious to other teachers in the region. When that happens, we can truly say that the objectives of the search have been realized.\n<<<\n[[Behind Every Success is a Teacher|http://www.mbfoundation.org.ph/prog_SOT.html]]\n\nSuccess begins with a dream. With a vision of a future that welcomes every talent, every skill, every ideal of the dreamer.\n\nThe teacher helps plant the seed of the dream. Waters it with enthusiasm. Nurtures it with encouragement. Cultivates it through the teacher’s own fine example of fiery determination. Enhances it with knowledge. Coaxes it to grow to become reality through the teacher’s own unbending faith in the dreamer.\n\nSo when yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality and yesterday’s determination becomes today’s success, it is only fitting that tribute be given to the mentor who lighted the way.\n<<<\nMaraming salamat po, Ma'am. Maraming salamat po, Sir. Mabuhay po kayo!\n[img[2006 Outstanding Teachers|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Metrobank/SOT2006.jpg]]\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
After three weeks of stay in the Pinoy Big Brother house, four housemates in Season 2 are in danger of being evicted next Saturday, 24 March 2007.\n\nThe first one is ~Fil-Persian ''Kian'', who was automatically nominated through a game of cards that Big Brother asked him and five other housemates with violations to play.\n\nWatch the announcement of the second nominee in this video of the show:\n\n<html><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/N2J5MIQPyhA"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/N2J5MIQPyhA" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></html>\n\nThe third and fourth nominees are: Diskarte Queen ''Jasmin'' from Davao and sassy girl ''Bea'' of Bicol.\n\nOf the three housemates nominated by the housemates themselves for eviction, ''Jasmin'' got 12 votes while both sosy Assumptionista ''~Gee-Ann'' (she with Pamela the doll) and ''Bea'' had five votes each. My province mate, ''Nel'', did not get any nomination vote at all!\n\nOne of these four - ''Kian'', ''~Gee-Ann'', ''Jasmin'', ''Bea'' - will exit the Pinoy Big Brother house next Saturday. If you want to save them, text ''PBB [SPACE] [NAME OF HOUSEMATE]'' and send to __2331__ for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers, or __231__ for Smart, Talk n’ Text and Addict Mobile. Vote cards may also be purchased and you can also [[vote online|http://bb2.pinoybigbrother.com/Vote/tabid/571/Default.aspx]]. The choice is yours.\n\nAs for me, I want ''Jasmin'' out.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
Someone forwarded to me a copy of this write-up by an ''M of eBalita''. I tried to find the original article, but my search at [[eBalita|http://www.ebalita.net/index.php]] came back with "no matches found". (Probably if I registered with the site, I might find it; but that can be done later.) Nonetheless, the substance of the write-up is very familiar, not only in airports and airplanes, but also in jeepneys, buses, ferries, ships, bus terminals, piers and countless other places in the Philippines.\n<<<\n[img[Philippine Airlines|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/PAL65.gif][http://www.philippineairlines.com/]]\nCould I be imagining it? Were the lines for Philippine Airlines longer? Were the security procedures more stringent? What with the balikbayan boxes, recycled appliance boxes and the fake Louis Vuittons? Has a new label now been tagged globally to Filipinos: those that travel with boxes? I will not be surprised. The dispatcher for Super Shuttle (a local airport pickup in LA), upon hearing I was going to the Philippines, asked if I had big boxes. Fair question, I guess, since he had to make sure it would fit in the vehicle. But not a question he would have asked me if I were going to Sweden, for example. No, I did not have boxes.\n\nIn one of my other flights to Manila, an American woman actually asked me why Filipinos do not use suitcases. But hey, I personally know that I could fit more stuff in a box than in a suitcase. So don't knock it.\n\nStill it is quite a sight to see a number of boxes at the luggage conveyor at the baggage claim from a Philippine Airlines flight.\n\nIn line, or while waiting to board, people were constantly on their cell phones or just yelling instead of talking. It sounded like a fish market.\n\nAfter a long, noisy line at Baggage Check, off to more security checks for carry-on luggage. While waiting your turn, announcements in English complemented the clearly posted signs that say that there should be no liquids more than an ounce. That shoes needed to be taken off and x-rayed. Still many of our kababayans did not seem to understand. So much for our English comprehension. As a result, the inspections were excruciatingly slow and tedious. I plan for these inspections. Whenever I am taking a plane ride, I consciously not wear jeans with rivets. If I can get away with it, I wear shoes I can take off easily. I saw some people in western boots once…. I take off my belt (or not wear one at all), stuff them with my jacket or sweater in my bag. Everything that I have in my pockets I put in the carry-on bag. That way I only have my passport and ticket in hand when I go through the metal detectors.\n\nGoing through LAX, I felt that I was being herded like cattle.\n\nThe PAL ground crew takes the public address mic and makes an announcement in English and Filipino. Filipinos stand up and form a queue. Funny, since the announcement was only a request for people to remain seated until their seat numbers are called. No need for a stampede, the ground crew personnel pleaded.. But few listen. They figured their number will be eventually called. More announcements… now sounding less like pleas but more of stern directives. I can understand the guy's frustration. Just as he is making the announcement, people are congregating, hoping their turn will come now. I wonder, don't they know they have assigned seating? Maybe they fly Southwest often and mistake PAL for Southwest. Obviously, it is not just a language barrier, since announcements were also done in Filipino? Maybe the Filipino the guy spoke is not the Filipino they understand? Or maybe it is just plainly a problem following directions, in any language.\n\nI see people cutting in line. I try not to notice but I do. Hope they do not cut right in front of me coz there will be trouble.\n\nWhew! Finally I am on the plane. Again, utter chaos. People almost scamper to their assigned seats. Parang mauubusan. They stand in the aisles and talk. No, they yell. "Hoy, andito na ako sa eroplano!" Yells one passenger while talking to somebody on her cell phone, unmindful of the long line of passengers behind wanting to seat down. Not a few have trouble trying to make their oversized carry-ons fit into the overhead bins. The Boy Scout that I am, I volunteer to help. Some of their carry-ons are just too big for the small compartments. How the hell did these get past inspection? Makes you wonder if every Philippine Airlines flight is grossly overweight.\n\nMore announcements. Something about how much Philippine Airlines appreciates us flying with them. Good to hear. We really should patronize things Filipino to generate employment and income for Filipinos. Glad to know that I can contribute a drop in the bucket.\n\nI notice the upholstery on the plane is old and torn. I try to turn on the reading light so I can catch up on my reading. It does not work. Great. 16 hours of things that do not work. I try to listen to the inflight radio. Nope, that does not work either. I reach for my ipod. Just in time for them to announce that I need to turn it off. They said that as part of their service, we had great inflight entertainment. Something to while 16 hours of pure boredom. Oh, minutes later, they make a lame apology about certain people; actually a whole row of people not having audio for the movies. Perfect. 16 hours of listening to chatter, children crying and snoring. - THIS IS THE SAME IN THE BUSINESS CLASS CABIN!!\n\nI find the Mabuhay magazine. Nice pictures. Lots of food pics. I'm hungry now. When do we get to eat?\n\nDidn't have to wait long. It was a choice between chicken rice and beef noodles.\n\nI picked the chicken rice thinking Filipinos are better off cooking something with rice than something with noodles. So did most people, since they ordered chicken as well. Not long after that, other passengers had no choice. It was now a choice between Beef Noodles and beef noodles.\n\nThe food was extra yucky. I would have been happier eating something from Aling Maria's Carinderia or even ~McDonald's.\n\nIt was nondescript chicken on a bed of rice sprinkled with sesame seeds. On the side was baby corn and carrots. What made it worse was that I just got done reading the Mabuhay mag's articles on food. Advertisements on great places to eat. Pictures of sumptuous feasts. And here I am stuck with chicken and rice. Not even close to being good chicken and rice.\n\nBreakfast was not any better. Again a choice of chicken adobo and rice or bangus and rice. Unfortunately, they again ran out of chicken adobo… Filipinos are used to this. But what about people of other cultures? The bread that came with the meal was crusty. The muffin was tiny and awful. The drinks were few and far between. No Diet Coke! They served Pepsi and some other generic brand. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.\n\nFlying Philippine Airlines is a luxury. I could have flown Korean Air, or China Air, or Cathay Pacific. There are other airlines that service the Philippines. But PAL is convenient. A technical stop either in Honolulu or Guam and you are in the Philippines. They are the quickest and most convenient ticket to Manila. No need to deplane. For all intensive purposes, it is a direct flight. For this you pay top dollar. When you normally can get one-way with a $700 ticket elsewhere, you would pay around $1,200 for an economy ticket flying with PAL. If you are not traveling alone, it could get expensive! Should you expect good service? OF COURSE! But do you get your money's worth? I think not.\n\nJust before landing, the crew passed out envelops for passengers to donate to victims of the last typhoon. Wow, captive audience. Great idea!\n\nThey also passed out immigration and custom forms, but this time it was packaged in a Tanduay Rum advertisement. Tacky. Woe to Lucio Tan!!\n\nSleeping in planes is probably a skill that I never acquired. My legs feel like they are going to fall off. My neck hurts. I am extra careful not to "invade" the other people's privacy in such tight spaces.\n\nI sat next to a grandmother. I may have lucked out. This is better than seating next to a wailing kid. Or somebody who reeked. Just before take-off, she took out her prayer book that had inserts of pictures of her husband, I thought… more of her grandkids. Looks like she is saying a novena. I say a little prayer for a safe and pleasant flight myself. If the plane crashes, maybe my proximity to such a devout woman might just save me.\n\nI got to Manila in one piece. That I can say. Pleasant? That part of my prayer went unanswered.\n\nThe frail grandma I sat next to had elbows that would rival Dennis Rodman's. She for some reason could not feel her elbows constantly digging on my ribs. Also, she asked for water every 10 minutes. First I felt bad for her, thinking she must be really thirsty, then I noticed she already had a huge bottle of water in her bag.\n\nHer daughter-in-law, who was seated right in front of her, was a piece of work herself. If the flight attendant gave out travel packs of toothpaste, she wanted two. When they handed out pillows and blankets, she wanted an extra pair. When they handed out snacks, she wanted an extra one. It was annoying. For some reason, it embarrassed me.\n\nI guess I am not the only one with trouble sleeping. The guy behind me also could not sleep. I guess it was his plan that since he could not sleep, I should not get any either. He kept banging his head on the back of my seat. Or doing stretches by kicking my seat. My dark side came sooooooooo close to standing up and slapping him. But I thought, since he was seating with his parents, they should discipline him. They didn't.\n\nIt was not all bad at PR 103. There was entertainment of a different kind. The flight attendant asked if somebody wanted a //cough//. Why would anyone want a cough? Apparently she meant ''cup''. Oh well, maybe not so funny. Here I am in Manila with a cough.\n\nThanks PAL!\n<<<\nWhile I have had no experience flying Philippine Airlines out of the country (my overseas trips have been limited to Hong Kong and New Zealand, during which trips I always took Cathay Pacific), I sympathize with the email writer on his experiences.\n\nIt is amazing how embarrassing the actuations of some Filipinos are. And it's ironic that, for a long flight, the amenities on board are not exactly pleasant. I remember once while taking the Cathay Pacific flight from Auckland to Hong Kong that the flight attendant kept me inebriated with San Miguel Beer all throughout the 14-hour flight. She was Filipina I could sense. And she must have sensed that I was dying for the taste of San Miguel Beer!\n\nBut what is important is that he got to Manila safely! At the end of the day, that is what matters, isn't it?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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Before anything else, let me thank [[WOW Magic Sing|http://wowmagicsing.com/index.php]] and ~ABC5 for changing its commercial during the Philippine Idol telecast. I hope that continues and the one featuring Philippine Idol wannabes be forever destroyed.\n\nI do not know where to begin my post tonight. I am still trying to get over the shOck (with a big ''O'', like Mr. C), the disappointment and the frustration.\n\nImagine, he who was [[last night|Metro Pop Performances]]'s best performer garnered the lowest number of votes! And those who ''many'' viewers perceived to be weak singers were not even in the bottom three!\n\n''Mau'', ''Gian'' and ''Reymond'' were the bottom three! Could you believe that? Reymond, who many perceive to have given the best performance last night had to leave the competition. This actually prompted Mr. C to say\n<<<\nWe have been very polite, very Filipino. But if the best singers will be eliminated, then we would end up singing nursery rhymes.\n<<<\nMany in the forums are now cursing and fussing and whining. Some are blaming three finalists who they believe should have been in the bottom three.\n\nBut, wait a minute! It's not their fault they're still in the competition. They didn't manipulate the results. Except for ''Arms'', they didn't even campaign //on air// for people to vote for them.\n\nI believe there are certain factors that have contributed to this //shocking// result tonight.\n\nFirstly, Philippine Idol is carried by ~ABC5. How widely aired is it? In the provinces of the Philippines, one has to have a subscription with a cable television company to be able to watch the shows on ~ABC5. Without such subscription, one can't watch anything on ~ABC5. In a contest where the winners are determined by the viewers, this has //disenfranchised// other potential viewers from registering their preferences from among the finalists.\n\nSecondly, voting is done through texting and through a PLDT landline. While it is easy to vote through a cellphone as all GSM networks are covered, using a landline is another thing. PLDT does not extend to all places in the country. I for one do not have access to a PLDT landline. Only Globe services our area. So, how can I possibly vote through a landline?\n\nSo, who actually vote? It's the family, friends and fans of each finalist who vote. Naturally. And the family usually ends up spending more. After all, it's ego-boosting to see a member of your family up there in the limelight. Never mind that he/she cannot reach the high notes. Never mind that he/she gets criticized week after week by the judges. As long as he/she is ''up there'' on stage, that's prize enough for a family who may spend a lot of money to keep their family member in contention for the title of ''Philippine Idol''.\n\nIf this goes on, I can just imagine what kind of ''Philippine Idol'' we would have.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
^^//[Originally posted at [[my Friendster blog|http://iam1ru12.blogs.friendster.com/my_pet_peeves/]] on 2 September 2006.]//^^\n\n|!Name|!Song|!Judges' Comments|!My Comments|\n|[img[Freddie Cabael|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_freddie-sm.jpg]]Freddie Cabael|[[Macho Gwapito|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Freddie%20Cabael%20-%20Macho%20Gwapito.mp3]]|FM: Appearance copied from foreigners but not the performance. PC: Lose the hat! But good performance. RC: Would like to hear you sing a ballad.|Not impressed. So-so.|\n|[img[Robert Bernadas|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_robert-sm.jpg]]Robert Bernadas|[[Take A Look In My Heart|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Robert%20Bernadas%20-%20Take%20A%20Look%20Inside%20Your%20Heart.mp3]]|FM: Vocally-equipped. Exudes confidence. PC: He's grown smaller. RC: You're my bet!|Great voice control.|\n|[img[Kenneth Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_kenneth-sm.jpg]]Kenneth Dingle|[[More Today Than Yesterday|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Kenneth%20Dingle%20-%20More%20Today%20Than%20Yesterday.mp3]]|FM: Said that Ken's having fun. PC: Better do better than tonight. RC: Got a wide voice range.|Voice a little strained, to me.|\n|[img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_dre-sm.jpg]]Drae Ybañez|[[What You Won't Do For Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Drae%20Yba%C3%B1ez%20-%20What%20You%20Won%27t%20Do%20For%20Love.mp3]]|FM: Your best performance so far. PC: I like your confidence. RC: I enjoyed your performance among the four I've seen so far.|Effortless.|\n|[img[ Onyx Culala|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_onyx-sm.jpg]]Onyx Culala|Windmills of Your Mind|FM: Choice of song didn't showcase your potential. PC: The song is not for you. RC: You didn't perform it beautifully.|Boring. Didn't like the stops after each line.|\n|[img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_gian-sm.jpg]]Gian Magdangal|Footloose|FM: Complete package. You did great! PC: He really knows how to entertain the people here. RC: Very professional. Very sleek.|Voice drowned by accompaniment. Very lively performance.|\n|[img[Ramirr Grepo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ramirr-sm.jpg]]Ramirr Grepo|Bed of Roses|FM: Lahat ng pera dito ko ipupusta! PC: I love you! RC: Best choice of song. You are the singer to beat tonight.|Last note was impressive.|\n|[img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_miguel-sm.jpg]]Miguel Mendoza|Highways of My Life|FM: You have the potential to be the first Philippine Idol. Galingan mo pa. PC: I hope they all vote for you. RC: I don't think you're mature enough to sing that song.|Falsetto parts annoying.|\n|[img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_raymond-sm.jpg]]Reymond Sajor|Tell Her About It|FM: All contestants should emulate what he did. PC: That makes you a professional. RC: Tonight you went to hell but you came back not only alive but bongga ka sir!|Sound from microphone got lost!!! Good attitude, kept on singing even without the sound!!!|\n|[img[Joseph Astor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_joseph-sm.jpg]]Joseph Astor|Why Can't It Be|FM: Polish your diction. PC: You're sincere. RC: Sana makapasok ka next week.|Didn't get the right key at the start.|\n|[img[Christian Masaga|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_christian-sm.jpg]]Christian Masaga|Have I Told You Lately|FM: A very moving performance! PC: He's very emotional. RC: I didn't like the song. But it was good enough.|Perfect!|\n|[img[Jan Kurt Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jan-sm.jpg]]Jan Kurt Nieto|Bridge Over Troubled Water|FM: You look good. You sound better. PC: I'd love to see you again. RC: I didn't like the performance.|Tone problems.|\n\n^^Thanks to [[Mr. DJ|http://mrdj.multiply.com/music]] for the mp3.^^\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
^^//[Originally posted at [[Blogspot|http://iam1ru12.blogspot.com/2006/09/philippine-idol-1st-results-night.html]] on 3 September 2006, 10:52 pm.]//^^\n\n[>img[Ryan Agoncillo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/ryan_a.jpg]] ''Ryan Agoncillo'' announced that Philippine Idol broke the Asian record for text votes for the first performance night. How many Asian countries have the Idol shows anyway?\n\nAccording to the [[Fremantle Media|http://www.fremantlemedia.com/page.asp?partid=12]] website,\n\n<<<\nIdols cracked the Asian market having successfully launched in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India in 2004. In Indonesia, audiences grew by nearly 50% from launch and the Singapore Idol final became the highest rated show in 2004 with a market share in excess of 60%. Malaysian Idol peaked with an audience share 350% higher than the broadcaster's primetime average, and Indian Idol ranked as the broadcaster's highest rating show nearly every week.\n<<<\n\nNot that many, huh?\n\nAnyway, the first four Philippine Idol finalists are:\n\n''Drae Ybañez''\n[img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/DraeYbaez.jpg]]\n<<<\n FM: Your best performance so far.\n PC: I like your confidence. \n RC: I enjoyed your performance among the four I’ve seen so far. \n<<<\n\n''Miguel Mendoza''\n[img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/MiguelMendoza.jpg]]\n<<<\n FM: You have the potential to be the first Philippine Idol. Galingan mo pa.\n PC: I hope they all vote for you.\n RC: I don’t think you’re mature enough to sing that song.\n<<<\n\n''Reymond Sajor''\n[img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/ReymondSajor.jpg]]\n<<<\n FM: All contestants should emulate what he did.\n PC: That makes you a professional.\n RC: Tonight you went to hell but you came back not only alive but bongga ka sir!\n<<<\n\n''Jan Kurt Nieto''\n[img[Jan Kurt Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/JanKurtNieto.jpg]]\n<<<\n FM: You look good; you sound better.\n PC: I’d love to see you again.\n RC: I didn’t like the performance.\n<<<\n\nI voted for two of them:\n\n#''Drae Ybañez'', for I found his rendition of [[What You Won't Do For Love|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Drae%20Yba%C3%B1ez%20-%20What%20You%20Won%27t%20Do%20For%20Love.mp3]] effortless, and\n#''Reymond Sajor'', for he showed professionalism when he continued singing //Tell Her About It// (and I would say that his performance wouldn't have been affected by it) even when the sound went pffft.\n\n''Miguel Mendoza'' I didn't like because I got annoyed by his falsetto. It destroyed his rendition of //Highways of My Life// rather than enhanced it. ''Jan Kurt Nieto'' had many off-key notes during his rendition of //Bridge Over Troubled Water//.\n\nTop judges' choices ''Ramirr Grepo'' and ''Gian Magdangal'' didn't make it to the top four. Remember, Francis M said, "Lahat ng pera dito ko ipupusta", referring to Ramirr after the latter's rendition of //Bed of Roses//. Mr. C even referred to Ramirr as "the singer to beat tonight". The three judges were all agog at Gian's performance of //Footloose//.\n\n''Robert Bernadas'', who Mr. C told, "You’re my bet!", was in the bottom six! That, despite an effortless rendition of [[Take A Look In My Heart|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Robert%20Bernadas%20-%20Take%20A%20Look%20Inside%20Your%20Heart.mp3]].\n\nNow, these three would have to compete with ''Freddie Cabael'', ''Christian Masaga'', ''Kenneth Dingle'', ''Onyx Culala'' and ''Joseph Astor'' for the last two spots.\n\nTsk, tsk.\n\n^^Thanks to [[Mr. DJ|http://mrdj.multiply.com/music]] for the mp3s.^^\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
Based on the performance show on 9 September 2006.\n\n|!Name|!Song|!Judges' Comments|!My Comments|\n|01 - GAIL[img[Abigail Blanco|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_abigail-sm.jpg]]Abigail Blanco|What’s Love Got to Do With It|FM: I found it OK. PC: I don't like the song too much, but the way you did it, I like it. RC: Sadly, the song ate you up.|There was no difference in the way she sang it from the way Tina Turner did it. And she paled in comparison.|\n|02 - TIN[img[Christina Otero|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_christina-sm.jpg]]Christina Otero|Come In From the Rain|FM: Papirmahin na ng kontrata yan. PC: Ang mga Bisaya ibang-iba talaga, katulad ko. RC: Siguro kailangan mo ng konting make-over kasi ang ganda ng boses mo.|I detected a slight hoarseness in her voice, and this detracted from my appreciation of her performance.|\n|03 - YNAH[img[Rina Lei Pangan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_rina-sm.jpg]]Rina Lei Pangan|Halik|FM: It's a courageous effort to sing a local song. Plus sa akin yun. PC: I like the choice of song and I like the way she did it! RC: Nanalo ka sa sugal sa pagpili ng awiting iyon.|She reminds me of Sampaguita! A powerful performance.|\n|04 - APPLE[img[Cherry Ann Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_cherry-sm.jpg]]Cherry Ann Chiu|Rhythm of the Street|FM: Di panglaban ang kanta. But the way she sang it is as if she knew the song. PC: You're very sexy and I like your performance. RC: Buti na lang buong-buo ang boses niya.|I detected a couple of bad notes there.|\n|05 - JELI[img[Jellica Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jellica-sm.jpg]]Jellica Mateo|Bridges|FM: It was creative the way you sang in English, Portuguese and Tagalog. PC: You took a gamble with this song. RC: Marami kang pitch problems doon.|She should just have held the microphone right from the start! I found her performance a little listless.|\n|06 - IRA[img[Ira Marasigan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ira-sm.jpg]]Ira Marasigan|Mr. Melody|FM: She has a lot of energy. PC: How she has blossomed. You're good! RC: You brought class to Philippine Idol. Ang galing mong maglakad.|Who was she looking at? Her eye movements were distracting. A little problem reaching some high notes towards the end of the song.|\n|07 - POW[img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_pow-sm.jpg]]Pow Chavez|Ikaw Lamang|FM: Magaling na mang-aawit to! PC: I love you, Pow! RC: Yung boses mo punong-puno ng emosyon. //Kung ''tamang bumoto'' ang mga tao, papasok ka!//|''BRAVO! MAGNIFICO!'' ''IDOL!'' Francis & Mamita, what's a skirt got to do with it?|\n|08 - STEF[img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_stephanie-sm.jpg]]Stephanie Lazaro|Home|FM: You did good. Congratulations! PC: I hope everyone votes for you. RC: I've heard that song in a lot of competitions. Nothing new.|A little strained reaching the high notes towards the end of the song. Mamita, ikaw talaga. Walang pintas.|\n|09 - MAU[img[Maureen Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_maureen-sm.jpg]]Maureen Marcelo|Sweet Love|FM: Kahit si Fantasia, titiklop kay Mau. PC: I really like the way you changed. RC: With your performance, I do not understand why you are not yet an international recording artist //(with matching standing ovation)//.|Did you hear her low note? It was good!|\n|10 - EJ[img[Erika Jill Bautista|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_erika-sm.jpg]]Erika Jill Bautista|Paalam Na|FM: Malinis ang pagkaka-interpret. PC: Always nasa tono siya. RC: It's just good enough. Nothing slighting, nothing spectacular.|Everything was effortless and smooth, including the way she took the microphone from its stand. She's the contestant to beat, if we go by the results of online polls.|\n|11 - SUEY[img[Yasmin Medina|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_yasmin-sm.jpg]]Yasmin Medina|Almost Over You|FM: Beautiful! You killed it! PC: Suey, very good! RC: Tonight your performance was much better than what I heard yesterday. Congratulations!|Good job in making the song hers and not Sheena Easton's. But what was that cough?|\n|12 - ARMS[img[Armarie Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_armarie-sm.jpg]]Armarie Cruz|Superwoman|FM: What you did was one of the best performances tonight. PC: This is the first time na hindi ko siya nakitang umiyak. You are my superwoman tonight. RC: Very solid performance. I hope you make it.|What a belter!|\n\n----\n''HOW TO VOTE''\n//Mobile//: Type <contestant name> and send to 2339\n//Landline//: Dial 1-908-5 IDOL e.g. to vote for contestant number 1, just dial 1-908-5 4365-01\n----\n\n----\n''Spoiler''\nMy top six, in no particular order:\n*POW\n*YNAH\n*EJ\n*ARMS\n*MAU\n*IRA\n----\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
Sunday evening and the Filipino people have spoken! Who will be the first four female finalists for Philippine Idol?\n\nThe judges were a little better [[Saturday night|Philippine Idol - 2nd Performance Night (Girls)]], although Pilita Corrales was still less open with her real assessment of the performances.\n\nWill Ryan Agoncillo divide the girls into two groups like he did with the guys? Cause if he does, I would want to see the following in one group:\n*POW\n*YNAH\n*EJ\n*ARMS\n*MAU\n*IRA\nAfter Jasmine Trias sang her signature American Idol song (methinks she had trouble reaching a high note in the early part of the song), the nerve-wracking process of announcing the top four females began.\n\nRyan Agoncillo simply called six of them and declared that four of them would go on to the finals. Hmmm, an innovative approach. They were ''Ynah'', ''Arms'', ''Jeli'', ''Apple'', ''Mau'' and ''Pow''. Four of my top six were there. ''EJ'', who was topping an [[online poll|http://philippineidol2006.blogspot.com/]] before the start of the performance night, was not in the top six!\n\nThen came the announcement.\n\n[img[Armarie Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_armarie1.jpg]]\n''Armarie Cruz'' gets the first slot. She sang //Superwoman//.\n<<<\n*FM: What you did was one of the best performances tonight.\n*PC: This is the first time na hindi ko siya nakitang umiyak. You are my superwoman tonight.\n*RC: Very solid performance. I hope you make it.\n*I said: What a belter!\n<<<\n\n[img[Jellica Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_jellica1.jpg]]\n''Jellica Mateo'', who sang //Bridges//, was next to be told that she is in the finals.\n<<<\n*FM: It was creative the way you sang in English, Portuguese and Tagalog.\n*PC: You took a gamble with this song.\n*RC: Marami kang pitch problems doon.\n*I said: She should just have held the microphone right from the start! I found her performance a little listless.\n<<<\n\n[img[Cherry Ann Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_armarie1.jpg]]\n''Cherry Ann Chiu'' then became the third female finalist. She sang //Rhythm of the Street//.\n<<<\n*FM: Di panglaban ang kanta. But the way she sang it is as if she knew the song.\n*PC: You're very sexy and I like your performance.\n*RC: Buti na lang buong-buo ang boses niya.\n*I said: I detected a couple of bad notes there.\n<<<\nWith Ynah already made to sit after Arms was declared a finalist, it was now down to ''Mau'' and ''Pow''. I was tense there, for I had my bet on Pow. Mau after all was the topnotcher in my [[ABC Forum poll|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/viewthread.php?tid=503]].\n\nAfter all three judges declared that the people would have voted for Pow, Ryan Agoncillo finally announced the fourth finalist.\n\nIt was...\n\n''Pow Chavez'', who sang //Ikaw Lamang//. This was met with cheers from the theater crowd and from me!!!\n\n[img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_pow1.jpg]]\n<<<\n*FM: Magaling na mang-aawit to!\n*PC: I love you, Pow!\n*RC: Yung boses mo punong-puno ng emosyon. //Kung ''tamang bumoto'' ang mga tao, papasok ka!//\n*I said: ''BRAVO! MAGNIFICO!'' ''IDOL!'' Francis & Mamita, what's a skirt got to do with it?\n<<<\n''Erika Jill Bautista'' and ''Maureen Marcelo'', pre-results night favorites, didn't make it to the top four. Now, they have to compete with ''Abigail Blanco'', ''Christina Otero'', ''Ira Marasigan'', ''Rina Lei Pangan'', ''Stephanie Lazaro'' and ''Yasmin Medina'' for the last two spots.\n\nBut before the wildcard night on Saturday, three of them will have to go. The judges will pick only five to compete in the wildcard round. And the five girls and the five boys in the wildcard round will be announced tomorrow Monday at 8 pm at ABC 5.\n\nThis is going to be exciting.\n\n----\n<<haloscan comments>>\n
''Wildcard Round''\n[>img[Heart Evangelista|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/heart150.jpg]]The remaining four slots for the finals will be determined during the wildcard round.\n\nA video of the announcement by Ryan Agoncillo was presented during the //I Love Philippine Idol// show Monday night by Heart Evangelista.\n\nThe ten contenders for the wildcard competition on ''Saturday, 16 September'', are:\n\n| [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_gian-sm.jpg]] | [img[Joseph Astor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_joseph-sm.jpg]] |\n| ''GIAN'' Magdangal | ''JOSEPH'' Astor |\n| [img[Kenneth Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_kenneth-sm.jpg]] | [img[ Onyx Culala|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_onyx-sm.jpg]] |\n| Kenneth ''KEN'' Dingle | ''ONYX'' Culala |\n| [img[Ramirr Grepo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ramirr-sm.jpg]] | [img[Maureen Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_maureen-sm.jpg]] |\n| ''RAMIRR'' Grepo | Maureen ''MAU'' Marcelo |\n| [img[Yasmin Medina|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_yasmin-sm.jpg]] | [img[Ira Marasigan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ira-sm.jpg]] |\n| Yasmin ''SUEY'' Medina | ''IRA'' Marasigan |\n| [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_stephanie-sm.jpg]] | [img[Christina Otero|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_christina-sm.jpg]] |\n| Stephanie ''STEF'' Lazaro | Christina ''TIN'' Otero |\n\nThis means we have to say goodbye to\n*Abigail ''GAIL'' Blanco\n*Erika Jill ''EJ'' Bautista\n*Rina Lei ''YNAH'' Pangan\n*''FREDDIE'' Cabael\n*''ROBERT'' Bernadas\n*''CHRISTIAN'' Masaga\nYou had a good run, fellas! Congratulations and good luck!\n\nHowever, I am surprised why ''Robert'' was eliminated. During the [[performance night of the guys|Philippine Idol - 1st Performance Night (Boys)]], Mr. C said that Robert was his bet. So, what happened? Was he outvoted?\n\nHmmm..... People can be inconsistent. And fickle.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n\n\n
^^(Reposted with the mp3s of the songs.)^^\n!!!Opening number\n[[Nais Ko|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Basil%20Valdes%20and%20Big%203%20-%20Nais%20Ko.mp3]] with [[Basil Valdez|http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1833556/]]: Sounded to me like it was a little bit too high in key; not one idol finalist didn't strain to reach the notes.\n!!!Contestant's Choice\n|!Finalist | !Song |\n|''Gian'' | [[Impossible Dream|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Impossible%20Dream.mp3]] |\n|''Jan'' | [[Say That You Love Me|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Say%20That%20You%20Love%20Me.mp3]] |\n|''Mau'' | [[Love Takes Time|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Love%20Takes%20Time.mp3]] |\nI'd give this round to ''Jan'', just like DJ Mo Twister. I wasn't moved by the performances of Gian and Mau; they were wanting of energy and pathos.\n!!!Judges' Choice\n|!Finalist | !Song |\n|''Gian'' | [[Volare|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Volare.mp3]] |\n|''Jan'' | [[Quien Sera (Sway)|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Sway.mp3]] |\n|''Mau'' | [[Balut|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20Balut.mp3]] |\nAnother round to ''Jan''. I agree with Francis M that he danced better tonight than in previous performance nights and, more importantly, his movements were in sync with the song. Gian's movements reminded me of [[Mr. Bean|http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096657/]] while Mau's run on stage wasn't graceful.\n!!!Record Producers' Choice\n|!Finalist | !Song |\n|''Gian'' | [[Flying Without Wings|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Gian%20-%20Flying%20Without%20Wings.mp3]] |\n|''Jan'' | [[Evergreen|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Jan%20-%20Evergreen.mp3]] |\n|''Mau'' | [[On My Own|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Mau%20-%20On%20My%20Own.mp3]] |\nHmmm.... Mr. C wants Gian to win. But Jan did a better rendition of a [[Westlife|http://www.westlife.com/index.php]] song. I'd give this round, however, to ''Mau'' who was in her element in the record producers' song choice for her.\n\nIt is obvious that tonight was ''Jan'''s night and I won't be surprised if he becomes the first Philippine Idol tomorrow.\n\n<<haloscan comments>><<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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In my desire to understand the voting results for Philippine Idol, I reviewed my [[notes|Philippine Idol Notes]] and constructed a matrix showing how the performances of the Idol finalists were rated by the judges (excluding Regine Tolentino for a reason I will explain later). The matrix has three symbols:\n* A star ( [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]]) for a finalist who got positive reviews from all the judges.\n* A question mark ( [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] ) for a finalist who had mixed reviews from the judges.\n* A bomb ( [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] ) for a finalist who was given nothing but negative reviews by all the judges.\n| !Idol Finalist |>| !1^^st^^ Elim | !2^^nd^^ Elim |>| !3^^rd^^ Elim | !4^^th^^ Elim |\n|~| !OPM | !~RnB |~| !Band Hits | !Theme Song |~|\n|Apple | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |\n|Arms | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | - |\n|Drae |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | - | - | - | - |\n|Gian |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |\n|Jan | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |\n|Jeli | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | - |\n|Ken | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |\n|Mau | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] |\n|Miguel | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bomb.png]] |\n|Pow |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#bbbbbb): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |\n|Reymond | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/star.gif]] | - | - | - |\n|Stef |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] |bgcolor(#000000): [img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/questionmark.gif]] | - | - | - | - |\n\nThe [[first elimination night|And Then There Were Ten]] combined the votes cast after the [[OPM|1st Final Round Performances]] and [[RnB|2nd Final Round Performances]] performance nights. As you can see, three Idol finalists who got praises from the judges (Gian and Pow - OPM night; Drae - ~RnB night) were in the hotspot. In fact, one of them - Drae - got booted out the night after his performance was praised. None of the three finalists who got dissed during the first two performance nights were in danger of being eliminated.\n\nDuring the [[second elimination night|Philippine "Nursery" Idol]], the Idol finalist who was the only one to get favorable reviews from all three judges [[the night before|Metro Pop Performances]] got booted out! Neither Apple nor Miguel, who both got negative reviews from all three judges, were called to the hotspot. If you recall, this was the time that Mr. C said that //if the best singers will be eliminated, then we would end up singing nursery rhymes//.\n\nThe [[third elimination night|Goodbye to Two]] was a little controversial, because, aside from combining the votes from the [[band|21 October Performance Night]] and [[theme song|Song of My Life Night]] nights, it also marked the time when Philippine Idol decided to adopt the //two-hour voting// policy. As can be seen from the matrix, those who were called to the hotspot consisted of three who got all praises from the judges (Apple and Jeli - Theme Song night; Arms - Band Hits night). It is interesting to note that the week before she got star reviews, Jeli got nothing but bad reviews from the judges. As in previous elimination nights, the finalists with favorable reviews (Arms and Jeli) had to leave the competition.\n\nWith the comments of Regine Tolentino excluded from the matrix (she declared during the [[dance night|Dance, Dance, Dance]] that she would not be judging the singing), the [[fourth elimination night|Down to Six!]] saw two Idol finalists who were praised by both Mamita and Mr. C quivering in the hotspot - Apple and Ken - with Apple ending her Philippine Idol journey.\n\nWhat do all of these show about the voting?\n\nViewers do listen to the judges. However, many of them become //complacent// when it comes to voting for their favorites, especially if their favorite finalist has gotten positive feedback from the judges. For that is the only logical reason that can be found to explain why finalists whose performances were praised by all the judges land on the hotspot.\n\nContrast this with those finalists who get negative reviews. Except for Jeli, who was eventually booted out the night after getting all praises from the judges, none of the finalists who were "bombed" by the judges stepped on the hotspot. This would show that voters tend to sympathize with them and would do all they can do to prevent these finalists from getting the boot.\n\nI also would not blame families and friends from supporting their Idol. They're ''family'' after all. And aren't ''friends'' supposed to be ''loyal'' to each other?\n\nSo how do we ensure that the best singers remain in the competition?\n\nI'd say just one thing: ''__Keep on voting.__''\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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|! POW CHAVEZ, 23 (Quezon City, interior designer/band vocalist) |>|\n| [img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_pow.jpg]] | To vote, type ''POW'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-10'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[You Got It Bad|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20-%20You%20Got%20It%20Bad.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Usher's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Usher%20-You%20Got%20It%20Bad.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: Natuwa ako sa boses mo, sa itsura mo. I like the fact that you sang it the way Pow sang it. Tie naman kayo ni Gian tonight.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Mas gusto ko si Pow pag kumakanta na naririnig ko ang tunay niya na boses.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Para kang ice cream, kulang na lang cherry sa taas. Kung nag-tumbling ka pa, panalo ka na!|\n|>|//I say//: It's a pleasant sight and sound seeing and listening to Pow sing differently. That's versatility for you.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! POW CHAVEZ, 23 (Quezon City, interior designer/band vocalist) |>|\n| [img[Pow Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_pow-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''POW'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-11'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Nakapagtataka|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Pow%20Chavez%20-%20Nakapagtataka.mp3]] (Hajji Alejandro) |\n|>|//Francis M//: Pow, saan nanggagaling ang boses mo? Night after night, she always puts her best performance. Kung pwede lang i-tie kay Gian, siya ang Philippine Idol tonight.|\n|>|//Mamita//: Gumaganda si Pow.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: That's part of the magic of Pow. Very feminine ang approach niya sa kanta. You are a modern [[kundiman|http://www.kundiman.org/index.php?id=2]] singer.|\n|>|//I say//: I'm speechless! That was a very powerful performance with the right emotions thrown in for effect.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.\n - Douglas Pagels\n----\nFriendship isn't a big thing. It's a million little things.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nA single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.\n - Leo Buscaglia\n----\nOnly your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.\n - Sicilian Proverb\n----\nThe antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.\n - Aristotle\n----\nIn everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.\n - Albert Schweitzer\n----\nA loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad.\n - Arnold H. Glasgow\n----\nThe friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.\n - Elbert Hubbard, //The Notebook//, 1927\n----\nA good friend is cheaper than therapy.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nIf a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.\n - Edgar Watson Howe\n----\nThe most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.\n - Henry David Thoreau\n----\nA true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.\n - Arnold Glasow\n----\nBut if the while I think on thee, dear friend,\nAll losses are restored and sorrows end.\n - William Shakespeare\n----\nThe most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.\n - Elisabeth Foley\n----\nIt is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.\n - William Blake\n----\nA friend is the only person you will let into the house when you are Turning Out Drawers.\n - Pam Brown\n----\nOne's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human.\n - George Santayana\n----\nA friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.\n - Donna Roberts\n----\nIf a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone. A man should keep his friendships in constant repair.\n - Samuel Johnson\n----\nTrue friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.\n - Dave Tyson Gentry\n----\nYou can always tell a real friend - when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.\n - Laurence J. Peter\n----\nFriends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nA friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.\n - Grace Pulpit\n----\nOne doesn't know, till one is a bit at odds with the world, how much one's friends who believe in one rather generously, mean to one.\n - D.H. Lawrence\n----\nFriendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.\n - C.S. Lewis\n----\nConstant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship.\n - Dorothy Parker\n----\nSome people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.\n - Virginia Woolf\n----\nThere are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nThe best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nThe language of friendship is not words but meanings.\n - Henry David Thoreau\n----\nA true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nFriends are kisses blown to us by angels.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nIt's important to our friends to believe that we are unreservedly frank with them, and important to the friendship that we are not.\n - Mignon ~McLaughlin, //The Neurotic's Notebook//, 1960\n----\nIt is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.\n - Marlene Dietrich\n----\nShe is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.\n - Toni Morrison, //Beloved//\n----\nFriends can be said to "fall in like" with as profound a thud as romantic partners fall in love.\n - Letty Cottin Pogrebin\n----\nNothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.\n - Plautus\n----\nGoogle's photo software. It's what should've come with your camera.\n----\nIf instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.\n - George ~MacDonald\n----\nLove is like the wild-rose briar;\nFriendship is like the holly-tree.\nThe holly is dark when the rose briar blooms,\nBut which will bloom most constantly?\n - Emily Brontë\n----\nThe friend within the man is that part of him which belongs to you and opens to you a door which never, perhaps, is opened to another. Such a friend is true, and all he says is true; and he loves you even if he hates you in other mansions of his heart.\n - Antoine de ~Saint-Exupéry, //The Wisdom of the Sands//, translated from French by Stuart Gilbert\n----\nA real friend is someone who would feel loss if you jumped on a train, or in front of one.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nSilences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.\n - Margaret Lee Runbeck, //Answer Without Ceasing//\n----\nWe are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cords of memory will swell when again touched as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature.\n - Abraham Lincoln\n----\nYes we are [friends] and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often. I don't want to lose this happy space where I have found someone who is smart and easy and doesn't bother to check her diary when we arrange to meet.\n - Jeanette Winterson, //Written on the Body//, 1992\n----\nIt takes a long time to grow an old friend.\n - John Leonard\n----\nTrue friends stab you in the front.\n - Oscar Wilde\n----\nHe who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.\n - Ralph Waldo Emerson\n----\nStrangers are just friends waiting to happen.\n - Rod ~McKuen, //Looking for a Friend//\n----\nIt is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.\n - Epicurus\n----\nWhen we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.\n - Henri Nouwen\n----\nBefore borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most.\n - American Proverb\n----\nThe bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.\n - William Blake\n----\nThe tender friendships one gives up, on parting, leave their bite on the heart, but also a curious feeling of a treasure somewhere buried.\n - Antoine de ~Saint-Exupéry, //Southern Mail//, 1929, translated from French by Curtis Cate\n----\nA true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nWe are keenly aware of the faults of our friends, but if they like us enough it doesn't matter.\n - Mignon ~McLaughlin, //The Neurotic's Notebook//, 1960\n----\nFear makes strangers of people who would be friends.\n - Shirley Maclaine\n----\nFriendship is Love, without his wings.\n - Lord Byron, //L'Amitié est l'Amour sans Ailes//\n----\nBut oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one's deepest as well as one's most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely. Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person - having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.\n - Dinah Craik, //A Life for a Life//, 1859\n----\nA true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.\n - William Penn\n----\nBut friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.\n - Thomas Jefferson\n----\nA good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.\n - Lois Wyse\n----\nThe best time to make friends is before you need them.\n - Ethel Barrymore\n----\nI always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.\n - Katherine Mansfield\n----\nA friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself.\n - Frances Ward Weller\n----\nThere is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.\n - Diana Cortes\n----\nIf you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nA friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nThe friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away.\n - Barbara Kingsolver\n----\nProbably no man ever had a friend that he did not dislike a little.\n - E.W. Howe\n----\nThere is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul.\n - Edith Wharton\n----\nI value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.\n - Robert Brault\n----\n'Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his.\n - Benjamin Franklin\n----\nThe best rule of friendship is to keep your heart a little softer than your head.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nIf it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue.\n - Alice Duer Miller\n----\nEach friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.\n - Anäis Nin\n----\nFriends are relatives you make for yourself.\n - Eustache Deschamps\n----\nMany a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference.\n - Emil Ludwig\n----\nIt is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.\n - Ralph Waldo Emerson\n----\nWithout wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special face for each friend.\n - Oliver Wendell Holmes, //Journals//, 1843\n----\nAh, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend.\n - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow\n----\nMighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends.\n - Samuel Pepys\n----\nA man's growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.\n - Ralph Waldo Emerson\n----\nHold a true friend with both your hands.\n - Nigerian Proverb\n----\nYes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of.\n - Sarah Orne Jewett\n----\nI lay it down as a fact that if all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.\n - Blaise Pascal\n----\nSince there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.\n - Francesco Guicciardini\n----\nThe best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends.\n - Gwyneth Paltrow\n----\nFriendship is one mind in two bodies.\n - Menclus\n----\nFriendship needs no words - it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.\n - Dag Hammarskjold\n----\nWhat is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.\n - Aristotle\n----\nI have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world.\n - Thomas A. Edison\n----\nMen kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn't seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.\n - Anne Morrow Lindbergh\n----\nI don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.\n - Plutarch\n----\nThe essence of true friendship is to make allowance for another's little lapses.\n - David Storey\n----\nDo not keep on with a mockery of friendship after the substance is gone - but part, while you can part friends. Bury the carcass of friendship: it is not worth embalming.\n - William Hazlitt\n----\nIn my friend, I find a second self.\n - Isabel Norton\n----\nA friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those undermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another.\n - Ralph Waldo Emerson\n----\nSome birds aren't meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up, does rejoice. I guess I just miss my friend.\n - //Shawshank Redemption//\n----\nMy heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.\n - Richard Adams, //Watership Down//\n----\nIt is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality.\n - Arnold Bennett\n----\nFriendship is like money, easier made than kept.\n - Samuel Butler\n----\nIt destroys one's nerves to be amiable everyday to the same human being.\n - Benjamin Disraeli\n----\nI hate it in friends when they come too late to help.\n - Euripides\n----\nMy best friend is the one who brings out the best in me!\n - Henry Ford\n----\nThere are three great friends: an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.\n - Benjamin Franklin\n----\nFriends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.\n - Thomas Jones\n----\nThe real test of friendship is: Can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy together those moments of life that are utterly simple? They are the moments people looks back on at the end of life and number as their most sacred experiences.\n - Eugene Kennedy\n----\nThe better part of one's life consists of his friendships.\n - Abraham Lincoln\n----\nThe imaginary friends I had as a kid dropped me because their friends thought I didn't exist.\n - Aaron Machado\n----\nWhen one is trying to do something beyond his known powers it is useless to seek the approval of friends. Friends are at their best in moments of defeat.\n - Henry Miller\n----\nA woman may very well form a friendship with a man, but for this to endure, it must be assisted by a little physical antipathy.\n - Friedrich Nietzsche\n----\nEach friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.\n - Anaïs Nin\n----\nWe have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.\n - Caroline Norton\n----\nWhen we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate now knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.\n - Henri Nouwen, //Out of Solitude//\n----\nBooks, like friends, should be few and well chosen.\n - Samuel Paterson\n----\nDo not assume that she who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. Her life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, she would never have been able to find these words.\n - Rainer Maria Rilke\n----\nFriends need not agree in everything or go always together, or have no comparable other friendships of the same intimacy. On the contrary, in friendship union is more about ideal things: and in that sense it is more ideal and less subject to trouble than marriage is.\n - George Santayana\n----\nGood friends are good for your health.\n - Irwin Sarason\n----\nLife is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.\n - Sydney Smith\n----\nA friend is a gift you give yourself.\n - Robert Louis Stevenson\n----\nA real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.\n - Walter Winchell\n----\nYou cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart known as Brotherhood, however much you preach, posture, or agree, unless you live it.\n - Faith Baldwin\n----\nNo man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.\n - John Donne\n----\nThe moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.\n - James Baldwin\n----\nIn union there is strength.\n - Aesop\n----\nRemember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.\n - Alexander the Great\n----\nSo powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.\n - Bahá'u'lláh\n----\nI look to a time when brotherhood needs no publicity; to a time when a brotherhood award would be as ridiculous as an award for getting up each morning.\n - Daniel D. Mich\n----\nUnity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.\n - Mahatma Gandhi\n----\nIn all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.\n - Booker T. Washington\n----\nWe have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.\n - Martin Luther King, Jr., //Strength to Love//, 1963\n----\nCooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.\n - Virginia Burden, //The Process of Intuition//\n----\nSticks in a bundle are unbreakable.\n - Kenyan Proverb\n----\nMan is a knot into which relationships are tied.\n - Antoine de ~Saint-Exupéry, //Flight to Arras//, 1942, translated from French by Lewis Galantière\n----\nHaving someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need.\n - Margaret Mead\n----\nShared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.\n - Swedish Proverb\n----\nRemember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand.\n - Emily Kimbrough\n----\nThere's one sad truth in life I've found\nWhile journeying east and west -\nThe only folks we really wound\nAre those we love the best.\nWe flatter those we scarcely know,\nWe please the fleeting guest,\nAnd deal full many a thoughtless blow\nTo those who love us best.\n - Ella Wheeler Wilcox\n----\nOh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person - having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.\n - Dinah Craik, //A Life for a Life//, 1859\n----\nIf you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?\n - Stephen Levine\n----\nDon't smother each other. No one can grow in the shade.\n - Leo Buscaglia\n----\nSticks and stones are hard on bones\nAimed with angry art,\nWords can sting like anything\nBut silence breaks the heart.\n - Suzanne Nichols\n----\nAssumptions are the termites of relationships.\n - Henry Winkler\n----\nI like her because she smiles at me and means it.\n - Tas Soft Wind\n----\nSomeone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.\n - Miles Franklin\n----\nYou can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.\n - Frederick Buechner\n----\nPresent your family and friends with their eulogies now - they won't be able to hear how much you love them and appreciate them from inside the coffin.\n - Anonymous\n----\nPiglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!" he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."\n - A. A. Milne\n----\nI felt it shelter to speak to you.\n - Emily Dickinson\n----\nAre we not like two volumes of one book?\n - Marceline ~Desbordes-Valmore\n----\nTrouble is part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.\n - Dinah Shore\n----\nBasically, the only thing we need is a hand that rests on our own, that wishes it well, that sometimes guides us.\n - Hector Bianciotti, //Sans La Misericorde du Christ//\n----\nLet us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.\n - Marcel Proust\n----\nSome people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.\n - Flavia Weedn, //Forever//, © Flavia.com\n----\nNo road is long with good company.\n - Turkish Proverb\n----\nIf fame were based on kindness instead of popularity, on understanding and not on worldwide attention, you would be the biggest celebrity on earth. And to my heart, you already are.\n - Anonymous\n----\nLots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.\n - Oprah Winfrey\n----\nGood company upon the road is the shortest cut.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nSoul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.\n - Author Unknown\n----\nPeople change and forget to tell each other.\n - Lillian Hellman\n----\nIn the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other.\n - Linda Ellerbee, //Move On: Adventures in the Real World//\n----\nSometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you're really strangers.\n - Mary Tyler Moore\n----\nOnce the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.\n - Rainer Maria Rilke\n----\nYou cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.\n - Wayne W. Dyer\n----\nHow lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.\n - From the movie //Annie//
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\n[>img[Regine Tolentino|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/RegineTolentino.jpg]]Regine Tolentino was formerly an MTV VJ before becoming the Philippines’ ''dance diva''.\n\nAn actress, [[Regine|http://www.igma.tv/celeb.php?celebid=187]] is a favorite in various variety shows because of her passionate performances onstage. Her grooves and moves have made her famous while her sexy physique belies the fact that she is a mother of two.\n\nWatch a [[slideshow|http://www.flickr.com/photos/andymaluche/sets/72057594117310042/show/]] of her photos, courtesy of [[Andy Maluche|http://www.flickr.com/photos/andymaluche/]].
/***\n|''Name:''|ReminderPlugin|\n|''Version:''|2.3.8 (Mar 9, 2006)|\n|''Source:''|http://www.geocities.com/allredfaq/reminderMacros.html|\n|''Author:''|Jeremy Sheeley(pop1280 [at] excite [dot] com)|\n|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|\n|''Macros:''|reminder, showreminders, displayTiddlersWithReminders, newReminder|\n|''TiddlyWiki:''|2.0+|\n|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; InternetExplorer 6.0|\n\n!Description\nThis plugin provides macros for tagging a date with a reminder. Use the {{{reminder}}} macro to do this. The {{{showReminders}}} and {{{displayTiddlersWithReminder}}} macros automatically search through all available tiddlers looking for upcoming reminders.\n\n!Installation\n* Create a new tiddler in your tiddlywiki titled ReminderPlugin and give it the {{{systemConfig}}} tag. The tag is important because it tells TW that this is executable code.\n* Double click this tiddler, and copy all the text from the tiddler's body.\n* Paste the text into the body of the new tiddler in your TW.\n* Save and reload your TW.\n* You can copy some examples into your TW as well. See [[Simple examples]], [[Holidays]], [[showReminders]] and [[Personal Reminders]]\n\n!Syntax:\n|>|See [[ReminderSyntax]] and [[showRemindersSyntax]]|\n\n!Revision history\n* v2.3.8 (Mar 9, 2006)\n**Bug fix: A global variable had snuck in, which was killing FF\n**Feature: You can now use TIDDLER and TIDDLERNAME in a regular reminder format\n* v2.3.6 (Mar 1, 2006)\n**Bug fix: Reminders for today weren't being matched sometimes.\n**Feature: Solidified integration with DatePlugin and CalendarPlugin\n**Feature: Recurring reminders will now return multiple hits in showReminders and the calendar.\n**Feature: Added TIDDLERNAME to the replacements for showReminders format, for plugins that need the title without brackets.\n* v2.3.5 (Feb 8, 2006)\n**Bug fix: Sped up reminders lots. Added a caching mechanism for reminders that have already been matched.\n* v2.3.4 (Feb 7, 2006)\n**Bug fix: Cleaned up code to hopefully prevent the Firefox crash that was causing lots of plugins \nto crash Firefox. Thanks to http://www.jslint.com\n* v2.3.3 (Feb 2, 2006)\n**Feature: newReminder now has drop down lists instead of text boxes.\n**Bug fix: A trailing space in a title would trigger an infinite loop.\n**Bug fix: using tag:"birthday !reminder" would filter differently than tag:"!reminder birthday"\n* v2.3.2 (Jan 21, 2006)\n**Feature: newReminder macro, which will let you easily add a reminder to a tiddler. Thanks to Eric Shulman (http://www.elsdesign.com) for the code to do this.\n** Bug fix: offsetday was not working sometimes\n** Bug fix: when upgrading to 2.0, I included a bit to exclude tiddlers tagged with excludeSearch. I've reverted back to searching through all tiddlers\n* v2.3.1 (Jan 7, 2006)\n**Feature: 2.0 compatibility\n**Feature AlanH sent some code to make sure that showReminders prints a message if no reminders are found.\n* v2.3.0 (Jan 3, 2006)\n** Bug Fix: Using "Last Sunday (-0)" as a offsetdayofweek wasn't working.\n** Bug Fix: Daylight Savings time broke offset based reminders (for example year:2005 month:8 day:23 recurdays:7 would match Monday instead of Tuesday during DST.\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\n\n//============================================================================\n//============================================================================\n// ReminderPlugin\n//============================================================================\n//============================================================================\n\nversion.extensions.ReminderPlugin = {major: 2, minor: 3, revision: 8, date: new Date(2006,3,9), source: "http://www.geocities.com/allredfaq/reminderMacros.html"};\n\n//============================================================================\n// Configuration\n// Modify this section to change the defaults for \n// leadtime and display strings\n//============================================================================\n\nconfig.macros.reminders = {};\nconfig.macros["reminder"] = {};\nconfig.macros["newReminder"] = {};\nconfig.macros["showReminders"] = {};\nconfig.macros["displayTiddlersWithReminders"] = {};\n\nconfig.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"] = [0,6000];\nconfig.macros.reminders["defaultReminderMessage"] = "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY";\nconfig.macros.reminders["defaultShowReminderMessage"] = "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY -- TIDDLER";\nconfig.macros.reminders["defaultAnniversaryMessage"] = "(DIFF)";\nconfig.macros.reminders["untitledReminder"] = "Untitled Reminder";\nconfig.macros.reminders["noReminderFound"] = "Couldn't find a match for TITLE in the next LEADTIMEUPPER days."\nconfig.macros.reminders["todayString"] = "Today";\nconfig.macros.reminders["tomorrowString"] = "Tomorrow";\nconfig.macros.reminders["ndaysString"] = "DIFF days";\nconfig.macros.reminders["emtpyShowRemindersString"] = "There are no upcoming events";\n\n\n//============================================================================\n// Code\n// You should not need to edit anything \n// below this. Make sure to edit this tiddler and copy \n// the code from the text box, to make sure that \n// tiddler rendering doesn't interfere with the copy \n// and paste.\n//============================================================================\n\n// This line is to preserve 1.2 compatibility\n// if (!story) var story=window; \n//this object will hold the cache of reminders, so that we don't\n//recompute the same reminder over again.\nvar reminderCache = {};\n\nconfig.macros.showReminders.handler = function showReminders(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var now = new Date().getMidnight();\n var paramHash = {};\n var leadtime = [0,14];\n paramHash = getParamsForReminder(params);\n var bProvidedDate = (paramHash["year"] != null) || \n (paramHash["month"] != null) || \n (paramHash["day"] != null) || \n (paramHash["dayofweek"] != null);\n if (paramHash["leadtime"] != null)\n {\n leadtime = paramHash["leadtime"];\n if (bProvidedDate)\n {\n //If they've entered a day, we need to make \n //sure to find it. We'll reset the \n //leadtime a few lines down.\n paramHash["leadtime"] = [-10000, 10000];\n }\n }\n var matchedDate = now;\n if (bProvidedDate)\n {\n var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][0]);\n var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][1]);\n matchedDate = findDateForReminder(paramHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound); \n }\n\n var arr = findTiddlersWithReminders(matchedDate, leadtime, paramHash["tag"], paramHash["limit"]);\n var elem = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, null);\n var mess = "";\n if (arr.length == 0)\n {\n mess += config.macros.reminders.emtpyShowRemindersString; \n }\n for (var j = 0; j < arr.length; j++)\n {\n if (paramHash["format"] != null)\n {\n arr[j]["params"]["format"] = paramHash["format"];\n }\n else\n {\n arr[j]["params"]["format"] = config.macros.reminders["defaultShowReminderMessage"];\n }\n mess += getReminderMessageForDisplay(arr[j]["diff"], arr[j]["params"], arr[j]["matchedDate"], arr[j]["tiddler"]);\n mess += "\sn";\n }\n wikify(mess, elem, null, null);\n};\n\n\nconfig.macros.displayTiddlersWithReminders.handler = function displayTiddlersWithReminders(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var now = new Date().getMidnight();\n var paramHash = {};\n var leadtime = [0,14];\n paramHash = getParamsForReminder(params);\n var bProvidedDate = (paramHash["year"] != null) || \n (paramHash["month"] != null) || \n (paramHash["day"] != null) || \n (paramHash["dayofweek"] != null);\n if (paramHash["leadtime"] != null)\n {\n leadtime = paramHash["leadtime"];\n if (bProvidedDate)\n {\n //If they've entered a day, we need to make \n //sure to find it. We'll reset the leadtime \n //a few lines down.\n paramHash["leadtime"] = [-10000,10000];\n }\n }\n var matchedDate = now;\n if (bProvidedDate)\n {\n var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][0]);\n var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(paramHash["leadtime"][1]);\n matchedDate = findDateForReminder(paramHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound); \n }\n var arr = findTiddlersWithReminders(matchedDate, leadtime, paramHash["tag"], paramHash["limit"]);\n for (var j = 0; j < arr.length; j++)\n {\n displayTiddler(null, arr[j]["tiddler"], 0, null, false, false, false);\n }\n};\n\nconfig.macros.reminder.handler = function reminder(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var dateHash = getParamsForReminder(params);\n if (dateHash["hidden"] != null)\n {\n return;\n }\n var leadTime = dateHash["leadtime"];\n if (leadTime == null)\n {\n leadTime = config.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"]; \n }\n var leadTimeLowerBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(leadTime[0]);\n var leadTimeUpperBound = new Date().getMidnight().addDays(leadTime[1]);\n var matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, new Date().getMidnight(), leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);\n if (!window.story) \n {\n window.story=window; \n }\n if (!store.getTiddler) \n {\n store.getTiddler=function(title) {return this.tiddlers[title];};\n }\n var title = window.story.findContainingTiddler(place).id.substr(7);\n if (matchedDate != null)\n {\n var diff = matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(new Date().getMidnight());\n var elem = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, null);\n var mess = getReminderMessageForDisplay(diff, dateHash, matchedDate, title);\n wikify(mess, elem, null, null);\n }\n else\n {\n createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,null, config.macros.reminders["noReminderFound"].replace("TITLE", dateHash["title"]).replace("LEADTIMEUPPER", leadTime[1]).replace("LEADTIMELOWER", leadTime[0]).replace("TIDDLERNAME", title).replace("TIDDLER", "[[" + title + "]]") );\n }\n};\n\nconfig.macros.newReminder.handler = function newReminder(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var today=new Date().getMidnight();\n var formstring = '<html><form>Year: <select name="year"><option value="">Every year</option>';\n for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++)\n {\n formstring += '<option' + ((i == 0) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + (today.getFullYear() +i) + '">' + (today.getFullYear() + i) + '</option>';\n }\n formstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Month:<select name="month"><option value="">Every month</option>';\n for (i = 0; i < 12; i++)\n {\n formstring += '<option' + ((i == today.getMonth()) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + (i+1) + '">' + config.messages.dates.months[i] + '</option>';\n }\n formstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Day:<select name="day"><option value="">Every day</option>';\n for (i = 1; i < 32; i++)\n {\n formstring += '<option' + ((i == (today.getDate() )) ? ' selected' : '') + ' value="' + i + '">' + i + '</option>';\n }\n\nformstring += '</select>&nbsp;&nbsp;Reminder Title:<input type="text" size="40" name="title" value="please enter a title" onfocus="this.select();"><input type="button" value="ok" onclick="addReminderToTiddler(this.form)"></form></html>';\n\n var panel = config.macros.slider.createSlider(place,null,"New Reminder","Open a form to add a new reminder to this tiddler");\n wikify(formstring ,panel,null,store.getTiddler(params[1]));\n};\n\n// onclick: process input and insert reminder at 'marker'\nwindow.addReminderToTiddler = function(form) {\n if (!window.story) \n {\n window.story=window; \n }\n if (!store.getTiddler) \n {\n store.getTiddler=function(title) {return this.tiddlers[title];};\n }\n var title = window.story.findContainingTiddler(form).id.substr(7);\n var tiddler=store.getTiddler(title);\n var txt='\sn<<reminder ';\n if (form.year.value != "")\n txt += 'year:'+form.year.value + ' ';\n if (form.month.value != "")\n txt += 'month:'+form.month.value + ' ';\n if (form.day.value != "")\n txt += 'day:'+form.day.value + ' ';\n txt += 'title:"'+form.title.value+'" ';\n txt +='>>';\n tiddler.set(null,tiddler.text + txt);\n window.story.refreshTiddler(title,1,true);\n store.setDirty(true);\n};\n\nfunction hasTag(tiddlerTags, tagFilters)\n{\n //Make sure we respond well to empty tiddlerTaglists or tagFilterlists\n if (tagFilters.length==0 || tiddlerTags.length==0)\n {\n return true;\n }\n\n var bHasTag = false;\n \n /*bNoPos says: "'till now there has been no check using a positive filter"\n Imagine a filterlist consisting of 1 negative filter:\n If the filter isn't matched, we want hasTag to be true.\n Yet bHasTag is still false ('cause only positive filters cause bHasTag to change)\n \n If no positive filters are present bNoPos is true, and no negative filters are matched so we have not returned false\n Thus: hasTag returns true.\n \n If at any time a positive filter is encountered, we want at least one of the tags to match it, so we turn bNoPos to false, which\n means bHasTag must be true for hasTag to return true*/\n var bNoPos=true;\n \nfor (var t3 = 0; t3 < tagFilters.length; t3++)\n {\n for(var t2=0; t2<tiddlerTags.length; t2++)\n {\n if (tagFilters[t3].length > 1 && tagFilters[t3].charAt(0) == '!') \n {\n if (tiddlerTags[t2] == tagFilters[t3].substring(1))\n {\n //If at any time a negative filter is matched, we return false\n return false;\n }\n }\n else \n {\n if (bNoPos)\n {\n //We encountered the first positive filter\n bNoPos=false;\n }\n if (tiddlerTags[t2] == tagFilters[t3])\n {\n //A positive filter is matched. As long as no negative filter is matched, hasTag will return true\n bHasTag=true;\n }\n }\n }\n }\n return (bNoPos || bHasTag);\n};\n\n//This function searches all tiddlers for the reminder //macro. It is intended that other plugins (like //calendar) will use this function to query for \n//upcoming reminders.\n//The arguments to this function filter out reminders //based on when they will fire.\n//\n//ARGUMENTS:\n//baseDate is the date that is used as "now". \n//leadtime is a two element int array, with leadtime[0] \n// as the lower bound and leadtime[1] as the\n// upper bound. A reasonable default is [0,14]\n//tags is a space-separated list of tags to use to filter \n// tiddlers. If a tag name begins with an !, then \n// only tiddlers which do not have that tag will \n// be considered. For example "examples holidays" \n// will search for reminders in any tiddlers that \n// are tagged with examples or holidays and \n// "!examples !holidays" will search for reminders \n// in any tiddlers that are not tagged with \n// examples or holidays. Pass in null to search \n// all tiddlers.\n//limit. If limit is null, individual reminders can \n// override the leadtime specified earlier. \n// Pass in 1 in order to override that behavior.\n\nwindow.findTiddlersWithReminders = function findTiddlersWithReminders(baseDate, leadtime, tags, limit)\n{\n//function(searchRegExp,sortField,excludeTag)\n// var macroPattern = "<<([^>\s\s]+)(?:\s\s*)([^>]*)>>";\n var macroPattern = "<<(reminder)(.*)>>";\n var macroRegExp = new RegExp(macroPattern,"mg");\n var matches = store.search(macroRegExp,"title","");\n var arr = [];\n var tagsArray = null;\n if (tags != null)\n {\n tagsArray = tags.split(" ");\n }\n for(var t=matches.length-1; t>=0; t--)\n {\n if (tagsArray != null)\n {\n //If they specified tags to filter on, and this tiddler doesn't \n //match, skip it entirely.\n if ( ! hasTag(matches[t].tags, tagsArray))\n {\n continue;\n }\n }\n\n var targetText = matches[t].text;\n do {\n // Get the next formatting match\n var formatMatch = macroRegExp.exec(targetText);\n if(formatMatch && formatMatch[1] != null && formatMatch[1].toLowerCase() == "reminder")\n {\n //Find the matching date.\n \n var params = formatMatch[2] != null ? formatMatch[2].readMacroParams() : {};\n var dateHash = getParamsForReminder(params);\n if (limit != null || dateHash["leadtime"] == null)\n {\n if (leadtime == null)\n dateHash["leadtime"] = leadtime;\n else\n {\n dateHash["leadtime"] = [];\n dateHash["leadtime"][0] = leadtime[0];\n dateHash["leadtime"][1] = leadtime[1];\n }\n }\n if (dateHash["leadtime"] == null)\n dateHash["leadtime"] = config.macros.reminders["defaultLeadTime"]; \n var leadTimeLowerBound = baseDate.addDays(dateHash["leadtime"][0]);\n var leadTimeUpperBound = baseDate.addDays(dateHash["leadtime"][1]);\n var matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);\n while (matchedDate != null)\n {\n var hash = {};\n hash["diff"] = matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(baseDate);\n hash["matchedDate"] = new Date(matchedDate.getFullYear(), matchedDate.getMonth(), matchedDate.getDate(), 0, 0);\n hash["params"] = cloneParams(dateHash);\n hash["tiddler"] = matches[t].title;\n hash["tags"] = matches[t].tags;\n arr.pushUnique(hash);\n if (dateHash["recurdays"] != null || (dateHash["year"] == null))\n {\n leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound.addDays(matchedDate.getDifferenceInDays(leadTimeLowerBound)+ 1);\n matchedDate = findDateForReminder(dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);\n }\n else matchedDate = null;\n }\n }\n }while(formatMatch);\n }\n if(arr.length > 1) //Sort the array by number of days remaining.\n {\n arr.sort(function (a,b) {if(a["diff"] == b["diff"]) {return(0);} else {return (a["diff"] < b["diff"]) ? -1 : +1; } });\n }\n return arr;\n};\n\n//This function takes the reminder macro parameters and\n//generates the string that is used for display.\n//This function is not intended to be called by \n//other plugins.\n window.getReminderMessageForDisplay= function getReminderMessageForDisplay(diff, params, matchedDate, tiddlerTitle)\n{\n var anniversaryString = "";\n var reminderTitle = params["title"];\n if (reminderTitle == null)\n {\n reminderTitle = config.macros.reminders["untitledReminder"];\n }\n if (params["firstyear"] != null)\n {\n anniversaryString = config.macros.reminders["defaultAnniversaryMessage"].replace("DIFF", (matchedDate.getFullYear() - params["firstyear"]));\n }\n var mess = "";\n var diffString = "";\n if (diff == 0)\n {\n diffString = config.macros.reminders["todayString"];\n }\n else if (diff == 1)\n {\n diffString = config.macros.reminders["tomorrowString"];\n }\n else\n {\n diffString = config.macros.reminders["ndaysString"].replace("DIFF", diff);\n }\n var format = config.macros.reminders["defaultReminderMessage"];\n if (params["format"] != null)\n {\n format = params["format"];\n }\n mess = format;\n//HACK! -- Avoid replacing DD in TIDDLER with the date\n mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLER/g, "TIDELER");\n mess = matchedDate.formatStringDateOnly(mess);\n mess = mess.replace(/TIDELER/g, "TIDDLER");\n if (tiddlerTitle != null)\n {\n mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLERNAME/g, tiddlerTitle);\n mess = mess.replace(/TIDDLER/g, "[[" + tiddlerTitle + "]]");\n }\n \n mess = mess.replace("DIFF", diffString).replace("TITLE", reminderTitle).replace("DATE", matchedDate.formatString("DDD MMM DD, YYYY")).replace("ANNIVERSARY", anniversaryString);\n return mess;\n};\n\n// Parse out the macro parameters into a hashtable. This\n// handles the arguments for reminder, showReminders and \n// displayTiddlersWithReminders.\nwindow.getParamsForReminder = function getParamsForReminder(params)\n{\n var dateHash = {};\n var type = "";\n var num = 0;\n var title = "";\n for(var t=0; t<params.length; t++)\n {\n var split = params[t].split(":");\n type = split[0].toLowerCase();\n var value = split[1];\n for (var i=2; i < split.length; i++)\n {\n value += ":" + split[i];\n }\n if (type == "nolinks" || type == "limit" || type == "hidden")\n {\n num = 1;\n }\n else if (type == "leadtime")\n {\n var leads = value.split("...");\n if (leads.length == 1)\n {\n leads[1]= leads[0];\n leads[0] = 0;\n }\n leads[0] = parseInt(leads[0], 10);\n leads[1] = parseInt(leads[1], 10);\n num = leads;\n }\n else if (type == "offsetdayofweek")\n {\n if (value.substr(0,1) == "-")\n {\n dateHash["negativeOffsetDayOfWeek"] = 1;\n value = value.substr(1);\n }\n num = parseInt(value, 10);\n }\n else if (type != "title" && type != "tag" && type != "format")\n {\n num = parseInt(value, 10);\n }\n else\n {\n title = value;\n t++;\n while (title.substr(0,1) == '"' && title.substr(title.length - 1,1) != '"' && params[t] != undefined)\n {\n title += " " + params[t++];\n }\n //Trim off the leading and trailing quotes\n if (title.substr(0,1) == "\s"" && title.substr(title.length - 1,1)== "\s"")\n {\n title = title.substr(1, title.length - 2);\n t--;\n }\n num = title;\n }\n dateHash[type] = num;\n }\n //date is synonymous with day\n if (dateHash["day"] == null)\n {\n dateHash["day"] = dateHash["date"];\n }\n return dateHash;\n};\n\n//This function finds the date specified in the reminder \n//parameters. It will return null if no match can be\n//found. This function is not intended to be used by\n//other plugins.\nwindow.findDateForReminder= function findDateForReminder( dateHash, baseDate, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound)\n{\n if (baseDate == null)\n {\n baseDate = new Date().getMidnight();\n }\n var hashKey = baseDate.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();\n for (var k in dateHash)\n {\n hashKey += "," + k + "|" + dateHash[k];\n }\n hashKey += "," + leadTimeLowerBound.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();\n hashKey += "," + leadTimeUpperBound.convertToYYYYMMDDHHMM();\n if (reminderCache[hashKey] == null)\n {\n //If we don't find a match in this run, then we will\n //cache that the reminder can't be matched.\n reminderCache[hashKey] = false;\n }\n else if (reminderCache[hashKey] == false)\n {\n //We've already tried this date and failed\n return null;\n }\n else\n {\n return reminderCache[hashKey];\n }\n \n var bOffsetSpecified = dateHash["offsetyear"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetmonth"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetday"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null || \n dateHash["recurdays"] != null;\n \n // If we are matching the base date for a dayofweek offset, look for the base date a \n //little further back.\n var tmp1leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound; \n if ( dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)\n {\n tmp1leadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound.addDays(-6); \n }\n var matchedDate = baseDate.findMatch(dateHash, tmp1leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound);\n if (matchedDate != null)\n {\n var newMatchedDate = matchedDate;\n if (dateHash["recurdays"] != null)\n {\n while (newMatchedDate.getTime() < leadTimeLowerBound.getTime())\n {\n newMatchedDate = newMatchedDate.addDays(dateHash["recurdays"]);\n }\n }\n else if (dateHash["offsetyear"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetmonth"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetday"] != null || \n dateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)\n {\n var tmpdateHash = cloneParams(dateHash);\n tmpdateHash["year"] = dateHash["offsetyear"];\n tmpdateHash["month"] = dateHash["offsetmonth"];\n tmpdateHash["day"] = dateHash["offsetday"];\n tmpdateHash["dayofweek"] = dateHash["offsetdayofweek"];\n var tmpleadTimeLowerBound = leadTimeLowerBound;\n var tmpleadTimeUpperBound = leadTimeUpperBound;\n if (tmpdateHash["offsetdayofweek"] != null)\n {\n if (tmpdateHash["negativeOffsetDayOfWeek"] == 1)\n {\n tmpleadTimeLowerBound = matchedDate.addDays(-6);\n tmpleadTimeUpperBound = matchedDate;\n\n }\n else\n {\n tmpleadTimeLowerBound = matchedDate;\n tmpleadTimeUpperBound = matchedDate.addDays(6);\n }\n\n }\n newMatchedDate = matchedDate.findMatch(tmpdateHash, tmpleadTimeLowerBound, tmpleadTimeUpperBound);\n //The offset couldn't be matched. return null.\n if (newMatchedDate == null)\n {\n return null;\n }\n }\n if (newMatchedDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))\n {\n reminderCache[hashKey] = newMatchedDate;\n return newMatchedDate;\n }\n }\n return null;\n};\n\n//This does much the same job as findDateForReminder, but\n//this one doesn't deal with offsets or recurring \n//reminders.\nDate.prototype.findMatch = function findMatch(dateHash, leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound)\n{\n\n var bSpecifiedYear = (dateHash["year"] != null);\n var bSpecifiedMonth = (dateHash["month"] != null);\n var bSpecifiedDay = (dateHash["day"] != null);\n var bSpecifiedDayOfWeek = (dateHash["dayofweek"] != null);\n if (bSpecifiedYear && bSpecifiedMonth && bSpecifiedDay)\n {\n return new Date(dateHash["year"], dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0, 0);\n }\n var bMatchedYear = !bSpecifiedYear;\n var bMatchedMonth = !bSpecifiedMonth;\n var bMatchedDay = !bSpecifiedDay;\n var bMatchedDayOfWeek = !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek;\n if (bSpecifiedDay && bSpecifiedMonth && !bSpecifiedYear && !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)\n {\n\n //Shortcut -- First try this year. If it's too small, try next year.\n var tmpMidnight = this.getMidnight();\n var tmpDate = new Date(this.getFullYear(), dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0,0);\n if (tmpDate.getTime() < leadTimeLowerBound.getTime())\n {\n tmpDate = new Date((this.getFullYear() + 1), dateHash["month"]-1, dateHash["day"], 0,0);\n }\n if ( tmpDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))\n {\n return tmpDate;\n }\n else\n {\n return null;\n }\n }\n\n var newDate = leadTimeLowerBound; \n while (newDate.isBetween(leadTimeLowerBound, leadTimeUpperBound))\n {\n var tmp = testDate(newDate, dateHash, bSpecifiedYear, bSpecifiedMonth, bSpecifiedDay, bSpecifiedDayOfWeek);\n if (tmp != null)\n return tmp;\n newDate = newDate.addDays(1);\n }\n};\n\nfunction testDate(testMe, dateHash, bSpecifiedYear, bSpecifiedMonth, bSpecifiedDay, bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)\n{\n var bMatchedYear = !bSpecifiedYear;\n var bMatchedMonth = !bSpecifiedMonth;\n var bMatchedDay = !bSpecifiedDay;\n var bMatchedDayOfWeek = !bSpecifiedDayOfWeek;\n if (bSpecifiedYear)\n {\n bMatchedYear = (dateHash["year"] == testMe.getFullYear());\n }\n if (bSpecifiedMonth)\n {\n bMatchedMonth = ((dateHash["month"] - 1) == testMe.getMonth() );\n }\n if (bSpecifiedDay)\n {\n bMatchedDay = (dateHash["day"] == testMe.getDate());\n }\n if (bSpecifiedDayOfWeek)\n {\n bMatchedDayOfWeek = (dateHash["dayofweek"] == testMe.getDay());\n }\n\n if (bMatchedYear && bMatchedMonth && bMatchedDay && bMatchedDayOfWeek)\n {\n return testMe;\n }\n};\n\n//Returns true if the date is in between two given dates\nDate.prototype.isBetween = function isBetween(lowerBound, upperBound)\n{\n return (this.getTime() >= lowerBound.getTime() && this.getTime() <= upperBound.getTime());\n}\n//Return a new date, with the time set to midnight (0000)\nDate.prototype.getMidnight = function getMidnight()\n{\n return new Date(this.getFullYear(), this.getMonth(), this.getDate(), 0, 0);\n};\n// Add the specified number of days to a date.\nDate.prototype.addDays = function addDays(numberOfDays)\n{\n return new Date(this.getFullYear(), this.getMonth(), this.getDate() + numberOfDays, 0, 0);\n};\n//Return the number of days between two dates.\nDate.prototype.getDifferenceInDays = function getDifferenceInDays(otherDate)\n{\n//I have to do it this way, because this way ignores daylight savings\n var tmpDate = this.addDays(0);\n if (this.getTime() > otherDate.getTime())\n {\n var i = 0;\n for (i = 0; tmpDate.getTime() > otherDate.getTime(); i++)\n {\n tmpDate = tmpDate.addDays(-1);\n }\n return i;\n }\n else\n {\n var i = 0;\n for (i = 0; tmpDate.getTime() < otherDate.getTime(); i++)\n {\n tmpDate = tmpDate.addDays(1);\n }\n return i * -1;\n }\n return 0;\n};\nfunction cloneParams(what) {\n var tmp = {};\n for (var i in what) {\n tmp[i] = what[i];\n }\n return tmp;\n}\n// Substitute date components into a string\nDate.prototype.formatStringDateOnly = function formatStringDateOnly(template)\n{\n template = template.replace("YYYY",this.getFullYear());\n template = template.replace("YY",String.zeroPad(this.getFullYear()-2000,2));\n template = template.replace("MMM",config.messages.dates.months[this.getMonth()]);\n template = template.replace("0MM",String.zeroPad(this.getMonth()+1,2));\n template = template.replace("MM",this.getMonth()+1);\n template = template.replace("DDD",config.messages.dates.days[this.getDay()]);\n template = template.replace("0DD",String.zeroPad(this.getDate(),2));\n template = template.replace("DD",this.getDate());\n return template;\n};\n\n//}}}
The reminder macro can take the following arguments.\n\n!!!!date syntax\n* @@{{{year:NUMBER}}}@@ - The four digit representation of the year (for example {{{year:2046}}} or {{{year:1999}}}\n* @@{{{month:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the month (for example {{{month:1}}} for January, {{{month:12}}} for December)\n* @@{{{day:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the day of the month (for example {{{day:15}}} will match the 15th day of the month)\n* @@{{{dayofweek:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of the day of the week. Valid values are in the range of 0-6. {{{dayofweek:0}}} will match Sunday, and {{{dayofweek:6}}} will match Saturday.\n\n!!!!offsets\n* @@{{{offsetdayofweek:NUMBER}}}@@ - The numerical representation of a day of the week. Valid values are in the range of 0-6. 0 will match Sunday, and 6 will match Saturday. If offsetdayofweek is specified, the year, month, day and dayofweek will be matched as usual, and the reminder will be set to the next occurence of the day of the week specified by offsetdayofweek. For example, the first Thursday of the month can be specified as {{{day:1 offsetdayofweek:4}}} and the second Thursday can be specified as {{{day:8 offsetdayofweek4}}} If offsetdayofweek is negative, the search will be performed backward. For example, the last Thursday in August can be found by {{{month:8 day:31 offsetdayofweek:-4}}}\n* @@{{{recurdays:NUMBER}}}@@ - If recurdays is set, then the reminder will fire on the base date specified by year, month, day, and dayofweek and also every N days afterward. For example, if the reminder is specified with {{{year:2005 month:8 day:16 recurdays:2}}} it will match August 16, 18, 20, etc. Please make sure that you fully specify year, month and day in any recurring reminder.\n\n!!!!leadtime\n* @@{{{leadtime:NUMBER}}}@@ - Use this to specify when this reminder will appear in [[showReminders]]. If a reminder has a leadtime of 2, it will only show up in showReminders if it will be matched in the next two days. Likewise, a reminder with a leadtime of 60 will show up in showReminders even if showReminders has a lower leadtime. showReminders can override this behavior with the limit argument.\n\n!!!!Reminder display options\n* @@{{{title:"STRING"}}}@@ - A string used to identify this reminder when it is shown in a list of reminders. For example, {{{title:"New Year's Day"}}} or {{{title:"Elvis' Birthday"}}}. You can put standard TiddlyWiki formatting in the title.\n* @@{{{format:"STRING"}}}@@ - Use this argument to override the default string used for display. You can put standard TiddlyWiki formatting in the format. The following substitutions will be made in the string before it is displayed.\n** DIFF will be replaced with the one of the strings "Today", "Tommorrow", or "N days", where N is the number of days between now and the date of the reminder. \n** TITLE will be replaced with the title of the reminder\n** DATE will be replaced with the matched date of the reminder.\n** ANNIVERSARY will be replaced with the number of years since between the matched date and firstyear\nThe default string is "DIFF: TITLE on DATE ANNIVERSARY"\n* @@{{{firstyear:NUMBER}}}@@ - The first year that a reminder occurred, in four digit format. For example {{{firstyear:2001}}}. This is used when calculating the number of years that a reminder has happened.\n* @@{{{hidden}}}@@ - If this option is present, the reminder will not be displayed in the regular view of the tiddler. You can use this to have reminders for [[displayTiddlersWithReminders]] to find, without having the countdown appear. See [[Season's Greetings example]] for an example.\n\n
\nI used to maintain a website. However, there were developments in my life that made it impossible for me to continue maintaining it. As a result of inactivity, some of the pages were deleted by my webhosts.\n\nFortunately, three pages are still around.\n#[[Career|http://members.tripod.com/~RhysMagne/]]\n#[[Pet Peeves|http://thor.prohosting.com/~magne/index.html]]\n#[[Sojourns|http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/durer/89/index.html]]\nMy problem now is that I can't access the sites to edit any of these pages! I have forgotten my passwords! The email addresses that I used to register to these sites have also been discontinued!\n\n
/%\nusage:\n <<tiddler ReplaceTiddlerTitle with: "new title text">>\n\n%/<script>\n // get the tiddler element\n var t=story.findContainingTiddler(place);\n if (t && t.id!="tiddlerReplaceTiddlerTitle") \n for (var i=0; i<t.childNodes.length; i++)\n if (hasClass(t.childNodes[i],"title"))\n { removeChildren(t.childNodes[i]); wikify("$1",t.childNodes[i]); }\n</script>
<<timeline better:true onlyTag:"review" sortBy:created>>
|! REYMOND SAJOR, 27 (Quezon Province, theater actor/singer) |>|\n| To vote, type ''REYMOND'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-06'' (PLDT) | [img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_reymond.jpg]] |\n| [[I'd Rather|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Reymond%20-%20I%27d%20Rather.mp3]] |~|\n| [[Luther Vandcross' version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Luther%20Vandcross%20-%20I%27d%20Rather.mp3]] |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: When you say //soul//, it's the feeling. And you were one big emotion. I felt it.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I would have wanted to see him doing something else with a little bit of movement. But that will come later.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: You have a very nice voice. You need to fall in love and get hurt. That I think is what is lacking.|\n|>|//I say//: I'd rather listen to Luther Vandcross' original version.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! REYMOND SAJOR, 27 (Quezon Province, theater actor/singer) |>|\n| To vote, type ''REYMOND'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-03'' (PLDT) | [img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_raymond-sm.jpg]] |\n| [[Hindi Magbabago|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Reymond%20Sajor%20-%20Hindi%20Magbabago.mp3]] (Randy Santiago) |~|\n|>|//Francis M//: Pinatunayan niya ngayon na hindi siya dapat kaawaan ng mga texters dahil nawalan siya ng microphone last time. It sounded like a recording.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I hope you would make it to the last. But if you don't make it as Philippine Idol, you could work at Pilita's Restaurant.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: Alam naming magaling ka. Reymond has excellent technique that sounds natural.|\n|>|//I say//: He performed the song well, but it appeared to me like he was just any other singer singing it.|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
<<<\n''Rhythm and blues'' (aka ''R&B'' or ''~RnB'') is a popular music genre combining //jazz//, //gospel//, and //blues// influences — first performed by African American artists.\n\nThe term was coined as a musical marketing term in the United States in 1949 by Jerry Wexler at Billboard magazine. It replaced the term //race music// (which was deemed offensive), and the Billboard category //Harlem Hit Parade// in June 1949. The term was initially used to identify the rocking style of music that combined the //12 bar blues// format and //boogie-woogie// with a back beat, which later became a fundamental element of rock and roll. In 1948, RCA Victor was marketing black music under the name ''Blues and Rhythm''. The words were reversed by Wexler of Atlantic Records, the most aggressive and dominant label in the R&B field in the early years. By the 1970s, ''rhythm and blues'' was being used as a blanket term to describe //soul and funk//. Today the acronym ''R&B'' is almost always used instead of the full ''rhythm and blues'', and mainstream use of the term refers to a modern version of //soul// and //funk//-influenced pop music that originated at the demise of disco in 1980.\n^^[[Source|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R&B]]^^\n<<<
/***\nhttp://saveclosetiddler.tiddlyspot.com/\nto use these you must add saveCloseTiddler and/or cancelCloseTiddler to the tool bar in EditTemplate\n***/\n//{{{\n\nmerge(config.commands,{\n\n saveCloseTiddler: {\n text: 'done/close',\n tooltip: 'Save changes to this tiddler and close it',\n handler: function(e,src,title) {\n config.commands.saveTiddler.handler(e,src,title);\n config.commands.closeTiddler.handler(e,src,title);\n return false;\n }\n },\n\n cancelCloseTiddler: {\n text: 'cancel/close',\n tooltip: 'Undo changes to this tiddler and close it',\n handler: function(e,src,title) {\n config.commands.cancelTiddler.handler(e,src,title);\n config.commands.closeTiddler.handler(e,src,title);\n return false;\n }\n }\n\n});\n\n//}}}\n
/%\n\nUsage: <<tiddler ScrollBox with: TiddlerName height>>\n\n%/@@display:block;height:$2;overflow:auto;<<tiddler $1>>@@@@display:block;text-align:right;^^scroll for more...^^@@
Email from Doni Santos of [[Ang Ladlad|http://www.angladlad.org/]]\n\n<<<\n[>img[Ang Ladlad|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/AngLadlad.jpg][http://www.geocities.com/angladlad/]] Hullo, everyone. Please call and send letters to COMELEC. COMELEC has insulted ''Ang Ladlad'' and the Filipino LGBT community by denying accreditation and calling Danton Remoto as a nuisance candidate. Let us show these bigots that we are not to be taken lightly.\n\nA couple of days ago, Commissioner Abalos said that no one will campaign for ''Ang Ladlad'' because its members are in the closet. He impled that LGBTs are all too embarrassed to campaign during the day because we are in the closet. We might, according to him, more probably campaign when it is already dark.\n\nThe LGBT cause is not a joke. ''Ang Ladlad'' cannot be taken lightly. Write to COMELEC. Do not take this sitting down.\n\nMany thanks for Manolo Quezon for getting these numbers and contact details.\n\nCall Commissioner Florentino Tuason at 527-3225. Also, call the Comelec hotline numbers at 525-9295, 525-9294, 525-9302, 525-9334, 525-9335 and 525-9345.\n\nIf you're outside Metro Manila, call your regional Comelec office:\n* National Capital Region: 527-9624 or 527-0846\n* Cordillera Administrative Region: (074) 304-2444\n* Region 1 (072) 888-3145\n* Region 3: (045) 961-5015\n* Region 4: (02) 527-0835\n* Region 5: (052) 245-5147, (052) 480-4812, (052) 245-5807\n* Region 6: (033) 337-4124, (033) 338-1450\n* Region 7: (032) 416-9773, (032) 416-9774\n* Region 8: (053) 321-2045\n* Region 9: (062) 992-0519, (062) 991-2653\n* Region 10: (088) 350-3512, (088) 858-6269\n* Region 11: (082) 297-7221, (082) 297-3847\n* Region 12: (064) 390-2469\n* Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao: (062) 991-4011\n* Caraga: (088) 342-4976\n* If you're overseas, call your nearest embassy or consulate.\nFax a note to the Comelec at 525-9301.\n\nEmail to chairman@comelec.gov.ph or comm_tuason@comelec.gov.ph\n\nWrite to Commissioners Tuason, Sarmiento, and Ferrer at this address: 8/F Palacio del Gobernador, Commission on Elections, Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila 1002\n\nLeave a comment online in the Comelec's blogs: [[inside the Comelec|http://comelec.wordpress.com/]], [[James Jimenez|http://jimenez.wordpress.com/]], and [[Overseas Absentee Internet Voting|http://oaiv.wordpress.com/]]\n<<<\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
/***\nQuick and dirtly palette switcher for 2.1.x\n<<selectPalette>>\nWARNING this will overwrite your ColorPalette tiddler.\n***/\n\n//{{{\n\nmerge(config.macros,{\n\n setPalette: {\n\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n var paletteName = params[0] ? params[0] : tiddler.title;\n createTiddlyButton(place,"apply","Apply this palette",function(e) {\n config.macros.selectPalette.updatePalette(tiddler.title);\n return false;\n });\n }\n },\n\n selectPalette: {\n\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n createTiddlyDropDown(place,this.onPaletteChange,this.getPalettes());\n },\n\n getPalettes: function() {\n var result = [\n {caption:"-select palette-", name:""},\n {caption:"(Default)", name:"(default)"}\n ];\n var tagged = store.getTaggedTiddlers("palette","title");\n for(var t=0; t<tagged.length; t++)\n result.push({caption:tagged[t].title, name:tagged[t].title});\n return result;\n },\n\n onPaletteChange: function(e) {\n config.macros.selectPalette.updatePalette(this.value);\n return true;\n },\n\n updatePalette: function(title) {\n if (title != "") {\n store.deleteTiddler("ColorPalette");\n if (title != "(default)")\n store.saveTiddler("ColorPalette","ColorPalette",store.getTiddlerText(title),\n config.options.txtUserName,undefined,"");\n this.refreshPalette();\n if(config.options.chkAutoSave)\n saveChanges(true);\n }\n },\n\n refreshPalette: function() {\n config.macros.refreshDisplay.onClick();\n }\n }\n});\n\n//}}}\n
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!Description\nBy default the settings that you can change in the [[options|OptionsPanel]] panel and the [[AdvancedOptions]] are shared by all ~TiddlyWikis of the same site.\n \nThis also means that all your local ~TiddlyWikis share the same settings. This is not always what you want, especially when you are working with multiple local ~TiddlyWikis at once.\n\nThe SettingsPlugin allows you to decide "per setting" if a setting should be shared by all ~TiddlyWikis or if a setting should be "private" to a given ~TiddlyWiki. Alternatively you may also decide that all settings should be private to a given ~TiddlyWiki.\n\n''Using Private Settings''\n\nBy default all settings are "shared", i.e. the settings behave in their standard way. To enable the "private settings" feature check the "Use private settings" checkbox in the AdvancedOptions.\n\nOnce private settings are enabled you have two options:\n* All changes to settings should be "private", i.e. don't affect other ~TiddlyWikis. Therefore check the "Make setting private when changed" checkbox in the AdvancedOptions. \n* Individual settings should be private. You can specify the settings in the [[Show Settings]] tiddler. Here you can also make all settings shared or private, with one click. The [[Show Settings]] tiddler can be accessed through the AdvancedOptions.\n\nYou can decide what settings should be private or shared individually for every ~TiddlyWiki.\n\nYou may temporarily switch off "Use private settings". Then your private settings will not be used. When you switch on again "Use Private Settings", your decision what settings should be private or shared and also the private values will be remembered.\n\n''How Settings are Stored''\n\nAs in the original ~TiddlyWiki code shared settings/options are stored as "cookies" with your browser.\nPrivate settings are stored in a tiddler of the ~TiddlyWiki. You need to ensure that the ~TiddlyWiki can be saved when you want to keep your private settings.\n\n\n!Revision history\n* v1.1.0\n** Support Internet Explorer\n** Don't save password options ("pas..."/"chkpas...") as private settings, and don't display them in the showSettings. Thanks to BidiX for the implementation.\n** Bugfix: Invalid syntax HTML stmt for the "private" settings checkboxes. Thanks to BidiX for the fix.\n* v1.0.2\n** Bugfix: corrected "suspendNotification" bug. Thanks to Jack, BobEverson and MorrisGray for reporting.\n* v1.0.1 \n** Bugfix: Corrected wrong comment in compressed version of plugin.\n** Internal: Simplified "saveTiddler" code. Thanks to Jeremy Ruston for the suggestion.\n* v1.0.0 (2006-04-03)\n** initial version\n\n\n!Code\nThe SettingsPlugin SourceCode contains compressed source code. You will find the full source code [[here|SettingsPlugin SourceCode]].\n
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~EdgarJ's web notebook of thoughts, rants & raves
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I was overwhelmed with work when suddenly, an instant message arrives from one of my [[Yahoo Messenger|http://messenger.yahoo.com/]] contacts. It asks me to do a Google search for the word ''sinungaling'' and see what comes up. However, instead of doing a normal Google search, I have to use the //I'm Feeling Lucky// search.\n\nGoogle's ''I'm Feeling Lucky™'' search takes you directly to the first web page Google returns for your query. You will not see the other search results at all. An //I'm Feeling Lucky// search means you spend less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.\n\nFor example, to find the homepage for __Stanford University__, simply enter ''Stanford'' into the search field and click on the //I'm Feeling Lucky// button. Google takes you directly to __www.stanford.edu__, the official homepage of Stanford University.\n\nThere are two ways of doing this.\n\nThe first one is easy if you have the [[Google toolbar|http://toolbar.google.com/?promo=mor-tb-en]] installed in your browser. You just write the word to be searched for in the Google search field and then click on the clover-leaf icon on your browser's Google toolbar.\n\n[img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/sinungaling.png]]\n\nThe more traditional way is to go to the [[Google search page|http://www.google.com/webhp]], type the keyword you're doing a search for in the search field, and click on the //I'm Feeling Lucky// button.\n\n[img[http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/lucky.png]]\n\nLet's do this for the word ''sinungaling''. Then tell me where Google's //I'm Feeling Lucky// search will take you to.\n\nBy the way, ''sinungaling'' is a Filipino word meaning ''liar''.\n\nOk, do the search now....\n\n----\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
Philippine Idol performances will be aired on Sundays and the results on Mondays. I don't want to speculate on the reasons why this is so, but I'm a little bit worried as the Philippine Basketball Association game is aired live on Sundays, right before Philippine Idol. What if the PBA game extends into overtime, just like what happened on 22 October 2006? Then we'll have to wait forever for the Philippine Idol performances to begin.\n\nAt any rate, if you have read [[The Scene Aesthetic|http://www.haloscan.com/comments/iam1ru12/No_Eliminations_/#14668]]'s comments to my [[No Eliminations!|No Eliminations!]] post, you'll know that tomorrow's theme is ''Song of My'' (Contestant) ''Life''. It's supposed to be any song that highlights each finalist's life. Does this mean the finalists chose their own song, without a preferred list to choose from? Looks to me like ~ABC5 has ran out of themes. There are other genres that haven't been touched - jazz, disco, folk, even nursery rhymes! Duh!\n\nIn the [[Pinoy Exchange forum|http://pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271026&page=83]], there is a list of the songs that the nine finalists will sing.\n* MAU - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Whitney%20Houston%20-%20I%20Will%20Always%20Love%20You.mp3]]''I Will Always Love You'' - //Whitney Houston// \n* JELI - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Ray%20Charles%20With%20Diana%20Krall%20-%20You%20Don%27t%20Know%20Me.mp3]]''You Don't Know Me'' - //Ray Charles// with //Diana Krall//\n* JAN - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Gary%20Valenciano%20-%20Kailangan%20Kita.mp3]]''Kailangan Kita'' - //Gary Valenciano//\n* MIGUEL - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Barry%20Manilow%20-%20Sandra.mp3]]''Sandra'' - //Barry Manilow//\n* ARMS - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Patti%20Austin%20-%20If%20I%20Believed.mp3]]''If I Believed'' - //Patti Austin//\n* APPLE - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/SomeoneToWatchOverMe.mp3]]''Someone To Watch Over Me'' - //Ella Fitzgerald// and //George Gershwin//\n* POW - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Spiral%20Staircase%20-%20For%20Once%20In%20My%20Life.mp3]]''For Once In My Life'' - //Spiral Staircase//\n* KEN - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Oleta%20Adams%20-%20Get%20Here%20%28If%20You%20Can%29.mp3]]''Get Here (If You Can)'' - //Oleta Adams//\n* GIAN - [[ |http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Carpenters%20-%20Superstar.mp3]]''Superstar'' - //The Carpenters//\nHmmm, this is an interesting list. Two of the songs have been sung by American Idol finalists who eventually became runners-up: //Get Here (If You Can)// by Justin Guarini in [[Season 1|http://www.americanidol.com/archive/season1/home.htm]] and //Someone To Watch Over Me// by Katharine ~McPhee in [[Season 5|http://www.americanidol.com/]]. Most of these songs are old songs that methinks the theme ''Oldies'' would have been more apt than the vague and broad ''Song of My Life'' theme. On the other hand, if these old songs highlight the finalists' lives, then we are not looking for a //modern// Philippine Idol after all, are we?\n\nAs for the third judge who'll be sitting in for Francis M., [[The Scene Aesthetic|http://www.haloscan.com/comments/iam1ru12/No_Eliminations_/#14666]] says that it is going to be Filipino ~Pop-R&B singer, <<slider chkSlider "Luke Mejares" "Luke Mejares." "Who is Luke Mejares?">> I just can't connect him to the theme though. Oh well, what can I expect? Philippine Idol after all is a big confusion - from the schedule to the themes to the results.\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>\n<<haloscan comments>>
<<<\nI wish we didn't have to let go of very harsh words before they cleaned up their acts. They should keep the energy up!\n<<<\nThus Mr. C summed up the performances in tonight's //Song of My Life// show.\n\nIndeed, tonight it felt like I was watching the real Idol show. The performances of the nine finalists were above average that it is difficult to find weaknesses in their performances.\n\n[>img[Luke Mejares|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/luke_mejares_sll.jpg]] Even tonight's guest judge, ~Pop-R&B singer [[Luke Mejares|Luke Mejares]], was rendered speechless by some of the performances. Goes to show that the finalists could do well if they really set their hearts and minds to doing well.\n\nNow, the performances.\n\n<<slider chkSlider "01 - Apple" "Apple" "Click to read comments on Apple's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "02 - Arms" "Arms" "Click to read comments on Arms' performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "03 - Ken" "Ken" "Click to read comments on Ken's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "04 - Pow Chavez" "Pow" "Click to read comments on Pow's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "05 - Jan" "Jan" "Click to read comments on Jan's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "06 - Maureen Marcelo" "Mau" "Click to read comments on Mau's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "07 - Miguel" "Miguel" "Click to read comments on Miguel's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "08 - Jeli" "Jeli" "Click to read comments on Jeli's performance">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "09 - Gian" "Gian" "Click to read comments on Gian's performance">>\n\nMamita has reverted to her ''flirting''. It's not with Ryan Agoncillo anymore, but it's with Jan and Gian. My golly, does she have to do that? I have always looked at her with respect; she's fast losing it from me.\n\nAnd what's this with the new voting rule - ''voting will be limited to __//two//__ hours'' - meaning it'll be only up to 12:30 am, Monday. It's just like changing horses in midstream. The least that ~ABC5 should have done was to announce it on its [[website|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]] before the performance show. Tsk, tsk. I can just imagine the groans of those who were thinking of loading their cellphones or buying the prepaid vote cards tomorrow.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
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|! STEF LAZARO, 27 (Pasig City, singer) |>|\n| [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/smpic_stef.jpg]] | To vote, type ''STEF'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-04'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Proud Mary|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Stef%20-%20Proud%20Mary.mp3]] |\n|~| [[Ike & Tina Turner's version|http://www.mediamax.com/edzz9/Hosted/Ike%20and%20Tina%20Turner%20-%20Proud%20Mary.mp3]] |\n|>|//Francis M//: I saw Stef was having fun on stage, and that makes the sexy Stef.|\n|>|//Mamita//: The song really suits you.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: For something like a Tina Turner song, may kulang pa.|\n|>|//I say//: She looked like she really was at home with this song. But where's the //sexy// Stef? Come on, Francis M...|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
|! STEF LAZARO, 27 (Pasig City, singer) |>|\n| [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_stephanie-sm.jpg]] | To vote, type ''STEF'' and send to 2339 (mobile) or dial ''1-908-5 4365-05'' (PLDT) |\n|~| [[Pangako Sa 'Yo|http://www.mediamax.com/iam1ru12/Hosted/Stef%20Lazaro%20-%20Pangako%20Sa%27yo.mp3]] (Rey Valera) |\n|>|//Francis M//: You gave a good performance tonight.|\n|>|//Mamita//: I'm happy to hear you speaking and singing in Tagalog. Merong mga konting flat.|\n|>|//Mr. C//: It's been very boring; no one has exerted much effort to show us that they're the Philippine Idol. Some stray notes though.|\n|>|//I say//: Was it the sound, or did I detect some hoarseness in her voice when she was trying to hit the high notes? She has a powerful singing voice, I must admit. (Her husband didn't look ecstatic though.)|\n<<deliciousPlayTagger>>
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[img[The Top Twelve|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Top12-400.jpg][http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/Top12.jpg]]\n\nThe results show started earlier than scheduled, at 8:30 pm. Hmmm, I didn't recall hearing a prior announcement of the change in the time slot. Good thing I was waiting for ''Shall We Dance'' to start, so I was tuned in to ~ABC5; otherwise I would have missed the start of the show.\n\nAfter an impressive rendition of Francis Magalona's ''Kaleidoscope World'' (together with Francis M, of course), the twelve finalists were then divided into four groups:\n\n|! Group A |! Group B |! Group C |! Group D |\n| Drae | Ken | Arms | Miguel |\n| Stef | Gian | Jeli | Apple |\n| Reymond | Jan | Mau | Pow |\n\nRyan Agoncillo then announced that those in groups A and D were safe! That means [[Drae|Drae Ybañez]], [[Stef|Stef Lazaro]], [[Reymond|Reymond Sajor]], [[Miguel|Miguel Mendoza]], [[Apple|Apple Chiu]] and [[Pow|Pow Chavez]] are still in the competition. Yehey! Pow is in! And one of those in [[my bottom three|1st Final Round Performances]] is also in...\n\nAfter recalling what the judges said about the remaining six finalists, Ryan Agoncillo then announced that those in group B are safe, referring to [[Ken|Ken Dingle]], [[Gian|Gian Magdangal]] and [[Jan|Jan Nieto]]. Good one! My two male choices are safe! And so is one of my bottom three.\n\nBut wait! Mau is left on stage, together with Arms and Jeli.\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Arms Cruz" "Arms Cruz" "Click here to know why I think Arms should go">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Jeli Mateo" "Jeli Mateo" "Click here to read how Jeli performed last night">>\n\n<<slider chkSlider "Mau Marcelo" "Mau Marcelo" "Click here to know why I think Mau should stay in the competition">>\n\nWell, ''Jeli'' was declared safe, leaving ''Mau'' and ''Arms'' to tense it out.\n\nUh, oh...... Because many voters in Metro Manila were not able to send their text votes or phone-in their landline votes (but they were able to contact ~ABC5), the ~ABC5 Management decided that ''no one'' will be eliminated tonight. Hmp, all that tension for nothing!\n \nBut, next Sunday, __two__ finalists will leave the competition. Votes that were already counted this weekend will be carried over to next weekend.\n\nWell, I'm looking forward to next Saturday's performance show and hope that my favorites this weekend will perform as well next weekend. Of course, it'll be an opportunity for those who didn't perform well to do better.\n\nJust a question though. Did either Mau or Arms get the lowest votes this weekend? For if the ~ABC5 Management already made the decision not to eliminate anyone early on, then it was totally unfair to subject those two, the other finalists, and the viewers, to the tension!\n\nBy the way, the performance show will be replayed this Thursday, 7 October 2006.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n
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[>img[Top 12|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Shows/280_idol6_final12.jpg]]The top 12 of American Idol Season 6 began their final competition and, to my pleasant surprise, they sang songs popularized by no less than Diana Ross!\n\nIt was like reminiscing the 60s; hearing these songs being sang:\n* Brandon Rogers - ''You Can't Hurry Love''\n* Melinda Doolittle - ''Home''\n* Chris Sligh - ''Endless Love''\n* Gina Glocksen - ''Love Child''\n* Sanjaya Malakar - ''Ain't No Mountain High Enough''\n* Haley Scarnato - ''Missing You''\n* Phil Stacey - ''I'm Gonna Make You Love Me''\n* ~LaKisha Jones - ''God Bless the Child''\n* Blake Lewis - ''You Keep Me Hangin' On''\n* Stephanie Edwards - ''Love Hangover''\n* Chris Richardson - ''The Boss''\n* Jordin Sparks - ''If We Hold On Together''\n[<img[Melinda|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Shows/ai6melinda2.jpg]][>img[LaKisha|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Shows/Lakisha-Jones.jpg]]And at this point of the competition, I am rooting for two finalists: Melinda Doolittle and ~LaKisha Jones. I think they're the better singers among the final 12. Good thing that Americans listen to the show's judges and that the results reflect the reviews of the judges. At least, I can safely predict that I'd see these two girls in the finals.\n\nAs for the bottom two, I'm picking Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson, who both murdered two of my favorite Diana Ross songs. I'd be glad to see either of them go home tomorrow.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n\n^^Sanjaya Malakar, Phil Stacey and Brandon Rogers were actually the bottom three, with Brandon Rogers leaving the competition for having garnered the lowest number of text and phone votes.^^
[>img[BagongBotante|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Avatars/bagongbotante.jpg][http://www.bagongbotante.com/]][[The Philippine voter's education site|http://www.bagongbotante.com/]] has put up the list of the [[80 senatorial aspirants|http://www.bagongbotante.com/senatorial.html]] for 12 seats in the Philippine Senate. Good, but not enough. The only information posted there are their names, party affiliation, and the order in which they filed their certificates of candidacy!\n\nThese really don't give any useful information that would help voters discern the platforms of these aspirants and how they stand on national issues of interest.\n\nGiven these information, one has nothing to guide him/her in choosing who to vote for. And I thought this site was supposed to help Filipino voters in making the right choices. As the site's description goes:\n<<<\nThe new voter may be someone who is exercising his right of suffrage for the first time, or he may be a voter who is determined to reclaim the power of his vote. This site is dedicated to both kinds of new voters and is intended to help them in the exercise of their right to decide who will make decisions on the issues that affect us all everyday.\n<<<\nSo, what can one make out of these data?\n\nNOTHING.\n\nUnless you're a fanatic of any political party, where you'd vote for its candidates no matter who these are.\n\nUnless you're bullish about celebrities, and you'll pick out any actor/actress on the list, equating their movie roles with their actual competence.\n\nUnless you're a sucker for people who manage to land themselves in the front pages of daily newspapers as a result of some grievance they aired to media people or being associated with a dead person, hoping that such circumstances would have anointed these persons with enough capability to act as lawmakers.\n\nNo wonder our country is in such a mess these days! We don't make informed choices. The agencies that are supposed to inform us, can only manage to give us useless pieces of information, if at all.\n\nTsk, tsk, tsk.\n\n<<haloscan comments>>
Did you vote for your favorite among the [[Philippine Idol|http://www.philippineidol.com/index.html]] wildcard contenders? Voting closed at 8:30 pm, Sunday, 17 September. And only four - //two guys and two gals// - will move on to join these eight finalists:\n| [img[Drae Ybañez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_dre-sm.jpg]] | [img[Miguel Mendoza|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_miguel-sm.jpg]] | [img[Reymond Sajor|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_raymond-sm.jpg]] | [img[Jan Kurt Nieto|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jan-sm.jpg]] |\n| ''DRAE'' | ''MIG'' | ''REYMOND'' | ''JAN'' |\n| [img[Armarie Cruz|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_armarie-sm.jpg]] | [img[Jellica Mateo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_jellica-sm.jpg]] | [img[Cherry Ann Chiu|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_cherry-sm.jpg]] | [img[Paula Chavez|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_pow-sm.jpg]] |\n| ''ARMS'' | ''JELI'' | ''APPLE'' | ''POW'' |\n\nWho will complete the list of 12 Philippine Idol finalists?\n\nI think these four deserve the wildcard slots, based on their performances [[last Saturday|And The Wildcard Round Is On!]]:\n| [img[Maureen Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_maureen-sm.jpg]] | [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_gian-sm.jpg]] | [img[Onyx Culala|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_onyx-sm.jpg]] | [img[Ira Marasigan|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/final24_ira-sm.jpg]] |\n| ''MAU'' | ''GIAN'' | ''ONYX'' | ''IRA'' |\n\nYes, I voted for Mau, Gian, Onyx and Ira. But were my choices the same as everybody else's? Did the text voters choose talent over other considerations? Or will we be reading curses and whines in the [[ABC 5 Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=115]] after tonight? Will there be [[articles|http://showbizandstyle.inq7.net/entertainment/entertainment/view_article.php?article_id=19953]] in the newspapers stating how wrong the public was?\n\nWell, here are the winners of the wildcard round (click on their names to recall their performances Saturday night):\n\n+++^30em^[Ken]<<moveablePanel>>Finalist Number Nine: Ken Dingle\n----\n| [img[Kenneth Dingle|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_kenneth1.jpg]] |\n| Kenneth ''KEN'' Dingle |\n| A House Is Not A Home |\n|//Francis M//: I can feel some sincerity in your singing but there were some sharp notes at the end part. It was just too serious, too heavy.|\n|//Mamita//: He sang it from the soul and from the heart. Congratulations!|\n|//Mr. C//: Congratulations for keeping a good fight. It wasn't good at all.|\n|//I said//: What was he looking up for? I just don't like his voice.|\n\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n===\n\n\n+++^30em^[Stef]<<moveablePanel>>Finalist Number Ten: Stef Lazaro\n----\n| [img[Stephanie Lazaro|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_stephanie1.jpg]] |\n| Stephanie ''STEF'' Lazaro |\n| Total Eclipse of the Heart |\n|//Francis M//: I just didn't like the parts where you were holding your head. It was too emotional for me.|\n|//Mamita//: Now I've seen Stef as I've seen her before in Australia. I like your choice of song. And if you make it to the finals, can you lose a little weight please.|\n|//Mr. C//: You raised the level of the competition right away.|\n|//I said//: A shaky start, with a lot of flats and missed notes.|\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n===\n\n\nDang!!! Both contenders from Down Under got in! Yet their performances weren't even gushed over by the judges. Did the voters __really__ listen? I can just hear the curses and whining all over the country. And I dread going to the [[ABC 5 Forums|http://www.abc.com.ph/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=115]] after the show, knowing what I would encounter there.\n\nJust viewed the [[videos|http://potpourri.tiddlyspot.com/]] of their performances during the Wildcard Round, and I think I know why they got in. ''Ken'' got the sympathy votes, what with all the hype about his resigning from his job in Australia just to join Philippine Idol. On the other hand, the focus on ''Stef'''s four-year-old daughter garnered for her the maternal votes. As you can see, these had nothing to do with their performances.\n \nIf this is the trend in voting, I doubt if the Philippines would have the best and most deserving Philippine Idol.\n\n+++^30em^[Gian]<<moveablePanel>>Finalist Number Eleven: Gian Magdangal\n----\n| [img[Gian Magdangal|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_gian1.jpg]] |\n| ''GIAN'' Magdangal |\n| Lately |\n|//Francis M//: Gian was born to do this.|\n|//Mamita//: Kaya niyang gawin ang lahat - sumayaw, kumanta.|\n|//Mr. C//: You are the best overall male performer in this competition. You have to be in the final 12.|\n|//I said//: What can you expect from Gian? This looked like a very safe performance, I daresay.|\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n===\n\n\n+++^30em^[Mau]<<moveablePanel>>Finalist Number Twelve: Mau Marcelo\n----\n| [img[Maureen Marcelo|http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h106/iam1ru12/Philippine%20Idol/pic_maureen1.jpg]] |\n| Maureen ''MAU'' Marcelo |\n| Till My Heartaches End |\n|//Francis M//: Nananawagan ako sa mga executives ng Sony at BMG - bigyan na ng album to!|\n|//Mamita//: I have seen her become more elegant. Mau, you're perfect!|\n|//Mr. C//: World class!|\n|//I said//: This was the best performance for the night.|\n\n^^When cursor is a "crossed-arrows" symbol, //click-hold & drag// to reposition, //shift-grab// an edge or a corner to resize, or //double click// to maximize/restore. To close, go to upper right corner and click on //close//.^^\n===\n\n\nThe only consolation - and it sure was a big Consolation - was that both ''Gian'' and ''Mau'' got into the finals. And if we go by what Ryan Agoncillo said, Mau wasn't even a shoo-in because her fate wasn't known until after voting closed at 8:30 pm.\n\nWell, the final 12 is now complete and the final round is on us! Let's hope text and landline voters would choose ''talent'' this time around.\n\nHow about downloading a [[desktop wallpaper I created of the final 12|http://creations.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BTop%2012%5D%5D]]?\n\n<<haloscan comments>>\n----\nSee other Philippine Idol notes:\n<<tiddlerList tags:"Philippine Idol" order:-created showself:"no">>\n
<<timeline better:true onlyTag:"thought" sortBy:created>>
/***\n|''Name:''|TiddlerListMacro|\n|''Version:''|2.0.10 (01-May-2006)|\n|''Source''|http://jackparke.googlepages.com/jtw.html#TiddlerListMacro ([[del.icio.us|http://del.icio.us/post?url=http://jackparke.googlepages.com/jtw.html%23TiddlerListMacro]])|\n|''Author:''|[[Jack]]|\n|''Type:''|Macro|\n|''Documentation:''|TiddlerListMacroDocumentation|\n!Usage\n{{{<<tiddlerList parameter1:"value1" parameter2:"value2" ...>>}}}\nSee TiddlerListMacroDocumentation and TiddlerListMacroExamples\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.tiddlerList = {major: 2, minor: 0, revision: 10, date: new Date("May 2, 2006")};\n// template = [header, item, separator, group, footer]\nconfig.macros.tiddlerList={\n formats : {list:true, nlist:true, span:true, stack:true, csv:true, table:true},\n templates : {\n list : [ "%0\sn", "* %0\sn", "", "%group\sn", "%0\sn"],\n nlist : [ "%0", "# %0\sn", "", "%group\sn", "%0\sn"],\n span : [ "%0", "%0", " ", "%group", "%0"],\n stack : [ "%0", "%0", "\sn", "%group", "%0"],\n csv : [ "%0", "%0", ", ", "%0", "%0\sn"],\n table : ["|!%0|\sn", "|%0|\sn", "", "|%group|\sn", "|%0|\sn"]\n },\n dateFormat : "DD MMM YYYY"\n}\n\nif (!gCurrentTiddler)\n var gCurrentTiddler;\n\nconfig.macros.tiddlerList.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)\n{\n // Some globals\n var count=0, groupCount=0, theGroup="", lastGroup="";\n var currentTiddler = tiddler;\n gCurrentTiddler = tiddler;\n var listWikiText="";\n var formats = this.formats;\n \n // SQL-Like parameters\n var parameters = paramString.parseParams("name",null,true);\n var pTags = parameters[0]["tags"]?parameters[0]["tags"][0].split(","):[];\n var pOrder = parameters[0]["order"]?parameters[0]["order"][0]:"title";\n var pTop = parameters[0]["top"]?parameters[0]["top"][0]:-1;\n var pText = parameters[0]["text"]?parameters[0]["text"][0]:"";\n var pTitle = parameters[0]["title"]?parameters[0]["title"][0]:"";\n var pSearch = parameters[0]["search"]?parameters[0]["search"][0]:"";\n var pFilter = parameters[0]["filter"]?parameters[0]["filter"][0]:"";\n var pHeader = parameters[0]["header"]?paramFormat(parameters[0]["header"][0]):"";\n var pFooter = parameters[0]["footer"]?paramFormat(parameters[0]["footer"][0]):"";\n var pGroup = parameters[0]["group"]?parameters[0]["group"][0]:"";\n var pDateFormat = parameters[0]["dateFormat"]?parameters[0]["dateFormat"][0]:this.dateFormat;\n var pCustomParameter = parameters[0]["customParameter"]?parameters[0]["customParameter"][0]:"";\n var pFormat = parameters[0]["format"]?parameters[0]["format"][0]:"list";\n pFormat = formats[pFormat]?pFormat:"list"\n \n // Separator\n var pSeparator = parameters[0]["separator"]?paramFormat(parameters[0]["separator"][0]):(parameters[0]["seperator"]?paramFormat(parameters[0]["seperator"][0]):this.templates[pFormat][2])\n\n // Template for group\n var pGroupTemplate = this.templates[pFormat][3];\n if (parameters[0]["groupTemplate"])\n pGroupTemplate = paramFormat(parameters[0]["groupTemplate"][0])\n pGroupTemplate = pGroupTemplate.replace("$))", ">>")\n \n // Template for group footer\n var pGroupFooterTemplate = "";\n if (parameters[0]["groupFooterTemplate"])\n pGroupFooterTemplate = paramFormat(parameters[0]["groupFooterTemplate"][0])\n pGroupFooterTemplate = pGroupFooterTemplate.replace("$))", ">>")\n \n // Template for item\n var pItemTemplate = this.templates[pFormat][1];\n if (parameters[0]["itemTemplate"])\n pItemTemplate = paramFormat(parameters[0]["itemTemplate"][0])\n pItemTemplate = pItemTemplate.replace("$))", ">>").replace("%link", "%0").replace("%item", "%1").replace("%abstract", "%2").replace("%text", "%3").replace("%created", "%4").replace("%modified", "%5").replace("%modifier", "%6").replace("%group", "%7").replace("%title", "%8").replace("%tags", "%9").replace("%nolink", "%10").replace("%custom", "%11")\n // Template for footer\n var pFooterTemplate = this.templates[pFormat][4].replace("%count", "%1")\n\n // Get all tiddlers\n var tiddlers = store.reverseLookup("tags","excludeLists",false);\n\n // Sorting\n if(!pOrder)\n pOrder = "title";\n if (pOrder.match(/^\s-/i)) {\n pOrder = pOrder.substr(1)\n var sortDesc = true;\n }\n if (sortDesc)\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a[pOrder] == b[pOrder]) return(0); else return (a[pOrder] > b[pOrder]) ? 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/%\n\nTiddlerTweaker is a tool for TiddlyWiki authors. It allows you to select multiple tiddlers from a listbox, and then modify the author, created, modified and/or tag values of those tiddlers using a compact set of form fields. The values you enter into the fields overwrite the existing values in all tiddlers you have selected.\n\nTiddlerTweaker also allows you to quickly filter specified tags from the selected tiddlers, while leaving any other tags assigned to those tiddlers unchanged. Any tag preceded by a "+" (plus) or "-" (minus), will be added or removed from the existing tags instead of simply *replacing* the entire tag definition of each tiddler (e.g., enter "-excludeLists" to remove that tag from all selected tiddlers.\n\nNote: because you may be working with many tags on many tiddlers, selecting and updating all tiddlers in a document operation may take a while and FireFox might warn about an "unresponsive script"... you should give it a whole bunch of time to 'continue'... it will complete the processing... eventually.\n\nAlso, by design, TiddlerTweaker does NOT update the 'modified' date of tiddlers simply by making changes to their tags. The tiddlers' dates are ONLY updated when the corresponding 'created' and/or 'modified' checkboxes are selected. Be sure to SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT WHEN YOU ARE DONE tweaking tiddlers, even if the tiddler timeline tab does not show any recently modified tiddlers.\n\nFinally: inasmuch as TiddlerTweaker is a 'power user' tool that can perform 'batch' functions (operating on many tiddlers at once), you should always have a recent backup of your document (or "save changes" just *before* tweaking the tiddlers), just in case you "shoot yourself in the foot".\n\n%/{{small smallform{<<tiddler HideTiddlerTags>><html><form style="display:inline"><!--\n--><table style="padding:0;margin:0;border:0;width:100%"><tr valign="top" style="padding:0;margin:0;border:0"><td style="text-align:center;white-space:nowrap;width:99%;padding:0;margin:0;border:0"><!--\n --><font size=-2><div style="text-align:left;">select tiddlers:</div><!--\n --></font><select multiple name=list size="7" style="width:99.99%" \n title="use click, shift-click and/or ctrl-click to select multiple tiddler titles"\n onclick="tiddlertweaker.selecttiddlers(this)"\n onchange="tiddlertweaker.setfields(this)"><!--\n --></select><br><!--\n -->list size:<input type=text size=1 value="7"\n onchange="this.form.list.size=this.value; this.form.list.multiple=(this.value>1);"><!--\n --> sort by:<!--\n --><select name=sortby size=1 \n onchange="tiddlertweaker.init(this.form,this.value)"><!--\n --><option value="title">title</option><!--\n --><option value="modified">date</option><!--\n --></select><!--\n --><input type="button" value="refresh"\n onclick="tiddlertweaker.init(this.form,this.form.sortby.value)"<!--\n --> <input type=button name=stats disabled value='totals...' \n onclick="tiddlertweaker.stats(this)"><!--\n--></td><td style="text-align:right;white-space:nowrap;padding:0;margin:0;border:0;width:1%"><!--\n --><div style="text-align:left"><font size=-2>modify values:</font></div><!--\n --><div><span style="float:left;text-align:left"><input type=checkbox name=settitle unchecked \n title="allow changes to tiddler title (rename tiddler)"\n onclick="this.form.title.disabled=!this.checked">title</span><!--\n --><input type=text name=title size=35 style="width:75%" disabled></div><!--\n --><div><span style="float:left;text-align:left"><input type=checkbox name=setwho unchecked \n title="allow changes to tiddler author"\n onclick="this.form.who.disabled=!this.checked">author</span><!--\n --><input type=text name=who size=35 style="width:75%" disabled></div><!--\n --><div><span style="float:left;text-align:left"><input type=checkbox name=setcdate unchecked \n title="allow changes to created date" onclick="this.form.cm.disabled=this.form.cd.disabled=this.form.cy.disabled=this.form.ch.disabled=this.form.cn.disabled=!this.checked"><!--\n -->created on</span><!--\n --><input type=text name=cm size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n -->/<input type=text name=cd size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n -->/<input type=text name=cy size=4 style='width:3em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n --> at <input type=text name=ch size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n --><input type=text name=cn size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled></div><!--\n --><div><span style="float:left;text-align:left"><input type=checkbox name=setmdate unchecked \n title="allow changes to modified date" onclick="this.form.mm.disabled=this.form.md.disabled=this.form.my.disabled=this.form.mh.disabled=this.form.mn.disabled=!this.checked"><!--\n -->modified on</span><!--\n --><input type=text name=mm size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n -->/<input type=text name=md size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n -->/<input type=text name=my size=4 style='width:3em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n --> at <input type=text name=mh size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled><!--\n --><input type=text name=mn size=2 style='width:2em;padding:0;text-align:center' disabled></div><!--\n --><div><span style="float:left;text-align:left"><input type=checkbox name=settags checked \n title="allow changes to tiddler tags"\n onclick="this.form.tags.disabled=!this.checked">tags</span><!--\n --><input type=text name=tags size=35 value='' style="width:75%"\n title="enter new tags or use '+tag' and '-tag' to add/remove tags from existing tags"></div><!--\n --><div style="margin-top:1em;text-align:center"><!--\n --><nobr><input type=button name=display disabled style='width:32%' value='display tiddlers' \n onclick="tiddlertweaker.displaytiddlers(this)"><!--\n --> <input type=button name=del disabled style='width:32%' value='delete tiddlers' \n onclick="tiddlertweaker.deltiddlers(this)"><!--\n --> <input type=button name=set disabled style='width:32%' value='update tiddlers' \n onclick="tiddlertweaker.settiddlers(this)"></nobr><!--\n --></div><!--\n--></td></tr></table><!--\n--></form><span id="TiddlerTweaker_stats" style="display:none"></span></html><script>\nwindow.tiddlertweaker = {\n\n init: // load tiddler titles into multi-select listbox\n function(form,sortby) { \n while (form.list.options[0]) form.list.options[0]=null; // empty current list content\n var tids=store.getTiddlers(sortby,'excludeLists');\n for (i=0; i<tids.length; i++) {\n var label=tids[i].title; var value=tids[i].title;\n if (sortby=="modified") {\n label=tids[tids.length-i-1].modified.formatString("YY.0MM.0DD 0hh:0mm ")+tids[tids.length-i-1].title;\n value=tids[tids.length-i-1].title;\n }\n form.list.options[form.list.length]=new Option(label,value,false,false);\n }\n form.title.value=form.who.value=form.tags.value="";\n form.cm.value=form.cd.value=form.cy.value=form.ch.value=form.cn.value="";\n form.mm.value=form.md.value=form.my.value=form.mh.value=form.mn.value="";\n form.stats.disabled=form.set.disabled=form.del.disabled=form.display.disabled=true;\n form.settitle.disabled=false;\n },\n\n selecttiddlers: // enable/disable tweaker fields based on number of items selected\n function(here) { \n // count how many tiddlers are selected\n var list=here.form.list; var c=0; for (i=0;i<list.length;i++) if (list.options[i].selected) c++;\n if (c>1) here.form.title.disabled=true;\n if (c>1) here.form.settitle.checked=false;\n here.form.set.disabled=(c==0);\n here.form.del.disabled=(c==0);\n here.form.display.disabled=(c==0);\n here.form.settitle.disabled=(c>1);\n here.form.stats.disabled=(c==0);\n var msg=(c==0)?'select tiddlers:':(c+' tiddler'+(c!=1?'s':'')+' selected');\n here.previousSibling.firstChild.innerHTML=msg;\n },\n\n setfields: // set tweaker edit fields from first selected tiddler\n function(here) {\n var form=here.form;\n if (!here.value.length) {\n form.title.value=form.who.value=form.tags.value="";\n form.cm.value=form.cd.value=form.cy.value=form.ch.value=form.cn.value="";\n form.mm.value=form.md.value=form.my.value=form.mh.value=form.mn.value="";\n return;\n }\n var tid=store.getTiddler(here.value); if (!tid) return;\n form.title.value=tid.title;\n form.who.value=tid.modifier;\n form.tags.value=tid.tags.join(' ');\n var c=tid.created; var m=tid.modified;\n form.cm.value=c.getMonth()+1;\n form.cd.value=c.getDate();\n form.cy.value=c.getFullYear();\n form.ch.value=c.getHours();\n form.cn.value=c.getMinutes();\n form.mm.value=m.getMonth()+1;\n form.md.value=m.getDate();\n form.my.value=m.getFullYear();\n form.mh.value=m.getHours();\n form.mn.value=m.getMinutes();\n },\n\n settiddlers: \n function(here) {\n var form=here.form; var list=form.list; var tids=[];\n for (i=0;i<list.length;i++) if (list.options[i].selected) tids.push(list.options[i].value);\n if (!tids.length) { alert("please select at least one tiddler"); return; }\n var cdate=new Date(form.cy.value,form.cm.value-1,form.cd.value,form.ch.value,form.cn.value);\n var mdate=new Date(form.my.value,form.mm.value-1,form.md.value,form.mh.value,form.mn.value);\n if (tids.length>1 && !confirm("Are you sure you want to update these tiddlers:\sn\sn"+tids.join(', '))) return;\n for (t=0;t<tids.length;t++) {\n var tid=store.getTiddler(tids[t]); if (!tid) continue;\n var title=!form.settitle.checked?tid.title:form.title.value;\n var who=!form.setwho.checked?tid.modifier:form.who.value;\n var tags=tid.tags\n if (form.settags.checked) { \n var intags=form.tags.value.readBracketedList();\n var addtags=[]; var deltags=[]; var reptags=[];\n for (i=0;i<intags.length;i++) {\n if (intags[i].substr(0,1)=='+')\n addtags.push(intags[i].substr(1));\n else if (intags[i].substr(0,1)=='-')\n deltags.push(intags[i].substr(1));\n else\n reptags.push(intags[i]);\n }\n if (reptags.length)\n tags=reptags;\n if (addtags.length)\n tags=Array.concat(tags,addtags);\n if (deltags.length)\n for (i=0;i<deltags.length;i++)\n { var pos=tags.indexOf(deltags[i]); if (pos!=-1) tags.splice(pos,1); }\n// DEBUG alert("original tags="+tid.tags+"\sn"+"reptags="+reptags+"\sn"+"addtags="+addtags+"\sn"+"deltags="+deltags+"\sn"+"final tags="+tags+"\sn");\n }\n if (!form.setcdate.checked) cdate=tid.created;\n if (!form.setmdate.checked) mdate=tid.modified;\n store.saveTiddler(tid.title,title,tid.text,who,mdate,tags,tid.fields);\n if (form.setcdate.checked) tid.assign(null,null,null,null,null,cdate); // set create date\n }\n this.init(form,form.sortby.value);\n },\n\n displaytiddlers: \n function(here) {\n var form=here.form; var list=form.list; var tids=[];\n for (i=0; i<list.length;i++) if (list.options[i].selected) tids.push(list.options[i].value);\n if (!tids.length) { alert("please select at least one tiddler"); return; }\n story.displayTiddlers(story.findContainingTiddler(form),tids)\n },\n\n deltiddlers: \n function(here) {\n var form=here.form; var list=form.list; var tids=[];\n for (i=0;i<list.length;i++) if (list.options[i].selected) tids.push(list.options[i].value);\n if (!tids.length) { alert("please select at least one tiddler"); return; }\n if (!confirm("Are you sure you want to delete these tiddlers:\sn\sn"+tids.join(', '))) return;\n for (t=0;t<tids.length;t++) {\n var tid=store.getTiddler(tids[t]); if (!tid) continue;\n if (tid.tags.contains("systemConfig"))\n if (!confirm("'"+tid.title+"' is tagged with 'systemConfig'.\sn\snRemoving this tiddler may cause unexpected results. Are you sure?"))\n continue;\n store.removeTiddler(tid.title);\n }\n this.init(form,form.sortby.value);\n },\n\n stats: \n function(here) {\n var form=here.form; var list=form.list; var tids=[]; var out=''; var tot=0;\n var target=document.getElementById("TiddlerTweaker_stats");\n for (i=0;i<list.length;i++) if (list.options[i].selected) tids.push(list.options[i].value);\n if (!tids.length) { alert("please select at least one tiddler"); return; }\n for (t=0;t<tids.length;t++) {\n var tid=store.getTiddler(tids[t]); if (!tid) continue;\n out+='[['+tid.title+']] '+tid.text.length+'\sn'; tot+=tid.text.length;\n }\n var avg=tot/tids.length;\n out=tot+' bytes in '+tids.length+' selected tiddlers ('+avg+' bytes/tiddler)\sn<<<\sn'+out+'<<<\sn';\n removeChildren(target);\n target.innerHTML="<hr><font size=-2><a href='javascript:;' style='float:right' onclick='this.parentNode.parentNode.style.display=\s"none\s"'>close</a></font>";\n wikify(out,target);\n target.style.display="block";\n }\n}\n// get THIS form...\nvar here=place.lastChild.firstChild;\n// tweaker might be wrappered in a surrounding form (e.g., TidIDE) , so...\nwhile(here && here.nodeName.toLowerCase()!="form") here=here.parentNode; // find containing form\n// initialize tweaker controls\ntiddlertweaker.init(here,here.sortby.value);\n</script>}}}
/***\n!!!Usage:\nmsgArea (e.g. the "save changes" popup) disappears after 3 seconds\n!!!Created:\n2006-09-13 JOS\n!!!Code:\n***/\n//{{{\nfunction displayMessage(text,linkText)\n{\n var msgArea = document.getElementById("messageArea");\n if(!msgArea)\n {\n alert(text);\n return;\n }\n var msg;\n if(linkText)\n {\n msg = createTiddlyElement(msgArea,"div",null,null,null);\n var link = createTiddlyElement(msg,"a",null,null,text);\n link.href = linkText;\n link.target = "_blank";\n }\n else\n msg = createTiddlyElement(msgArea,"div",null,null,text);\n msgArea.style.display = "block";\n setTimeout("clearMessage();",3000);\n}\n//}}}\n
The ToolbarMacro is used in the TiddlerTemplateMechanism to define the toolbar that appears when the mouse is hovered over a tiddler. It looks like this:\n{{{\n<<toolbar closeTiddler -editTiddler +jump>>\n}}}\nThe arguments to the ToolbarMacro is a list of command names, as discussed in the CommandMechanism. The available commands are tagged <<tag commands>>.\n\nYou can precede a command name with a "+" to specify a default command that is automatically chosen when a tiddler is double-clicked, or the ctrl-Enter key combination pressed. Similarly, precede it with "-" to specify a command to be chosen when the Escape key is pressed.
| !date | !user | !location | !storeUrl | !uploadDir | !toFilename | !backupdir | !origin |\n| 7/9/2006 21:19:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 7/9/2006 21:26:35 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/9/2006 0:41:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/9/2006 1:1:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/9/2006 1:43:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/9/2006 1:44:33 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/9/2006 1:49:48 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/9/2006 6:10:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/9/2006 23:28:50 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 0:53:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 11:52:49 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 11:55:26 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 12:57:20 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 21:36:42 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 21:55:3 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 22:16:45 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 22:35:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 22:42:33 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 9/9/2006 22:48:38 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 22:58:38 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 23:27:53 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/9/2006 23:33:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 1:47:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 10:5:57 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 13:38:45 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 10/9/2006 13:39:36 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 15:54:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 17:6:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 19:35:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 22:36:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/9/2006 23:38:46 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 0:24:43 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 0:53:33 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 7:1:48 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 10:44:13 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 15:24:9 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 16:58:32 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 17:53:3 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 20:41:21 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 20:43:35 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 11/9/2006 20:46:41 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 21:53:1 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 22:53:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 22:56:51 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:4:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:7:13 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:7:35 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:8:50 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:14:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:17:26 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/9/2006 23:23:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 12:54:16 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 12:57:10 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 20:17:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 20:20:17 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 20:35:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 21:23:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 21:30:37 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 21:34:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 21:40:16 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 21:53:21 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/9/2006 22:22:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 13/9/2006 22:55:53 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 6:48:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 6:50:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 7:54:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 14/9/2006 8:1:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 16:53:45 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 19:49:47 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 19:57:3 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 20:59:49 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 21:18:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/9/2006 21:49:36 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/9/2006 7:30:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/9/2006 18:34:45 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 15/9/2006 18:46:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/9/2006 18:54:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 11:57:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 11:58:33 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 22:35:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 22:45:42 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 22:48:42 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/9/2006 23:25:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 17/9/2006 12:3:36 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 17/9/2006 22:15:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/9/2006 19:47:18 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 18/9/2006 20:10:0 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 18/9/2006 21:25:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/9/2006 23:27:28 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 6:38:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 7:19:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 8:1:22 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 21:0:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 23:6:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html#%5B%5BBest%20Philippine%20Idol%20Forum%20Post%20Ever%5D%5D]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/9/2006 23:7:37 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/9/2006 0:1:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 20/9/2006 0:2:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/9/2006 20:26:1 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/9/2006 20:38:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 0:2:49 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 0:16:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 6:45:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 10:49:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 13:11:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 13:13:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 13:14:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 13:42:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 13:52:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 13:58:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 14:10:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 17:31:12 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 17:41:17 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 17:50:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 19:58:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/9/2006 20:20:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/9/2006 20:22:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/9/2006 7:8:28 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/9/2006 1:47:21 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/9/2006 8:50:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 24/9/2006 10:22:16 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/9/2006 13:0:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/9/2006 21:56:2 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 24/9/2006 21:57:35 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 26/9/2006 7:34:24 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 26/9/2006 20:20:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 26/9/2006 23:36:37 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 27/9/2006 19:27:9 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 27/9/2006 22:45:38 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 6:35:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 19:3:46 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 20:29:46 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 21:33:0 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 22:46:26 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 28/9/2006 23:25:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/9/2006 23:47:37 | EdgarJ | [[/|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 0:20:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 8:58:48 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 16:16:38 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 16:20:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 16:39:26 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 20:37:0 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 21:47:56 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/9/2006 21:58:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 29/9/2006 22:1:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/9/2006 6:45:23 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 30/9/2006 7:3:47 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 30/9/2006 23:15:24 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 21:49:41 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 21:55:0 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 21:58:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 22:4:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 22:13:41 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 22:22:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 22:26:55 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/10/2006 22:48:11 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 2/10/2006 18:14:16 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 2/10/2006 18:20:17 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 2/10/2006 22:7:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 2/10/2006 22:25:24 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 3/10/2006 22:46:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 4/10/2006 21:42:10 | EdgarJ | [[/|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 4/10/2006 22:22:54 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 5/10/2006 0:3:21 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 7/10/2006 22:56:16 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/10/2006 9:57:13 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/10/2006 11:15:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/10/2006 11:40:55 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/10/2006 12:41:43 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/10/2006 22:6:42 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/10/2006 22:8:17 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 9/10/2006 21:26:31 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/10/2006 6:30:28 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 10/10/2006 7:15:50 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/10/2006 20:10:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 10/10/2006 21:12:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 11/10/2006 0:41:29 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/10/2006 18:31:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/10/2006 18:45:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/10/2006 20:0:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 12/10/2006 22:42:25 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 13/10/2006 6:51:37 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 13/10/2006 17:27:56 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 13/10/2006 19:1:30 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 14/10/2006 9:36:53 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/10/2006 9:37:42 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok | Ok |\n| 14/10/2006 10:5:5 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 14/10/2006 12:31:25 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 14/10/2006 14:44:18 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 1:22:51 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 1:24:18 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 15/10/2006 1:26:1 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 10:10:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 11:1:49 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 11:39:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/10/2006 22:17:53 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/10/2006 18:29:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 16/10/2006 20:49:0 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/10/2006 23:29:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 16/10/2006 23:33:10 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 16/10/2006 23:39:28 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 17/10/2006 21:27:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/10/2006 7:25:22 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/10/2006 10:1:37 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/10/2006 10:33:46 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/10/2006 10:41:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 18/10/2006 11:22:17 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/10/2006 19:14:22 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 19/10/2006 23:47:22 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 0:0:32 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 12:10:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 20/10/2006 12:13:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 12:38:26 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 13:36:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 19:11:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 20/10/2006 19:46:23 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/10/2006 8:12:1 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/10/2006 9:14:20 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 21/10/2006 9:16:47 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/10/2006 9:37:9 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/10/2006 9:45:10 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/10/2006 9:53:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 21/10/2006 11:26:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/10/2006 1:8:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/10/2006 17:43:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/10/2006 20:39:40 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/10/2006 23:16:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 22/10/2006 23:51:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 23/10/2006 7:3:18 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/10/2006 14:15:49 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 24/10/2006 14:23:23 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/10/2006 14:28:47 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/10/2006 15:23:23 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/10/2006 15:50:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 24/10/2006 23:46:6 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 25/10/2006 19:9:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 25/10/2006 22:18:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 25/10/2006 23:34:24 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 25/10/2006 23:42:55 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 25/10/2006 23:53:59 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/10/2006 16:57:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 28/10/2006 22:28:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/10/2006 22:42:48 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 28/10/2006 23:49:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/10/2006 9:59:3 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/10/2006 11:19:21 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 29/10/2006 11:36:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/10/2006 17:29:39 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 29/10/2006 23:57:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 30/10/2006 0:16:32 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/10/2006 0:23:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/10/2006 8:20:44 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/10/2006 20:39:14 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/10/2006 22:15:28 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 30/10/2006 23:3:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 31/10/2006 6:33:7 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 31/10/2006 15:4:52 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 1/11/2006 11:16:10 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 4/11/2006 9:8:56 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 4/11/2006 9:32:19 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 5/11/2006 23:53:31 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 5/11/2006 23:56:18 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 6/11/2006 0:6:8 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 6/11/2006 6:7:20 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 6/11/2006 6:52:23 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 6/11/2006 23:13:34 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 7/11/2006 19:11:15 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 7/11/2006 19:13:58 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/11/2006 0:3:27 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . | Ok |\n| 8/11/2006 0:7:19 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 8/11/2006 20:31:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | [[store.cgi|http://elj.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | index.html | . |\n| 15/11/2006 8:22:4 | EdgarJ | [[index.html|file:///C:/Downloaded/Applications/Webpage%20Tools/My%20Tiddly%20Wiki/Potpourri/index.html]] | 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